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Snow Video With digital objects
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1948-1952 - Patsy 1 year old to 4 years old

Item is a film showing Patricia McCuaig from ages one to four years old, skating, the McCuaig family attending christenings, children's birthday parties, the family at Boundary Bay Beach and Wayne McCuaig as a baby. Other individuals identified in the film include Jean McCuaig, Kenny McCuaig, David Goodman, Marg Clarence, Dot Toombs, Lynn Drinnan, Wil McCuaig, Do McCuaig and Anna Lena McCuaig.

Opening of 2099 Beach [Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation building]

Item is a documentary film documenting the opening of the Board of Parks and Public Recreation building at 2099 Beach Avenue as well as recreational activities and special events in Stanley Park. The film contains footage of the ribbon cutting ceremony with crowds in attendance as well as winter snow scenes with people, ducks and swans in the park. Other recreational activities documented include log rolling in a pool, diving, and poolside sunbathing. The film also documents the unveiling of the statue of Lord Stanley in Stanley Park and concludes with footage of a baby polar bear.

[Chicago and Minneapolis parks and playgrounds]

Item is a documentary film documenting parks and playgrounds in Chicago and Minneapolis in the United States of America. The film is shot in the winter and contains footage of parks and mostly vacant recreation playgrounds and playground equipment such as a miniature train and horse and carriage. The film also documents people engaged in recreational activities at an ice rink, animals and children in a playground as well as several identifiable locations including the Alder Planetarium (Chicago), the Keith R. Olsen Memorial Recreation Centre, the Stuart Field Minneapolis Park Board building, and Barnum Park. This film may have been used by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation for reference purposes.

Family winter at Aberthau

Item is an amateur film documenting members of the Spencer family riding in a rowboat and the family playing in the snow and sledding near the family home at 1750 Trimble Street. The film documents Colonel Victor and Gertrude Spencer, and their children Isabell Louise, Barbara, Diana, Victor Vance, and John Fife. A handwritten note in the film box reads "Family winter at Aberthau- John-Baby".

Farm winter

Item is an amateur film documenting Diana and Barbara Spencer pulling their brother John Fife on a sled in the snow at the Earlscourt ranch in Lytton, B.C. Film also shows children ice skating.

Tourism B.C. Marketplace Progam [Program] - Expo 86

Item is "Marketplace Program" produced for EXPO 86 and Tourism BC. Major exhibition in BC Pavilion for EXPO 86. Multi-screen laser disc interactive display. Laser discs were very new at this time and cost over $2500 each to manufacture. This laser disc was produced to be used with specially designed players that would allow for touch-screen interaction from visitors to the B.C. Pavilion. These machines no longer exist; to get an idea of what options were made available pause the playback to view what the touch-screen displays looked like.
Item includes visual vignettes featuring footage to represent various geographical areas of the province of British Columbia. Theme music plays in the background of the scenes; no dialogue. Brief written descriptions of each area of the province precede each section of footage. At 00:10:23 - 00:10:24 screen shots of all of the various touch screen menu screens appear - to see these please slow down the playback and pause for each. Starting at 00:10:26 the footage plays out that would have been associated and parsed out for the various selected menu choices. At 00:12:08-00:12:11 more screen shots of selections flash by, again slow or pause to view these fully. Starting at 00:12:12 more groupings of clips of British Columbia can be viewed. From 00:13:55-00:13:58 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:13:59 there are more groupings of clips of British Columbia. From 00:15:38-00:15:40 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:15:42 there are more groupings of clips of British Columbia. From 00:17:24-00:17:26 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:17:27 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. From 00:19:03-00:19:05 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:19:06 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. From 00:20:53-00:20:57 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:20:59 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. From 00:19:03-00:19:05 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:19:06 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. From 00:22:33-00:22:35 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:22:36 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. From 00:24:23-00:24:26 there are more menus and screenshots, pause or slow down the playback to view. Starting at 00:24:28 there are more groupings of clips showing British Columbia. At 00:26:14 there is the final section of menu screen shots and following that brief shots of hotels and lodgings in British Columbia. Final credits at 00:26:38.

