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Gee How Oak Tin Bene. Assn Convention (18th) in Chicago Ill., Sept 15th 1970 - Chinook Club Picnic in Cates Park N. Van June 1970

Item is a film showing the Gee How Oak Tin Benevolent Association convention at the Chicago chapter, firecrackers and lion dancers in front of the Chicago Chinese Benevolent Association, indoor museum scenes (possibly in Chicago), exterior and parking lot of the Vancouver Museum and the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, an outdoor barbecue with games at a park with the sign "Chin-ook Fish and Game Club".

Centennial Museum and Planetarium complex with mountains in background

Item is a photograph showing the Centennial Museum and Planetarium complex with mountains in background. Caption from Vancouver Express: "Snow-flecked mountains on the North Shore and busy high-rise construction in the West End provide the background for the graceful sweep of the Centennial Museum and Planetarium complex, one of the top city attractions for tourists."

Vancouver and Stanley Park

Item is a documentary film documenting views of Vancouver and a number of tourist attractions. Film includes footage of the Vancouver skyline from the False Creek area looking north, the Vancouver Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Planetarium with crab sculpture and fountain in front, a sailboat passing by the Vancouver Rowing Club, a sign for Stanley Park (B.C.), boats at Coal Harbour Marina, and people walking among the totem poles in Stanley Park.

Pender Guy Program No. 173 - Master

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 173. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy Card Catalog: "1. 'Morning Star' - from 'Birds on the Wing' album 3. Pender Guy Introduction 4. Pender Guy News 5. Funky Soup Stinger - Winston Churchill School Stage Band 6. CBA (Chinese Benevolent Association) Annual General Meeting results 7. 'Cobra Month' introduction 8. 'Chinese Month' introduction (Peking Opera Lecture) 9. Tommy Overtone Stinger - Winston Churchill School Stage Band 'History and Background of Peking Opera' - Part 3 - Dr. Jerry Schmidt, Museum of Vancouver 11. Membership cart 12. Peking Opera Lecture - Part 2 (continue) 13. Extro of "Peking Opera' segment 14. Cobra Stinger."

Vancouver - The World in a City

Item is a promotional film for the city of Vancouver. It features several aerial views of the city and highlights the many activities available to enjoy in or near the city. Film also shows the Expo 86 site under construction. Directed and edited by Mike Collier; photography Dave Geddes, Ron Orieux, Tom Rodvik, Tim Sale, John Seale, and Bob Asgeirsson; narrator Art Hives; music Ralph Dyck; technical services Alpha Cine Service and Post Haste Video. Sponsored by the Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau. Produced by Yaletown Productions.

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