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Real property appraisal cards

Series consists of real property appraisal cards covering residences, farm dwellings, duplexes, row houses, and small apartments. Affixed to each card is a small black and white photograph of the property. Each card contains a detailed description of the property and its appraised value. Arranged by roll number.

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Point Grey by-laws

Series consists of original signed copies of by-laws governing the Corporation of Point Grey which were maintained by the Clerk to the Municipal Council. Also included is an index to the by-laws. Arranged in chronological order.

Point Grey (B.C.). Municipal Council

South Vancouver by-laws

Series consists of by-laws for the years 1892-1928, along with alphabetical and chronological indexes. By-laws are arranged by by-law number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Municipal Council

Community photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by Yucho Chow Studio and contributed by families, organizations and individuals to the project Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow. Photographs were arranged by collector/curator Catherine Clement into eight thematic files: Associations, Children, Entertainers, Exteriors, Families, Portraits, Soldiers, Weddings.

Newspaper clippings

Series consists of J.S. Matthews' clippings from local and regional newspapers and relating to the history and development of Vancouver and outlying areas, public and private individuals, organizations, governments (municipal, provincial, federal), politics, ethnic groups, social issues, military, transportation and buildings.

Heritage inventory research files and building photographs

Series consists of research files on category A and B heritage designated buildings in Vancouver compiled in 1978 under the supervision of Edward Gibson of Simon Fraser University, further to the passing of the province's Heritage Conservation Act. Most of the files contain data sheets, architectural and historical research notes, copies of land title documents, bibliographies, and reprinted articles. Most files also contain a summary document prepared in 1979. Also part of this series are the buildings photographs (June 1978) removed from the files (now assigned item identifiers with the prefix CVA 409, there are corresponding 35 mm and 120 mm negatives). Both the files and the photographs are arranged alphabetically by building name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Heritage Advisory Committee

Liquor license register

Series consists of 1 liquor license register maintained by the License Inspector. Each entry consists of the name of licensee, name of premises licensed, kind, and amount paid. Includes licenses for hotels, saloons, shops, wholesale, breweries, restaurants, and bartenders.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

City Clerk's Office correspondence registers

Series consists of registers of incoming correspondence and interdepartmental mail received by the City Clerk's office. The registers record the date, name of sender, subject of letter, and the individual or department to whom it was forwarded. The registers of incoming correspondence date from 1935 to 1972; the registers of interdepartmental mail date from 1947 to 1969. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Mountain View Cemetery registers

Series consists of cemetery registers from Mountain View cemetery, which was surveyed for a City burial ground in November 1886. The cemetery registers consist of an alphabetic index to the volumes which record burials for sections of the cemetery. These sections include the Old Cemetery, Horne Addition, Horne #2 Addition, Soldiers' Section, Abray Park Additions, Jones Addition, 1919 Addition and Societies' plots for the Masons, Knights of Pythias, Foresters and other groups. The alphabetic index (reels MCR 15-2 to 15-13) makes reference to page numbers in the registers corresponding to the cemetery section. In each register, the names are arranged by burial location in the section (range, block, plot, subdivision and lot number). Most registers (reels MCR 15-1, 15-14 to 15- 33) contain an alphabetic index of names in that volume. The index is sometimes found at the end of the volume. Entries usually give the following information: name of owner, name of deceased, age, birthplace, place of death, date of death, date of burial, sex, cause of death, name of physician, religion, marital status, amount paid for lot, amount paid for digging grave and remarks (usually the name of funeral company).

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Department

M.V. Pentowna plans

Series consists of construction and mechanical design plans. The plans show both original construction and the later rebuilding as a tug. The Canadian National Railways had the M.V. Pentowna built in 1926 to operate as a ferry on Okanagan Lake. The twin-screw motor vessel was prefabricated and constructed in Prince Rupert and Kelowna, and in 1937 was rebuilt as a tug. The vessel is preserved at Peachland, B.C.

Real property tax roll : showing details of current levies and arrears outstanding as of March 31, 1971

Series consists of tax notices indicating name and address of property owner, legal description of the property, the assessed values and mill rates for 1971 and the amount of taxes due as of March 31, 1971. Some records are arranged by Roll number, followed by records that had been renumbered to the new Coordinate roll number (renumbering of records was in progress at the time of creation).

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division


Series consists of photographs in various formats. These photographs include headshots, theatrical stills, and events: specifically annual press conferences, award ceremonies, and after parties.

Financial records

Series consists of the club's financial records, including a ledger book, receipts and disbursements, auditor's reports, trial balances, financial statements and grant applications.

Membership records

Series consists of records relating to the club's membership, including visitor's books, membership lists, and documents arising from members' involvement in areas outside of regular activities.


Series consists of minutes of annual and executive meetings of the club. Also occasionally included are committee meeting minutes and treasurer's reports.


Series consists of scrapbooks containing clippings, concert programmes, letters, newsletters, photographs of artists, and other materials documenting concerts and activities sponsored by the club. Also contains lists of club executives.


Series consists of correspondence relating to various internal administrative matters, guest artists, sister organizations (such as Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire University Women's Club), special events and projects (e.g. Centennial project), grants / scholarships to musicians, and music competitions including the Kiwanis Festival and Canadian Music Competition.

Publicity records

Series consists of records relating to publicity for concerts including the following: press releases, notices, concert programmes, programme season announcements, clippings, artist biographies, and photographs of artists.

