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Preparing for planting the dogwood tree

Item filed under People and customs. The volunteers are: foreground left: Tom Grant, back left: Barry Smith, center: Walter Lanz, and right: Fred Lanz (father of Walter Lanz). The information we provided by Walter Lanz and Barry Smith. A group of volunteers, including the above, removed the concrete sidewalk which was about five inches thick. An old brick and mortar foundation of a former building was found under the area and it had to be removed. The poor quality soil and gravel found below the excavated area was removed to a considerable depth and it was replaced with soil from the city in order to provide good growing environment for the Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood. The work was carried out during the year of the library's 50th anniversary. A wooden bench, built by Jon Ellis, went in a year later. The Canadain Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) provided funds for the bench. A plaque with the following word is located on the site: [this was not filled in, though it may read: This bench courtesy of Dunbar CIBC. Artisan: Jon Ellis].

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