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Where Timber Wolves Call

Item is an educational wildlife film narrated by Tommy Tompkins. In addition to wolves, the film features many wild animals in their natural habitats including beaver, weasels, grizzly bears, moose, deer, mountain sheep, ducks, geese, coyotes, elk, cougar and ptarmigan. Filmed by Tommy Tompkins. Produced and edited by Mike [Michael] Collier.

Yaletown Productions ; Belize - promo[tional] 7:30

Item is promotional material for "Belize - Rain Forest Expedition" (1995). This was a pilot for a television series for Discovery Channel. The series did not proceed. The video introduces Belize with shots of locals, then follows a group of scientists and archeologists into the Belize rainforest where they observe wildlife and discover Mayan ruins. Information about Belize, to supplement the narration, is interspersed at the bottom of the screen.

[The] gift of water

Item is the award-winning"The Gift of Water." Produced by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Photography by by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Music by Ian Berry and Don Granbery. Edited by Mike Collier. Film transfer from 16mm to one inch master tape, transferred Nov. 22, 1984. "The Gift of Water" won two awards at the Canadian Film and Television Association Awards in 1975: Best Nature and Wildlife Film, and Best Cinematography.

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