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Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of records related to the Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission (VERC). Sousfonds is arranged into 3 series: Administrative files (series 671), Public meetings and consultation (series 672) and Research and reference materials (series 673).

Vancouver Electoral Reform Commission

Yaletown Entertainment Corp. sousfonds

Sousfonds is organized into eight series according to production and one administrative series. The recordkeeping practice of Yaletown Entertainment involved maintaining files according to film project. The series are:
-Alaska by Rail series
-Belize project series
-Have Camera will Travel series
-New Classics with Rob Feenie series
-Weird Homes series
-Weird Jobs series
-Weird Weddings series
-Weird Wheels series
-Funding resources and production proposals series

Yaletown Entertainment Corp.

Urban Safari Films Inc. sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of the textual, electronic and moving image records related to the production and promotion of the feature film "Urban Safari;" it includes copies of the film, promotional footage, and records related to its distribution, production, and promotion. Records include article clippings, records of sales, records of promotional activities, copies of promotional items, as well as contracts and agreements pertaining to music and other rights. Sousfonds contains two series:
-Urban Safari series
-Promotion and sales series

Urban Safari Films Inc.

Yaletown Productions Inc. sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of fourteen series arranged according to film production project as per the practices of the creator. The series are:
-Everest - Climb for Hope series
-Vancouver - The World in a City series
-Out of Bounds series
-Canada's Magnificent Snowbirds series
-Curse of the Lost Gold Mine series
-Expo 86 series
-Administrative records
-Economic development series
-Stadium series
-Teck Resources/Teck Cominco series
-Sponsored productions series
-Financial records series
-Vancouver Stock Exchange series

New Horizon Films Ltd. sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of six series. One for each production and one for overall administrative records:
-The Gift of Water series
-Administrative records series
-Vancouver - Pacific Celebration series
-Majesty of Water series
-Films produced for the Department of National Defence [DND]
-Films produced for the National Film Board of Canada [NFB]

New Horizon Films

Tommy Tompkins Wildlife Films sousfonds

Sousfonds is divided into four series which reflect the organization structure imposed by the creator:
-Correspondence series
-Research and film ideas series
-Administrative records series
-Tommy Tompkins Wildlife Films film series

Tommy Tompkins Wildlife Films

Michael Collier personal records sousfonds

Sousfonds contains Collier's independent films, some home movies, films he collected over the years and related textual records and other personal records of Collier related to his film career.
The sousfonds is divided into three series:
-Home movies series
-Independent films series
-Collected films series

Collier, Michael J.

Corporation of Point Grey sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of the following record series relating to the local government functions of the Corporation of Point Grey (in existence 1908-1928).
--Point Grey (B.C.)
----Publications in City Publications Collection, 1910-1928, ca. 20 cm., series 274
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Police Commissioners
----Annual reports, 1926-1928, 1 cm, series 263
----Board minutes, 1915-1928, 6 cm, series 262
----Casebook, 1921-1922, 3 cm, series 264
----Record of offenses against civic by-laws, 1912-1920, 52 cm, series 265
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of School Trustees
----Board minutes, 1912-1929, 75 cm, series 112
----Correspondence and notes, 1911-1928, 40 cm, series 113
----Monthly attendance reports, 1916-1928, 6 cm, series 311
----Visitors register, 1914-1917, 1 cm, series 114
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works
----Ledgers, 1922-1928, 26 cm, series 246
----Local improvements street files, 1915-1928, 1.62 m, series 243
----Municipal Engineer's annual reports, 1922-1927, 6 cm, series 245
----Municipal Engineer's monthly reports, 1909-1923, 32 cm, series 244
--Point Grey (B.C.). Engineering Department. Municipal Engineer
----Sectional maps, 1922-1931, 60 cm, series 247
----Works correspondence, 1912-1928, 18 cm, series 261
--Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department
----Accounts ledgers, 1916-1928, 77 cm, series 251
----Employee payroll cards, 1921-1928, 35 cm, series 253
----Investment ledgers, 1909-1928, 1.72 m, series 254
----Local improvements assessment rolls, 1923-1928, 1.1 m, series 630
----Property tax assessment rolls, 1910, 10 cm, series 248
----Tax sale registers, 1917-1928, 30 cm, series 250
--Point Grey (B.C.). Fire Chief
----Fire record, 1920-1928, 44 cm, series 270
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court
----Court calendar, 1924-1928, 45 cm, series 267
----Court calendar index, 1924-1928, 1 cm, series 268
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court Committee
----Minutes, 1924-1928, 2 cm, series 269
---Point Grey (B.C.). Licensing Board
----Building permit register, 1912-1928, 42 cm, series 272
--Point Grey (B.C.). Municipal Council
----Annual reports and financial statements, 1909-1928, 4 cm, series 241
----By-laws, 1908-1928, 2.6 m, series 239
----Council minutes, 1908-1928, 1.64 m, series 238
----Court of Revision minute books, 1916-1928, 8 cm, series 249
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Comptroller
----Incoming debenture correspondence, 1913-1917, 2 cm, series 252
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk
----Annual accounts reports, 1915-1927, 8 cm, series 242
----Elections - voters' lists, 1910-1913, 1 cm, series 273
---Subject files, 1924-1929, 48 cm, series 240
--Point Grey (B.C.). Police Court
----Court calendar, 1912-1913, 52 cm, series 266
--Point Grey (B.C.). Reeve's Office
----Subject files and news clippings, 1912-1929, 24 cm, series 260
--Point Grey (B.C.). Town Planning Commission
----Minute book, 1926-1928, 6 cm, series 271
--Point Grey (B.C.). Water Works Department
----Contracts, specifications, and tenders, 1911-1913, 24 cm, series 259
----Plumbing inspection records, 1911-1928, 23 cm, series 258
----Water applications, 1908-1928, 1.38 m, series 256
----Water main correspondence, 1911-1925, 2 cm, series 255
----Water service ledger, 1911-1916, 60 cm, series 257

