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Point Grey Board of Works ledgers

Series consists of a Board of Works and General Administration Ledger (1928) and a ledger of security deposits for civic services (1922-1928). The Board of Works ledger sheets are unbound.

Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works

Point Grey accounts ledgers

Series consists of a complete set of "general registers" for 1916-1928 containing general accounts, financial accounts, and ward accounts. Arranged chronologically by year.

Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department

Point Grey Water Works Department water service ledger

Series consists of water service ledgers detailing, for each property, the date, owner, occupier, number of taps, date of account, and record of payments. Arranged chronologically and by district lot number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

South Vancouver deeds, mortgages and agreements records

Series consists of deeds, mortgages, agreements and related documentation pertaining to the sale of land, property, electrical energy and so on. Also included are a list of deeds and agreements and an alphabetical index to agreements. Arranged numerically.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk

City Clerk's Office correspondence registers

Series consists of registers of incoming correspondence and interdepartmental mail received by the City Clerk's office. The registers record the date, name of sender, subject of letter, and the individual or department to whom it was forwarded. The registers of incoming correspondence date from 1935 to 1972; the registers of interdepartmental mail date from 1947 to 1969. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Property Endowment Fund Board minutes and correspondence

Series consists of minutes, agendas, and correspondence, both the records of the Chair (the Mayor) and of the Board's Clerk (the Office of the City Clerk). Arranged by start year and therein alphabetically by file title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Property Endowment Fund Board

Civic Theatres Board minutes

Series consists of record copy of minutes (though unsigned, these were assembled by the Clerk's Office for recordkeeping purposes) and confidential minutes (1957-1968 only). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Civic Theatres Board

Electrical Division subject and departmental files

Series consists of two sets of electrical subject and departmental files, which were probably kept by two engineers or two offices. Records pertain to a broad range of administrative and operational matters concerning installation and maintenance of electrical services, including inspection and licensing. Set 1 (1949-1968) records are in original paper form, while set 2 (1948-1974, microfilmed 1985) is microfilm copy. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electrical Division

Water works distributing journals

Series consists of accounting records of the Waterworks Dept., including administrative and operational expenses. 1929-1933 records are missing. After 1933 the record is called "Distributing Journal". Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Traffic Division traffic reports

Series consists of records containing traffic volume and intersection flow data (the purpose of the creation of which was to improve traffic flow by changing signals, lanes, parking regulations, etc.). The data were entered by hand until 1967, after which time the traffic counts were produced by counter tapes so the record format changed to computer printouts.

Vancouver (B.C.). Transportation Division

Civic awards, addresses and memorials

Series consists of addresses, various greetings to and from the City of Vancouver, awards, and certificates Addresses include those from Eilat, South Israel, with regard to opening ceremonies of the Hadassah exposition in 1958; and from Lord Mayor and Council, City of London in 1936. Certificates of merit include those regarding Housing Cooperation and Victory Loan campaign. Also included in this series are the proclamation of Archives week signed by Mayor Volrich, November 1979, a carved wooden plaque presented to the City of Vancouver by the Odessa City Council during a Sister City visit, a photograph of the Official Vancouver Summit scroll signed by Prime Minister Mulroney, President Clinton and President Yeltsin on April 3, 1993, and a Certificate of Thank-You from Prime Minister Jean Chretien for service, APEC '97, November 19-25, 1997. The series also includes one subseries, which consists of congratulatory messages and proclamations sent to the City of Vancouver in 1986 in recognition of the City's centennial.

Arranged by subject and in no apparent order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Mayor's Office general correspondence

Series consists of operational subject files relating to public enquiries and policy matters. Series contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Arranged chronologically in annual sets and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Environmental Health Division subject files

Series consists of correspondence on a variety of subject areas, applications made by clubs for permission to enter watersheds, monthly tables monitoring water pollution, and communicable disease statistics of schools.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Health inspection records

Series consists of correspondence, regulations, reports and photographs regarding the Division's activities in monitoring general sanitation. The series is arranged into seven sub-series reflecting several activities within this function.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Certificates of analysis for City Coroner

Series consists of certificates of analysis for the City Coroner, listing the date of the certificate, the name of the deceased, and the results of the analysis. The certificates are chronologically arranged.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Analyst's Laboratory

Civic award files

Series consists of three subseries: Freedom of the City of Vancouver (1936-1994, 1996-1999, 2002); Civic Merit Awards and other honours (1935-1994); and Rolls of honour (ca. 1919 - ca. 1946). The subseries are composed of records relating to the City's formal recognition of outstanding Canadian figures and to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the City government or to the community. Records include photographs of most award scrolls, photographs documenting some of the award presentations, a small proportion correspondence, some working notes, news clippings on the individuals to whom awards were presented, and rolls listing the names of City and Board employees who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Electrician's files

Series consists of subject files which include correspondence, reports, tables and technical drawings; financial and inspection record books; one set of drawings; and photocopied minutes of the Technical Planning Board's Zoning and Real Estate Sub-committee (1951-1960). Filing units are arranged by starting year.

