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Series consists of Actor's Equity contracts and contracts related to specific productions. These are agreements between the actor and the Playhouse related to appearances in specific productions.

Business records - legal case

Series consists of court orders, petitions, affadavits, and evidence in the form of plans, leases, and correspondence, all arising from the legal dispute between Sweeney Cooperage and B.C. Place regarding the expropriation of the False Creek site lands.

Personal memorabilia

Series consists of: articles, clippings and chronologies covering the history of Sweeney Cooperage and M. Leo's involvement in various associations, the Catholic Church, and activities as an informal advocate for the city of Vancouver; personal correspondence; Christmas cards sent out by the M. Leo Sweeney family; certificates honouring Sweeney Cooperage and family members; 3 scrapbooks containing news clippings about Sweeney Cooperage and the Sweeney family.

Hendry family

This series is comprised of photographs of John, Adaline, and Aldyen Hendry, including John Hendry's mother, Margaret. The images primarily concentrate between the years 1900-1912, from the time Aldyen was crowned May Queen in 1901 to her presentation at Court in 1911, and her subsequent marriage to Eric W. Hamber in 1912. Photographs of the family residence on Burnaby Street and their mausoleum at Mountain View Cemetery are in this series, as well as a continental tour. The textual records in this series include marriage certificates, news clippings, and other material.


Series consists of 21 amateur films and 2 newsreels documenting Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamber engaging in various social activities, such as yachting, sailboat racing, horseback riding, bathing, hunting, playing polo, golf, badminton and tennis; and attending social events, such as private parties, a naval cadet party and an official visit to the Britannia Mines. The film also shows footage of guests of the Hamber family, as well as images of their residence at 3838 Cypress Street (Greencroft House), their ranch in Coquitlam (Minnekhada Ranch), and their yacht Vencedor.

Hamber family

This series covers the pre-generation before the birth of Eric W. Hamber, his married life to Aldyen (Hendry) Hamber, her life after 1960, and includes a visual record of the next-generation Hamber nieces and nephews. The oldest photographs in this series date to approximately 1860 and depict Hamber relatives from the Winnipeg, Toronto, and Los Angeles areas. The Hamber album was possibly compiled by Eric W. Hamber's father, Frederick Edmund Marsh Hamber. Most of these early card photographs are unidentified, though the photographer's name is printed on them. More informal photography of relatives from both sides of the family exists in this family rather than the Hendry series. School and travel photos taken by Eric Colquhoun Hamber, son of Harold Bellany Hamber and Norah Elizabeth Colquhoun Hamber Johnson, make up a sizeable sub-series. Aldyen Hendry is pictured in this series after her marriage to Eric W. Hamber in 1912. Many formal portraits of Eric and Aldyen Hamber, separately and together between 1925-1940, dominate this series. Their residences and pets are also described in this section. Mrs. Hamber is shown in the 1960s at the couple's second property, Panabode, in Coquitlam, and not pictured at all in the 1970s or 80s. In this series, Eric W. Hamber is represented only as his life outside of sports, business, and politics show, since the series arrangement for this collection is designed to illustrate distinct aspects of his life. This series is mainly comprised of formal portraiture, with some early wet-processes, sepias, chromotypes, and opaline developing processes, among the photographic types listed in this section.

The textual records in this series include certificates, clippings, correspondence, and other ephemera.


The Sports series contains mostly formal, large-format team photographs that were originally framed. They are presented by activity and represent Eric W. Hamber's numerous achievements in competitive rowing, hockey, tennis, and rugby. While most of the photos contain Eric Werge Hamber, several photographs picture his father or brother among the winning St. John team. Other images in the collection of a sports nature are found among Eric C. Hamber's material in Series 2. These images were not included here as they are from a different period and have a different physical form than the group portraits listed in this series.
The textual records in this series include rowing programmes and a personal scrapbook.


The Career series is divided into various positions which Eric W. Hamber held since university and are arranged chronologically. The sub-series in this section are the Dominion Bank of Canada; British Columbia Mills Timber & Trading Company; Lieutenant-Governor; Director; and University of British Columbia.
Outside of the isolated portraits taken possibly for business purposes, there are no images that show Eric W. Hamber when he worked for the Dominion Bank. The same is true for the more than twenty years he spent managing the BCMT&T Company, though a souvenir album of the 1919 royal visit to the Mill and a company photo album, which might have been used as a promotional tool for the mill's product line, have survived in excellent condition. Two unidentified portraits from the turn-of-the-century are thought to be early BCMT&T Company executives, possibly R.H. Alexander or David MacNair.
Images from Hamber's tenure at Government House have been further arranged to illustrate the events, functions and official duties of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Hamber's official portraits, and portraits received from royalty and dignitaries. The largest events at Government House appear to have been several garden parties that were hosted as fundraisers for the war effort which are documented on at least two occasions in 1938 and 1940. Other events include the Coronation of King George VI, Christmas at Government House, various rallies and troop inspections.
Photographs from the directorships that Hamber held at various companies are sparse and not representative of the yeras spent, or the importance of his involvement. In some cases his capacity is illustrated by a single group portrait (Dominion Bank: Board of Directors, 1937), company event (Crown Zellerbach 1956; C.P.R.), or in the case of the Toronto General Trust, not at all.
As chancellor of the University of British Columbia, Hamber is pictured in portrait, and informally at various ceremonies and dedications at the university throughout the 1940s and 50s.
The textual records in this series include clippings, official government documents, telegrams, speeches, correspondence, and other ephemera, concentrated mostly in 1936-1953.


