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Corporation of Point Grey sousfonds

Sousfonds consists of the following record series relating to the local government functions of the Corporation of Point Grey (in existence 1908-1928).
--Point Grey (B.C.)
----Publications in City Publications Collection, 1910-1928, ca. 20 cm., series 274
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Police Commissioners
----Annual reports, 1926-1928, 1 cm, series 263
----Board minutes, 1915-1928, 6 cm, series 262
----Casebook, 1921-1922, 3 cm, series 264
----Record of offenses against civic by-laws, 1912-1920, 52 cm, series 265
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of School Trustees
----Board minutes, 1912-1929, 75 cm, series 112
----Correspondence and notes, 1911-1928, 40 cm, series 113
----Monthly attendance reports, 1916-1928, 6 cm, series 311
----Visitors register, 1914-1917, 1 cm, series 114
--Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works
----Ledgers, 1922-1928, 26 cm, series 246
----Local improvements street files, 1915-1928, 1.62 m, series 243
----Municipal Engineer's annual reports, 1922-1927, 6 cm, series 245
----Municipal Engineer's monthly reports, 1909-1923, 32 cm, series 244
--Point Grey (B.C.). Engineering Department. Municipal Engineer
----Sectional maps, 1922-1931, 60 cm, series 247
----Works correspondence, 1912-1928, 18 cm, series 261
--Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department
----Accounts ledgers, 1916-1928, 77 cm, series 251
----Employee payroll cards, 1921-1928, 35 cm, series 253
----Investment ledgers, 1909-1928, 1.72 m, series 254
----Local improvements assessment rolls, 1923-1928, 1.1 m, series 630
----Property tax assessment rolls, 1910, 10 cm, series 248
----Tax sale registers, 1917-1928, 30 cm, series 250
--Point Grey (B.C.). Fire Chief
----Fire record, 1920-1928, 44 cm, series 270
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court
----Court calendar, 1924-1928, 45 cm, series 267
----Court calendar index, 1924-1928, 1 cm, series 268
--Point Grey (B.C.). Juvenile Court Committee
----Minutes, 1924-1928, 2 cm, series 269
---Point Grey (B.C.). Licensing Board
----Building permit register, 1912-1928, 42 cm, series 272
--Point Grey (B.C.). Municipal Council
----Annual reports and financial statements, 1909-1928, 4 cm, series 241
----By-laws, 1908-1928, 2.6 m, series 239
----Council minutes, 1908-1928, 1.64 m, series 238
----Court of Revision minute books, 1916-1928, 8 cm, series 249
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Comptroller
----Incoming debenture correspondence, 1913-1917, 2 cm, series 252
--Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk
----Annual accounts reports, 1915-1927, 8 cm, series 242
----Elections - voters' lists, 1910-1913, 1 cm, series 273
---Subject files, 1924-1929, 48 cm, series 240
--Point Grey (B.C.). Police Court
----Court calendar, 1912-1913, 52 cm, series 266
--Point Grey (B.C.). Reeve's Office
----Subject files and news clippings, 1912-1929, 24 cm, series 260
--Point Grey (B.C.). Town Planning Commission
----Minute book, 1926-1928, 6 cm, series 271
--Point Grey (B.C.). Water Works Department
----Contracts, specifications, and tenders, 1911-1913, 24 cm, series 259
----Plumbing inspection records, 1911-1928, 23 cm, series 258
----Water applications, 1908-1928, 1.38 m, series 256
----Water main correspondence, 1911-1925, 2 cm, series 255
----Water service ledger, 1911-1916, 60 cm, series 257

Point Grey (B.C.)

City Clerk's Office report files

Series consists of reports (published and unpublished), some publicity brochures, a few unusual items (e.g. handwritten notes by the designer of the City's crest), and a small amount of correspondence related to certain report files, all assembled for reference purposes in the Clerk's function as secretariat of City Council. Most "report files" are related to Council business of the time, therefore including reports from departments, outside organizations, and American sources. Originally arranged according to an arbitrary numbering system (this numbering is noted, e.g. "Report file no. x"); now arranged by startyear and therein by title of the file or title of the report (which reveals a number of duplicates).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Civic Theatres Board subject files

