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Carte reduite des parties septentrionales du globe, situees, entre l'Ansie et l' Amerique, pour fervir a l'histoire generale des voyages

Item is a map engraved by French cartographer M. Bellin showing eastern Asia and the northern part of North America, mainly Canada. Includes notes as to areas of the west coast of North America explored by the Russians in 1728 and 1741, the exploration of the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca in 1592 and 1603, as well as exploration on the east coast of Asia. Map also includes latitudes and longitudes, some place names, major bodies of water and indicates mountainous regions. Printed on the bottom of the map is "Tome XV" and "No. 4."

A map of the whole continent of America divided into North and South and West Indies

Item is a reproduction of a map which depicts North America, South America and the West Indies. An inset map on the lower left-hand corner shows Baffin Island and Hudson's Bay. The item also includes lists of islands and regions in the Americas belonging to each of Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the Dutch, as per the terms of the Treaty of Paris. The item also includes a list of nine relevant articles defined in the 1763 Paris treaty.

The Russian discoveries from the map published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg

Item is a map showing the locations of Russian exploration discoveries around the Pacific coast, as well as some discoveries by other explorers such as Juan de Fuca and Sir Francis Drake. Area shown includes Russia, China, Japan, Northern Ocean, Pacific Ocean and North America. Includes a explanation of Russian names on the map.

Top left plate

Part depicts the upper left hand quadrant of the map, and includes a diagram of the solar system, a table of dimensions of bodies in the solar system, a chart of constellations viewable in the northern hemisphere, text on geographical definiations and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern half of the Americas.

Dunn, Samuel

Bottom left plate

Part depicts text and accompanying diagram on "the art of dialing by a common globe", a chart of universal scale, a map of the world using Mercator's projection, a map of the southern half of the Americans, descriptions of the various maps and charts, and the left-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth.

Dunn, Samuel

Top right plate

Part depicts a chart of the astronomical latitude & longitude analemma, a table showing values of the place of the sun in the ecliptic & declinatiobn, a chart of the constellations viewable in the southern hemisphere, text on geographical definitions and the cause of the tides, and a map of the northern portion of Africa, Europe and Asia.

Dunn, Samuel

Bottom right plate

Part depicts the right-hand side of a map of the lunar surface viewable from Earth, a chart of the Analemma, a chart and accompanying text entitled "the vicissitude of seasons explained", a chart and accompanying text on "the art of dialing by a common globe", and a map of the southern portion of Africa and Asia, as well as Australia.

Dunn, Samuel

Top left plate

Part is the top left hand quadrant of a map of the Americas, and depicts North America and the north-west portion of South America. The sheet also includes a list of territories and islands in North America and appears to relate to territorial divisions as a result of the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles (1783).

North America

Item is a map showing portions of North American, including New Mexico, Louisiana, and Canada territories; the United States; and Native American tribal areas. The United States is depicted as their pre-revolutionary status and no international boundary is shown between the United Stated and the Canadas.

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