Point Grey (B.C.)

Corporation of the District of South Vancouver sousfonds

Fonds consists of the following record series relating to the local government functions of the Corporation of the District of South Vancouver (in existence 1892-1928).
--South Vancouver (B.C.)
----Publications in City Publications Collection, 1903-1928, ca. 60 cm, series 577
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Police Commissioners
----Book of occurrences, 1912-1913, 52 cm, series 275
----Commission minutes, 1915-1928, 8 cm, series 237
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of School Trustees
----Auditor's reports, 1914-1918, 5 cm, series 119
----Board minutes, 1906-1928, 1 m, series 115
----Financial records, 1911-1924, 52 cm, series 236
----High school entrance examination results, 1914-1928, 4 cm, series 121
----Ledger book, 1908-1912, 4 cm, series 118
----Reports collection, 1906-1915, 13 cm, series 120
----Salary warrants, 1912-1914, 6 cm, series 117
----Teachers employee record, 1913-1918, 1925-1929, 10 cm, series 116
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works
----Payroll journal, 1928, 4 cm, series 235
----Record of maintenance costs, 1927-1928, 2 cm, series 278
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Court of Revision
----Court minutes, 1894-1908, 1 cm, series 541
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile Court
----Court calendar, 1923-1928, 45 cm, series 276
----Court calendar index, 1923-1928, 1 cm, series 277
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Licensing Board
----Building permit registers, 1912-1928, 1.38 m, series 234
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Municipal Council
----Annual reports, 1906-1928, 13 cm, series 218
----By-laws, 1892-1928, 3.64 m, series 219
----Council minutes, 1909-1928, 1.84 m, series 215
----Council minutes indexes, 1911-1928, 32 cm, series 216
----Standing committee minutes, 1912-1928, 74 cm, series 217
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessor
----Local improvements assessment rolls, 1914, 1927-1928, 63 cm, series 224
----Property tax assessment rolls, 1893-1895, 1913-1927, 60 cm, series 221
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Collector
----Tax rolls, 1895-1896, 52 cm, series 222
----Tax sales rolls, 1898, 1915-1928, 70 cm, series 223
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk
----Deeds, mortgages, and agreements, 1894-1928, 1.23 m, series 226
----Elections - voters' lists, 1893-1927, 26 cm, series 220
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Treasurer
----Agreements and mortgages, 1919-1928, 65 cm, series 225
----Auditor's report, 1918, 2 cm, series 229
----Bonds and debentures, 1909-1929, 67 cm, series 228
----Cashbooks and ledgers, 1911-1929, 1.81 m, series 227
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department
----Payroll journal, 1912-1916, 1928, 1 m, series 231
----Plumbing record, 1910-1912, 6 cm, series 233
----Rates and collections ledgers, 1915-1928, 72 cm, series 232
----Water service applications, 1914-1928, 1.30 m, series 230

South Vancouver (B.C.)

L.D. Taylor sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of records relating to L.D. Taylor s activities as Mayor of Vancouver; his financial and business activities, including those relating to mining and property interests and his ownership of The Vancouver World, The New Deal, and The Vancouver Oil and Mining Record; his private life; and his family and other personal relationships. The records document the civic administration of the City of Vancouver, and the decisions, events and attitudes that influenced its development, particularly in the first four decades of the twentieth century.
It is arranged into 6 records series: Correspondence and subject files (1893-1946); Newspapers and clippings (1873-1875, 1901-[1944]); Financial records (1913-1941); Reports and publications (1911-1930); Photographs ([189-]-1946); and Artifacts [1910?]-1929
Document types include correspondence, newspapers and clippings, photographs, contracts, leases and other legal and financial documents, election material, reports and publications, account books, receipts, stock certificate books, date books, note books, political cartoons, ephemera, and artifacts.

