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Family 1926

File consists of correspondence, nine photographs, newspaper clippings, articles, a notebook, postcards, cards and other material. Includes mainly the personal and professional correspondence of Ted Taylor. Personal correspondence consists of letters to and from friends and family, including correspondence with Annie Louise Taylor, Ken Taylor, Caroline Little Pierce, Ruth Wing, William Wing, George Beaton, Bruce Beaton, and a letter to L.D. Taylor. Also included are letters from Octavia Beaton to Annie and incoming correspondence of Carolyn Little Pierce. Letters from Ruth Wing discuss goings-on in the Hollywood film industry and the re-opening of the William Taylor murder case. Professional correspondents include Howard Strickling, Metro-Goldwyn Pictures and Tom Reed of Universal Pictures. The file also contains clippings of newspaper articles concerning L.D. Taylor and Ted Taylor, six photographs of Mary Louise Taylor, two photographs of Ruth Wing (CVA 1477-1231 and CVA 1477-1232), and cards from Edith Millicent Ryan and Jackie Coogan.
Items within the file have been divided up into sections by Ted Taylor according to month of creation.


Series consists of photographs documenting and relating to L.D. Taylor's activities as Mayor and in his private life, as well as photographs of family, friends and acquaintances.

Family 1923 My-Nv [May to November]

File consists of correspondence, financial records and receipts, appointment book pages, five photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, postcards, cards, a program and other material relating mainly to the personal and professional activities of Ted Taylor. Personal correspondents of Ted include Caroline Little Pierce, Annie Louise Taylor, Ruth Wing and various friends. Professional correspondence relates to his position as Motion Picture Editor at the "Los Angeles Record." It includes correspondence with colleagues at various Hollywood studios and publications and the following individuals: Fanchon Royer, Ferdinand Earle, Jack Jungmeyer, James Young, Edith Millicent Ryan, Lillian Leighton, Howard Strickling, Carl Miller, Tamar Lane, George Landy, and Guy Bates Post. The file also includes correspondence pertaining to the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers (WAMPAS), an invitation to wedding of Colleen Moore to John Emmett McCormick, a document pertaining to Ted's legal action against The Rubaiyat, Inc., a copy of "F.B.O. News," and newspaper clippings concerning Ted Taylor, Ruth Wing and Marianne Wing. Photographs include two photographs of Ruth Wing (CVA 1477-1194 and 1195), two photographs showing an unidentified man and woman playing tennis (CVA 1477-1192 amd 1193) and a photograph on a postcard.
Items within the file have been divided up into sections by Ted Taylor according to month of creation.

Family 1920

File consists of correspondence, nineteen prints, three negatives, several pages of an address book and a newspaper clipping relating mainly to the personal and professional activities of Ted Taylor. Includes Ted's correspondence with Annie Louise Taylor, Caroline Little Pierce, as well as letters from Edith Baker to Annie, and Ken Taylor and Annie to Caroline. Subjects of photographs include Ruth Wing (CVA 1477-1017, CVA 1477-1018, CVA 1477-1020), an unidentified director or writer (CVA 1477-1163, CVA 1477-1164, CVA 1477-1165), Ted Taylor and Arizona State Prison (CVA 1477-1052, CVA 1477-1054, CVA 1477-1162, CVA 1477-1166, CVA 1477-1167 CVA 1477-1168) and Ted Taylor with unidentified colleagues at Metro Picture Studios (CVA 1477-1068, CVA 1477-1069, CVA 1477-1169, CVA 1477-1170 CVA 1477-1171).

Family 1919 June-Dec.

File consists of photographs, correspondence, newsletters and notes pertaining mainly to the personal and professional activities of Ted Taylor. File contains thirty-one images of Ted Taylor and his friends, mainly at the beach (CVA 1477-1130 to CVA 1477-1161), and twenty-six images taken at Metro Pictures Corporation studios (CVA 1477-1068, CVA 1477-1114 to 1129, CVA 1477-1357 to CVA 1477-1365). These include photographs of sets, actors, and directors, including photographs of Ted, Emmy Wehlen, Herbert Blache, Henry Otto, John H. Ince, Viola Dana and Ormer Locklear and photographs taken during the filming of "Fools and Their Money" and "A Favor to a Friend."
Also included in the file is Ted's personal and professional correspondence. Includes correspondence with Olga Petrova, and with Metro Pictures Corporations's Director of Publicity and Advertising, pertaining to Ted's activities as News Director and his suggested improvements for the News Department. File also contains an account by Ted of his work at Metro, two issues of "The Daily Gobble" by Kenneth Taylor and a small amount of correspondence of Annie Louise Taylor and Caroline Little Pierce (incoming only).

