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Powell Lake

Item is a map of southwestern British Columbia from Bute Inlet to Alta Lake and Chilko Lake to northern Gabriola Island showing Crown granted land, surveyed timber leases and licenses, Indian Reserves, government reserves, land district and park boundaries, nautical distances, municipalities, cities and villages, telegraph and telephone lines, pipelines, railways, government agents' offices, mining and sub-mining recording offices, post offices, lighthouses, roads, and elevations of geographical features.

Canadian Pacific Railway. Plan of part of branch line from Port Moody. A point on main line C.P.R. to English Bay, B.C.

Map shows a survey conducted by the Canadian Pacific Railway of English Bay, Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbour, including a rough outline of area and lots. Note on map reads "Certified as a correct plan showing the land required for right of way Burrard Inlet B.C., February 22, 1886. H.J. Cambie, Engineer in Charge." Map is certified as correct and signed by various C.P.R. officials, including W.C. Van Horne.

Map of New Westminster District

Item is a commercially printed map depicting the New Westminster Land District, bounded by the Gulf of Georgia in the west, the international border in the south, range 26 of townships 1 to 4 of the Yale District in the east, and the southern half of township 6 in the north.

The map depicts townships and ranges, and district lots in incorporated areas. The map also depict Dominion Timber Berths and various types of land reserves.

Panoramic view of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, 1898

Item is a map showing an oblique aerial eye view of Vancouver, including Burrard Inlet, Upper False Creek Flats and False Creek. Streets, buildings and businesses are identified. Inset shows location of the Vancouver City foundry, Machine Works and Sugar Refinery. The map includes pictorial representations of buildings, industrial activity around Burrard Inlet, watercraft and vegetation. The perspective view of the map is to the south/south-east.

The map was originally included as a supplement to the Daily World newspaper.

Map of New Westminster District, B.C

Item is a map showing District Lots in Vancouver, and township/range designations in other areas. The map also shows False Creek Trail, North Arm Road, False Creek Road, Granville Road from Granville to Hastings, New Westminster and Burrard Inlet Road, North Road, Semiahmoo Road, New Westminster and Yale Wagon Road, and others. Annotated by W. E. Graveley, 1885, to show additional features including Kingsway, Haney, Albion Camp, etc.

Stuart's pocket map of Vancouver, B.C.

Item is an illustrated map of the "old" City of Vancouver. The map shows streets, transportation, and significant businesses (such as C.P.R. wharves, smelter, Hastings Mill, Morse's Mill, C.P.R. Shops, City Hospital, sawmill, slaughter houses, and smallpox hospital). The map includes "Index of Streets, Government Offices, Churches, [etc.], including "Civic and other Principal Buildings", "Places of Amusement or Recreation", "Public Schools", "Principal Mills, Foundries and Manufactories", "Principle Bankers", Principal Hotels", and "Miscellaneous".

The map was designed to be folded into a cover, which is included.

Top left plate

Part is the top left hand quadrant of a map of the Americas, and depicts North America and the north-west portion of South America. The sheet also includes a list of territories and islands in North America and appears to relate to territorial divisions as a result of the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles (1783).

Bottom right plate

Part depicts the right-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth, a chart of the Analemma, a chart and accompanying text entitled "the vicissitude of seasons explained", a chart and accompanying text on "the art of dialing by a common globe", and a map of the southern portion of Africa and Asia, as well as Australia.

Dunn, Samuel

Bottom left plate

Part depicts text and accompanying diagram on "the art of dialing by a common globe", a chart of universal scale, a map of the world using Mercator's projection, a map of the southern half of the Americans, descriptions of the various maps and charts, and the left-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth.

Dunn, Samuel

Top right plate

Part depicts a chart of the astronomical latitude & longitude analemma, a table showing values of the place of the sun in the ecliptic & declinatiobn, a chart of the constellations viewable in the southern hemisphere, text on geographical definitions and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern portion of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Dunn, Samuel

Top left plate

Part depicts the upper left hand quadrant of the map, and includes a diagram of the solar system, a table of dimensions of bodies in the solar system, a chart of constellations viewable in the northern hemisphere, text on geographical definiations and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern half of the Americas.

Dunn, Samuel

Plan of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

Item is a map of Greater Vancouver from Alma Road (Alma Street) to Boundary Road and Burrard Inlet to King Edward Avenue. Map shows district lot, block, and lot numbers, waterfront businesses, rail lines, schools, parks, beaches, and concentric circles indicating distances from a point located approximately at the intersection of Cambie and Hastings Streets.

Redevelopment plan for Jericho Department of National Defence lands

Item is a map showing proposed redevelopment of portions of former Department of National Defence lands in the Jericho area. The map shows existing city parks, D.N.D. lands to be taken over for parks and recreation, city owned land, single family land, town houses, garden apartments and town houses and proposed new roads. The map appears to have been removed from a report.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Carte de la parte de la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique : recconnue pendant les etes de 1792, 1793 and 1794, depuis 29D 54' de Latitude Nord et 244D 33' de Longitude Orientale, jusqu'au Cap Douglas par 58D 52' de Latitude et 207D 20' de Longitude, par le Ca

Map shows the Pacific Coast from Prince William Sound in the north though the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver Island, Port S. Francisco and Sn. Diego to Sn. Domingo in the south.

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