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Pacific National Exhibition fonds Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk
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Civic award files

Series consists of three subseries: Freedom of the City of Vancouver (1936-1994, 1996-1999, 2002); Civic Merit Awards and other honours (1935-1994); and Rolls of honour (ca. 1919 - ca. 1946). The subseries are composed of records relating to the City's formal recognition of outstanding Canadian figures and to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the City government or to the community. Records include photographs of most award scrolls, photographs documenting some of the award presentations, a small proportion correspondence, some working notes, news clippings on the individuals to whom awards were presented, and rolls listing the names of City and Board employees who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office subject files - including Council supporting documents

Series consists of administrative and operational files on any matters dealt with by the Office of the City Clerk over time, in its and the individual Clerks' roles as Council secretariat, elections office(r), and information office(r). The scope of City and outside bodies represented, the topics covered, and the types of records contained (primarily correspondence, but also including minutes, contracts, grant applications, etc.) is immense. There is a problem of organization with Office of the City Clerk's files in that, during some periods, files contained here were organized separately (therefore are separate series), while during other periods, those same files were integrated here (e.g. Traffic Commission, Council committees, etc.) Database searching alleviates the problem. Arranged in annual sets (date ranges filed by latest year represented) and therein alphabetically by file title (please note that there is tremendous inconsistency in file title formulation during some periods, see arrangement note below).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Miscellaneous (D-L)

File contains incoming correspondence addressed to a variety of City officials, which is filed by correspondent (by institution or individual).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office correspondence registers

Series consists of registers of incoming correspondence and interdepartmental mail received by the City Clerk's office. The registers record the date, name of sender, subject of letter, and the individual or department to whom it was forwarded. The registers of incoming correspondence date from 1947 to 1969; the registers of interdepartmental mail date from 1935 to 1972. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council Special Committee supporting documents

Series contains correspondence, briefs, and some minutes or transcripts of the City's special committees, boards, commissions, task forces and all other bodies which have been clerked by the Office of the City Clerk over the years. Arranged chronologically and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City submissions to senior governments

Series consists of briefs submitted by Council to senior governments, as well as a couple of miscellaneous briefs, all kept as a separate file in the Clerk's office during the period represented. Some are in published form, while others are reproduced typeface. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office outward correspondence

Series consists of bound volumes of letter press books containing copies of letters sent by the City Clerk to both internal and external addressees. Each bound volume contains an index of addressees.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council minutes indexes

Series consists of indexes to the City Council minutes (series COV-S31). The indexes were prepared by the Office of the City Clerk. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council in camera minutes

Series consists of minutes and annual indexes of "in camera" City Council meetings. (Indexes discontinued as of 1990.) Arranged chronologically. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated in camera meetings,

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - record of elections

Series consists of handwritten, typed, and otherwise reproduced, signed originals of poll by poll and final tallies for general elections and a variety of by-law and other plebiscites. General elections were held for mayors (from 1886), aldermen or councillors (from 1886), Park Board commissioners (from 1888), licence commissioners (from 1892), and school trustees (from 1893). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - nomination papers

Series consists of nomination papers submitted by candidates for civic office prior to civic elections relating to the recordkeeping of required signatures of nominators and candidates. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - polling station record

Series consists of poll by poll tallies of number of voters, votes cast, per cent of eligible voters who voted, and other details, for each annual civic election, relating to the operation of individual polling stations. Some summary data for all polling stations is also included. Arranged in multi-year batches, and therein in polling station number order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office report files

Series consists of reports (published and unpublished), some publicity brochures, a few unusual items (e.g. handwritten notes by the designer of the City's crest), and a small amount of correspondence related to certain report files, all assembled for reference purposes in the Clerk's function as secretariat of City Council. Most "report files" are related to Council business of the time, therefore including reports from departments, outside organizations, and American sources. Originally arranged according to an arbitrary numbering system (this numbering is noted, e.g. "Report file no. x"); now arranged by startyear and therein by title of the file or title of the report (which reveals a number of duplicates).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Public hearings - Council zoning supporting documents

Series consists of the supporting documents to the Special Council meeting minutes, those pertaining to public hearings held to provide for an adjudication process to any applications for change to the comprehensive and detailed Zoning and Development By-law, which regulates building requirements.

The series is related to the zoning and rezoning process called for by the British Columbia Town Planning Act of 1925, which required that amendments to zoning by-laws called for by citizens be heard by local councils in the format of a public hearing. In Vancouver, the Town Planning Commission was established in 1926, and the first Zoning By-law was passed in 1928. Now called the Zoning and Development By-law, it has been amended hundreds of times over the years. The 1925 Town Planning Act (and subsequently the Vancouver Charter) also called for the establishment of an appeal body subsequent to the decisions of the public hearings, called the Zoning By-law Board of Appeal (later called the Zoning Board of Appeal, and later still, the Board of Variance), which consisted of representatives appointed by the Province's Lieutenant-Governor and the City of Vancouver.

