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Governor General his excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Bessborough, PC, GCMG, and her excellency the Countess of Bessborough visit Britannia Mines on Commodore E. W. Hamber's steam yacht "Vencedor" of the R. V. Y. C. Thursday Sept. 8th 1932

Item is a newsreel documenting the visit of Governor-General his excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Bessborough, PC, GCMG, and her excellency the Countess of Bessborough with Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamber to the Britannia Mines. The film shows footage of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hamber arriving at Ballantyne Pier; meeting with the members of the Vancouver Harbour Commission (President S. McClay, Commissioner J. B. Thomas, and Commissioner R. D. Williams); greeting his excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Bessborough and her excellency the Countess of Bessborough; and boarding their yacht Vencedor; the Britannia Mines band and Mr. C. P. Browning, manager of the Britannia Mines, officially receiving the visiting party at the Britannia Mines piers; and the visiting party inspecting the concentration and machine shop at the Britannia Mines. The film also includes images of the Vancouver skyline and the BC coastline taken during the seavoyage to and from the Britannia Mines, an aerial views of Britannia Beach and Howe Sound, as well an official shot of the crew of the Vencedor yacht.

English Bay Yacht Races & Cruise Buccaneer Bay - May 24/34

Item is an amateur film documenting sailing yacht racing. The sailing yacht with the white hull is Eric Hamber's 'Lady Van' that won the Lipton Cup in 1934. The film also shows footage of Mrs. E. W. Hamber full-front and together with several unidentified male and female companions ending a bathing party, boarding a vessel and chatting on deck.

Blending Milk and Water : Sex in the New World

Item is a videocassette containing a video work by Paul Wong entitled "Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World". The film contains interviews with twenty-two people speaking about their relationships and experiences with sex and sexuality. The video contains talking head interviews with text and images overlaid. Some of the text and interviews are in Chinese.

Inside Boystown

Item is a videocassette containing a documentary entitled 'Inside Boystown'. The documentary was presented by Poignant Productions and made by Louise Walker. The films presents interviews with male sex workers in Vancouver who work on 'the stroll' (Homer Street between Drake and Davie), as well as interviews with health care workers and social workers.

Sky hawks [tape # 19]

Item is raw footage shot for a one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's Military parachute team, the Sky hawks. Pilot Captain Marc Roberts delivers various takes of an anti-drug message in both English and French. Includes footage of the Sky hawks team members interacting with the public, as well as several takes of a group anti-drug message delivered in both English and French, footage ends with team members sleeping on the airplane.
Original camera source tape 19.

P6 gag reel and misc[ellaneous] home movies

Item is a home movie with some behind-the-scenes shots taken on Collier's worksites. Includes some footage used in the industrial film, "Winter Survival." Includes footage of two people playing tennis, men goofing around, people gardening, two girls running, Collier combing his hair.

P7 - Mike Collier - fun and friends - workprint - Wire outs - Rockfest - N. Van. - Noel-Jasper - Up mt. 1972

Item is a home movie. Includes some outtakes and footage from Collier's independent student films: 'Wire' and 'Water Colours.' Also shows people hiking in the woods, crowds at the Strawberry Mountain Rock Festival, men making silly faces, a woman at the beach, a cat looking at a light bulb, a child swinging garbage cans hung from chains, people sitting in a river drinking and toking, marijuana plants.

M. Collier - Calgary trip summer 72 - orig[inal] ECO

Item is a home movie. Includes footage of Michael Collier, women and small children [one of whom is Michael's son, Jason Collier], a cat, a prairie horizon and storm, a young black bear on the highway, a camp scene, [Jason Collier] and a woman near a river, the river, and more of [Jason].

Mountain Springtime [answer print]

Film was a wildlife/educational piece presented by B.C. Hydro and narrated by Tommy Tompkins. Produced and edited by Michael Collier. Film features footage of swelling rivers, many different flora as well as wild animals, and their young, in their natural habitats. Wildlife featured include: moose, deer, beaver, squirrels, muskrats, geese, groundhogs, loons, osprey, fish, black bears, owls, racoons, gyrfalcons, eagles, mountain goats, foxes, lynx, a lynx kitten, cougar kittens, marmots, and grizzly bears. This copy is in better shape than MI-275, and has unique introductory narration and footage as well as other editing differences throughout slightly changing the footage used as well as the narration.


Item is a short independent film written and directed by Mike Collier. Photography by Mike Collier and Vic Thomas. Assistance in the making of the film provided by Alpha Cine, Intermedia, and Telesound. Film shows a man sleeping and dreaming of driving nails into various objects or simply smashing them with a hammer. When he wakes up he leaves home with his lunch bucket and then quickly returns for his hammer. Music soundtrack.


