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Corporation of the District of South Vancouver sousfonds

Fonds consists of the following record series relating to the local government functions of the Corporation of the District of South Vancouver (in existence 1892-1928).
--South Vancouver (B.C.)
----Publications in City Publications Collection, 1903-1928, ca. 60 cm, series 577
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Police Commissioners
----Book of occurrences, 1912-1913, 52 cm, series 275
----Commission minutes, 1915-1928, 8 cm, series 237
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of School Trustees
----Auditor's reports, 1914-1918, 5 cm, series 119
----Board minutes, 1906-1928, 1 m, series 115
----Financial records, 1911-1924, 52 cm, series 236
----High school entrance examination results, 1914-1928, 4 cm, series 121
----Ledger book, 1908-1912, 4 cm, series 118
----Reports collection, 1906-1915, 13 cm, series 120
----Salary warrants, 1912-1914, 6 cm, series 117
----Teachers employee record, 1913-1918, 1925-1929, 10 cm, series 116
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works
----Payroll journal, 1928, 4 cm, series 235
----Record of maintenance costs, 1927-1928, 2 cm, series 278
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Court of Revision
----Court minutes, 1894-1908, 1 cm, series 541
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile Court
----Court calendar, 1923-1928, 45 cm, series 276
----Court calendar index, 1923-1928, 1 cm, series 277
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Licensing Board
----Building permit registers, 1912-1928, 1.38 m, series 234
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Municipal Council
----Annual reports, 1906-1928, 13 cm, series 218
----By-laws, 1892-1928, 3.64 m, series 219
----Council minutes, 1909-1928, 1.84 m, series 215
----Council minutes indexes, 1911-1928, 32 cm, series 216
----Standing committee minutes, 1912-1928, 74 cm, series 217
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessor
----Local improvements assessment rolls, 1914, 1927-1928, 63 cm, series 224
----Property tax assessment rolls, 1893-1895, 1913-1927, 60 cm, series 221
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Collector
----Tax rolls, 1895-1896, 52 cm, series 222
----Tax sales rolls, 1898, 1915-1928, 70 cm, series 223
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk
----Deeds, mortgages, and agreements, 1894-1928, 1.23 m, series 226
----Elections - voters' lists, 1893-1927, 26 cm, series 220
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Treasurer
----Agreements and mortgages, 1919-1928, 65 cm, series 225
----Auditor's report, 1918, 2 cm, series 229
----Bonds and debentures, 1909-1929, 67 cm, series 228
----Cashbooks and ledgers, 1911-1929, 1.81 m, series 227
--South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department
----Payroll journal, 1912-1916, 1928, 1 m, series 231
----Plumbing record, 1910-1912, 6 cm, series 233
----Rates and collections ledgers, 1915-1928, 72 cm, series 232
----Water service applications, 1914-1928, 1.30 m, series 230

South Vancouver (B.C.)

Certificates of analysis for City Coroner

Series consists of certificates of analysis for the City Coroner, listing the date of the certificate, the name of the deceased, and the results of the analysis. The certificates are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Analyst's Laboratory journal

Series consists of a single, bound volume, which is arranged chronologically, and contains tabulations and notes of analysis undertaken from May 18, 1949 to July 4, 1950.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Analyst's Laboratory sudden death investigation reports

Series consists of sudden death investigation reports. A one-page report for each investigation identifies the name of the deceased, beginning and ending dates of the analysis, the name of the pathologist, attending physician and detectives involved (if any), the organs submitted for examination, and the results of the analysis. The reports are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Analyst's Laboratory correspondence and analyses

Series consists mainly of administrative records, correspondence, quarterly and annual reports, analyses (i.e. laboratory analysis reports) and related records. Series includes sudden death investigation reports (1956-1959); journal of analyses (1949-1950) and certificates of analyses for the City Coroner (1949-1971). Many of the correspondence files contain records pertaining to breathalyzer testing and impaired driving cases.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Records of Councillor Bruce Yorke

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports pertaining to Yorke’s work and interests as a City of Vancouver Councillor. Also included are records relating to the 1967 Fishermen’s Strike in Prince Rupert, the Vancouver Tenant’s Association, and records that document the advent of COPE.

