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North foot of Rogers Street, Vancouver, B.C. [British Columbia Sugar refinery]

File consists of architectural drawings of multiple generations of construction of buildings at the B.C. Sugar Refinery. The drawings depict site plans, plot plans, footing plans, foundation plans, floor plans, roof plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules and equipment schematics. The file includes drawings of the following projects:

Char and filter house, 1908: LEG2285.32585 to .32589
Addition to filter house, 1911: LEG2285.32590 to .32595
Women's building, 1911: LEG2285.32596
Alterations to old packing house, 1912: LEG2285.32597 to .32607
Addition to No. 1 warehouse, 1911-1912: LEG2285.32608 to .32612
New machine shop, 1912: LEG2285.32613 to .32621
No. 2 warehouse addition/completion, 1914: LEG2285.32622 to .32626
Transformer house, 1913: LEG2285.32627
Economizer housing, 1915: LEG2285.32628 to .32629
Syrup grain factory, 1914: LEG2285.32630 to .32633
Air compressor housing, 1916: LEG2285.32634
Garage, 1916: LEG2285.32635 to .32640
Raw sugar railway, 1916: LEG2285.32641 to .32643
Addition to phosphoric acid factory, 1916: LEG2285.32644 to .32648
Boiler house extension, 1917: LEG2285.32649 to .32652
Pulverized coal plant, 1918: LEG2285.32653
Machinery shop building, 1919: LEG2285.32654
Transformer station, 1920: LEG2285.32655 to .32657
Dust collecting room and interior sugar dust washer, 1920: LEG2285.32658
Gunny sack baling plant, 1922: LEG2285.32659
Two subsiders on roof of filter house, 1923: LEG2285.32660
Saltwater pumping station, 1923: LEG2285.32661 to .32662
Addition of 3 floors to No. 1 warehouse, 1923: LEG2285.32663 to .32665
Alterations and extension to filter house, 1926: LEG2285.32666 to .32671
Penthouse for hummer screens on No. 3 warehouse roof, 1929: LEG2285.32672 to .32673
20" belt sack conveyor from filter house to No. 3 warehouse, ca. 1930: LEG2285.32674
Platform for conveyor, 1932: LEG2285.32675
Blacksmith & sheet metal shop, 1938: LEG2285.32676 to .32682
Alterations to laboratory and offices building, 1939: LEG2285.32683 to .32684
Alterations to unidentified building, 19440: LEG2285.32685
Raw sugar bulk storage building: LEG2285.32686 to .32691
Boiler & power plant, 1944-1945: LEG2285.32692 to .32703
Bridge enclosure between offices & storeroom, 1947: LEG2285.32704
Manlift for No. 1 warehouse, 1949: LEG2285.32705 to .32706
Greenhouse and conservatory, 1952: LEG2285.32707 to .32708
Construction shop, 1952: LEG2285.32709 to .32710
New office building, 1952: LEG2285.32711 to .32755
New No. 2 raw sugar warehouse, 1955: LEG2285.32756 to .32771
Site plan of entire plant and index of buildings, 1959: LEG2285.32772
New pan house (architectural), 1959: LEG2285.32773 to .32781
New pan house (structural), 1959: LEG2285.32782 to .32825
New pan house (mechanical), 1959: LEG2285.32826 to .32841
New sugar bins, 1959: LEG2285.32842 to .32863
Site plan for new pan house and bins + arrangement of packing stations in pan house, 1958: LEG25285.32864 to .32866
Pre-cast concrete panels [for new pan house?], 1959?: LEG2285.32867
New screen room on roof of No. 3 warehouse, 1959: LEG2285.32868 to .32876
Extension of No. 2 raw sugar warehouse, 1967: LEG2285.32877 to .32887
Elevator pit for new melt house and conveyor gallery between No. 1 & No. 2 raw sugar warehouse, 1968: LEG2285.32888 to .32893
New melt house (architectural), 1968: LEG2285.32894 to .32901
New melt house (structural), 1968: LEG2285.32902 to .32909
Staff cafeteria alterations, 1976: LEG2285.32910 to .32914

3350 South-west Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C. [Point Grey Golf and Country Club]

File consists of architectural drawings of various addition and alteration projects for the clubhouse of the Point Grey Golf and Country Club. The drawings depict site plans, floor plans, roof plans, elevations, sections, details schedules, schematics and a perspective rendering. The file includes drawings of the following projects:

Additions and alterations, 1937: LEG2285.27146 to .21750
Additions and alterations, 1950: LEG2285.21751 to .21755
Additions to women's lounge and kitchen, 1953: LEG2285.21756
Addition to Pro Shop, 1956: LEG2285.21757
Additions and alterations, 1960: LEG2285.21758 to .21770
Plans for temporary clubhouse, 1960?: LEG2285.21771 to .21772

Vancouver architect and building index cards

Series consists of index cards listing the names of Vancouver architects and buildings. Educational and professional details are listed for each architect on separate index cards. Not every index card lists the same amount of detail for each architect. Descriptive information is provided for each of the Vancouver buildings listed on separate index cards. Details include the name of the building, address, date of construction and architect. Not every index card provides the same amount of detail for each building. The index cards reflect the work undertaken by Harold Kalman and several assistants who compiled the information for the cards.

Project files

Series consists of notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, architectural surveys and other material pertaining to the preservation and study of various buildings in Vancouver. The records reflect the architectural conservation work of Harold Kalman while he was a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia during the 1970's. Many of the records relate to Kalman's fight to preserve several Vancouver buildings. The series also contains records relating to Kalman's architectural survey of the Gastown-Chinatown area.

Interview tapes

Series consists of five interviews with three British Columbia architects and two relatives of British Columbia archtects, and were conducted and recorded by Harold Kalman.

G.L.T. Sharp drawings

Series consists of three pencil and coloured pencil drawings by the late Vancouver architect, G.L.T. Sharp. The drawings were purchased from the architect by Harold Kalman in the 1970's.

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