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Yaletown Productions ; Belize - promo[tional] 7:30

Item is promotional material for "Belize - Rain Forest Expedition" (1995). This was a pilot for a television series for Discovery Channel. The series did not proceed. The video introduces Belize with shots of locals, then follows a group of scientists and archeologists into the Belize rainforest where they observe wildlife and discover Mayan ruins. Information about Belize, to supplement the narration, is interspersed at the bottom of the screen.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine

Item is the D-2 Master cassette version of "Curse of the lost gold mine." A documentary-style show that features dramatized re-enactments of actual historical events. The narrative combines a current expedition into the Pitt Lake area to search for the mine and evidence of other prospectors with an actor [Donnelly Rhodes] playing an old prospector telling tales and legends, the story is filled out with dramatizations and interviews. Final four minutes are silent after tone.

B.C. / Expo '86 - aerials #1

This item consists of raw footage featuring B.C./Expo 86 aerials; shot in 35mm and transferred to one inch tape. Original negative no longer exists and only video footage survives. Some of this material was used in Yaletown Production's video postcard series. Includes nighttime footage of downtown Vancouver.

Rockies by Rail ; music and FX [effects] only offline

Item is a version of "Rockies by rail" which has no narration, only music and effects. There is a time code reading at the bottom of the screen throughout. Footage includes some nice panning shots of the city of Vancouver. Michael Collier is sometimes one of the train passengers. Some footage was shot in Alaska as well as British Columbia.

The gift of water

Film was produced to both inform and delight; portraying a message of environmental conservation and showing off the beauty of the province.
"The gift of water" was produced and directed by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Photography by Mike Collier and Bob Rodvik. Music by Ian Berry and Don Granbery. Edited by Mike Collier. Produced by New Horizon Film Productions (1975). Film features images of nature, wildlife, and people interacting with and enjoying nature. There is no narration. Soundtrack consists of music and songs in appreciation of nature. Some scenes of the West Coast Trail.
"The gift of water" won two awards at the Canadian Film and Television Association Awards in 1975: Best Nature and Wildlife Film as well as Best Cinematography.


Film shows children playing in front of a suburban house, adults around the house sitting and mowing the lawn. After a very dark section around 01:45 the film goes on to show a family exploring a wooded area and playing with a front-end loader in a parking lot and a couple of brief scenes of cows.

Gabriel, Margaret (nee Kruger)

Our outdoor heritage

Item is a documentary film documenting Vancouver's parks in 1940. This film names Vancouver the "Playground City of the North West" and contains footage of Stanley Park, Connaught Park, Douglas Park, Devonshire Park, Shaughnessy Park, Memorial West Park, Memorial South Park, Almond Park, Hastings Community Park, Grandview Park, Trout Lake, Queen Elizabeth Park, Tatlow Park, Thornton Park, Hadden Park, Burrard View Park, Maple Grove Park, Sunset Nursery, Victory Square Park, Beaver Lake Park as well as Vancouver's beaches including English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, Second Beach, Spanish Banks and Locarno Beach. The film also features Stanley Park including footage of typical scenes at the entrance and causeway, the Administration Offices of the parks system, primeval forest scenes, blossom time in the rockeries and gardens, Lost Lagoon, Prospect Point, Lions Gate Bridge, the totem poles and a view of Stanley park from afar. As well, the film documents the locations of the free swimming classes provided by Vancouver?s newspapers at Lumberman?s Arch Pool, Kitsilano Pool, New Brighton Pool and Maple Grove Pool. Vancouver?s playgrounds are also documented with footage of children playing in the playgrounds at Memorial South Playground, Norquay Playground, Robson Playground and McLean Playground. In addition, this film documents a variety of recreational activities that take place in Vancouver?s parks including swimming, sunbathing, boating, diving, folk dancing, tennis, golfing (at Fraser Golf Course), walking, lawn bowling, horse-shoe pitching, model yacht racing, cricket, playing games, enjoying the park's fauna and flora (in both summer and autumn), picnicking and having BBQs. Special events such as symphonies, Dress-up Day, the Annual Sandbox Contest, and the annual Soap-box Derby are also documented.

Redeye : Clayoquot Sound

Item is an audio reel containing an episode of Redeye featuring an interview with a unidentified person about the Clayoquat Sound on Vancouver Island.

