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British Columbia--Economic development Video With digital objects
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Most lovely country: British Columbia

Item is an educational/informational motion picture film presented by Imperial Oil as a tribute to British Columbia on its centennial. The film uses historical re-enactment, stock footage, original footage, and voice-over narration to tells the story of the growth of BC industry with special attention to the importance of the petroleum industry.

The film opens with City Archivist Major J.S. Matthews at the Vancouver City Archives discussing the importance of gasoline and diesel engines in the development of the province. The film discusses the beginnings of European settlement and development; the introduction of the ?horseless carriage? and the gasoline industry. The film links the development of the engine to great strides in urbanisation and industrialisation, lingering on shots of cars, city streets, and airplanes. The following sections depict aerial views, scenes of construction and development in the mountains with heavy equipment, logging and mining in remote parts of the province, lumber/pulp mills, mining, the fishery, canning plants, the irrigation of the Okanagan valley and the tree fruit industry, cattle ranching and wheat farming in the Peace River region, petroleum drilling and exploration. Shipments of petroleum by rail and pipelines to refineries are depicted, as well as shipping.

The prosperity granted by industry and machines are illustrated with scenes of modern home life, leisure and sport activities, the development of higher learning and education. The film ends with a discussion of the changes since the time of Capt. George Vancouver.

Imperial Oil Company

Provincial Reports - "That's The BC Spirit"

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc. Item consists of ten, two minute, "Province Reports," with Fred Latrimouille, produced by Yaletown Productions for the government of British Columbia's "B.C. Enterprise" program. In the order that they appear on the tape they are:
-Province Report 2 "People Place/Jobs" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 7 "Burden /Restraint" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 9 "Teamwork/Employment Initiatives" with Grace McCarthy, Minister of Human Resources (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 10 "Getting around/Transportation" (Oct. 5, 1982)
-Province Report 11 "Future jobs/Education" (Oct. 5, 1982)| Province Report 1 "Mega projects/Jobs" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 3 "Coalscene/Resource Mgmnt [management]" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 4 "Transportation/Ports" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 6 "Work share/Jobs" (Sept. 20, 1982)
-Province Report 8 "Foundations/Economic strategy" (Sept. 20, 1982)

Recording includes interview clips with various provincial politicians including Stephen Rogers, William Vander Zalm, James Hewitt, Don Phillips, Grace McCarthy and others.

N.E. Coal "Take A Giant Step"

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc for the B.C. government. "Take a Giant Step" is a 28 minute promotional documentary presented by the Government of British Colubmia on the North East Coal and Transportation Development project. Features construction and mining montauges and information about the project and the partnerships with Japan, the Federal Government of Canada and two mining companies. Produced and directed by Ken Jubenvill; executive producer Davd Brown; written by Richard Tomkies; assistant director Mike [Michael] Collier; photograph Bab Asgeirrson; edited by Mike [Michael] Collier; music composed by Bruce Ruddell; narrator Jim Hault; sound recording Ralph Parker, Rob Young, and Peter Bentley; additional photography Dave Geddes and Ron Orieux; sound re-recording Paul Sharpe; titles and animation International Rocketship. 1984.

Province Reports: "Superfish," "Pizza," and "High Tech"

Item consists of three, two minute, "Province Reports," with Fred Latremouille, produced by Yaletown Productions for the government of British Columbia's "B.C. Enterprise" program. The first two reports have a clip of Bob McClelland, Minister of Labour. The first, "Enterprise and new ideas," discusses new industry in the province, specially featuring Atlantic fish farming. The second, "Enterprise and export," talks about B.C. exports and features a company in Richmond that exports pizza crusts to the USA. The third, "No.3 High tech," or "Enterprise and high tech," showcases the technology industry in B.C. featuring MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates and a short statement from Pat McGeer, Minister of Universities, Science and Communications.