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[A group in a car in front of the Hollow Tree]

Photograph shows left to right: (front): Sam Almond, Jack A. Grimmet, Will McKnight; (middle): Grace Grimmet, Mrs. Robinson and her son; (back): Mrs. J.F. Grimmett, Mr. Robinson and a "Presto-O-Lite" gas tank on the running board

[The first class outside North Vancouver Public School at the corner of 4th Street and Chesterfield Avenue]

Group portrait showing Frank Williams, Dewey Williams, Oscar Mills, Stafford, Simpson, Teddy Peacey, Lee McMillan, Charles W. Cates, Pat Larson, Clemens, Stafford, Willy Pennatier, Carl Phillips, Ira Williams, Marjorie Elder, Gladys and Ruth Peacey, Newton Stacey, Donald McCall, J.C. Cates, Charlie O'Malley, Edith Russell, Harold Lees, Alvie Walker, Miss Wheeler, Stafford, Alfee Shaw, Walter Elder, Glen McMillan, Henry Lawson, Ray Sargent, Bob Smith and others

[A class on the steps of East School on Oppenheimer Street (522 East Cordova Street)]

Group portrait showing teachers: Miss Alice Christe and Miss Hartney and students: Florence Copeland, Florence Cameron, Jessie Stewart, Edith Charleson, Mamie McKinnon, Laura Heywood, Mart Henderson, Margaret Costello, Katie Coombs, Eva Ellison, Maud Mills, Nellie Masters, Sallie Cameron, Margaret Gower, Edith Wescott, Florence Clute, Mabel Blair, A. Martin, Walter Austin, Mary Roberts, Ada May, Ada Simons, Arthur Henderson, Tommy Roberts, Joseph Reynolds, Ed Blackmore, Harvey Scurry and others

[A class in front of the West End (Aberdeen) School at the corner of Burrard Street and Barclay Street]

Group portrait showing the principal Robert Fraser and students: Robert Gilmour, T.S. Dixon, Walter B. Ellis, William Stark, Robert Arnett, Pennie Gibb, Maud Curry, Jennie Anstie, Percy Barnett, Arthur Lett, Ernest Dickie, George Wilson, Gordon Harris, Ponsford, Claude Thieke, Bessie Menzies, Elsie Knowles, Maud Munro (Mrs. Robert Telford), Margartet Muir, , Edith Godfrey, Olive Preston, Elsie Curry, Margaret Muir, Edith Godfrey, Olive Preston, Elsie Curry, Ethel Burns, Fanny McQueen, Helen Peck, Pearl Musgrove, Maggie Knowles, Elsie Carr, Hattie Mackay, Edna Cook and others

[The students and teacher in front of Hastings Sawmill School]

Group portrait showing: Ada Blair, Edith Cordiner, Annie Stewart, Louise Peck, Lillie Card, Grace Fraser, Lida Bell, Hector Stewart, Harry Alexander, Harold Ridley, Michael Costello, John Costello, Annie Moore, Lizzie Ward, Laura Heywood, Jennie Pedgrift, Florence Pedgrift, Florence Gregory, Jessie Stewart, Jemima Reed, Bertha Burnett, Milly Mathison, Cora Card, Tom Costello, Harvey Hall, George Favor, Det Bellanger, Maurice Ballanger, Janie Kenworthy, Mabel Blair, Maggie Kenworthy, Gussie Belanger, Florence Ballanger, Laura Ballanger, Louie Card, Louis Silvain, Alex Mathison, Dan McPherson, John Kenworthy, Millie Kenworthy, Bosca Balanger, Charlie Balanger, Bertie Gregory, James Grant, Laura Campbell, Minnie McCord, Mary Plant, Sophia Grimshaw and J.S. Palmer (Principal)

[The students of Van Anda School]

Group portrait showing 1. Herbert Green, 2. Roddie MacDonald, 3. Georgina MacDonald, 4. Mary Green, 5. Miss Rapper, 6. Miss Parsnip (teacher), 7. Martha Rouse (Mrs. Warnock), 8. Florence Pook, 9. Elizabeth Montgomery, 10. Mary Higgins (Mrs. Alex Brown) and others unidentified

[A class in front of Mount Pleasant School at Westminster Road (Kingsway) and 9th Avenue (Broadway)]

Group portrait showing Harry Crookall, Cecil Rhodes, Cyril Flytton, Harry Gerrard, Herbert DePencier, Arthur Bower, Douglas Johnson, Gerald McGeer, Daniel McGuigan, James Townley, Robert Townley, Benjamin Moyles, Robert Montgomery, Henry Patterson, Stanley Smith, William Paul, Florence Morrison (teacher), Edward McAuley, Art Ellis, Art McConicker, Bert Oliver, Flossie Stanford, Fanny Pugh, Norton, Foote, Foote, Angie McAuley, Samuel Garvin, Ka Laursen, Nellie De Bou, Norma Lobb, Edith Jackson, May Chase, Dot Crookall, Bella Bailey and others

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