Yorke, Bruce

Records of Mayor Philip Owen

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports pertaining to Owen's work and interests as the City of Vancouver's Mayor. There are also some material that relates to Owen's time as a City Councillor.

Owen, Philip

Property tax assessment maps

Series consists of records created during the process of determining assessments for real property in the City of Vancouver. Records consist of copies of portions of city sectional maps which have been mounted on board. The majority of the maps have been heavily annotated in pencil with information used used to determine assessed values of properties, including most recent resale values, square footages, presence or absence of sewers in neighbourhoods, recent flooding, etc.

For many of the areas of the city there are two maps, one of which may have little or no annotation.

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Juvenile Court case files

Series consists of highly sensitive case files of juveniles who were processed in the Vancouver Juvenile/Family Court system. Records include complaint sheets, correspondence, and family histories.

Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile and Family Courts

Health inspection records

Series consists of correspondence, regulations, reports and photographs regarding the Division's activities in monitoring general sanitation. The series is arranged into seven sub-series reflecting several activities within this function.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Family and Juvenile Court administration records

Series consists of records created by the Juvenile Court in the course of administering the court itself, or fulfilling the lesser aspects of its mandate.

Records include summons books, lists of juvenile issues street vendor licenses, and records documenting the settlement of juvenile offense complaints which did not proceed to court.

Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile and Family Courts

Juvenile Court advisory committees minutes

Records consist of minutes and proceedings of the committees created in order to provide advisory services to the Juvenile Court in regards to judicial proceedings and the court's social care responsibilities.

The records are minutes of Juvenile Court Advisory Committee, as well as the Catholic Committee of the Juvenile Court and the Protestant Committee of the Juvenile Court.

Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile and Family Courts

Chief Probation Officer's day books

Series consists of day books created by the Chief Probation Officer, the City official responsible for administrative oversight of the City's Juvenile Court and Juvenile Detention Home. The records consist of his day-to-day recordings of all activities relating to offenders under the Juvenile Detention Act, as well as responses to complaints that did not result in charges.

The records are bound volumes used as diaries, as well as a small quantity of correspondence and forms that had been tucked inside the volume covers.

Vancouver (B.C.). Juvenile and Family Courts

Records of Councillor George Puil

Series consists of topical files document George Puil's work as Vancouver City Councillor. Records are mainly arranged in topical files on issues of transportation, crime, community development, economic development, zoning, property rate and other municipal affairs.

Puil, George

Environmental Health Division subject files

Series consists of correspondence on a variety of subject areas, applications made by clubs for permission to enter watersheds, monthly tables monitoring water pollution, and communicable disease statistics of schools.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Inhalator alarms journal

Series consists of the record of inhalator alarms, which relate to the rescue and safety function of the Fire Department. Recorded, in the form of a case by case chronology, are the source of alarm, the ill or injured individuals' names, addresses, diagnoses, treatments, and names of police and fire personnel attending. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Planning Department reference library

Series consists of material which made up the reference library created for and used by Planning Department staff in the course of their business. Records are primarily reports created by or on behalf of the Planning Department in relation to the full spectrum of the department's responsibilities. The series also includes reports and studies from other City departments, including Finance, Economic Development, Engineering, and Office of the City Clerk. The series also includes reports, studies, and brochures from outside bodies, including Metro Vancouver and its predecessors, the Vancouver Park Board, other cities, provincial government ministries, community groups, property developers and architects, and academics.

The series also contains a set of information binders, consisting of copies of reports, newspaper clippings, articles, brochures, and other published and unpublished material, collected by the Planning Library staff in the late 1980s to late 1990s. The binders are organized by either subject or neighbourhood/area.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Commissioner's Office records

Series consists of records documenting the day-to-day activities of the Commissioner, and reference material relating to the initial inquiries relating to the administration of the municipality conducted in 1912-1913.

The Commissioner's Office operational records consist of diaries which appear to have been created and updated by a secretary in the office, and document visitor's to the Commissioner's office and other meetings. A fifth diary appears to be a record of activities at the "Hall" (presumably the Municipal Hall. The diaries contain hand-written entries and newspaper clippings.

