Tea making paraphernalia



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Tea making paraphernalia

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Tea making paraphernalia

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Tea making paraphernalia

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Everest - master 5

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes advanced base camp footage of a cake created to resemble the North Col. and Everest - Climb for Hope team members gathered in the communal tent eating, interacting, and relaxing, Hilda serving the cake, everyone enjoying eating it, team members up before dawn (very dark, mostly flashlights moving and the audio) messing around in the communal tent [packing?], Pat Morrow heading out, Alan and Ross at advanced base camp talking to Tim on the radio about the progress they have been making toward setting up camp five from camp four, and Alan at advanced base camp talking to base camp, Ross, Peter and others looking through binoculars at camp five, keeping in radio contact and estimating the progress of team members who are attempting to bring further supplies to camp five, various camp scenes including prayer flags, Hilda drinking tea in the sun, some Sherpas relaxing, Sherpa tea, a short interview with Tiemo, a Canadian of Finish descent, team members walking through the snow carrying heavy packs (much of this section of footage is quiet poor), Dennis [or Peter?] stopping from exhaustion and illness, and Dennis and Peter talking to Tim and the team members who were with Tim after his knee injury higher up the mountain, team members talking to climbers from another expedition as they move through the Everest - Climb for Hope advanced base camp, and footage of the team making plans and a make-shift sled for rescuing Tim.

Yaletown Everest 11

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Footage includes scenes for men packing, breaking camp, and cleaning. MacIsaac gives an account of the final push to make the summit by three of the team members: Denis Brown, Mario Belladeau and John MacIsaac. Team members sort garbage and do some personal grooming, beard trimming and bathing. The video also includes footage of the Canadian team at a local settlement/monastery. The video ends with an interview with Alan about the communication from Everest with Canadian media.