World In The City - roll [II]

Film features the raw footage shot at Expo 86 showing the monorail, the gondolas, ships in harbour, the Expo 86 grounds and pavilions, First nations dancers, aerial views, girl with red spherical travel machine, the USA pavilion with NASA footage, the China pavilion, animals in Canada's North: walruses, polar bears, the arctic fox, a model of a city with moving traffic and working traffic lights. Silent film.

Winter survival

Film is a teaching aid and shows stories of people who made proper choices as well as those who made poor choices when preparing for cross-country skiing or snowmobiling in the wilderness. The drama of a successful rescue is also shown.
"Winter survival" won the Gold Plaque - Best Public Health Film at the Chicago International Film Festival and a Silver Screen Award - Safety and Health at the U.S. Industrial Film Festival.

Where timber wolves call

Film is an educational wildlife film narrated by Tommy Tompkins. In addition to wolves, the film features many wild animals in their natural habitats including beaver, weasels, grizzly bears, moose, deer, moutain sheep, ducks, geese, coyotes, elk, cougar and ptarmigan. Filmed by Tommy Tompkins. Produced and edited by Michael Collier.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape 315

Item is a copy of original film shot for the docudrama "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes scenes of men with packs being taken by helicopter to a mountain area and left there. Scenes of three people [including Dick Hamilton who is involved in both the 1970s and 1990s efforts to make this film] hiking through beautiful nature areas and setting up camp. The men look at a map together, cook food, explore a cave, and spend some time hiking on a glacier and exploring formations and cracks.

"Everest" - tape #14 - film transfer

Item is "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Includes footage of yaks carrying packs and supplies for the "Everest Climb for Hope" team. Team members hike beside the yaks. Scenes of base camp, sherpas, a satellite dish, laundry hanging to dry, tents and tents covered in snow. Includes a scene of Peter cooking and enjoying smoking a pipe, prayer flags, men relaxing and doing thing around the camp including looking through a telescope, sorting equipment, packing, bread being prepared in the communal tent at base camp, snow being melted using a small stove hanging in someone's tent, a man attaching crampons to his boots, men hiking out of base camp through the snow with packs, anchoring spikes into the ice and snow and attaching ropes and carabiners, performing a rescue, or perhaps practicing a rescue [?], early morning hiking, mountain views, snow blowing off the mountain, interviews with Everest - Climb for Hope team members (silent), and a truck of supplies driving and getting unstuck on a very rough road near a river.

Everest - tape #16

Item is "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Sherpas discussing and organizing the yaks, a camp site, yaks with packs, close-up shots of Everest - Climb for Hope team members with monks, drinking tea, scenic shots, and yaks with packs being driven to forge a river. Convex lense used starting at 21:37-22:55 scenes of a man walking past huge chunks of ice and snow. Shots of people and yaks in a snow-bound camp-site, sherps feeding hay to the yaks, assembling the communal tent, a man bathing, Everest - Climb for Hope team members skiing while tied together in a long line, taking loads off of the yaks, taking blood pressure readings of sherpas, prayer flags, an avalanch, various activities going on around the campsite: men playing cards, shovelling snow, laundry drying, and men repairing a tent.

Everest - tape #17

Item is raw "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Includes scenes of individual team member interviews, team members climbing and hiking, scenery, team members getting medical checkups, Sherpas packing, airplanes landing and a 'Welcome to Kathmandu' sign and scenes of Kathmandu.

