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Chinese New Year With digital objects
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Pender Guy Program No. 182 - Master

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 182. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy Card Catalog: "1. Co-op membership promo 2. Jingle 3. Introduction and line up 4. Public affairs information: results of Vancouver Election, candidate meeting at Marco Polo Restaurant, Margaret Mitchell's response to various proposals vs W5 and Quebec Separation 5. Transition music 6. Chinese New Year Celebrating activities 7. Opening Ceremony of Pender Street Beautification project - Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee, speech from Mayor Volrich, speech from Grade McCarthy, fireworks, Lion's Dance 8. Interview with Jim Wong Chu - symbolism of Lion's dance, meaning of 'monkey year' 9. Introduction 10. Transition music 11. What's happening 12. Rainbow People" - songs, 'Bamboo Brew' 13. Sign off."

1991 - Year of the sheep (ram), Chinese New Year - Parade, Vancouver, B.C.

Item is an amateur home movie of the 1991 Chinese New Year’s parade in Vancouver. It includes footage of the parade from East Pender Street outside the Chinese Cultural Centre and from Keefer Street just outside the entrance to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens. Also included is footage of vendors and tables inside the Chinese Cultural Centre, scenes of families inside the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, primarily inside the main pavilion, a view of the water and railings, and through the moon doorway.

The parade footage contains a variety of traditional Chinese elements, such as lion dancers, Chinese dragons, firecrackers, flags, dancing, music, and costumes. Some of the identifiable groups in the parade are: Cheerleaders from Steveston Secondary School, Children from J. W. Sexsmith Elementary School, Dancers from Strathcona Chinese Dance Co., the Freddy Fudd[pucker] band, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Canada, St. John’s Ambulance Cadets, Tibet Lama Kung-Fu, and the Western Canada Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Garden of ease

Item is a documentary film about the Taoist meanings of various elements of the design in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. The film opens with a street scene of Chinese New Year, including lion dances, firecrackers, and a parade. The main film is an interview with James Yu, the maintenance coordinator of the garden. He discusses the contrasting elements (yin and yang), the different kinds of plants (plum, bamboo, and pine), the leak windows, the upturned eves, and the reflections in the water, and then presents a Taoist interpretation of each of them. The narration is supplemented with film footage of the gardens illustrating each point in turn. The film concludes with more footage of garden views and details.