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F. H. Harrison

Item is an amateur film which captures leisurely family time, including family members lounging and talking on boats and the shore; youths paddling small boats; a sunset over the water; a young woman talking in a garden; and a youth holding a dog.

Hong Kong - Margaret, waterskiing, Scott property

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which variously captures Margaret posing with her mother, dog, and dolls by a window; Margaret holding a rabbit and pushing it in a baby carriage in a backyard; youths waterskiing on large boards; Margaret sitting on her mother's lap on a boat; slow motion captures of dives into the water; reflections of the sun on the water; and boats.

Hong Kong - boating

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures a woman swimming in the open hole of a pontoon-like boat, as well as shots of the Hong Kong shore from the boat.

Hong Kong - airplanes, Margaret

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures expatriates as they take turns being passengers on a plane. Shots include the plane taking off from a field, onlookers talking, and people embarking and disembarking from the airplane. Shots were likely made at Kai Tak airport. Later shots include Margaret smiling for the camera with the family dog in her arms, a view of the water through the trees, and Margaret posing with her mother.

Hong Kong - rural tour

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong, which captures a ship, a panning view of a hilly shore, two men in suits approaching the camera, locals walking down the street, a boat being christened, and shots of the shore.

Soldiers on ship leaving port

Item is an amateur film which captures a ship full of Canadian soldiers departing. The soldiers wave toward those seeing them off from the docks; some soldiers dangle their feet from the side of the ship, while others climb for a better view. A band can also be seen playing before the ship departs from its berth.

Victoria - royal visit : [outtakes]

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Victoria, British Columbia. The film is very brief and is composed of a variety of short shots including flowers, a sedan backing up, a large steam ship with onlookers from a dock, soldiers marching, people eating dinner, and short shot of a soldier in dress uniform with a Union Jack shield visible on a building behind him. The film appears to be outtakes from Scott's footage of the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Victoria in 1939.

China - junks, ships, Shanghai

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong and visiting Shanghai. The film captures Nanking Road Pontoon No. 13, the HSBC Building and clock tower on Bund; various ships, including sampans, junks, paddleboats, and larger vessels; and streets filled with people, rickshaws, and vehicles.

Wisconsin, New York + U.S. trip DC

Item is an amateur film from the Scott family's trip to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.. Footage includes shots of a geyser at Yellowstone; Lower Falls; bears walking on a road; mountains; a marching band in a stadium; Margaret posing with the Scott family dog; the steeple of Trinity Church in New York; ice skating; neon signs in Times Square at night; donkeys carrying baggage; Margaret posing near cacti; a family emerging from a house; a church; and waves rolling over a rocky shoreline.

Royal visit to Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Item is a film shot by Douglas Scott of the royal visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Victoria, British Columbia, in May of 1939. The film features the following intertitles and content: "It is late Spring and Dame Nature has contrived a Royal Background for a Royal Visit," with shots of vividly-colored flowers of many varieties; "After nightfall on May Twenty-ninth, two very Gracious People arrive on the Western Terminus of their Canadian Tour : In their honor the city is illuminated," with shots of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings adorned with lights in the darkness of night, and a fountain glowing with various colors; "Government House, where their Majesties stayed in Victoria" and "The interior of the Royal Suite;" "The next day at City Hall" and "...and at the Parliament Buildings," with shots of the parade and events of the day; "Royal Colors are presented to the Royal Canadian Navy that afternoon" and "The March Past," which captures military ceremonies involving the royals.

Hong Kong - potters, ships, street vendors

Item is an amateur film from Douglas Scott's time living in Hong Kong which captures buildings; local potters at work; sampans, junks, and ships on the water; an airplane; waterskiing and a slow motion backflip into the water; street vendors selling food, toys, small statues, art, flowers, pottery, and goldfish; and locals on sampans.

