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[Happier Old Age Club executive members]

Group portrait taken in Mrs. Walter Mortell's garden. People identified (left to right): Back row: Mrs. W.R. Mortell, C.W. Pulham, Mrs. M. Nice, Mrs. Sturday, Fred Davies, T.T. Wallace, Frederick Cracknell, Mrs. Ferguson, Major C.B. Fowler. Front row: Mrs. Ribchester, G.W. Ribchester, Mrs. W.B. Simmons, Mrs. M.E. Smith, Charles Hill - Tout, Mrs. T. T. Wallace.

Vancouver Camera Club

Group portrait. Men identified: 1. Arthur Edwards, 2. George Buscombe, 3. Alex (Gint) Purvis, 4. Jonny Garden, 5. Fred Salsbury, 6. Mr. Hogg, 7. Mr. Wright, 8. Walter Stark, 9. Unknown, 10. Frank Wright, 11. Mr. Kerr, 12. Ernie Stark

[West End Boys Cricket Club and Laing's School, University College, Victoria]

Group portrait showing: 1) C. Usborne, 2) Hugh Cornwall, 3) Gordon Campbell, 4) Andrew Jukes, 5) Darrel Hannington, 6) Harold Marshall, 7) A. Janion, 8) Leslie Bell, 9) W. Newcombe, 10) C. Keefer, 11) S. Paton, 12) Joe Keefer, 13) R. Monteith, 14) W. (R.B.) Ellis, 15) A. Gatter, 15) A.E. Jukes, 17) S.H. Sherwood, 18) K.M. Perry, 19) Harry Jukes, 20) Hal Rhodes, 21) Owen Sawers, 22) Deane Rhodes, 23) Fred Townley, 24) Lisle Fraser and 25) A. Tretheway.

H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, Prince George and Canadian Club Executive at Hotel Vancouver

Group portrait in the roof garden showing E.G. Baynes, J.G. Todhunter, R.A. Simpson, W.O. Banfield, H.W. Long, W.J. Baird, J.L. Johnson, R. Marpole, W.H. Malkin, G. Farrell, W. Dalton, J.J. Banfield, C.S. Maharg, P.T. Pilkey, F.F. Schooly, A.E. Foreman, J.H. Griffin, Captain Lecky, J.R.V. Dunlop, A.F. Lascelles, L.D. Taylor, V.W. Odlum, J.H. King, W.C. Ditmar, Peter Heenan, F.R. McD. Russell and Brigadier General Trotter

Vancouver Electric Club

Head and shoulders portrait of members identified (left to right): Top row: E.E. Ackland, F.N. Adains, D.E. Anderson, C. Arnott, B.W. Ball, K.H. Bancroft, P.W. Barchard, E.R. Barnsley, F.J. Bartholomew, J.B. Bartholomew, E. Bennett, R.W. Bishop, J.N. Bodel, F.D. Bolton, H.B. Bradley, P.W. Brown, H.O. Bulmer, R.F.E. Bunston, J.G. Burchell, D. Butler, 2nd Row: D.C. Carter, R.B. Carter, J.K. Cavers, A.T. Chambers, J.F. Coulter, F.E. Crossman, W.A. Crouse, J.W. Devine, G.A. Dickie, T.H. Doherty, P.M. Donald, P.A. Donnelly, J.R. Dooley, R.A. Duff, E.L. Dun, L.A. Duncan, J.S. Edwards, S. Elkins, H.A. Elliot, B.C.T. Elworthy, 3rd Row: A.R. Felton, H.G. Foster, V.W. M. Fouracre, G.N. Gardner, P.F. Gaskill, D.S. Gordon, H.T. Gough, R.H. Gram, A.E. Graver, W.M. Gray, S.V. Grisdale, R.G. Hadrill, T.F. Hadwin, J.F. Hara, R.C. Hardie, G. Hargreaves, G.K. Haspel, G.L. Haszard, E.C. Hay, W.H. Hayter 4th Row: D.A. Hazelwood, A.R. Henshall, H.O. Hewitt, R. Hodge, E. Holt, W.E. Holland, H.G. Horsman, J.B. Howell, H.F. Hume, L.H. Hunt, G.W. Hutchinson, R.F. Hynd, T. Ingledow, J.A. Inglis, J.R. Irwin, S.H. Jagger 5th Row: E.W. Johnson, J. Johnson, D.M. Johnstone, L.S. Lascelles, E.D. Leigh, F.G. Lightfoot, H. Lillie, W.J. Lind, R.W. Lister, C.E. Longley, A.D.R. Lowe, J.E. MacDonald, I. MacDonald, T.W. MacKay, L. MacKenzie, S.W.Mackie, W.C. Mainwaring, W.S. Manning 6th Row: C.A. Manson, E. Manuel, B.W. Markham, D.A. Marshall, T. Martin, H.D. Metcalfe, J.C. McAdam, R. McCallum, N.E. McLary, W.F. McEwen, J.W. McMillan, J. McNee, J.H. McRae, G.C. Miller, F.K. Mohr, J.M. Morrow, C.G. Mostyn, W. Mulroy 7th Row: W.G. Murrin, J.A. Nairn, A.J. Napier, E.J. Nicholls, Dr. F. Noakes, J. Norton, A.M. Parker, L. Pattison, S.J. Kayll, A.G. Perry, H.C. Kennedy, F.S. Pettet, J.M. Philip, E.W. Piercy, J.R. Potts, W.F. Powell, J.E. Priestlay, L.D. Pulsifer, J.S. Purves 8th Row: R.W. Racine, J.H. Radcliffe, J.K. Revill, G.M. Robertson, L. Robson, A.H. Rome, C.A. Ross, C.H. Russell, J. Russell, J.B. Schofield, R.G. Scott, E.A. Sears, K.H.W. Seppala, L.G. Sewell, R.H. Shepherd, A.E. Simpson, J. Sinclair, J.F. Skelton, P. Slipec, D.S. Smith 9th Row: H.W. Smith, L.S. Smith, R.S. Smith, L.B. Stacey, J.H. Steede, H. Stenhouse, W.L. Stevens, I. Stewart, W.P. Stout, A. Sudbury, M.G. Sumpton, W.G. Sutton, H.L. Taylor, J.H. Taylor, J.B. Termuende, M.A. Thomas, A.M. Thompson, C.L. Thompson, E.W. Thompson, P. Thompson Bottom Row: J.M. Todd, E.R. Tysoe, J.E. Underhill, W.F. Vaughan, A. Vilstrup, J.R. Walker, H.N. Walters, K.P. Watt, H.C. Way, G. Webb, R.C.D. Webster, R.D. Weekes, E.C. Williams, G.A. Williams, R.P. Williams, W.A. Williamson, F.O. Wollaston, E. Wolstencroft, H.R. Wright, H.Y. Yates

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