Series consists of supporting documents and working files associated with the Vancouver Civic Theatres Board (and its predecessors). Records include correspondence, reports, brochures, tables, etc. Arranged in multi-year sets and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Civic Theatres Board

City Clerk's Office housekeeping files

Series contains files on administrative matters relating to the City Clerk's Department, i.e. records on staffing and premises, on the Archives and Records Division, and on the Voters' List Division. The series is divided into two subseries:

  • File system to 1978. (closed subseries)
  • Housekeeping subject files (open)
    The first subseries "File system to 1978" was generated by City Clerk D. H. Little, who served from 1973-1978 (with the inclusion of some of his files from the earlier period when he was Deputy City Clerk), then added to in very small volume by the succeeding City Clerk, Robert Henry until 1980.
    The subseries "Housekeeping subject files" was the administrative or housekeeping section of a large file classification system set up in 1975, and since most of the administrative matters documented are routine, only selected items have been retained. Files on "electoral matters" were largely kept. Arranged by subseries, and therein alphabetically by file title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Vancouver Court of Revision supporting documents

Series consists of record keeping and working files of appeal court sessions which authorized changes to the voters' list (1956-1963, 1976), the real property tax roll (1950- 1956, 1971-1975), the business tax roll (1970-1984), and local improvement projects (1967-1986). The early sequence of voters' list files contains amended and signed voters' lists (including some lists of aliens not eligible to vote), while the early set of property tax files are the official assessment appeal records annotated by the Assessment Commissioner. Other records are working files containing lists of property tax and business tax appeals (with some decisions indicated) and associated correspondence. Local improvement files contain lists of projects, correspondence, and associated Council minutes. Real property and local improvement files contain a small number of photographs submitted as part of appeals packages. Subseries are interfiled. Arranged chronologically by Court date.

Vancouver (B.C.). Court of Revision

City Council Special Committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of special committees, boards, commissions, task forces, and of other "non-standing" committees of Council (although there is flexibility about what differentiates special and standing committees or what defines a special committee during some periods). The earliest minutes consist of nine bound volumes of "Special Committees" (1890-1891, 1930-1948) and "Traffic Commission" (1929-1948), prepared in Council minutes style, and numbered volumes 66-74, a continuation in the numbering of series 33 (Standing committee minutes). 1892-1929 and 1960-1974 special committee minutes appear not to have been kept as a separate recordkeeping unit, but were frequently quoted verbatim within Council minutes (series 31). 1930-1948 minutes in the bound volumes and 1949-1959 minutes are arranged by year, often with minutes of various committees interfiled (with the exception of the Traffic Commission which is a separate set). Files dating from 1975 are also arranged by year and therein alphabetically by committee name.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Council

Civic Theatres Board minutes

Series consists of record copy of minutes (though unsigned, these were assembled by the Clerk's Office for recordkeeping purposes) and confidential minutes (1957-1968 only). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Civic Theatres Board

Board of Works subject files

Series consists of subject files kept on behalf of the Board of Works relating to liaison with City offices and to issues of the period dealt with by the Board. Arranged by year.

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

City Analyst's Laboratory correspondence and analyses

Series consists mainly of administrative records, correspondence, quarterly and annual reports, analyses (i.e. laboratory analysis reports) and related records. Series includes sudden death investigation reports (1956-1959); journal of analyses (1949-1950) and certificates of analyses for the City Coroner (1949-1971). Many of the correspondence files contain records pertaining to breathalyzer testing and impaired driving cases.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

City Council Special Committee supporting documents

Series contains correspondence, briefs, and some minutes or transcripts of the City's special committees, boards, commissions, task forces and all other bodies which have been clerked by the Office of the City Clerk over the years. Arranged chronologically and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office subject files - including Council supporting documents

Series consists of administrative and operational files on any matters dealt with by the Office of the City Clerk over time, in its and the individual Clerks' roles as Council secretariat, elections office(r), and information office(r). The scope of City and outside bodies represented, the topics covered, and the types of records contained (primarily correspondence, but also including minutes, contracts, grant applications, etc.) is immense. There is a problem of organization with Office of the City Clerk's files in that, during some periods, files contained here were organized separately (therefore are separate series), while during other periods, those same files were integrated here (e.g. Traffic Commission, Council committees, etc.) Database searching alleviates the problem. Arranged in annual sets (date ranges filed by latest year represented) and therein alphabetically by file title (please note that there is tremendous inconsistency in file title formulation during some periods, see arrangement note below).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Medical Health Officer's subject files

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports, published articles, scrapbooks and photographs which document the wide variety of interests of the office of the Medical Health Officer. In most cases it is not evident from the physical arrangement of the materials what kind of record-keeping system was employed. Some files have classification numbers, but the numbered files are interfiled with unnumbered ones, and the files with classification numbers are not in any discernible sequence. Occasionally there are, however, blocks of records in chronological arrangement. Within the files, the order of documents is almost exclusively chronological in order of receipt.