Taylor, Louis Denison

Osborne J. Pierce family sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of records of the Osborne J. Pierce family, most notably records of Osborne J. Pierce, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce, Annie Louise (Pierce) Taylor, and, to a lesser extent, those of L.D. Taylor, Theodore Pierce Taylor, and Kenneth Osborn Taylor. The sousfonds includes correspondence, diaries, journals, photographs, and financial and investment records relating to members of the Pierce family. Also included are records of Osborne J. Pierce relating to his business affairs as an architect and a drawing instructor and his military service during the American Civil War, as well as various autobiographical, prose and poetic writings by Osborne. The sousfonds also contains records relating to Winifred s career as a schoolteacher, and records concerning Annie s education, her marriage to L.D. Taylor, and the time that she spent living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Among the correspondence there are several letters to and from L.D. dating from the time that he left Chicago and came to Vancouver, British Columbia, through his ownership and loss of the World newspaper, 1905 to 1915, and during his first three terms as Mayor of Vancouver in 1910, 1911 and 1915.

Record types include correspondence; photographs and photograph albums; bank statements, receipts, invoices, cheque books and accounting records; journals, diaries, notebooks and record books; legal documents and agreements; architectural plans and drawings; certificates and a patent; written poetry and prose, including essays, short stories, speeches, notes and outlines; books, newsletters, and reports; advertisements, an editorial cartoon, and newspaper and journal clippings; postcards; pamphlets, programs, invitations, and other ephemera; business cards and membership cards; as well as report cards and school assignments.

Sousfonds has been arranged into 14 records series: Family letter files (1862-1925); Family photographs ([ca. 1858]-[ca. 1928]; Osborne J. Pierce autobiographical and other writings ([189-?]-[ca. 1905]; Osborne J. Pierce American Civil War records (1862-1865, 1890); Osborne J. Pierce correspondence (1890-1893, 1904); Osborne J. Pierce business records (1858-[1908]); Osborne J. Pierce architectural drawings and plans (1875-[1893]); Osborne J. Pierce and Caroline Little Pierce real estate, investment and other financial records (1891-1941); Osborne J. Pierce photographs (1890-1891, 1900); Annie Louise Taylor educational records (1883); Annie Louise Taylor correspondence ([188-?]-1917); Annie Louise Taylor financial records (1902-1925); Annie Louise Taylor photograph albums (1896-[1906]; and Winifred Mabel Pierce journal (1910-1914)

Pierce family, Osborne J.

Ted Taylor sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of correspondence, photographs and other records of Ted Taylor and members of the Taylor, Pierce and Beaton families, arranged into files by Ted. The majority of records were created or accumulated by Ted, and pertain to his personal and professional activities. Records concern his relationships with family, friends and colleagues, his career as a publicist and reporter in Hollywood, California and Paris, France, and his involvement in various associations. In addition to Ted s records, the sousfonds also contains records of and pertaining to Octavia Beaton, Mary Beaton, Mary Louise Taylor, Ken Taylor, L.D. Taylor, Annie Louise Taylor, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce and Osborne J. Pierce. Material pertaining to L.D. Taylor includes correspondence with various members of the family, photographs, and notes concerning L.D. s activities in Vancouver, as Mayor, and his death and funeral. In addition to correspondence and photographs, record include notes, newspaper clippings, articles, drafts, notebooks, address books, journals, studio passes, cards, drawings, paintings, sketches, press release, publications, scripts, ephemera, legal documents, bills, receipts and other financial records, postcards, agreements and contracts, and objects.

The sousfonds has been arranged into the following seven series: Correspondence and subject files (1906-1947); Family Letter files (1827-1954); Financial and property records (1910-1957); Scrapbook (1918-1924); Photographs ([1909-1947]); Octavia Stewart Beaton records (1902-[after 1946]); Mary Louise Taylor Werbel records (1963, 1972).

Taylor, Theodore Pierce

BC Sugar Museum records

Sous-fonds consists of both the operational records of the BC Sugar Museum and the materials collected by the Museum for its holdings to document both the history of BC Sugar and its subsidiaries, the history of the Rogers family, and to a lesser degree, the history of sugar refining in Canada.

Records in the sous-fonds include a wide variety of business records removed from the BC Sugar recordkeeping system, reference material accumulated by Museum staff, photographs, small artifacts and other display material, books and other publications, and a small collections of business records of sugar refiners not associated with BC Sugar. Records are arranged by Museum function, media or company of origin.