Item is a short independent film filmed, directed and edited by Michael Collier. The three actors are: Dennis MacDonald, Gary Killeen and Dave Ponsart. Film depicts three men who find some insulated wire in the ocean [at wreck beach], drag it into a pile, hitchhike to downtown Vancouver, and then travel around downtown dragging the wire on the sidewalk behind them. Eventually the wire is left to one man who drags it on his own for a while until he leaves it in the car of a man from whom he hitched a ride. Popular music soundtrack.

Winter Survival - National Film Board [NFB]

Item is a film made by Michael Collier in collaboration with the National Film Board [NFB] of Canada. The narrative follows a cross-country skier not prepared for an emergency situation and a snowmobiler who is prepared and able to keep himself comfortable until help arrives. The skier is rescued and treated for hypothermia by a group of cross-country skiers who are knowledgeable regarding proper first aid. Produced, directed and edited by Mike [Michael] Collier; cinematography Robert S. Rodvik and Ron Orieux; location sound recording Al Westa nd Larry Sutton; narration Stan Peters; music Griffither Gibson Productions, sound re-recording Barry P. Jones; snowmobiler Richard Hamilton; cross country skiers Mark Hopkins, Dr. Ian Taylor, Jeff Graham and Marilyn Graham; consultants Dr. John Hayward and Dr. Ian Taylor; special assistance Wilf Betcher and Provincial Park Branch, Mount Seymour; unit administrator Jennifer Torrance; executive producer John Taylor; "Winter Survival" A National Film Board of Canada Pacific Regional Production (1979).

Expo 86 - CP Pavilion - Archival Footage

Item includes copies of black and white footage gathered for the purpose of producing promotional videos for Expo 86. Video includes a copy of footage from 1902 of the train route in the Fraser Valley. "Fraser Canon - American Mutoscope and Biograph 1902," and "Empress of Japan and Construction of the Lion's Gate Bridge" [1937-1938] which includes footage of the bridge at various stages of completion. Some shots show workers while others are of men in suits playing around and admiring the view. Archival footage collected in 1985/86 for use in show created for the CP Pavillion, EXPO 86 by Yaletown Productions. Titled CP Queue Line Videotape. Original film was transferred to one inch video tape from various archives. In 1993 the one inch was transferred to Betacam SP.

Baden Baden [Germany - raw footage]

Item is raw camera footage shot for "Return of the Cold Warriors" a half hour television documentary about the history and closing of the last Canadian Military base in Germany. Footage shows jets landing, flying, taxiing and taking off. Footage includes shots of other buildings and air hangars. Also buildings and traffic at night, Footage was transferred from film to video before transfer to the archives; sprocket holes can be seen at times. At times there is a ring of shadow around the outer rim of the frame.

Yaletown Productions ; Belize - promo[tional] 7:30

Item is promotional material for "Belize - Rain Forest Expedition" (1995). This was a pilot for a television series for Discovery Channel. The series did not proceed. The video introduces Belize with shots of locals, then follows a group of scientists and archeologists into the Belize rainforest where they observe wildlife and discover Mayan ruins. Information about Belize, to supplement the narration, is interspersed at the bottom of the screen.

Yaletown Productions "Weird Wheels" ; TV [television] series

Item is promotional material for the television series "Weird Wheels" (2000). This was produced by Yaletown Entertainment as a promotional material for Life Network. The series was produced and 39 episodes completed and aired across North America. Video starts and ends with Weird Wheels animation. The cars featured include a wrought iron bug, a mobile phone (a mash up between a Chevy truck and phone booth), a hurse covered in buttons, a car for god when he comes to earth, a guitar motorcycle, and a shoe bicycle. The promotional short also visits an art car parade in San Francisco, CA.

[Corporate demo tape] Demo "A" ; 10 minutes

Item is a Yaletown Productions demo tapes with segments from programs produced. Includes clips of previous productions including "A sense of wonder: Teaching elementary science," "Land above the trees," advertisements created for Vancouver Helicopters, [Alcan Aluminium Limited] or Trade: Securing Canada's Future, B.C. Hydro, SFU, Petro-Canada, and Expo 86. With the Yaletown Productions Inc. logo at the end of the tape.