Family 1919 Jan-Feb

File consists of correspondence, notebooks, photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings and other material relating to the activities of Ted Taylor, Caroline Little Pierce, Winifred Mabel Pierce and Ruth Wing. File includes correspondence, medical bills, and notes relating to Winifred's illness and treatment in Rochester, Minnesota. File also contains two notebooks and twelve photographs (CVA 1477-1005 to CVA 1477-1016) relating to Ted Taylor's work for the L.A. Times, possibly as a crime reporter. Also included in the file are Ted's correspondence and related photographs, photographic prints and negatives of Ted and his friends at Crestmount and at the beach (CVA 1477-1132, CVA 1477-1320 to CVA 1477-1356), and a newspaper clipping concerning Ruth Wing. File contains several postcards from Rochester, Minnesota.


File consists of Octavia Beaton correspondence, newspaper clippings, minutes and reports, lists, cards, leaflets, programs, poetry, prose and two photographs. Includes correspondence with George Beaton, Ralph Beaton, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Red Cross and the British War Relief Association of Southern California, and informational material from the Hollywood Chapter of Bundles for Britain. File also contains records relating to Beaton's involvement with the Hollywood Woman's Club, including minutes of its first general meeting on October 2, 1940, minutes and reports of its Public Affairs Section, 1942-1943, programs for club events and Beaton's correspondence on behalf of the Club. Also included in the file are clippings relating to the Second World War's effect on the American public, and a photograph of Mary May Beaton.

1933 Beaton

File consists of Octavia Beaton correspondence, financial records, articles, a program, cards and a photograph. Correspondence relates to family, financial and employment matters and the effect of the Depression on the Beaton and Taylor families. Includes correspondence with relatives and friends, including letters to L.D. Taylor and a letter from L.D. discussing his intention to run in Ominica as an independent candidate for the provincial legislature. Photograph is a studio portrait of an unidentified young man.

Jr-My [January-May] 1944 TT [Ted Taylor]

File consists of Ted Taylor's personal and professional correspondence, financial records, two photographs, drafts of writings, notes, minutes, newspaper clippings, cards and other records. File includes several letters to L.D. Taylor and from L.D. to Ted and Ken Taylor. Some letters include newspaper clippings pertaining to L.D. L.D.'s letters also include some discussion of provincial politics, his plans for the development of northern British Columbia, his desire to travel to the Peace River area, and the potential annexation of part of Canada to the U.S. Ted's letters discuss work, family activities and the birth of Mary Louise Taylor's son Peter. File also includes some Octavia Beaton correspondence.
File additionally contains minutes, contitution and bylaws of the People's Education Centre, as well as correspondence, leaflets, invitations and other material from groups such as the National Citizens' Committee for Winifred Lynn, Technocracy, Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, Screen Cartoonists Guild and the United States Civil Service Commission.
Items within the file have been divided up into sections by Ted Taylor according to month of creation.

Jr-Jl [January to July] 1936 TT [Ted Taylor]

File consists of correspondence, studio passes, three photographs, newspaper clippings, financial records, publicity and other notes, receipts, postcards, pamphlets, drawings and other material. Includes Ted Taylor's personal and professional correspondence, including a note from Claire Du Brey; Octavia Beaton correspondence; photographs of Ken and Mary Louise Taylor; material relating to Mary Louise Taylor's involvement with the girl scouts; and financial records of Caroline Little Pierce and Ken Taylor.
Items within the file have been divided up into sections by Ted Taylor according to month of creation, with the additional sections: '25-'36 - CLP banking; '35-'36 KT

Ag [August] 1933 TT [Ted Taylor]

File consists of correspondence, three photographs, notes and a poem. Includes a letter from L.D. Taylor to Ted Taylor discussing his decision to run for the Provincial Legislature in Omineca. Included with the letter are three postcards featuring photographs of the Douglas Lodge, B.C. area and Spuzzum. B.C.

[L.D. Taylor correspondence]

File consists of newspaper clippings and correspondence. Clippings pertain to L.D. Taylor's appointment as an honourary life member in the Vancouver Exhibition Association. Correspondence includes two 1934 letters to Octavia Beaton in which he discusses his activities as mayor and his 1934 election campaign, and two letters to his family in January 1940 in which he discusses his social life. Included with the correspondence are four photographs of the opening of the United Airlines Terminal at the Sea Island airport in 1934.

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