The reference material consists of four volumes of transcripts of the inquiry into the operations of the South Vancouver School Board, broadened in 1913 to include all municipal operations, as well as Volume 3 only of the inquiry into the South Vancouver Police Board.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Commissioner

Records of Councillor Gordon Price

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports pertaining to Price's work and interests as a 6 term City of Vancouver Councillor. Records are mainly arranged in topical files on issues of transportation, crime, community development, economic development, and the environment. Issues pertaining to Vancouver's West End feature prominently.

Price, Gordon

First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel records

Series consists of records that document the operations of the First Shaughnessy Advisory Design panel.

The records include administrative records of the panel (mostly relating to appointments), agendas and minutes of meetings.

First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel

Open Data catalogue

Series consists of datasets originally made available on the City of Vancouver's website via the Open Data Catalogue. Datasets are as they appeared on the Open Data Catalogue on the following dates: November 2010; October 2011; May 2012; January 2013; March 2013; May 2013; August 2013; November 2013; February 2014; May 2014; October 2014; April 2015; July 2015; October 2015; January 2016; April 2016; July 2016; October 2016; January 2017; May 2017.

Director of Environmental Health's operational subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence, but also includes minutes, by-laws, reports, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The records classification system employed by the office of the Director of Environmental Health has undergone several changes, although the functions have remained constant.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Zoning and Development By-law amendment records

Series consists of records documenting proposed and initiated amendments to the main text, appendices and schedules of Vancouver's Zoning and Development By-law (No. 3575) and its predecessor Zoning By-law (no. 2516 ). The series does not contain by-law amendments relating to individual properties.

The series consists of inter-departmental and external correspondence; reports to Board of Administration, Council and Standing Committees; and intra-departmental memoranda documenting discussions re: the need for specific amendments, the wording of proposed amendments, and drafts of proposed amendments to the by-law.

The series also includes records documenting the creation and deletion of building lines. As of the passage of By-law no. 3575, this was accomplished by means of revisions to Appendix E of the by-law; before this, building lines were established by Planning Department policy.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Development Permit Board and Staff Committee minutes

Series consists of records documenting the deliberations and decisions of the Development Permit Board, its Advisory Panel, and recommendations made to the Board by the Development Permit Staff Committee.

Records include agendas and minutes of the Development Permit Board and its Advisory Panel. For a small number of Board minutes in 2005, the files include the submitted recommendations of the Development Permit Board Staff Committee. The Staff Committee minutes contain the details of the individual developments under discussion, comments of City staff from various departments, and the Staff Committee's recommendations to the Board in regards to approval of the application and conditions of approval, where relevant.

Vancouver (B.C.). Development Permit Board

City of Vancouver Heritage Awards nomination packages

Series consists of records documenting the nomination of projects for City of Vancouver Heritage Awards by property owners, developers, interested individuals and community groups.

The series consists of records supporting nominations, including: nomination forms, descriptions of the projects, publications relating to the projects, photographs and architectural drawings documenting the design and implementation of the project, press clippings, and for non-building nominations the material which had been nominated.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Technical Planning Board records

Series consists of records documenting the activities of the Technical Planning Board, its Development Permit Sub-committee, and special sub-committees created for fixed terms to address specific planning issues.

Records include agendas, minutes of meetings, copies of reports of the Board and its sub-committees on a variety of subjects, and memoranda regarding meetings. The records were retained in the Planning Department's central files, as the Director of Planning was the Chair of the Board and Planning Department staff acted as Chairs of the Board's two sub-committees.

Vancouver (B.C.). Technical Planning Board

City-owned property planning records

Series consists of records documenting the City's planning functions as they applied to City-owned property. The records document activities such as: disposing of City-owned property by sale or exchange, subdivision of lots and blocks, and the planning component of projects to develop social housing on City-owned property.

The series includes internal memoranda and correspondence, external correspondence, property assessment forms, reports and studies, petitions, newspaper clippings and copies of leasehold agreements. Some files include site plans and/or other maps. Some files relating to social housing also include architectural drawings.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Heritage planning subject files

Series consists of records documenting the development and implementation of programs to identify and protect structures possessing heritage value or features.

The series consists of subject and correspondence files containing information on a wide variety of heritage initiatives. Records include internal and external correspondence, reference material on heritage issues and heritage planning programs in other jurisdictions, extracts of Council minutes, draft and final versions of reports to Council, and other related material.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Built heritage research records

Series consists of records documenting research conducted by Heritage Planners and private heritage contractors working on behalf of the Planning Department into the heritage features of various structures in the City of Vancouver. The structures documented are primarily buildings.

