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Point Grey Board of Works ledgers

Series consists of a Board of Works and General Administration Ledger (1928) and a ledger of security deposits for civic services (1922-1928). The Board of Works ledger sheets are unbound.

Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works

Point Grey accounts ledgers

Series consists of a complete set of "general registers" for 1916-1928 containing general accounts, financial accounts, and ward accounts. Arranged chronologically by year.

Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department

Point Grey Water Works Department water service ledger

Series consists of water service ledgers detailing, for each property, the date, owner, occupier, number of taps, date of account, and record of payments. Arranged chronologically and by district lot number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

South Vancouver deeds, mortgages and agreements records

Series consists of deeds, mortgages, agreements and related documentation pertaining to the sale of land, property, electrical energy and so on. Also included are a list of deeds and agreements and an alphabetical index to agreements. Arranged numerically.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk

Environmental Health Division subject files

Series consists of correspondence on a variety of subject areas, applications made by clubs for permission to enter watersheds, monthly tables monitoring water pollution, and communicable disease statistics of schools.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Health inspection records

Series consists of correspondence, regulations, reports and photographs regarding the Division's activities in monitoring general sanitation. The series is arranged into seven sub-series reflecting several activities within this function.

Vancouver (B.C.). Environmental Health Division

Property Endowment Fund Board minutes and correspondence

Series consists of minutes, agendas, and correspondence, both the records of the Chair (the Mayor) and of the Board's Clerk (the Office of the City Clerk). Arranged by start year and therein alphabetically by file title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Property Endowment Fund Board

City Clerk's Office correspondence registers

Series consists of registers of incoming correspondence and interdepartmental mail received by the City Clerk's office. The registers record the date, name of sender, subject of letter, and the individual or department to whom it was forwarded. The registers of incoming correspondence date from 1947 to 1969; the registers of interdepartmental mail date from 1935 to 1972. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council minutes

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings, the official record of the discussion and decision-making of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. The minutes are arranged chronologically by meeting and organized into bound volumes numbered 1 through 508. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated Council meetings, or in separate files in series 20 (Subject files) and series 62 (Operational subject files).

City Council Special Committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of special committees, boards, commissions, task forces, and of other "non-standing" committees of Council (although there is flexibility about what differentiates special and standing committees or what defines a special committee during some periods). The earliest minutes consist of nine bound volumes of "Special Committees" (1890-1891, 1930-1948) and "Traffic Commission" (1929-1948), prepared in Council minutes style, and numbered volumes 66-74, a continuation in the numbering of series 33 (Standing committee minutes). 1892-1929 and 1960-1974 special committee minutes appear not to have been kept as a separate recordkeeping unit, but were frequently quoted verbatim within Council minutes (series 31). 1930-1948 minutes in the bound volumes and 1949-1959 minutes are arranged by year, often with minutes of various committees interfiled (with the exception of the Traffic Commission which is a separate set). Files dating from 1975 are also arranged by year and therein alphabetically by committee name.

Vancouver (B.C.). City Council

Business files

Series consists of files created and maintained to support the business activities of the Shipping Federation of British Columbia. Series includes: subject files (i.e. regarding the Burrard Street Bridge and the First Narows Bridge); files on Federation member companies; legislation and regulations on various shipping and labour-related issues; files on companies with which the Federation did business; records of internal Federation committees and executive officials; files relating to union activities and strikes; records arising from interactions with municipal, provincial, and federal government institutions; income tax records and financial statements; records relating to safety issues and Workmen's Compensation claims; records relating to Wartime Industrial Transit and gas rationing; records regarding annual picnics and other Federation functions; and other records. Records include correspondence, reports, newsletters, financial records, forms, lists, technical drawings, and other records.

Ship Owners' Association of British Columbia

Diplomatic papers, International Commission in Vietnam

Series consists of reports, articles and correspondence gathered by Lett when he was one of the Canadian representatives in the International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam set up to supervise the carrying out of the three cease-fire agreements for Vietnam, Cambodia and Loas. Series covers the preparation for actual works of the Commission, and the Commission's reports.