Vancouver (B.C.). Medical Health Officer

Certificates of analysis for City Coroner

Series consists of certificates of analysis for the City Coroner, listing the date of the certificate, the name of the deceased, and the results of the analysis. The certificates are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Health Department central registry - file classification list

Series consists of computer print-outs of the Central Registry file classification system for the program and housekeeping records of the Health Department. This series was used by Central Registry as background information for the retrieval of files from the Records Centre.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

City Analyst's Laboratory journal

Series consists of a single, bound volume, which is arranged chronologically, and contains tabulations and notes of analysis undertaken from May 18, 1949 to July 4, 1950.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Home Care Division housekeeping subject files

Series consists of minutes of meetings, correspondence and reports which document the administrative support for program activities. Arranged in chronological order in two blocks, the first to the end of 1981 and the second to the end of 1983.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Continuing Care Division

Director of Environmental Health's operational subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence, but also includes minutes, by-laws, reports, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The records classification system employed by the office of the Director of Environmental Health has undergone several changes, although the functions have remained constant.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Health Department central registry - program subject files

Series consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, publications and other materials pertaining to health care planning and policy, health promotion and the delivery of programs by the Vancouver Health Department. Files were organized by the creating office using a block-numeric file system. The series has been subdivided into following subseries based primarilly on the original file number blocks (indicated with square brackets):

  • Prevention Contract Services files [1000-1199]
  • Prevention Services files [2000-3999]
  • Legislated Program Area (Environmental Health) files [4000-5999]
  • Continuing Care Program Area files [6000-7999]
  • Government programs and committees files [8000-8999]
  • General Services files [9000-9999]
  • Smoking prevention and cessation files

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

Volunteers for Seniors subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence and minutes of meetings relating to various aspects of the program. Arranged alphabetically by subject within years.
An accrual to these records representing the years 1975-1977 consists of files for subjects beginning with V and W only; files begining with A-U were destroyed by the creating office prior to the transfer to the Archives.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Continuing Care Division

Long Term Care subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence and minutes of meetings relating to various aspects of the program. Arrangement is by block numeric classification system.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Continuing Care Division

City Analyst's Laboratory sudden death investigation reports

Series consists of sudden death investigation reports. A one-page report for each investigation identifies the name of the deceased, beginning and ending dates of the analysis, the name of the pathologist, attending physician and detectives involved (if any), the organs submitted for examination, and the results of the analysis. The reports are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Health Department central registry - Metropolitan Board of Health files

Series consists of central registry files documenting activities of Health Department personnel on the Metropolitan Board of Health of Greater Vancouver, as well as activities of the Board itself. The majority of the records consist of agendas, minutes and associated papers of meetings of the Board, its Executive Committee and Administrative Council.

Metropolitan Board of Health of Greater Vancouver

Vancouver bridge records

Series consists of a variety of records relating to the planning, designing, and opening of Vancouver's bridges. Included are plans for the Connaught Bridge (1910) and the Burrard Street Bridge (1930-1931), Granville Street Bridge (1952), photographs of the Granville Street Bridge (1954), and motion picture films on the building of the Granville Street Bridge (1954) and the Cambie Street Bridge (1986). Filing units arranged chronologically by start date.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Engineering Department contract register

Series consists of a record of work contracted to private businesses by the City. The majority of these contracts are for paving streets and sidewalks, but there are also a number of contracts for the construction of public buildings and the installation of utilities. The contracts are divided into two sections, "Current" and "Completed" and indexed by contract name (e.g. Charles Dickens School, Heating) and name of contractor. Each register sheet lists type of work, location, fund, date, contractor, and expenditure.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

