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British possessions in North America

Item is a map showing British territories and borders with Russian territories, the United States, and Mexico. Includes White population totals for Hudson Bay territory, Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Is., Prince Edward Is., and Newfoundland as well as white population for United States claimed territory, broken down by state.

Fraser River Delta, British Columbia

Item is a map of the Fraser River and Lower Mainland showing the following: roads, electric railways and tramways, bridges, churches, schools, post offices, cemeteries, international, municipal, township and city boundaries, wharves, lighthouses, triangulation stations and boundary monuments. Map gives topography of the land and shows water lines, tidal flats and intermittent streams.

Guide map: Vancouver - New Westminster, Burnaby and North Shore municipalities

Item is a street map of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Shore showing city limits and boundaries of central office areas. Map has been annotated to show the old and new Vancouver telephone exchange boundaries prior to and after the introduction of flat rate service on November 1, 1937.

Map of North America

Item is a map showing "Mr. Stuart's route through the United States, and Canada in 1828, 29 & 30" and "the boundary of the United States, both on the side of the British Possessions, & those in Mexico." The northern border of United States territory west of the Rocky Mountains is incorrectly noted at 54/40, to reflect American claims of the time.

Map of the United States and territories together with Canada etc.

Item is a map showing the boundaries of U.S. territories and states and the southern portion of Canadian colonies of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada East, Canada West, as well as New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The map also shows cities and principal geographical features. Two inset maps show "Hampton Roads and Norfolk Harbour" and "Pensacola Bay" in greater detail.

Map showing the line of boundary between the United States and British possessions

Item is a map showing four proposed boundaries between the United States and British possessions in the Salish Sea region. The explanations of the lines read in part: "[1] Boundary line contemplated by the Treaty as shown by contemporaneous evidence; [2] Boundary line as claimed by the British Commissioner; [3] Boundary line proposed by the British Commissioner as a compromise ( . . . ); [4] Boundary line in accordance with the strict letter of the Treaty ( . . . ). Item also shows soundings, and the "track of steamers plying between Victoria and Fraser river since discovery of gold."

Vancouver, British Columbia

Item is a topographical map showing lands alienated or covered by application under the Land Act, timber leases, native reserves, government reserves, and various boundaries, as well as campsites, picnic sites, forest service lookouts, post offices, settlements, schools, hospitals, mines, dykes, historic monuments, roads, trails, railways, power lines, phone lines, air harbour or seaplane anchorages, etc. Sheet contains an index map showing adjoining maps in the series.