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B.C. / Expo '86 - aerials #1

This item consists of raw footage featuring B.C./Expo 86 aerials; shot in 35mm and transferred to one inch tape. Original negative no longer exists and only video footage survives. Some of this material was used in Yaletown Production's video postcard series. Includes nighttime footage of downtown Vancouver.

Sauvetage en Mer [Rescue at Sea, French version]

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions for the Department of National Defense, Canada. Produced in English and French. This is the French version; French narration and French subtitles for those sections spoken in English. Producers Rod Brookes DND, Paul Bisson PWGSG, and Mike [Michael] Collier; technical advisor P2 Malcolm Conlon. 1995.

Rescue at Sea [English version]

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions for the Department of National Defense, Canada. Produced in English and French. English verison.Producers Rod Brookes DND, Paul Bisson PWGSG, and Mike [Michael] Collier; technical advisor P2 Malcolm Conlon. 1995.

Expo 86 - CP Pavilion - Archival Footage

Item includes copies of black and white footage gathered for the purpose of producing promotional videos for Expo 86. Video includes a copy of footage from 1902 of the train route in the Fraser Valley. "Fraser Canon - American Mutoscope and Biograph 1902," and "Empress of Japan and Construction of the Lion's Gate Bridge" [1937-1938] which includes footage of the bridge at various stages of completion. Some shots show workers while others are of men in suits playing around and admiring the view. Archival footage collected in 1985/86 for use in show created for the CP Pavillion, EXPO 86 by Yaletown Productions. Titled CP Queue Line Videotape. Original film was transferred to one inch video tape from various archives. In 1993 the one inch was transferred to Betacam SP.

Vancouver Jubilee

Item is a promotional film showing the Diamond Jubilee celebration events, a brief history of Vancouver and concludes with footage of Vancouver after 1945. The film shows historical photographs of Vancouver and focuses on various aspects of development in Vancouver including industry, media, communications, transportation, power plants, city planning, city governance, tourism and architecture.

The film was commissioned by the Vancouver Jubilee Publicity Committee and later sponsored by the British Columbia Electric Company Ltd.

Individuals involved in the creation of the film include: John Young (Director of Photography), L.E. Weekes (Cameraman), Maureen Balfe (Editor), Gordon Inglis and Margaret Jestley (Narrators), C. Fredenburgh (Lighting), L.M. Parry (Producer), William D. Dix (Director)

This film is a re-print made by the Vancouver Museum in the late 1970's for a program called "Vancouver's Heritage in Film".

Trans-Canada Films

The Empress of Asia

Item is an amateur film which captures the ocean liner RMS Empress of Asia as workers on scaffolding use brushes attached to long poles to apply BAPCO anti-corrosive second coat paint to the hull of the large ship. Multiple angles reveal features of the dry-docked ship typically obscured by water, including the ship's propellers and depth markers on the hull.

Hong Kong - M.V. Australia

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures several shots of a massive Texaco motor tanker ship, the Australia, of Wilmington, Del.. The film captures black smoke billowing from the Australia's stack, shots of structures on the land from onboard the boat, and uniformed men on the bridge of the ship.

Hong Kong - children playing, steam ship band

Item is an amateur film which captures children by the Scott's Hong Kong home skipping, playing, and smiling for the camera; children playing Ring Around the Rosie and cartwheeling; a band playing onboard a large steam ship; and shots of passengers and crew.

Soldiers on ship leaving port

Item is an amateur film which captures a ship full of Canadian soldiers departing. The soldiers wave toward those seeing them off from the docks; some soldiers dangle their feet from the side of the ship, while others climb for a better view. A band can also be seen playing before the ship departs from its berth.

Royal visit #2

Item is a film which contains some of Douglas Scott's footage of the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in May of 1939. The film begins with the intertitle "Departure, May Thirty-first," with shots of the HMCS Prince Robert; "The Veterans are here in Force," followed by footage of soldiers marching in dress uniform, the royals arriving in a car, and King George VI inspecting soldiers. The royals then make their way to the ocean liner RMS Empress of Britain, where they then wave to the crowd from an upper tier of the vessel as the ship departs. The film ends with the intertitles "The Straits of Juan de Fuca ... In the foreground Canada ... in the background the towering Olympic Range in the United States ... two great nations living together in peace and Amity," and "We leave their majesties steaming Eastward, back to their family at the Heart of the Empire ... while Canadians from the Atlantic to Pacific unite in loyalty and affection for Our Sailor King and his Gracious Consort."

D. Scott's travel footage from Bermuda, Brazil, and Argentina

Items is an amateur film which appears to capture some of the places D.S. Scott travelled to in the 1920s. Footage captures streets, men fishing, and children playing in Hamilton (Bermuda); buildings and people playing ping pong in what a sign suggests is Santos (Brazil); and people on a beach and the busy downtown in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The film also contains footage of what are presumably voyages between these destinations.

Vancouver, BC

Item is a documentary film documenting bridges, Vancouver Harbour, the Stanley Park (B.C.) seawall, and maritime traffic around Vancouver. The film includes footage of False Creek, the Granville (Street) Bridge (3rd, 1954-), the Burrard Bridge (1932-), the Lions Gate (First Narrows) Bridge (1938-), the Second Narrows Highway Bridge (1960-), the Stanley Park seawall and sculptures including Elek Imredy's sculpture Girl In A Wetsuit and the replica figurehead of the RMS Empress of Japan, the shipping facilities at Vancouver Harbour, and the seabus terminal. The film also includes footage of boats and ships including a sailboat, tugboat, cruise ship, seabus, ferry, and cargo ships.

1958 : A year to remember

Item is a film containing highlights of British Columbia's centennial year in Vancouver. Includes shots of an antique car parade, a tall ship at dock, naval vessels, street decorations in Vancouver, Chinese Freemasons parade (with drill team, dragon dance, etc.), a powwow, horse racing at Exhibition Park, PNE parade, and the last of the region's interurban streetcars. Film also includes footage showing the aftermath of the Second Narrows Bridge collapse.

Seen enroute England to Vancouver April 1928

Item consists of a home movie documenting a journey from England to Vancouver. The route of travel was from Southampton, across the Atlantic to New York City, through northern Ontario and the town of White River, along Lake Superior, across the prairies, and finally through Fraser Canyon, BC. Each section is introduced and explained by title cards. The film includes shots of the RMS Homeric and the RMS Aquitania in Southampton port, the Statue of Liberty, the New York City skyline, landscape footage of Ontario, the prairies, Fraser Canyon, and the Cisco Bridges.

Adam, Joseph Cowan