Everest - master 7

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes a dawn view of the mountains, a panning daytime view of the same peak, a view of climbers heading up to the North Col. from advanced base camp, Everest - Climb for Hope team members interacting with people from other expedition teams, camp scenes, a shot of a label on a storage bucket of another Canadian expedition: "1991 Canadian Changtse Expedition - Everest North Peak," radioing from the communal advanced base camp tent to other team members, interacting with Sherpas, Dennis (at camp four) and Ross (at advanced base camp) making plans over the radio to set up camp five, Dennis talks over the satellite radio to school students in Canada from his position in camp four - Alan reacting to the conversation, camp scenes, Tim sitting around with his bandaged knee, a close-up of the Everest - Climb for Hope logo on a jacket, shots of a solar panel and other equipment, a brief conversation with Tim about his trip out of camp on a yak after six years of planning for the Everest expedition, shots of Hilda returning solo over the snow to advanced base camp from the North Col. (and camp four), a short chat with Hilda once she reaches advanced base camp, and interviews with members of the Everest - Climb for Hope team including one of the expedition physicians, Tim on a yak leaving advanced base camp, Ross and Peter [Dennis?] discussing the option of a small team with Dennis, Mick, and Mario making a push for the summit or at least establishing a camp six, shots of a camera, rope, and other equipment, Hilda baking bread and other advanced base camp scenes.

[Vancouver produced television commercials and public service announcements - Progressive Conservative Party of B.C. campaign promotions]

Large reel of commercials produced in Vancouver and collected by Collier. 00:00 - 00:20 rodeo footage. 00:22 - 01:23 Television commercial for Plimley Fourth Avenue, Vancouver, Chrysler Dodge dealership featuring Basil Plimley, a view of downtown Vancouver, and a sea monster. 01:04 - 02:25 Government of British Columbia Council on Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco television public service announcement warning people of the dangers of alcohol. 02:26 - 02:55 Cartoon Yellowpages television advertisement featuring a thief in need of a locksmith. 02:56 - 03:58 Television advertisement for Woodward's Food Floors. 'All kinds of people, all kinds of food.' 04:00 - 04:32 Television advertisement for Woodward's Food Floors. Commercial focuses on cheese. 04:33 - 06:33 A public service announcement produced for the Government of British Columbia Department of the Attorney-General, warning of the dangers and risks of drinking and driving. 06:34 - 07:06 Cartoon celebrating 100 years of British Columbia joining confederation (1871 - 1971). 07:07 - 08:09 Progressive Conservative Party of British Columbia advertisement featuring Darryl Warren, nature views and folk music. 08:11 - 09:12 Progressive Conservative Party of British Columbia advertisement featuring Darryl Warren, nature views and folk music. 09:13 - 10:10 Advertisement for the Mazda 1200 Sports Coop. Features night driving on Granville Street. 10:11 - 11:11 Progressive Conservative Party of British Columbia advertisement featuring Darryl Warren, nature views and folk music. 11:12 - 12:14 Commercial for women's clothing at Eaton's department store. The theme is 'activists.' 12:15 - 13:15 Public service announcement from BC Hydro offering advice on heating your home especially when renovating basements. 13:16 - 14:16 Public service announcement asking people to write to President Nixon and ask him to not do nuclear testing near Amchitka, an island in southwestern Alaska. 14:17 - 15:18 A montage of still archival photographs created in celebration of British Columbia's 100 years of confederation (1871 - 1971). 15:20 - 16:21 An advertisement for the Workman's Compensation Board of British Columbia. Features an air rescue of an injured worker from the interior of BC. 16:22 - 16:52 An advertisement for the Pacific National Exhibiton in Vancouver featuring amusement rides, horse racing, and crowds. 16:53 - 17:56 K-tel television commercial for "Emotions: Today's love hits, all originals." [filmed in Vancouver]. 17:57 - 18:57 K-tel television advertisement for the "Complete Let's Disco System," includes a how-to book and a record. 18:58 - 20:01 K-tel animated cartoon advertisement for 'Dumb Ditties,' a collection of silly songs. 20:02 - 21:01 K-tel advertisement for "24 Great Tear Jerkers: Original Hits, Original Stars." 21:02 - 22:02 K-tel presents "Rick Nelson 20 Golden Greats." 22:03 - 23:04 K-tel advertisement for "Girls Girls Girls 20 Great Hits" all song titles in the collection feature the name of a woman. 23:05 - 23:18 Television advertisement for Frontier malt liquor, imported by Horlick's Brewing Co., Seattle, Washington. 23:19 - 24:14 - Mazda 1800 car commercial featuring horses and golfing. 24:15 - 25:16 Public service announcement presented by the Canada Safety Council about the dangers of tailgating, comparing dangerous driving to being shot and panning over bullets with numbers on them. 25:17 - 26:20 Television commercial for a Datsun 1600. 26:21 - 26:53 Television commercial for Pacific 66, an auto body shop and gas station. 26:54 - 27:24 Televisions advertisement for a snowmobile brand 'Arctic Cat' featuring Santa Claus riding a snowmobile. 27:25 - 28:27 Television commercial for a 'Cat' snowmobile. Features a classic gangster ambience with a twist to farmer's union community hall dance.