Files in the series may contain any or all of the following on a particular structure: correspondence and memoranda, photographs, survey forms, architectural survey forms, beautification building survey data forms, architectural or technical drawings, and general notes on history, condition, assessed value, etc. Many of the forms include one or more small photographs.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Local improvement assessment records

Series consists of records documenting the levying of special assessments to finance various infrastructure improvements in neighbourhoods across the city, including construction of sidewalks, paving roads, installation of street lighting, and construction of community centres and other public amenities. Local improvement assessments are levied separately from property taxes, applied to the properties that benefit from the particular improvement.

Local improvements could be initiated either by petition from property owners in a particular neighbourhood, or by recommendation of a City department. Property owners were able to appeal a proposed local improvement assessment at the Court of Revision; as a consequence, not all proposed improvements were completed. Council would decide which proportion of the improvement would be financed by property owners and which from City finances. Each assessment and any associated debt financing was authorised by its own individual by-law, and the individual projects were referred to by the by-law number in the records.

Infrastructure projects would ordinarily be financed by the issue of debentures; part of the assessments levied on property owners would fund the interest payable on the debentures, with the remainder paid into the Sinking Fund to accumulate the capital required to pay off the debenture on maturity.

Records in the series consist of ledgers showing assessments levied on individual properties. Each assessment shows the frontage and/or flankage of the property (from which the assessment amount was calculated), and the assessed amount, by legal land description of each assessed property. The schedules are considered an integral part of the by-law which authorised the assessment, but after about 1950 they were physically filed with the Office of the Assessment Commissioner (until 1977), then the Property Tax office instead of bound with the original by-law.

The series also contains an index to the earliest local improvement by-laws, listing by street name the various types of assessment by-laws and by-law numbers.

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Debenture interest ledgers

Series consists of records documenting warrants issued for debenture coupons redeemed on City-issued debt.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

Debenture fixed interest charges ledgers

Series consists of records which document the City's financial planning regarding maturities and interest payments required for City-issued debt.

The volumes contain summary information about debt charges and maturities of the City's debt outstanding. Summaries include interest due by month, serial debentures outstanding by year, sinking fund debentures by year, general debentures, local improvement debentures, and water debentures.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

Serial debenture registers

Series consists of records documenting the annual fixed charges and maturity schedules for serial debentures issued by the City.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

Debenture issue and accounting records

Series consists of records relating to the issuance, sale, and management of debenture issues by the City.

Records include a register of applications to purchase debentures and a cash book of purchases of debentures issued under the authority of by-law 2378, as well as a group of summary reports from the City Accountant's Office to the Treasury Department regarding upcoming debenture maturities.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

Sectional and other maps

Series consists of maps created by the Building Department. These appear to have been created as a result of the department's responsibility for providing support to the City's special Street Naming Committee (which reported to the Building, Civic Planning and Parks Committee), which had been tasked with rationalising and where necessary, recommending changes to street names to remove duplicates and ensure continuity across the city.

Vancouver (B.C.). Building Department

City Clerk's Office research and reference materials

Series consists of general research and reference materials involving electoral reform. This includes newspaper clippings, media clips, historical legislation, research and reports from other cities in Canada and other countries, statistical research, and copies of academic theses and City publications.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electoral Reform Commission

Point Grey engineering maps

Series consists of maps depicting the configuration of and revisions to the sewerage system in the Municipality of Point Grey, in accordance with provincial health regulations.

Point Grey (B.C.). Engineering Department

Public meetings and consultation records

Series consists of records relating to public meetings and public consultation regarding electoral reform for the City of Vancouver. This includes public meetings minutes, registrations at public meetings, survey tracking and reports, written submissions from the public, posters, flyers and a copy of the final report.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electoral Reform Commission

City Clerk's Office administrative files

Series consists of general administrative records including correspondence, email communications, materials for the final report and records involving the coordination of public meetings including venue contracts and invoices.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electoral Reform Commission

Gifts to the City

Series consists of objects or items that have been received as gifts by the City of Vancouver in the course of its interactions with sister cities, cities, governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals as well as gifts of recognition.
Series has one subseries: Sister cities.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

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