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Everest - CR [camera roll] 31-36

Film is original raw footage for the film "Everest - climb for hope." Camera: Collier/Gibson Sound: Noble/Morrow. Scenes of mountain views and glaciers, ice formations, camping scenes with pack animals [yaks] near the tents in the snow, and the yaks being fed hay, 'The Habitat: design shelter systems' being set up, a dog, one man bathing at the campsite, ice formations, lounging at the campsite, skiing, loaded pack animals, people unloading the burdens from the pack animals, an antenna being assembled and erected, people hiking in 'Climb for hope' t-shirts, prayer flags, people playing cards, shovelling snow, and an avalanche.

Everest - tape #16

Item is "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Sherpas discussing and organizing the yaks, a camp site, yaks with packs, close-up shots of Everest - Climb for Hope team members with monks, drinking tea, scenic shots, and yaks with packs being driven to forge a river. Convex lense used starting at 21:37-22:55 scenes of a man walking past huge chunks of ice and snow. Shots of people and yaks in a snow-bound camp-site, sherps feeding hay to the yaks, assembling the communal tent, a man bathing, Everest - Climb for Hope team members skiing while tied together in a long line, taking loads off of the yaks, taking blood pressure readings of sherpas, prayer flags, an avalanch, various activities going on around the campsite: men playing cards, shovelling snow, laundry drying, and men repairing a tent.

Everest - tape 3

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members talking to other [French-speaking] climbing teams about Everest and the route up to further camps, a night scene of team members dancing to "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, hiking and crossing a river, hiking beside yaks carrying packs, team members interacting with Sherpas, mountain views, team members relaxing and listening to music, other scenes at base camp, Sherpas playing a game with dice, rocks, and sticks, team members sharing a meal in the communal tent, a group planning and informational meeting, and an interview with Peter about climbing and the expedition itself, and an interview with the camp cook Hilda [?] about the trip, climbing, cooking at 21,000 ft, and the expedition itself.

Everest - transferred from Hi-8

Item contains raw footage shot for the documentary, "Everest - Climb for Hope." Video includes shots of traveling with pack animals, Sherpas playing a dice game, the Everest - Climb for Hope team at a planning meeting, some individual team member interviews, Tim's injured knee, Yaks carrying Tim and supplies out of the camp, the team at camp four, planning the moving of oxygen to the next camp, Everest views, the debris of an avalanche, shots of exhausted team members climbing down, and a farm village and villagers on the way down the mountain.

Flight of the sky hawks [broadcast version]

Item is a one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's military parachute team, the Sky Hawks, "Flight of the sky hawks: 20th anniversary celebration.;" produced in cooperation with the Department of National Defence Canada. Narrated by Donnelly Rhodes; written by Richard Tomkies; produced and directed by Michael Collier; editor Jane Morrison; and music Bruce Ruddell. The documentary follows the Sky hawks team through selection and training, their missions and goals and performances and other outreach activities the team performs as part of being a Sky hawk. From original camera source tapes. Includes blackouts for commercials.

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