Judicial papers

Series consists of correspondence, official papers and reports relating to Lett's appointment as Chief Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court in 1955 and as Chief Justice of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in 1963. Series also includes records relating to Lett's work when he was Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court.

Military papers

Series consists of correspondence, official papers, and military reports and news clippings relating to Lett's participation in the two World Wars. Series covers Lett's service in various military units and, major military operations including the Dieppe Raid in 1942. Series also includes records relating to the evaluation of the Dieppe Raid during the post-war years.

News clippings

Series consists of news clippings gathered by Lett relating to his personal and official activities; and his major achievements in military, educational and legal services.

Personal papers

Series consists of Lett's correspondence and diaries relating to his family history, military services in the two World Wars, studies in Oxford, personal and professional life; and the death of Lett in 1964.

Reports, publications and newspapers

Series consists of photocopied and original newspaper clippings, press releases, publications, reports, submissions, briefs, discussion papers, maps, pamphlets, brochures, journal articles regarding environmental and conservation themes. While part of the records in this series were produced by SPEC, much of the material was created by external organizations and collected by SPEC for reference purposes. This series also includes the SPEC newsletter, Spectrum (previously published under the titles Ertceps, Spectre, and Perspective).


Series consists of minutes of regular monthly meetings, mainly in the form of bound volumes. Most of the minutes are handwritten. Arranged in chronological order.

University of British Columbia prize

Series consists of correspondence relating to a price the club awarded annually to a student in U.B.C.'s Faculty of Medicine whose graduating thesis concerned the study and treatment of cerebral palsy. Arranged in no apparent order.

City Shapes [Symposium] scrapbooks

Series consists of photo albums and binders of original correspondence, copies of correspondence, publicity issues, newsletters, invitations, lists of grants and donations received, lists of special committee members, newsclippings, brochures and other informational items on the Vancouver centennial, as well as reports, summaries and phtogoraphs. Original order has been maintained.

Minutes and related records

Series consists of minutes and other records regarding the establishment, organization, policies, and activities of the Shipping Federation of British Columbia. Records include minutes of Board of Directors' meetings and other meetings, reports, pamphlets, membership lists, and other materials.

Ship Owners' Association of British Columbia

International Relations

Series contains files of the International Relations administrative unit. It was responsible for promotion and engagement of the organization at the international level. It targeted key stakeholders such as IOC members and officials, international sports federations and officials, national Olympic committees, international sport agencies and officials, and finally, international media organisations. It sought to establish a major promotional and communications presence at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic games, as well as maintain a "Bid Cities Reconnaissance Program" to study other cities activity engaged in seeking to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Series is further divided into six subseries: Attendance at the Congress for Award, Clothing and Merchandise, General Planning, IOC, IOC Evaluation Commission Visits, and Salt Lake City Games.

B.C. International Trade Fair files

Series includes schedules, newsletters, pamphlets, and press material pertaining to the fair, as well as minutes of organizational meetings and correspondence between the Board, the Department of Industrial Development, Trade and Commerce and individual exhibitors.


Series consists of 14 reproductions of photographs showing interior and exterior views of Hycroft (ca. 1920's) as well as other images depicting Vancouver history including an image of the 1939 royal visit and 26 other images of buildings and street scenes in downtown Vancouver that were once part of an album that, at least in part, appear to have once been used to showcase available retail properties.


Series consists of prints, negatives, and transparancies (slides) showing various areas in Vancouver, mainly Downtown, Gastown and Chinatown, as well as images of house construction and children.

Civic award files

Series consists of three subseries: Freedom of the City of Vancouver (1936-1994, 1996-1999, 2002); Civic Merit Awards and other honours (1935-1994); and Rolls of honour (ca. 1919 - ca. 1946). The subseries are composed of records relating to the City's formal recognition of outstanding Canadian figures and to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the City government or to the community. Records include photographs of most award scrolls, photographs documenting some of the award presentations, a small proportion correspondence, some working notes, news clippings on the individuals to whom awards were presented, and rolls listing the names of City and Board employees who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

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