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West End (Vancouver, B.C.)
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Map of the city of Liverpool, Burrard Inlet, British Columbia

Item is a copy of a land registry map used to document the registration of block and lot subdivisions in what later became the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver. The original map has been heavily annotated around the map image to record information regarding the individual filings submitted for registration of individual blocks and lots, though the writing is not always legible. The map also shows the boundaries between the lands owned by John Morton, Hailstone and Brighouse, and David Oppenheimer and others, between the original Granville Township and the government reserve that later became Stanley Park.

Turner, George

City of Vancouver : Canadian Pacific town site

Item is a map showing lot numbers and street names in Vancouver's West End from Boundary Avenue (now Glen Drive) in the east to Chilco Street in the west and Kitsilano (from First Avenue in the north to Fifth Avenue in the south and from Heather Street in the east to Vine Street in the west). The three inset maps are a map of "Canadian Pacific mail steamship lines" around the world, an "Index plan of Vancouver, B.C." and an "Index plan city limits".

Vancouver, B.C. Plan showing location of water pipes, hydrants, etc. [West End]

Item is a map showing the location of water pipes and hydrants for the West End west of Burrard Street. Pipes and hydrants are shown in various coloured inks to indicate date of installation. Annotations have been added to a base map which is a portion of a larger map.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Seaton Street

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "An example of conditions often met with. On the left (North side of street) the sidewalk is on the inside, with outer boulevard; on the right the sidewalk is constructed to the kerb, with inner boulevard. Proper boulevarding under such conditions is impossible. Note the forest maples planted closely together on the left and the occasional tree on the opposite side. An application is on file requesting the City to remove these trees entirely, so as to permit light and air to the houses and to make more effective street lighting at night."

Denman Street (between Nelson and Comox)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "In this block the heavy type of forest maple was planted on the inner boulevard. This is a typical instance of how the owners of the houses affected by such trees deal with them in their desire for light and air. NOTE: That in the next block is outer planting."

Comox Street (between Burrard and Thurlow)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "This is one of the worst examples of boulevard planting. It shows both inner and outer planting on the left side, while on the right it will be noted that the outer boulevard is planted in one section of the block and inner planting on the other section. The trees on the left (heavy forest maples) average ten to twelve feet spacing."

Thurlow Street (corner of Davie looking north)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "On the right is another example of the growth of the forest maples after heavy pruning a few years ago by the B.C.E. R[ai]l[wa]y. Co. to remove the danger from contact with their light wires. These trees have almost reached their former proportions and the danger still exists. On the left note the inner and outer planting and the large tree in the foreground, one hundred feet in height."

Bute Street (corner Barclay)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "Bare trunks and arms are all that remain after these trees are reduced to make habitable this new apartment block 'Coniston Lodge'. The trees on the other side of this block are similarly treated."

Melville Street (West of Burrard)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "One of the streets whose trees were heavily pruned at the expense of the B.C.E. Rly. Co., at a cost of $3,000, a few years ago, the work being necessary to remove the menace caused through the heavy growth coming in contact with light wires. NOTE: The trees have grown almost to their former size and further heavy expense is again necessary to reduce them."

Georgia Street

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "The heavy type of elm is unsuitable for boulevards. In this instance (St. Julien Apartments) these trees have always to be kept heavily pruned, otherwise the lower suites are debarred from light and air. Note the size of the tree in its natural state."

Barclay Street (between Jervis and Broughton)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "Another case of boulevarding common to the whole City and especially to the West End. Note the close planting of the heavy forest type of maple on the right, which act as a shroud to the houses fronting thereon, and the three straggling trees on the left."

Haro Street (between Cardero and Bidwell)

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "The pole-like looking tree is all that remains of what was once a full grown Lombardy poplar; this is how the owner of the house fronting them dealt with these specimens in order to obtain light and air and to prevent dampness, from which his house was suffering. Note the variety of other trees and their close spacing."

Bidwell Street

Item is a photograph on an album page, annotated with "This scene is common wherever the native or forest maple grows. Every year work of this nature has to be undertaken at a heavy cost. Note the size of the roots which lift the sidewalks."

English Bay; Vanc.

Item is a photograph of the southwest (front) and southeast (side) facades of the Sylvia Hotel (Beach Avenue at Gilford Street) with a section of park benches in the foreground. The photograph was taken from park area on the Beach Avenue, looking north. Cars parked and other park visitors can be seen in the photograph.

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