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Album of photographs issued on the occasion of the "Welcome Day" in honour of President Ho Chi Minh's and the government's return to the capital

Item is an album, issued on the occasion of the Welcome Day in honour of President Ho Chi Minh's and the government's return to the capital, presented to Sherwood Lett "With the best compliments from the National Committee of the Lien-Viet National United Front". Photographs include portraits of Ho Chi Minh and other party dignitaries, Vietnamese cultural landmarks, photographs of the revolution and the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu, as well photographs of the benefits brought by the new government to the populace.

Portraits of the Officers of the Irish Fusiliers of Canada - 1930

Item is a photograph of a composite of portraits of the Officers of the Irish Fusiliers of Canada in 1930. The individuals included in the photograph are (left to right): (first row) Capt. R. B. Gordon M.C., Lieut. F. C. Pilkington, Capt. M. J. Crehan, Major J. P. G. MacLeod D.S.O, Major J. N. Burnett, Capt. C. J. Strong, Lieut. D. F. Spankie, 2 Lieut H. E. Hacking, (second row) Lieut. T. D. L. White, 2 Lieut. H. E. Mortimer M.M. Paymaster, Major S. Lett M. C. Second in Command, Lieut-Col. F. Fairey Commanding Officer, Major K. A. McLennan, Capt G. E. W. Clark Adj., 2 Lieut. R. M. Smith, (third row) Lieut. D. R. Pollock, 2 Lieut R. M. Odlum, Capt. G. H. Clement M.O., Col. G. O. Fallis O.B.E. Chaplain, 2 Lieut. G. A. Knox, Lieut-Col A. M. Brown Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion, 2 lieut. J. U. Copeman, Major F. P. Patterson 2nd Batt M. O., Lt-Col. W. D. S. Rorison M.C.V.D. Q.M., 2 Lieut. P. Ower Musketry Officer, 2 Lieut. E. L. Welsman, (fourth row), Capt. E. T. Clendenning 2nd battn, Lieut C. R. Brenchley 2nd battn, Lieut H. A. Lees Paymaster 2nd battn, Capt Herbert R. Fullerton 2nd battn, Major S. F. Moodie 2nd battn, Major S. G. McSpadden M.C. second in command second battn, Major H. B. King 2nd battn, Major C. J. Steward 2nd battn, Capt. E. F. Riddle 2nd battn, Lieut. Thomas Harnett 2nd battn.