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Baden Baden [Germany - raw footage]

Item is raw camera footage shot for "Return of the Cold Warriors" a half hour television documentary about the history and closing of the last Canadian Military base in Germany. Footage shows jets landing, flying, taxiing and taking off. Footage includes shots of other buildings and air hangars. Also buildings and traffic at night, Footage was transferred from film to video before transfer to the archives; sprocket holes can be seen at times. At times there is a ring of shadow around the outer rim of the frame.

Flight of the sky hawks [broadcast version]

Item is a one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's military parachute team, the Sky Hawks, "Flight of the sky hawks: 20th anniversary celebration.;" produced in cooperation with the Department of National Defence Canada. Narrated by Donnelly Rhodes; written by Richard Tomkies; produced and directed by Michael Collier; editor Jane Morrison; and music Bruce Ruddell. The documentary follows the Sky hawks team through selection and training, their missions and goals and performances and other outreach activities the team performs as part of being a Sky hawk. From original camera source tapes. Includes blackouts for commercials.

Have Camera Will Travel - Art Brewer, assignment "Palau"

Item is "Have Camera, Will Travel" with Art Brewer, assignment "Palau;" a one hour network television documentary shot and completed in High Definition in 2003. Broadcast first on NHK Japan. High Definition 59.94 1080i Digital Master textless version. HD Cam. Ch 1-2 Full Mix Stereo. - Ch 3-4 M&E Stereo. The film follows Brewer as he takes photographs for the travel magazine "Islands" in Palau. Palau is shot from the air, the water and on land - Art overcomes bad weather and illness to get the shots he wanted and he takes the time to share his process with the audience a little. The show also offers a brief history of Palau and a look into Palau culture. Broadcast first on NHK [Nippon H?s? Ky?kai; official English name: Japan Broadcasting Corporation] Japan. High Definition 59.94 1080i Digital Master textless version. HD Cam. Channel 1 full mix stereo left; channel 2 fill mix sterol right; channel 3 M&E stereo left; and channel 4 M&E stereo right. Facility: Post Digital Works Ltd. Nov. 8, 2002.

License To Learn

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions for Transport Canada. Was produced in English and French, this the English master version.

Out of Bounds : A Race to the End of the Earth] [with breaks, master]

Item is a one hour television documentary, narrated by Leslie Nielsen, featuring two Canadian grandmothers in an air race from New Jersey, USA, to the southern tip of South America and back. The story follows the pilots through the trials, dangers, and joys of the race over the course of almost three weeks. Of the nine planes that started, only six complete the race. Written by Barry Gray and Moyra Rodger, director of photograph, Gary Elmer, editors, Tim Reed and Paul Wong, on-line editor, Bruce Smith, music by Hal Beckett, production coordinator Lupe Korbut, unit manager, Sarah MacDonald, graphic designer Erwin Chiong, sound editor, Gary Morgan, Chyron, Liz Horner, produced by Yaletown Productions Inc. in association with CBC British Columbia, with the participation of British Columbia Film and the Cable Production Fund.

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