City Engineer's reports

Series consists of the City Engineer's set of his reports to the Board of Works (1906-1956) and to the Board of Administration (1956-1959) on works matters. As of 1936 water matters were also included (because the Board of Works took over from City Council's Water Committee). The reports seek approval for recommendations pertaining to proposed, e.g., local improvements, lot clearing, sewer construction, water main repair, street and lane improvements, garbage collection, gas main installation, etc. Reports were signed as adopted by the secretary of the Board of Works. Each volume up to 1945 includes an index. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Bridge engineer J. R. Grant's subject files

Series consists of consulting engineer Grant's private files (not City files) containing correspondence, plans, news clippings, maps, and notebooks relating to the design and construction of bridges in Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Local improvements miscellany

Series consists of an assortment of recordkeeping ledgers and a scrapbook pertaining to local improvements.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Electrical Division contract files

Series consists of files numbered "Contract 94" through "Contract 105" containing general correspondence and progress estimates for street lighting contracted out to private electrical firms. General correspondence files begin with a list of the letters contained in the file, giving date sent or received, name of correspondent and subject matter. File contents include contracts, tenders, schedules and estimates, engineering drawings, and inspection certificates. Progress estimates are detailed accounts of costs incurred, sent periodically from the contractor to the City Electrician. Files numbered "Contract 57" through "Contract 92" were disposed of in 1977 and never microfilmed. Arranged by contract number.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electrical Division

Board of Works minutes

Series consists of 27 minute books and 9 index books kept by the City Engineer. These are the minutes of the regular weekly and special meetings of the Board of Works, a standing committee of Council. They indicate the date and place of meetings as well as names of committee members, staff and delegations present. Included in the minutes are: reports to the Board of Works by the Engineering Department regarding matters pertaining to the operation, activities, and mandate of the department; Board consideration and approval of work by the Water Works Department; recommendations to City Council by the Board; statements of tenders received and recommendations for acceptance; correspondence regarding requests for work from individuals and companies and decisions by the Board; communications with other bodies and committees; and statements of accounts and recommendations for payment. Also recorded are references to employee relations, wages, pensions, conditions of work, and employee grievances and petitions. Beginning with the January 12, 1937 meeting, the minutes contain a separate water section report. Minute books from 1 to 25 are indexed, but volumes 26 and 27 are without indexes. Volumes 4 to 12 and 15 to 18 have indexes attached to the inside of their back covers, while the indexes for the other volumes (13, 14 and 19 to 24) are in separate volumes (28 to 36). On the microfilm, the index for each volume precedes it. Arranged chronologically with index volumes at end.

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

Engineering Administration housekeeping subject files

Series comprises records from the 1975-1980 Central Registry Files of the Engineering Department, relating to its administration, general services and involvement in community planning. The documents include minutes and related materials of meetings of the Engineering Department and committees, organizational charts, reports, correspondence and notes to the file. The files are arranged in their original order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Board of Works meeting files

Series consists of incoming letters from private companies or individuals brought before the Board of Works relating to the construction and maintenance of road, sewer, and water systems kept by the City Engineer. Arranged chronologically by Board of Works meeting dates.

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Works

Metric Conversion Committee reference files

Series consists of the records of the Metric Conversion Committee, which was formed in January 1977 to coordinate metric conversion planning for the City in compliance with federal and provincial requirements. Senior representatives of civic departments met monthly to develop conversion plans for their departments, develop conversion budgets, and schedule training for employees.
Records consist of photocopies of minutes of committee meetings, and supporting documents relating to metric conversion, including newsletters, reports, and surveys. The minutes are arranged in chronological order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Vancouver and Burnaby levels and benchmarks surveying records

Series consists of surveying data for streets in Vancouver, Burnaby and Point Grey, including a bound volume recording levels and benchmarks for the city of Vancouver 1891-1903, and two files of miscellaneous benchmarks and field notes for Vancouver, Burnaby and Point Grey. The bound volume is arranged alphabetically by street name and indexed, with occasional sketches and profiles interleaved. The files contain notebooks, loose papers, and street maps arranged in no apparent order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Surveys Branch

Senior Psychologist's subject files

Series consists primarily of journal articles and reports of research on a variety of mental health issues. Some correspondence is also included. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

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