Vancouver (B.C.). Electrical Department

Vancouver bridge records

Series consists of a variety of records relating to the planning, designing, and opening of Vancouver's bridges. Included are plans for the Connaught Bridge (1910) and the Burrard Street Bridge (1930-1931), Granville Street Bridge (1952), photographs of the Granville Street Bridge (1954), and motion picture films on the building of the Granville Street Bridge (1954) and the Cambie Street Bridge (1986). Filing units arranged chronologically by start date.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Engineering Department contract register

Series consists of a record of work contracted to private businesses by the City. The majority of these contracts are for paving streets and sidewalks, but there are also a number of contracts for the construction of public buildings and the installation of utilities. The contracts are divided into two sections, "Current" and "Completed" and indexed by contract name (e.g. Charles Dickens School, Heating) and name of contractor. Each register sheet lists type of work, location, fund, date, contractor, and expenditure.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

City Engineer's reports

Series consists of the City Engineer's set of his reports to the Board of Works (1906-1956) and to the Board of Administration (1956-1959) on works matters. As of 1936 water matters were also included (because the Board of Works took over from City Council's Water Committee). The reports seek approval for recommendations pertaining to proposed, e.g., local improvements, lot clearing, sewer construction, water main repair, street and lane improvements, garbage collection, gas main installation, etc. Reports were signed as adopted by the secretary of the Board of Works. Each volume up to 1945 includes an index. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Director of Social Services' subject files, 1955-1971 (predominant)

Series consists of the Director's administrative and operational files, consisting of policy files, project files, operational subject files, and professional files, filed under the following broad categories: "Procedures", "Projects and costs", Statistical reporting", "Briefs, statements, reports", "General files", and "United Community Services". Records are primarily correspondence and reports. Arranged in the broad categories.

Vancouver (B.C.). Welfare and Rehabilitation Department

Pacific Hostel records

Series consists of minutes, correspondence and reports regarding the establishment and operation of Pacific Hostel for single men. Arranged by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Pacific Hostel

Real property appraisal cards

Series consists of real property appraisal cards covering residences, farm dwellings, duplexes, row houses, and small apartments. Affixed to each card is a small black and white photograph of the property. Each card contains a detailed description of the property and its appraised value. Arranged by roll number.

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Director of Finance's departmental files

Series consists of correspondence relating to financial monitoring and decision-making concerning a broad range of the City's administrative and operational functions. Arranged alphabetically into the following broad categories: Administration (General, Personnel, Miscellaneous), Cemeteries, City Council, City Planning, Downtown Development, Finance (General, Expenditures, Schools, Write-offs, Revenues, Parking), Hospitals, Housing, North Fraser Harbour Commission, Pacific National Exhibition, Parks, Provincial Government, Remembrance Day Committee, Taxation, Theatre, Transportation, Union of B.C. Municipalities, and Utilities.

Vancouver (B.C.). Director of Finance

Fire Department photographs

Series consists of photographs and negatives of staff members, equipment, activities, and offices of the Vancouver Fire Department.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Fire record journals

Series consists of a listing of fires, giving alarm box, date, time, location of fire, building type, owner, cause, amount of loss, and insurance. Records are arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Fire reports to the Chief of Fire Department

Series consists of reports of all fire alarms answered by Vancouver Fire Department firehalls. The reports record the date, time, and form of alarm, the location and probable cause of the fire, the personnel who responded, the equipment used, the duration of time worked, the distance travelled, and the damage sustained. The records are arranged chronologically by date of alarm.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Records of Arthur Phillips

Series consists of correspondence, memos, notices of meetings, reports, briefs and speeches relating to his career as alderman and as mayor. The correspondence is primarily between Phillips and the general public during his years as alderman. A large number of newspaper clippings, arranged by month, have been collected from his time as mayor. As well, there are newspaper clippings and miscellaneous papers relating to Phillips' concerns as mayor. These include the creation of the Granville Mall, the False Creek development, the purchase of the Orpheum Theatre, as well as in general housing, planning, taxation and immigration policies of that period. Arranged by form of records, and chronologically in each division.

Phillips, Arthur

City Council minutes indexes

Series consists of indexes to the City Council minutes (series COV-S31). The indexes were prepared by the Office of the City Clerk. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council in camera minutes

Series consists of minutes and annual indexes of "in camera" City Council meetings. (Indexes discontinued as of 1990.) Arranged chronologically. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated in camera meetings,

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Building permit registers

Series consists of two subseries: daily reports of building permits (Oct. 1941 - Dec. 1942, Jan.-Dec. 1947) and record/registers of building permits (1901-1904, 1909-1945). Records relate to applications to erect or alter buildings according to by-law requirements and fees charged for the permits by the City. The daily reports, the incomplete sequence, give essentially the same information as the record/registers - owner, architect, contractor, and details (e.g. "alteration to front") - except during the 1940s when the "daily reports" were slightly more detailed whereas the record/registers emphasized values. The A - Z record books for 1901-1911 are arranged by name of owner, while the books for 1912-1945 were kept in one long sequence by permit number (i.e. chronologically); 1912-1920 record books also contain indexes by name of owner.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

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