P6 gag reel and misc[ellaneous] home movies

Item is a home movie with some behind-the-scenes shots taken on Collier's worksites. Includes some footage used in the industrial film, "Winter Survival." Includes footage of two people playing tennis, men goofing around, people gardening, two girls running, Collier combing his hair.

Keith Chan House Party - Poon Leong Family - Bob Lee and Mrs. Chan - Henry Young - Fraser Bridge Exhibit Park - Chin Nin Farm Winter Scene

Item is a film containing footage of a Christmas party at Keith Chan's house, Vancouver City Hall festive lights at night, a party with people gathering in a living room and kitchen, snowy scene at Vancouver's Exhibition Park on Renfrew street, a frozen river and bridge, a farm setting, people skating and playing ice hockey on a frozen pond.

Our Home Winter - Summer On The Way Our Home - Our Home 1953 - Gay Sing - Davidson - Xmas 52 Pen, Ron, Nor, Mel - Mom Birthday - Herbert Jang Par.

Item is a film showing various scenes at 1118 Powell Street including shoveling snow in front yard, mowing the lawn, teenagers and adults inside house on Christmas, a birthday party and a snowball fight. The film includes many shots of the B.C. Sugar refinery building across the street from the house 1118 Powell Street.

1965 - Demolition of House 3738 Pine Cresc.

Item is a family film from between 1965 and 1966. Film includes footage showing the demolition of a house at 3738 Pine Crescent, Cherniavsky family trips to Bowen Island, Whistler, Brentwood Bay, Butchart Gardens and Grattan's Ranch in Lone Butte B.C.

America by rail - Alaska

Item is a tourist promotional video for travelling in Alaska. Features shots showing off the Alaskan landscape, following a train of tourists on their route to Northern Alaska. Includes footage of dogsledding and snowmobiling. Video has a predominantly country music soundtrack. Dubbed in Japanese with Japanese title screens and Japanese credits.

NHK [Nippon Hoso Kyokai; official English name: Japan Broadcasting Corporation]

The curse of the lost [gold] mine - tape #206

Item is a copy of original film shot for the docudrama "Curse of the lost gold mine." Includes nature and wildlife scenes with no people in them as well as shots of people hiking with packs and a log cabin. Includes some mountain scenes shot from a helicopter [or airplane].

Everest - Climb For Hope

Item is the master version of the film "Everest - Climb For Hope;" a documentary following a Canadian team of climbers raising money for research and awareness about Rett Syndrome by climbing Mount Everest. Ernie Sneidzins is the father of a young teenager suffering from Rett Syndrome, it was his determination to do something that set this expedition in motion. Narrated by Leslie Nielson; Produced and directed by Michael Collier; Written by Richard Tomkies; Director of photography Robert C. Gibson; Executive producers Michael Collier and Ken Jubenvill; Technical producer Bob Gibson; Climbing cameramen Pat Morrow and Bill Noble; Editors Michael Collier and Bill Campbell; Music Hal Beckett; Production coordinator Lupe Korbut.

Collier, Michael J.

Everest - CR 41-45

Film is raw footage for the film "Everest - climb for hope." Scenes of playing with a metal detector, interviews with four men, and scenes of Kathmandu; buildings and people. Camera: Gibson/Collier Sound: Noble/Morrow.