Mountain springtime

Film was a wildlife/educational piece presented by B.C. Hydro and narrated by Tommy Tompkins. Produced and edited by Michael Collier. Film features footage of swelling rivers, many different flora as well as wild animals, and their young, in their natural habitats. Wildlife featured include: moose, deer, beaver, squirrels, muskrats, geese, groundhogs, loons, osprey, fish, black bears, owls, racoons, gyrfalcons, eagles, mountain goats, foxes, lynx, cougar kittens, marmots, and grizzly bears.
Film was revised and rereleased in 1981.

Where Timber Wolves Call

Item is an educational wildlife film narrated by Tommy Tompkins. In addition to wolves, the film features many wild animals in their natural habitats including beaver, weasels, grizzly bears, moose, deer, mountain sheep, ducks, geese, coyotes, elk, cougar and ptarmigan. Filmed by Tommy Tompkins. Produced and edited by Mike [Michael] Collier.

Airborne operations - part 1

Item is an informative video about airborne opertaions, thier uses, deployment and organization. Video was collected by Yaletown Productions and consulted while producing the one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's military parachute team, the Sky hawks, titled "Flight of the Sky hawks."
Production management Pierre Gadbois Productions Inc; director Ken Steward; Location shooting Canadian Forces Photographic Unit, General Assembly; computer graphics Les Animation Drouin Inc.; post production General Assembly Post-Productions Services; land forces av [audio/visual] coordinators Major SD Werry, CD and WOG Weekes; technical advisors Major DJ Pentney, CD, Sergeant P Cane, and CLFCSC [Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College] Staff; written my Major SD Werry, CD; participating unit The Canadian Airborne Regiment; and coordinating producers Pierre Audet DND and Rhea Morais FVG. Produced for the Department of National Defence. Video is narrated and was produced with music and animation of maps and other graphics. 1990. Major dropouts throughout.

Everest - Hi8mm transfer

Item is Yaletown Productions Everest September 12, 1991 Hi-8 mm transfer tape one. Contains footage of Kathmandu street scenes, Everest - Climb for Hope team members, markets, street sellers, pedestrians, traffic, dogs and people sleeping, a brief scene at a restaurant. Everest - Climb for Hope team members walking along a road beside a river, past a small settlement, through mud, past an avalanche of rocks, includes shots of more rocks falling off the cliff onto the pathway, team members and Sherpas/porters following the first group through the danger area of falling rocks, team members pass another village and interact with local children, scenes of a river or stream being forged, packs being loaded onto a van, an immigration office on the road, Sherpas carry a large and heavy box up a steep path, Alan, an ex-American world-class gymnast carries the 250 lb box a few meters. Team members and their gear are assembled in a building, locals gather around at the Zhang Mu Hotel, negotiations are made with a translator to hire Sherpas to carry gear, some Chinese [?] officials can be seen, the line-up of those waiting for work hold on to each other to eliminate the ability for anyone to cut in line [?] or jump the queue, shots of the Sherpas with heavy pack walking away from the Zhang Mu Hotel and more negotiations with the translator near the truck where the supplies are being loaded.

N.E. Coal "Take A Giant Step"

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc for the B.C. government. "Take a Giant Step" is a 28 minute promotional documentary presented by the Government of British Colubmia on the North East Coal and Transportation Development project. Features construction and mining montauges and information about the project and the partnerships with Japan, the Federal Government of Canada and two mining companies. Produced and directed by Ken Jubenvill; executive producer Davd Brown; written by Richard Tomkies; assistant director Mike [Michael] Collier; photograph Bab Asgeirrson; edited by Mike [Michael] Collier; music composed by Bruce Ruddell; narrator Jim Hault; sound recording Ralph Parker, Rob Young, and Peter Bentley; additional photography Dave Geddes and Ron Orieux; sound re-recording Paul Sharpe; titles and animation International Rocketship. 1984.

P7 - Mike Collier - fun and friends - workprint - Wire outs - Rockfest - N. Van. - Noel-Jasper - Up mt. 1972

Item is a home movie. Includes some outtakes and footage from Collier's independent student films: 'Wire' and 'Water Colours.' Also shows people hiking in the woods, crowds at the Strawberry Mountain Rock Festival, men making silly faces, a woman at the beach, a cat looking at a light bulb, a child swinging garbage cans hung from chains, people sitting in a river drinking and toking, marijuana plants.

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