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Watercraft police

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Watercraft police

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Watercraft police

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Allscreen - Vancouver - reel #4

Film consists of raw footage of scenes of Vancouver used in the video postcard "Vancouver - The World in a City." Film features aerial views of: B.C. Place Stadium, the City of Vancouver from Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, the seawall, Stanley Park, the downtown area, the B.C. Ferries-run seabus, the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre still under construction, the Expo Centre (now the Telus World of Science) under construction, as well as views of the development of the Expo site, the Fraser river, log booms on the Fraser river, the Airport, the University of British Columbia campus, and the Lions Gate bridge. Silent film.

R.C.M.P. Patrol Ship "St. Roch" [in] The Harbour

Item is a mounted photograph that is the interior part of a 1957 Christmas card sent to Major Matthews from Colonel W.J Burns-Miller. The card's folder commemorates British Columbia's Centennial year, 1958. The card contains more information on the history of B.C. and a thank-you letter from Matthews to Burns-Miller dated Dec. 23, 1957.

Vancouver Police Department, 1914-1915

Item is a composite photograph showing various departmental employees including the police court stenographer, prosecutor, magistrate, commissioners, detectives, constables, sergeants, inspectors, probation officer, patrol boat officers, and mounted officers on horseback. Photograph also shows the police department headquarters building, patrol vehicle, and patrol boat. Individual names included on print.

Vancouver Police Dept. 1914 - 1915

Head and shoulders portraits. Members identified (left to right): Center section: D. McKay, J. Anderson, Wmr. Wilsher, G. Sutherland, G. Omstead, W. Shirley, J. Craig, D. Scott, C.J. Yorke, W. Kuner, G.W. Lee, H. Smith, S. Lowry, P.A. Allen, D. Leatherdale, D.D. McIntosh, G. Hood, Murdock B. MacLennan, D. Marr, H.C. Shaw, Wm. McRae, C.J. South, G. Waite, Mrs. L. Harris, A.F. Amor, J.K. Kennedy, Miss M.F. Churchill, A.C.J. Weeks, L.D. Taylor, C.E. Mahon. Top row: A.D. McLean, C.W. Kaneen, H.O. Schultz, W.A.B. O'Hara, Jas. Cameron, C.P. Walker, G.R. Fetters, Jno. Scanlan, Ismay Fell, H.W. Ricketts, W. Grant, J.J. Robinson, H.W. Long, T.F. Coakley, W.H.G. Milne, W. Lemon, T.K. Lightley, I.M. Noble, T. Murray, P. McGrenera, R. Shearer, D. Fraser, D. McGillivray, G. Thompson, J. Headrick. Second row: W.M. McDonald, A. Sutherland, P. Davis, G.O. Alsen, W. Hunt, James Bell, A.M. McAfee, J.W. Watson, A. Lawrie, H. Brundige, L. Kirkman, W. Lang, Fefler, R. Hodgson, C.C. Mulligan, C. Antenen, C. Graham, E. Coville, N.R. Martin, F. Nickerson. Third row: J. Galloway, J. Crighton, J.S. Ross, G.S. Lewis, J.C. Proudlock, D.T. Burton, J.D. McDonald, R. Macklin, S. Lindsay, J. Morgan, J. Robertson, A. Irwin, J.H. Deacon, J. Duncan, E.A. Pettit, J. Reid, W. Mackie, Geo. Picot, J. Walker, J.A. Parsons. Fourth row: W. Grant, F. Maher, J. McRae, R. Knox, M. Stewart, A.M. Stuart, R.A. Payne, W.M. Morrison, A.J. Scott, W.J. Lattimer, R. Munro, R. McLeod, T. Stott, T. Crawford, A.J. Heavingham, M. Urquhart, H. Higginbottom, A. McKay, H. Ellis, A. Tisdale. Fifth row: A. Bell, R. McCall, C. Soden, J. Berry, D. McLeod, E. Russel, D.A. McGregor, C.F. Tuley, F.R. Lester, H. Morrison, R. McKerlich, R. Lemon, D.D. McArthur, A.S. Hann, E. Owen, W.J. Barker, J. Morrison, B. Dalton. Sixth row: H.W. Gallivan, D. Carnes, J. McKenzie, F. Steadman, W.A. Marriott, J.G. McLellan, T. Nisbet, C. Palmer, J.W. Tuning, J.E. Richmond, C. McDonald, R.F. Dunlop, E. Mercer, R. Gill, J.J. Morrison, A.R. McLeod, Wm. A. Walker, W. Smith. Seventh row: R. McLean, A. Murray, D. Grant, D. Stewart, J. Fletcher, J.G. Stafford, P. Dineen, J. McLean, P.S. Quirk, E. Annesley, J. Brown, P.N. Baines, D. Robertson, J.J. Heughan, R. Dunn, H. Mortimore, D. McDonald, W.J. Murdock. Eight row: N. Corbett, J.F. Campbell, J.D. Davis, R.T. Milner, T.J. Auld, H.L. Shaw, J. Sheilds, McIvor, L.H. Heaney, D. McLeod, J. Currie, H.J. Alcox, J. Sharkey, A. McDonald, F. Maddaford, G.P. Ryan, G.S. Clarke, T.G. Langham. Nineth row: W. Napier, A.R. Doe, T. Parks, R. Newington, A. McDonald, E. Scarlett, T. McCready, R. Young, B. McKelview, S.B. Dark, G.A. Murray, D. McTavish, G. McNeill, T.G. Irwin, J. MacDonald, H.A. Powell, H. McAulay, D. Campbell. Tenth row: H.W. Hall, M. Morrison, A. Campbell, J. Dufresne, T. Rushton, R. Armstrong, E.E. Robinson, S.D. Scott, F. Hart, J.J. Thomson, H. Collier, J.H. Jewitt, S.O. Crewe, J. Ricci, G.A. Donald, H.E. Newton, H.W. Graham, W. Moffett, J.J. Foran, J.A. Porter, N. McMillan, T. Philips. Eleventh row: D.C. McKinnon, A. Stazicker, S. Stone, E. McDonald, W.J. Fisk, G. McLaughlin, M.A. McLeod, J. Ellice, G. Sunstrum, R. Tisdale, J. Killeen, N. McDonald, D. McLeod, J. Jackson, R.A. Perry, J. O'Grady, P.L. McArthur, A. Imlah, F.E. Dening, G. Scallion, D.A. Sinclair, H. Good-Murphy, A.R. Gibb, D. Johnstone, A. Rotos, J. Duffy.