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Child development With digital objects
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Healthy eating for school age children

Item is a video recording of a educational program entitled "Healthy Eating for School-Aged Children," produced by the Vancouver Health Department. Using the Canadian Guidelines for Healthy Eating as a reference, the program provides information for parents on healthy meals and snacks for children, as well as offers food shopping and storage tips. The program also describes the four food groups; healthy levels of dietary fat intake; balanced meals; and nutritious snacks. Recognizable locations within Vancouver include Nightingale Elementary School, Kingsgate Mall IGA, Chong Lee Seafood, Kam Tong Enterprises Ltd., and Sally's Cake House.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

Listen to the children

Item is a video recording of an educational program targeted at child caregivers entitled "Listen to the Children," produced by the Vancouver Health Department. The subject of the program is early childhood first language development.

Childcare professionals from Langara Child Development Centre discuss the importance of language development in children and the importance of intervening early when children have difficulties. Patience Towler, Vancouver Health Department Senior Speech Language Pathologist,introduces the purpose of the program: to recognize speech development issues in children, and understand when children should be referred to a language pathologist. The program then goes on to explain a general timeline for expressive language development in children; the difference between expressive language and language comprehension; skills required for language comprehension; and second or parallel language development in children. The program details how to recognize potential speech and language difficulties in children; watching children for difficulties in interactions with others; and communicating with the child's parents. This is followed by descriptions of the potential speech and language difficulties a child may have, including difficulties with pronunciation, fluency, and voice.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

Lesbian Show : childhood fantasies

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of an episode of the Lesbian Show. The episode is on the topic of childhood fantasies and includes interviews with individuals who talk about their childhood imaginings.