Have Camera Will Travel - Art Brewer, assignment "Palau"

Item is "Have Camera, Will Travel" with Art Brewer, assignment "Palau;" a one hour network television documentary shot and completed in High Definition in 2003. Broadcast first on NHK Japan. High Definition 59.94 1080i Digital Master textless version. HD Cam. Ch 1-2 Full Mix Stereo. - Ch 3-4 M&E Stereo. The film follows Brewer as he takes photographs for the travel magazine "Islands" in Palau. Palau is shot from the air, the water and on land - Art overcomes bad weather and illness to get the shots he wanted and he takes the time to share his process with the audience a little. The show also offers a brief history of Palau and a look into Palau culture. Broadcast first on NHK [Nippon H?s? Ky?kai; official English name: Japan Broadcasting Corporation] Japan. High Definition 59.94 1080i Digital Master textless version. HD Cam. Channel 1 full mix stereo left; channel 2 fill mix sterol right; channel 3 M&E stereo left; and channel 4 M&E stereo right. Facility: Post Digital Works Ltd. Nov. 8, 2002.

Urban Safari Films Inc. - PAL D1 - International Image

Item is part one of two, Digital PAL Master, includes textless BG; theatrical feature film released May 1996 at Cannes Film Festival. Yaletown Entertainment Group, Full Circle and G.L.A.S.S. Films present David Naughton, Linda Kash, in a Reto Salimbeni film, "Urban Safari." Starring Jay Brazeau, Donnelly Rhodes, Andrea Nemeth, with Teryl Rothery, David Palffy, Rebecca Toolan, Adriana Tripa, Barry Pepper, Charles Seigel. Executive producers Michael Collier and Reto Salimbeni, Line producer R. Earl Peturson, Casting Akiko Morison (Canada) and Kathy Henderson (USA), Art director Peter Hinton, Costume designer David Lisle, Music composed and conducted by Brahm Wenger, Editor Jana Fritsch, Director of photography Vic Sarin, Story by Reto Salimbeni, Screenplay by James J. Desmarais,and Alison Rosenfeld Desmarais and P.J. Reece, Producer Michael Collier, Director Reto Salimbeni. The story follows a couple living in New York trying to impress their neighbours and boss by telling everyone that they were going on an African vacation that the Johnson's could not actually afford. Hilarity ensues as they hide out in their own home and various neighbours who have keys to their apartment take advantage of the 'empty' home for the two week vacation period. The small family grows closer in crisis and decide to make some life changing choices.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape 8 ; Interview [Don] Waite [in] lib[rary]

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Video includes footage of interviews conducted, in a library research area, with [Dick Hamilton] and [Kathie Hamilton], expedition members. The expedition members including Michael Collier also view newspaper articles on a microfiche machine. Close-ups of the microfiche machine.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape 7 ; Interview Don Waite

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Footage includes an interview of [Don Waite] and scenic footage of the Pitt Lake area. Also includes footage in the library with Michael Collier, Kathie Hamilton, and Dick Hamilton. Michael Collier and Dick Hamilton both briefly speak to the camera about the planned expedition to the Pitt Lake area.

Lost Mine - tape 6 ; Jack Mould and Don Waite

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Footage includes an interview with Jack [Mould] who is standing beside the tent-shaped rock that he and his partners removed from the Pitt Lake area. In addition there are shots of Michael Collier listening to Jack and the tent-shaped rock on its own. Don Waite, Kathie Hamilton, Dick Hamilton and Michael walking along the Pitt Lake lakeshore, and Don shares stories about Slumach and the lost mine legend.

Lost Mine - tapes - Mould ; tape 5 ; Jack Mould

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Interview with Jack Mould who tells of his beliefs about the mine and his own experiences trying to find gold near Pitt Lake. Includes shots of the tent-shaped rock. Mould believes that Spanish found gold there before Slumach did and has had some luck dowsing to find gold.

#1 - Lost Mine ; The Curse of the Lost [Gold] Mine ; Donnelly Rhode[s]

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Includes several takes of Donnelly Rhodes as the Storyteller, in a log cabin setting, smoking a pipe and doing the background and set-up scene for the docudrama. There are also several takes of further script about the mine and Slumach, and other parts of the legend. These scenes are also set in the log cabin by the fireplace. Some directorial instructions and interaction with the crew. Camera, Gibson; director, Collier; and sound, Dave.

#3 - Lost mine ; The curse of the lost [gold] mine ; Donnelly Rhoden[Rhodes]

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Includes various takes of Donnelly Rhodes as the Storyteller, smoking a pipe in a log cabin setting next to a fireplace, telling tales of Slumach and his gold mine. Focuses on the curse and those that lost their lives looking for the gold. Includes a few takes of a summary of the whole legend. Camera, Gibson; director, Collier; and sound, Dave.