Bellingham regat[ta]

Item is an amateur film which captures a regatta of various sail boats, including schooners, cutters, sloops, ketches, yawls, and catboats. Footage of the Treasury-class United States Coast Guard Cutter (USGSC) Ingham, a highly decorated Coast Guard ship, is also captured, including shots aboard the ship. Late in the film, the steel-hulled bark USS Intrepid and its rigging is captured from aboard the ship.

Corporation of Point Grey sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of the following record series relating to the local government functions of the Corporation of Point Grey (in existence 1908-1928).
--Point Grey (B.C.)
----Publications in City Publications Collection, 1910-1928, ca. 20 cm., series 274
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Police Commissioners
----Annual reports, 1926-1928, 1 cm, series 263
----Board minutes, 1915-1928, 6 cm, series 262
----Casebook, 1921-1922, 3 cm, series 264
----Record of offenses against civic by-laws, 1912-1920, 52 cm, series 265
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of School Trustees
----Board minutes, 1912-1929, 75 cm, series 112
----Correspondence and notes, 1911-1928, 40 cm, series 113
----Monthly attendance reports, 1916-1928, 6 cm, series 311
----Visitors register, 1914-1917, 1 cm, series 114
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works
----Ledgers, 1922-1928, 26 cm, series 246
----Local improvements street files, 1915-1928, 1.62 m, series 243
----Municipal Engineer's annual reports, 1922-1927, 6 cm, series 245
----Municipal Engineer's monthly reports, 1909-1923, 32 cm, series 244
--Point Grey (B.C.). Engineering Department. Municipal Engineer
----Sectional maps, 1922-1931, 60 cm, series 247
----Works correspondence, 1912-1928, 18 cm, series 261
--Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department
----Accounts ledgers, 1916-1928, 77 cm, series 251
----Employee payroll cards, 1921-1928, 35 cm, series 253
----Investment ledgers, 1909-1928, 1.72 m, series 254
----Local improvements assessment rolls, 1923-1928, 1.1 m, series 630
----Property tax assessment rolls, 1910, 10 cm, series 248
----Tax sale registers, 1917-1928, 30 cm, series 250
--Point Grey (B.C.). Fire Chief
----Fire record, 1920-1928, 44 cm, series 270
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court
----Court calendar, 1924-1928, 45 cm, series 267
----Court calendar index, 1924-1928, 1 cm, series 268
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court Committee
----Minutes, 1924-1928, 2 cm, series 269
---Point Grey (B.C.). Licensing Board
----Building permit register, 1912-1928, 42 cm, series 272
--Point Grey (B.C.). Municipal Council
----Annual reports and financial statements, 1909-1928, 4 cm, series 241
----By-laws, 1908-1928, 2.6 m, series 239
----Council minutes, 1908-1928, 1.64 m, series 238
----Court of Revision minute books, 1916-1928, 8 cm, series 249
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Comptroller
----Incoming debenture correspondence, 1913-1917, 2 cm, series 252
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk
----Annual accounts reports, 1915-1927, 8 cm, series 242
----Elections - voters' lists, 1910-1913, 1 cm, series 273
---Subject files, 1924-1929, 48 cm, series 240
--Point Grey (B.C.). Police Court
----Court calendar, 1912-1913, 52 cm, series 266
--Point Grey (B.C.). Reeve's Office
----Subject files and news clippings, 1912-1929, 24 cm, series 260
--Point Grey (B.C.). Town Planning Commission
----Minute book, 1926-1928, 6 cm, series 271
--Point Grey (B.C.). Water Works Department
----Contracts, specifications, and tenders, 1911-1913, 24 cm, series 259
----Plumbing inspection records, 1911-1928, 23 cm, series 258
----Water applications, 1908-1928, 1.38 m, series 256
----Water main correspondence, 1911-1925, 2 cm, series 255
----Water service ledger, 1911-1916, 60 cm, series 257

Point Grey (B.C.)

Point Grey building permit register

Series consists of the register of building permits, indicating the permit number, owner, architect, location, value, and type of building. Arranged by permit number.

Point Grey (B.C.). Building Inspector's Office

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