Everest - master 4

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes interviews with Everest - Climb for Hope team members including Doctor Peter Austen who discusses high altitude medical practice, and the symptoms that team members were experiencing, interviews with other team members including Tim, an avalanche expert, Clint, [?] the team manager in charge of the logistics of getting everyone and all the supplies to the mountain, who is a bicycle racer, James the business manager and base camp manager who is suffering from altitude sickness and retinal hemorrhaging, Jim who was heavily involved in fundraising for the Everest - Climb for Hope expedition and others.

Everest - master 9

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes separate interviews with two of the expedition Sherpas, one Sherpa tells of an experience where three Sherpas are blown off a mountain, shots taken from inside a tent showing the force of the wind, some scenes at a campsite above advanced base camp [probably camp four on the North Col.], Everest - Climb for Hope team members goofing around, chatting, and relaxing, Ross and Dennis at camp four talk over the radio to Peter and Alan at advanced base camp, Dennis suited up with oxygen at camp four getting ready to head further up the mountain, snow blowing off the mountain, a panning view of the summit ridge, Dennis arriving in camp four, Mario pointing at the summit, various scenes at camp four, team members planning out a route to the summit, and some wild sound of a night time wind storm at camp four, and a small meeting in a tent about a last ditch summit attempt.

Everest - tape 3

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Includes footage of Everest - Climb for Hope team members talking to other [French-speaking] climbing teams about Everest and the route up to further camps, a night scene of team members dancing to "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics, hiking and crossing a river, hiking beside yaks carrying packs, team members interacting with Sherpas, mountain views, team members relaxing and listening to music, other scenes at base camp, Sherpas playing a game with dice, rocks, and sticks, team members sharing a meal in the communal tent, a group planning and informational meeting, and an interview with Peter about climbing and the expedition itself, and an interview with the camp cook Hilda [?] about the trip, climbing, cooking at 21,000 ft, and the expedition itself.

Everest - Yaletown - tape 10

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Raw video footage includes scenes of three team members climbing a serac (ice cliff), team members hiking, and views, Sherpas on the North Col. serac, a description of the path taken when traversing the North Col, and Bill hiking with the camera and then waiting as various team members descend 'the ramp' on their way back to camp. At [advanced base camp] the team reunites and chats. The team then discusses the success and failures of the attempt and the team organization. This footage includes ambient noise (mostly wind) and some commentary from the man operating the camera, Bill, (including coughing and swearing).

Yaletown Everest 11

Item is original camera tape footage taken for the "Everest - Climb for hope" documentary. Footage includes scenes for men packing, breaking camp, and cleaning. MacIsaac gives an account of the final push to make the summit by three of the team members: Denis Brown, Mario Belladeau and John MacIsaac. Team members sort garbage and do some personal grooming, beard trimming and bathing. The video also includes footage of the Canadian team at a local settlement/monastery. The video ends with an interview with Alan about the communication from Everest with Canadian media.

The Coquihalla

Item is a sponsored production produced by Yaletown Productions Inc for the Government of British Columbia, the Ministry of Transportation and Highways. Video justifies and celebrates the Coquihalla highway 5. Includes footage of construction, fish and river conservation work, planning meetings, avalanches, and traffic. Sound re-recordings Barry Jones; graphics Barrie Helmer; titles West Coast Film Opticals; sound recording Martin Fossum, Eric Batut, and Larry Sutton; sound editor Stuart Copley; photographed by Bab Asgeirsson, Dave Geddes, Curt Peterson, John Seale, and Tim Sale; original music by Alex Downie Audio Productions; marrated by James Hault; edited by Jane Morrison; written by Richard Tomkies; produced by David P. Brown; directed by Ken Jubenvill; a JEM film production.

