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Everest - Climb For Hope

Item is the master version of the film "Everest - Climb For Hope;" a documentary following a Canadian team of climbers raising money for research and awareness about Rett Syndrome by climbing Mount Everest. Ernie Sneidzins is the father of a young teenager suffering from Rett Syndrome, it was his determination to do something that set this expedition in motion. Narrated by Leslie Nielson; Produced and directed by Michael Collier; Written by Richard Tomkies; Director of photography Robert C. Gibson; Executive producers Michael Collier and Ken Jubenvill; Technical producer Bob Gibson; Climbing cameramen Pat Morrow and Bill Noble; Editors Michael Collier and Bill Campbell; Music Hal Beckett; Production coordinator Lupe Korbut.

Collier, Michael J.

Everest - CR 10, 11A, 11

Film contains raw footage of people trying to get a bus unstuck from mud, and the bus passengers standing around outside the bus waiting to get going again; people hiking and carrying large packages; a small rockslide; sherpas with large packages; a goat-herder and goats; people working with technology in an ad hoc office; and monks making sculptures.

Everest - Hi8mm transfer

Item is Yaletown Productions Everest September 12, 1991 Hi-8 mm transfer tape one. Contains footage of Kathmandu street scenes, Everest - Climb for Hope team members, markets, street sellers, pedestrians, traffic, dogs and people sleeping, a brief scene at a restaurant. Everest - Climb for Hope team members walking along a road beside a river, past a small settlement, through mud, past an avalanche of rocks, includes shots of more rocks falling off the cliff onto the pathway, team members and Sherpas/porters following the first group through the danger area of falling rocks, team members pass another village and interact with local children, scenes of a river or stream being forged, packs being loaded onto a van, an immigration office on the road, Sherpas carry a large and heavy box up a steep path, Alan, an ex-American world-class gymnast carries the 250 lb box a few meters. Team members and their gear are assembled in a building, locals gather around at the Zhang Mu Hotel, negotiations are made with a translator to hire Sherpas to carry gear, some Chinese [?] officials can be seen, the line-up of those waiting for work hold on to each other to eliminate the ability for anyone to cut in line [?] or jump the queue, shots of the Sherpas with heavy pack walking away from the Zhang Mu Hotel and more negotiations with the translator near the truck where the supplies are being loaded.

Everest - Hi8mm transfer [part 2]

Item is Yaletown Productions Everest September 12, 1991 Hi-8 mm transfer tape two. Contains footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members riding in a vehicle enjoying the views, playing hacky-sack in a lobby, a meeting about the plan to get the Everest - Climb for Hope team members and their supplies to base camp, a lightning storm, team members enjoying some snacks in a dining area, Dennis toasts the chefs, everyone enjoys a meal together, scenic view of mountains, a moonrise, a friendly dog, team members riding in the back of a truck up to base camp, shots of an monastery located on the way to base camp, arrival at base camp, scenes of setting up, a group photograph, Ernie [Erwin Sniedzins] gives his farewell to the team and drives away. Yaks move into camp area.

Everest - master 5

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes advanced base camp footage of a cake created to resemble the North Col. and Everest - Climb for Hope team members gathered in the communal tent eating, interacting, and relaxing, Hilda serving the cake, everyone enjoying eating it, team members up before dawn (very dark, mostly flashlights moving and the audio) messing around in the communal tent [packing?], Pat Morrow heading out, Alan and Ross at advanced base camp talking to Tim on the radio about the progress they have been making toward setting up camp five from camp four, and Alan at advanced base camp talking to base camp, Ross, Peter and others looking through binoculars at camp five, keeping in radio contact and estimating the progress of team members who are attempting to bring further supplies to camp five, various camp scenes including prayer flags, Hilda drinking tea in the sun, some Sherpas relaxing, Sherpa tea, a short interview with Tiemo, a Canadian of Finish descent, team members walking through the snow carrying heavy packs (much of this section of footage is quiet poor), Dennis [or Peter?] stopping from exhaustion and illness, and Dennis and Peter talking to Tim and the team members who were with Tim after his knee injury higher up the mountain, team members talking to climbers from another expedition as they move through the Everest - Climb for Hope advanced base camp, and footage of the team making plans and a make-shift sled for rescuing Tim.

Everest - master 6

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes footage of team members building a sled for use in the rescue of Tim (because Tim has an injured knee), men around the camp working and interacting, Ross on the radio discussing the details of the rescue of Tim with John, Mario, and the rest of the team up on the North Col., views from camp and of the North Col., team members in the communal tent making plans, night scenes of tents, supplies, and men with flashlights and packs heading out, preparing for the rescue of Tim, some footage of some of the rescue efforts, the successful arrival back at advanced base camp, the medical examination of Tim's knee at the advanced base camp, Tim talks a little to the camera after the examination and worries about not being able to ski again or take on his new job, the doctor reassures him that is is likely he will heal. Alan and Peter making a crutch for Tim out of tent pegs, foam, duct tape, wire, and a ski pole; Tim tries out the crutches and the team members goof around.

Everest - master 7

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes a dawn view of the mountains, a panning daytime view of the same peak, a view of climbers heading up to the North Col. from advanced base camp, Everest - Climb for Hope team members interacting with people from other expedition teams, camp scenes, a shot of a label on a storage bucket of another Canadian expedition: "1991 Canadian Changtse Expedition - Everest North Peak," radioing from the communal advanced base camp tent to other team members, interacting with Sherpas, Dennis (at camp four) and Ross (at advanced base camp) making plans over the radio to set up camp five, Dennis talks over the satellite radio to school students in Canada from his position in camp four - Alan reacting to the conversation, camp scenes, Tim sitting around with his bandaged knee, a close-up of the Everest - Climb for Hope logo on a jacket, shots of a solar panel and other equipment, a brief conversation with Tim about his trip out of camp on a yak after six years of planning for the Everest expedition, shots of Hilda returning solo over the snow to advanced base camp from the North Col. (and camp four), a short chat with Hilda once she reaches advanced base camp, and interviews with members of the Everest - Climb for Hope team including one of the expedition physicians, Tim on a yak leaving advanced base camp, Ross and Peter [Dennis?] discussing the option of a small team with Dennis, Mick, and Mario making a push for the summit or at least establishing a camp six, shots of a camera, rope, and other equipment, Hilda baking bread and other advanced base camp scenes.

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