This series illustrates the size of the property, its stock, and the social and recreational activities which took place at Minnekhada during the Hamber's possession of the farm. The stock and track photos of the thoroughbreds that were part of the Greencroft Stables and Stock Farms are also included here. As the group of winner's circle photographs taken at the Brighouse and Hastings Park race tracks had been displayed for years in the barns, it was necessary to remove them from their original mats which were badly warped and soiled. The polo sub-series has been included here despite of the fact that as President of the Vancouver Polo Club, Hamber often played polo outside of Minnekhada. But when the Vancouver Polo Club folded during the depression, Hamber transferred these activities to the estate where he also bred horses for the game. There are as well images of the interior of the lodge, visiting friends and royalty, as this series coincides chronologically with the period that Hamber was Lieutenant-Governor.

Vencedor and Lady Van

Like the preceding series, Minnekhada, the Vencedor and Lady Van are separated because they function also as places, social activities, and sports, and represent Eric Hamber more on a personal than professional level. They are also well documented photographically. The Vencedor in its hey-day included as guests everyone from friends and sea-cadets to British royalty. Eric W. Hamber was a commodore of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (1931-36) and held the trophy for the most hospitable ship. The Lady Van was a class R racing sloop which competed in internally regattas and won the Isherwood and Lipton racing cups (1930-35).


The Social series pertains to the friends of the Hamber's and their social activities. Domestic accounting materials exist in the manuscript section. Christmas cards from Vancouver friends and prominent citizens were retained for either their local significance, their significance to this collection, or because they contain photographs that may be useful in identifying persons in other series. This series contains as well the portraits and snapshots which the archivist was unable to identify. The two birthday tributes to Eric Hamber on the occasion of his 75th and 80th birthdays are documented by both single photographs and a commemorative album of the event.

Honours and certificates

This series contains the Hambers' certificates and recognitions. The bulk of the records are in the manuscript section listed chronologically within two sub-series, the first referring to Eric Hamber, the second to Aldyen.

Fine art

This series contains photogravures, solar prints, charcoals, and pencil drawings of the Hendrys and others. These pieces were removed and stored separately because of their non-photographic nature, their separate relevance to Vancouver, and their different physical needs.

Minutes : Advisory Medical Planning Committee : New Children's Hospital Society

The series consists of minutes from meetings of the Advisory Medical Planning Committee, an adjuct to the New Children's Hospital Society. The committee's purpose was to over-see the process of determining the nature and configuration of the medical facilities to be included in the new hopsital. The process included: proposal, programme, schematic proposals, design drawings, and working drawings. Sub-committees included: Surgical, Medical, Out-patient, and Laboratory Facilities.

Minutes : Board of Directors : Children's Hospital Society

This series contains the minutes from the special, monthly, and annual meetings by the Board of Directors of the Children's Hospital Society. In addition, the volumes include minutes and monthly reports from the many standing committees which were established to adminster, maintain, and develop programs for the Children's Hospital. Represented committees include: Executive, Hospital, Finance, Land and Building, House, Sewing, Clinic, Publicity and Public Relations, Education, and Entertainment. The volumes also include monthly reports from the Administrator and Matron. The vast range of information contained in these volumes precludes it from being identified individually, but researchers can discover the daily activities, operational concerns, planning, and initiatives of the hospital staff and volunteers over a fifty-year period. The volumes of minutes are arranged chronologically, and within each minute book, chronologically by meeting date.

Minutes : Building Project Committee : New Children's Hospital Society

This series consists of minutes from meetings by the Building Project Committee, an adjunct of the New Children's Hospital Society. The series includes detailed information of the role of the committee, establishment of a functional programme, sketch architectual drawings, and working drawings. Issues addressed include architects, engineers (structural and mechanical), real estate considerations, and a host of medical topics.


Series consists of photographs showing doctors, patients, staff, and equipment of the Children's Hospital. Negatives are arranged alphabetically by subject.

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