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The Empress of Asia

Item is an amateur film which captures the ocean liner RMS Empress of Asia as workers on scaffolding use brushes attached to long poles to apply BAPCO anti-corrosive second coat paint to the hull of the large ship. Multiple angles reveal features of the dry-docked ship typically obscured by water, including the ship's propellers and depth markers on the hull.

Hong Kong - waterfront, children playing

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a canopied Texaco ship and junks on the ocean; shots of the sun shining over the ocean and through the trees; a young Margaret being spoon-fed and washing her hands in a bucket; a construction site; expatriates wearing pith helmets and bow ties smiling for the camera; and a damaged junk.

Panchromatic demonstration reel

Item is a Kodak commercial reel, demonstrating the capabilities of Kodak Panchromatic black and white film. The demonstration consists of shots of a variety of natural scenes (including waterfalls, rivers, and ponds); animals (including horses, dogs, and cats); boats (including canoes, sailboats, and a warship); an airplane; and a game with men attempting to capture a flag which sits atop a greased pole.

Hong Kong - tour

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures an automobile being loaded off of a boat by a large pulley; the Scott family enjoying a picnic; a local labourer carrying large bundles of rice and workers harvesting rice; the Scott family approaching wrought iron gates; a pig standing in an alley and running in the sun; a Hong Kong resident smiling for the camera; and Margaret smiling for the camera with her mother and father.

Victoria - Remembrance Day

Item is an amateur film which captures Remembrance Day proceedings in Victoria, British Columbia. A ceremony is being held on the grounds of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the Inner Harbour area, where soldiers and veterans in ceremony stand around the War Memorial. The soldiers march and line up, various men in formal dress take turns placing a wreath at the base of the statue (including Premier Duff Pattullo), and a military band plays. The film closes with a blurry shot of Margaret.

Hong Kong - woman in aviation cap, Margaret

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a woman wearing an aviation cap; Margaret eating breakfast and posing the dog for the camera; Margaret standing among Christmas decorations; and Margaret posing with her mother.

Hong Kong : construction site, boats

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a construction site with local labourers hewing stone, shoveling earth, and carrying large loads over their shoulders using yokes, as well as various shots of boats and junks.

Victoria - flowers, Camera Craft sign

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Victoria, British Columbia, the first half of which primarily captures many shots of young apple trees in bloom, and flowers in a garden (possibly Beacon Hill Park). The second half of the film captures Scott's neon Camera Craft sign blinking at night.

New Westminster - bridges

Item is an amateur film which captures shots of the New Westminster Bridge (also known as the Frasier River Swing Bridge) and the Pattullo Bridge. In the film, the swing mechanism of the New Westminster Bridge is shown as ships pass through, and the span then returns to allow the waiting vehicle traffic to pass. Following shots capture a man climbing on the underside of the through arch Pattullo Bridge.

Joshua tree, mountains

Item is an amateur film which captures a man standing next to a Joshua tree in the desert and shots of the water and mountains. The last half of the reel is completely dark.

Hong Kong and Victoria -miscellaneous

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong and Victoria, British Columbia, which captures the Scott family at their Hong Kong home; boats in a crowded Hong Kong harbour and various ships; a Texaco station; fireworks at night; the lights of downtown Hong Kong; the streets of Hong Kong, with a man giving a performance or a speech, street vendors, merchants, cars, rickshaws, and signs; a cricket match; the Cenotaph in Hong Kong; a military parade and people near the waterfront to see off an unidentified dignitary (perhaps a British Navy admiral based on his uniform); and airplanes flying in formation. In Canada, the footage includes fishing in boats; sailing, possibly in the Gulf Islands; a sunset over the mountains and trees; animals, including deer, chickens, and a bear; a garden and flowers. The film then returns to China, and captures parts of an airplane being transported, followed by shots of an airplane flying.

Victoria - Government House, royal visit footage, and soldiers departing

Item is a film which contains some of Douglas Scott's footage of the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Victoria, British Columbia, in May of 1939. The film captures a car approaching Government House; Margaret by the water; intertitles reading "We leave their majesties steaming Eastward, back to their family at the Heart of the Empire - while Canadians from the Atlantic to Pacific unite in loyalty and affection for our Sailor King and his gracious consort," and "The Straits of Juan de Fuca : In the foreground Canada - in the background the towering Olympic Range in the United States - two great nations living together in peace and Amity;" a large pole being painted by a man elevated by a pulley; the fountains and structures of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings illuminated for the royal visit; the parade, a marching band, and Mounties; a golf game; flowers; and youths riding horses. The end of the film captures soldiers marching.

Bapco promotional film, Hong Kong footage

Item is an amateur film which begins with what appears to be scenes from an advertisement for the British America Paint Company (BAPCO): a BAPCO building is pictured, followed by the intertitle "For Three Generations Bapco has served the West with quality products," followed by a shot of a portrait of W.J. Pendray and men in suits walking around a garden. A shot of a ship then precedes the intertitle "At Bapco exists constructive cooperation between Western Canadian capital and Canadian technicians and craftsmen in producing quality products carefully formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the West." Following shots include an office with people typing, reading papers, and working at their desks; chemists working in a lab, including shots of titration into a beaker and an oil centrifuge; and cans of Satin-Glo paint. The latter half of the film is footage from Douglas Scott's time in Hong Kong, which includes shots of junks, rafts, and sampans on the water; a Buddhist temple; a steam ship; the Scott's Hong Kong house; Margaret and her mother by the shore; grape picking; waves rolling against the shore; and the Scott family swimming, including slow motion shots of diving in the water.

China (dogs, horses, people)

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures an expatriate couple jumping horses over low brush fences and coaxing what appear to be fox terriers to jump the fence; slow motion shots of horse riding; dogs playing tug-of-war; and the expatriate couple play fighting and posing with props.

Flowers, horses, painting Pattullo Bridge

Item is an amateur film which captures flowers, trees, and foliage, with the British Columbia Parliament buildings at times visible in the background; and women riding horses and playing with a dog. The latter half of the film captures labourers painting the Pattullo Bridge (New Westminster, B.C.) while hoisted on pulleys or simply free climbing. The workers, covered with paint themselves, pose together at the end of the film.

Vancouver's high-tech industry location map plus G.V.R.D. [Greater Vancouver Regional District] demographic of same as at Sept. 15, 1986

Item is a map annotated to show locations of Vancouver technology firms. Categories of activity are system design/consulting, fabrication/manufacturing, design/fabrication, research/development, and other. Base map is a street map produced by the Engineering Department.

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