Records include additional copies of relevant Council minutes (official copies filed in series 31, Council minutes), departmental submissions, citizens' petitions and letters, lists of citizens wishing to speak at public hearings, public response summaries, etc. Arranged chronologically by hearing date.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council meeting audiotapes

Series consists of audio cassette tapes of inaugural Council meetings (1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1996, 1999, 2002) and of Penthouse hearings (Mar. and July 1978). 90 minute tapes were recorded at "half speed". Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - oaths of office

Series consists of oaths of office (originals) relating to the City Clerk's function as oaths commissioner and recordkeeper. Arranged alphabetically by position represented.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office photographs

Series contains files of photographs filed by the City Clerk pertaining primarily to Council and official functions. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - warrants to fill vacancies

Series consists of one file containing warrants (originals signed and sealed) issued by the Mayor and Clerk to the Returning Officer calling for by-elections to fill mid-term vacancies on Council, the Park Board, and the School Board, according to the requirements of the Vancouver Incorporation Act (later called the Vancouver Charter). File also contains a 3-page letter from Alderman Tom Alsbury explaining the reasons for his resignation (14 Oct. 1958). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City agreements records

Series contains the City's agreements respecting engineering services, land issues, general maintenance services to City buildings, for prescription drugs (health services), and other matters. Agreements are originals, the earliest of them handwritten. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Authorization minutes of the City Manager

Series consists of the Board of Administration's and City Manager's financial expenditure authorization documents, also called Manager's minutes. Recorded are discretionary decisions regarding "general", auto allowance, buildings, demolition, equipment/furniture, finance, fund transfers, salary and classification review, staffing, works/utilities, among others. The most current set of bound originals is signed by department heads, with approval by the Comptroller of Budgets and the City Manager, and receipt acknowledged by the City Clerk. Each bound volume includes a table of contents which divides documents into the categories above, and then by department. Arranged chronologically (starting with May 1968).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Council in camera supporting documents

Series consists of three subseries: Meeting files (1965-1993); Subject files (1959-1979); and Business license case files (1968-1978), all relating to Council business which was discussed and decided during "in camera" meetings. Issues typically relate to senior staff personnel matters, labour matters, and those which concern discretionary budgetary allocations or joint funding with other governments. Also represented are records relating to Council's "in camera" function as the appeal body to the business licensing decisions made by the License Inspector. Subseries arranged in order given above.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Elections - voters' lists

Series consists of unsigned printed voters' lists 1886-1953 and, as of 1954, officially signed and sealed bound lists arranged by polling district. These relate to the gathering of the essential information required to document voting eligibility and for use to confirm voting eligibility at polling outlets. The voters' lists were prepared by the City 1886-1986, until on November 24, 1987 City Council decided to utilize the Provincial voters' lists for its own elections, since City and Provincial eligiblity requirements were now equivalent. As of 1988, therefore, the "Civic list of electors" is a list generated at the provincial level. Polling district maps are included; within polling districts arranged alphabetically by name. From 1969-1986 the voters' lists are separated, i.e. there is one bound volume containing the "Owner voters' list" and another containing the "Resident voters' list". Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office housekeeping files

Series contains files on administrative matters relating to the City Clerk's Department, i.e. records on staffing and premises, on the Archives and Records Division, and on the Voters' List Division. The series is divided into two subseries:

  • File system to 1978. (closed subseries)
  • Housekeeping subject files (open)
    The first subseries "File system to 1978" was generated by City Clerk D. H. Little, who served from 1973-1978 (with the inclusion of some of his files from the earlier period when he was Deputy City Clerk), then added to in very small volume by the succeeding City Clerk, Robert Henry until 1980.
    The subseries "Housekeeping subject files" was the administrative or housekeeping section of a large file classification system set up in 1975, and since most of the administrative matters documented are routine, only selected items have been retained. Files on "electoral matters" were largely kept. Arranged by subseries, and therein alphabetically by file title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk's Office operational subject files - including Council supporting documents

Series consists of City Council and Council committees supporting documents, communications to Council from internal and external sources, and a wide variety of informational material (pertaining to Council business and the running of the bureaucracy), all relating to the background and decision-making of issues before Council, to the Clerk's capacity as information officer for and public liaison with Council, and to the recordkeeping responsibilities of the Clerk for the City at large. The physical arrangement is by filing classification number in 3-year batches (the classification lists have been kept; see related records note below), and the principles of that arrangement have been maintained in the printed filelist: that is, the major categories are treated as subseries, and the filing within each subseries is alphabetical by file title (with minor title editing for language consistency over time). The subseries are:
Civic administration, 1963-2002;
Civic finance, 1970-2002;
Civic grants and loans, 1975-2002;
Commercial regulations, 1974-2002;
Committees, boards and commissions, 1960-2002;
Community and environmental protection, 1974-2002;
Culture, health and recreation, 1971-2002;
Housing, 1973-2002;
"On file at City Clerk's Office", 1976-1980
Property development, 1970-2002;
Property development - local area planning - location
files, 1967-2002;
Streets, transportation and utilities, 1969-2002; and
Trade and industry, 1984-2002.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

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