Lost Mine - tape 18

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the Lost Gold Mine." Includes an interview with John F. H. Thompson, a geologist at UBC, who talks about the geology of Pitt Lake, shots of a map of Pitt Lake and Michael Collier plotting out a route on the map, also includes an interview with Mike Boileau, who has been looking into finding gold in the Pitt Lake area since 1979, he talks about the curse, the stories of Pitt Lake, and his own experiences at Pitt Lake.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape 315

Item is a copy of original film shot for the docudrama "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes scenes of men with packs being taken by helicopter to a mountain area and left there. Scenes of three people [including Dick Hamilton who is involved in both the 1970s and 1990s efforts to make this film] hiking through beautiful nature areas and setting up camp. The men look at a map together, cook food, explore a cave, and spend some time hiking on a glacier and exploring formations and cracks.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape #206

Item is a copy of original film shot for the docudrama "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes nature and wildlife scenes with no people in them as well as shots of people hiking with packs and a log cabin. Includes some mountain scenes shot from a helicopter [or airplane].

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape #20

Item is camera original raw footage for "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes the continuation of the interview with Wilf Paulick and Don Lindrum from MI-476 as well as another interview. The second interview is with Ian Whiticker [a historian, or literature expert who studies myths and legends] who talks about stories in general and how this one about the cursed lost gold mine fits a certain type - and the fact that people just do create stories and folklore building on a small truth and creating a legend. Whiticker is encouraged to draw connections between this story of Slumach's lost gold mine to the hype of the Klondike gold rush, Egyptian curses on treasures, and Jack the Ripper.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape 19

Item is original raw camera footage for television docudrama "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes an interview with two men interested in Pitt Lake mine stories, in front of a fireplace. The gentlemen are named Wilf Paulick and Don Lindrum, they talk about a mutual friend, Martin Swicker, who also explored the Pitt Lake area, and had a story about finding and then loosing gold. They also talk about the gold mine and Slumach's curse and Martin's relationship with the mine.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine

Item is the D-2 Master cassette version of "Curse of the lost gold mine." A documentary-style show that features dramatized re-enactments of actual historical events. The narrative combines a current expedition into the Pitt Lake area to search for the mine and evidence of other prospectors with an actor [Donnelly Rhodes] playing an old prospector telling tales and legends, the story is filled out with dramatizations and interviews. Final four minutes are silent after tone.

Everest - master 6

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes footage of team members building a sled for use in the rescue of Tim (because Tim has an injured knee), men around the camp working and interacting, Ross on the radio discussing the details of the rescue of Tim with John, Mario, and the rest of the team up on the North Col., views from camp and of the North Col., team members in the communal tent making plans, night scenes of tents, supplies, and men with flashlights and packs heading out, preparing for the rescue of Tim, some footage of some of the rescue efforts, the successful arrival back at advanced base camp, the medical examination of Tim's knee at the advanced base camp, Tim talks a little to the camera after the examination and worries about not being able to ski again or take on his new job, the doctor reassures him that is is likely he will heal. Alan and Peter making a crutch for Tim out of tent pegs, foam, duct tape, wire, and a ski pole; Tim tries out the crutches and the team members goof around.

Everest - master 7

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes a dawn view of the mountains, a panning daytime view of the same peak, a view of climbers heading up to the North Col. from advanced base camp, Everest - Climb for Hope team members interacting with people from other expedition teams, camp scenes, a shot of a label on a storage bucket of another Canadian expedition: "1991 Canadian Changtse Expedition - Everest North Peak," radioing from the communal advanced base camp tent to other team members, interacting with Sherpas, Dennis (at camp four) and Ross (at advanced base camp) making plans over the radio to set up camp five, Dennis talks over the satellite radio to school students in Canada from his position in camp four - Alan reacting to the conversation, camp scenes, Tim sitting around with his bandaged knee, a close-up of the Everest - Climb for Hope logo on a jacket, shots of a solar panel and other equipment, a brief conversation with Tim about his trip out of camp on a yak after six years of planning for the Everest expedition, shots of Hilda returning solo over the snow to advanced base camp from the North Col. (and camp four), a short chat with Hilda once she reaches advanced base camp, and interviews with members of the Everest - Climb for Hope team including one of the expedition physicians, Tim on a yak leaving advanced base camp, Ross and Peter [Dennis?] discussing the option of a small team with Dennis, Mick, and Mario making a push for the summit or at least establishing a camp six, shots of a camera, rope, and other equipment, Hilda baking bread and other advanced base camp scenes.