Land Above the Trees

  • Item is a film about Canada's alpine country and the functioning of its unique ecosystem through the seasons. "Land above the trees" won the Golden Decade Award ? one of the 10 Best Productions of the Decade, the Golden Camera Award for Best Nature and Wildlife Film, it was nominated for Best of the Festival at the US Industrial Film Festival, it won the Polaris Award - Best of the Festival at the (USA) National Council for Geographic Education Film Festival, it won a Silver Medal at the 32nd International Film and Television Festival of New York, it was a finalist at the American Film and Video Festival, and it won a Certificate of Merit - Environment and Ecology at Intercom '89 Industrial Film/Video Festival.
  • The film was presented by the National Film Board of Canada. Writer and director Michael Collier. Cinematographer Bill Schmalz. Editor Doris Dyck. Music by John Forrest. Narration script Ron Payne. Narrator Jim Hault. Additional cinematography Michael Collier and Bob Asgeirsson. Production assistants Dick Hamilton, Dave Ponsart, and Peter McIlvaney. Re-recording Barry P. Jones. Music recording Mushroom Studios. Production coordinator Katheryn Lynch. Unit Administrator Bruce Hagerman. Producer Geogre Johnson. Executive producer Barbara Janes.
  • This version is not as scratched and dirty from use as MI-284.

Vancouver Stanley Park 1970

Item is a home movie. Footage includes a sailboat filmed from the shore, a polar bear in Stanley Park, a monkey in a cage, Queen Elizabeth Park, ocean waves, a float plane, a winter scene, and scenes of downtown shot from a moving vehicle.

Lady Lynn Fishing Trips - Tom Fowlers - Keith Fishing - Mt. Seymour - Joe Poon - Deep Cove - Galiano Island - Lady Lynn - Charlie Woods - Wellington Lee Fishing

Item is a film showing the inaugural journey of Lady Lynn, a small fishing boat. The boat is driven through Vancouver to the docks, where it is placed into the water. The film shows multiple fishing trips with friends and family to Deep Cove, Galiano Island, and other places likely in and around the Burrard Inlet. There is footage of travelling along the water north of Stanley Park, under the Lions Gate Bridge, passing by the light house at Brockton Point, and around the marine gas stations in Coal Harbour. There is also footage of the Mount Seymour Coffee Bar and the Galiano Lodge.

Flight of the sky hawks [broadcast version]

Item is a one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's military parachute team, the Sky Hawks, "Flight of the sky hawks: 20th anniversary celebration.;" produced in cooperation with the Department of National Defence Canada. Narrated by Donnelly Rhodes; written by Richard Tomkies; produced and directed by Michael Collier; editor Jane Morrison; and music Bruce Ruddell. The documentary follows the Sky hawks team through selection and training, their missions and goals and performances and other outreach activities the team performs as part of being a Sky hawk. From original camera source tapes. Includes blackouts for commercials.

The curse of the lost [gold] mine

Item is the D-2 Master cassette version of "Curse of the lost gold mine." A documentary-style show that features dramatized re-enactments of actual historical events. The narrative combines a current expedition into the Pitt Lake area to search for the mine and evidence of other prospectors with an actor [Donnelly Rhodes] playing an old prospector telling tales and legends, the story is filled out with dramatizations and interviews. Final four minutes are silent after tone.

Everest - tape #15

Item is "Everest - Climb for Hope" footage transferred from original 16mm camera film footage. Includes footage of Tibetan farmers agitating hay, someone using a satellite phone, trucks driving with supplies and men, a truck stuck beside a river, people digging it out, men hiking, yaks near base camp, sherpas having their blood pressure checked, yaks being loaded with packs, prayer flags, a full moon rising, goodbyes being exchanged at base camp, two vehicles driving away, hikers fording a river, a group of sherpas around a cooking fire under a tarp, people dismantling base camp, packing the communal tent, and then more shots of sherpas.

Everest - CR [camera roll] 38-40

Film is original raw footage for the film "Everest - climb for hope" on location en route to Everest. Camera: Collier/Gibson Sound: Noble/Morrow. Scenes of hiking on a glacier, mountain views, men in a tent talking on a radio, men having medical check-ups, the full moon rising, the campsite, a stone [monastery] complex, a rescue operation, and clouds blowing in the wind.

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