Everest - master 8

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes shots (hand-held, no tripod) taken at advanced base camp of Dennis returning from the North Col., some discussion of a cracked rib [Hilda's?], Dennis packing a pack and leaving advanced base camp with Hilda for base camp, a shot of climbing ropes and supplies, the communal tent with team members and Sherpas, Jamie unpacking and starting up the generator, Jamie repairing and trying to fix the generator, Alan interviews Mario, who is from Quebec, about how it was that he joined the team and about the expedition specifically and in general, there is also an interview with a Sherpa about his career, this expedition, and previous expeditions, there is also a second interview with a Sherpa who talks about the wind and previous expeditions he has been on.

Everest - master 9

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes separate interviews with two of the expedition Sherpas, one Sherpa tells of an experience where three Sherpas are blown off a mountain, shots taken from inside a tent showing the force of the wind, some scenes at a campsite above advanced base camp [probably camp four on the North Col.], Everest - Climb for Hope team members goofing around, chatting, and relaxing, Ross and Dennis at camp four talk over the radio to Peter and Alan at advanced base camp, Dennis suited up with oxygen at camp four getting ready to head further up the mountain, snow blowing off the mountain, a panning view of the summit ridge, Dennis arriving in camp four, Mario pointing at the summit, various scenes at camp four, team members planning out a route to the summit, and some wild sound of a night time wind storm at camp four, and a small meeting in a tent about a last ditch summit attempt.

Everest - Yaletown - tape 10

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Raw video footage includes scenes of three team members climbing a serac (ice cliff), team members hiking, and views, Sherpas on the North Col. serac, a description of the path taken when traversing the North Col, and Bill hiking with the camera and then waiting as various team members descend 'the ramp' on their way back to camp. At [advanced base camp] the team reunites and chats. The team then discusses the success and failures of the attempt and the team organization. This footage includes ambient noise (mostly wind) and some commentary from the man operating the camera, Bill, (including coughing and swearing).

Yaletown Everest 11

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Footage includes scenes for men packing, breaking camp, and cleaning. MacIsaac gives an account of the final push to make the summit by three of the team members: Denis Brown, Mario Belladeau and John MacIsaac. Team members sort garbage and do some personal grooming, beard trimming and bathing. The video also includes footage of the Canadian team at a local settlement/monastery. The video ends with an interview with Alan about the communication from Everest with Canadian media.

Yaletown Everest 12

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Video contains interviews with team members at a time near the end of the expedition. And one interview with an expedition Sherpa. Video contains camp ambiance, packing up and clean-up. Sherpas sort through food left-over and supplies after the expedition. The video ends with a party and a food fight.

Yaletown Everest 13

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Ambient noise. Video contains footage of a fire built to burn garbage and the team's trip to [out of] base camp. On the way the truck gets stuck and is dug out; the truck also stops and the team interacts with some local farmers.

Everest - master 4

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes interviews with Everest - Climb for Hope team members including Doctor Peter Austen who discusses high altitude medical practice, and the symptoms that team members were experiencing, interviews with other team members including Tim, an avalanche expert, Clint, [?] the team manager in charge of the logistics of getting everyone and all the supplies to the mountain, who is a bicycle racer, James the business manager and base camp manager who is suffering from altitude sickness and retinal hemorrhaging, Jim who was heavily involved in fundraising for the Everest - Climb for Hope expedition and others.

Everest - tape 2

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Contains footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members riding in a vehicle enjoying the views, playing hacky-sack in a lobby, a meeting about the plan to get the Everest - Climb for Hope team members and their supplies to base camp, a lightning storm, team members enjoying some snacks in a dining area, Dennis toasts the chefs, everyone enjoys a meal together, scenic view of mountains, a moonrise, a friendly dog, team members riding in the back of a truck up to base camp, shots of an monastery located on the way to base camp, arrival at base camp, scenes of setting up, a group photograph, Ernie [Erwin Sniedzins] gives his farewell to the team and drives away. Yaks move into camp area.

Everest - tape 3

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members talking to other [French-speaking] climbing teams about Everest and the route up to further camps, a night scene of team members dancing to "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, hiking and crossing a river, hiking beside yaks carrying packs, team members interacting with Sherpas, mountain views, team members relaxing and listening to music, other scenes at base camp, Sherpas playing a game with dice, rocks, and sticks, team members sharing a meal in the communal tent, a group planning and informational meeting, and an interview with Peter about climbing and the expedition itself, and an interview with the camp cook Hilda [?] about the trip, climbing, cooking at 21,000 ft, and the expedition itself.

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