Landscape architecture drawings

Series consists of landscape architecture drawings created by the firm for jobs in Vancouver. Arranged in job number order in which the first two numbers correspond to the year in which the project was initiated. Unprocessed records in the series include:

Map Cabinet 497 Drawer 19
Heywood residence, 1950s?
Fred Storey, 1950s?
Coe garden, 1950s?
McDougall, 1950s
Cooper, 1950s?

Map Cabinet 497 Drawer 18
J.A. Folkins residence, 1956
56-21 B.M. Hoffmeister residence, Belmont Avenue

Map Cabinet 497 Drawer 17
J.F. Fiegl residence, 1615 Drummond Drive 1959

Map cabinet 269 drawer 10 folder 01: #83-07, #84-24, #85-09, #86-05, #65-59 [J.M. O'Brien residence, 6370 Carnarvon Street], #66-10 [James H. Alexander residence, 4035 West 30th. Avenue], #78-26, #80-13

Map cabinet 269 drawer 10 folder 02: #65-59, #79-60, #79-17

Map cabinet 269 drawer 10 folder 10: #83-07 Units 1-10

Map cabinet 269 drawer 11 folder 01: #83-07 Units 11-16

Map cabinet 269 drawer 11 folder 02: #83-07 Units 17-24

Map cabinet 269 drawer 11 folder 03: #83-07 Units 25, 26, 63, 94-97 + general site drawings

Map cabinet 269 drawer 11 folder 04: #83-07 Detail drawings

Map cabinet 269 drawer 11 folder 08: #72-100

[Map Cabinet 268 Drawer 11]: #63-12 Centennial Victoria Square

Map cabinet 269 drawer 01 folder 03: #68-40 Milsom residence, 1538 Western Crescent; #69-07 Nigel Clark residence, 6018 Holland Street; #69-13 Zlotnik residence, 4491 Maple Street; #75-19 Clarence Saba residence, Carnarvon Street; #76-30 P.N.E. Horticulture Forum

Map cabinet 269 drawer 01 folder 04: #69-66 Southpines Private Hospital, 325 West 59th. Avenue; #70-11 Big shrub plant container; #70-23 Melvin Zajoc residence, 6000 MacDonald; #70-30 John McAndrew residence, 1720 Barclay Street; #71-45 D.E. Pearson residence, 5516 Cypress Street; #71-47 St. Vincent's Hospital staff residence, 33rd. Avenue; #71-56 Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, 10th. Avenue at Quebec Street; #71-64 Runge residence, 8349 Angus Drive

Map cabinet 269 drawer 02 folder 03: #65-40 Musqueam Heights Indian Reserve; #70-65 Pentacostal Church, East 33rd. Avenue; #70-73 L.W. Foster residence, 1538 Matthews Street; #71-24 A. Charkow residence, 3898 Angus Drive; #71-53 Apartment, 10th. Avenue and Burrard Street; #72-17 Century 21 Hotel complex, Broadway Avenue at Heather Street; #72-27 Marquardt and Gazola apartment, 1950 West 8th. Avenue

Map cabinet 269 drawer 03 folder 01: #67-1 Southland Nursery Garden; #65-53 David Craig apartment building, 2155 West 44th Avenue; #66-58 R.S. Purkis residence, 1216 West 32nd. Avenue; #66-68 Hycroft Townhouses#67-1 Southlands Nursery, 6550 Balaclava Street; #67-02 S. Golden residence, 1225 West 54th. Avenue

Map cabinet 269 drawer 03 folder 02: #76-65 Champlain Heights; #67-68 K.T. Stevenson residence, 53rd. and Carrington Place; #67-52 Paga Development Tiffany Gardens townhouses, 45th. Avenue; #67-78 Pacific Palisades Hotel; #68-02 B.A. Gouldstone residence; #68-06 T. Campbell residence, 2296 West 32nd. Avenue

Map cabinet 269 drawer 03 folder 03: #65-3 apartment development for Mr. N. Cook, Pendrell Street between Cardero and Bidwell Street; #65-7 Apartment for Zajoc Construction, 1306 Haro Street; #65-5 Karl Wimmer residence, 1475 West 25th. Avenue; #65-15 Clayton Delbridge residence, 2897 Point Grey Road; #65-25 J. Porter residence, 7016 Hudson Street; #65-21 McGavin's Toastmaster Limited building; #65-30 The Castilian Apartment building, 1575 Beach Avenue; #65-36 Pacific Palisades apartments and office building, Alberni, Jervis and Bute Street

Map cabinet 269 drawer 04 folder 03: #65-11 Fontainbleu apartments, 39th. Avenue and Balsam Street

Map cabinet 269 drawer 03 folder 08: #65-60 [Medical building at 41st. Avenue and Willow], #65-62 [Talex Printing Limited], #66-23 [Andrews residence, 4164 Pine Crescent], #66-34 [A. Anthony residence, 6625 Ader Street], #66-52 [L. Markovitch apartment complex], #80-14, #80-60, #81-37

Map cabinet 269 drawer 04 folder 05: #80-69, #81-71, #81-63, #81-61, #81-55, #81-49, #81-35, #81-25, #81-15, #81-14

Map cabinet 269 drawer 04 folder 06: 80-13, #81-54, #81-04, #82-39, #82-33, #82-26, #82-18, #82-17, #82-10, #79-55

Map cabinet 269 drawer 04 folder 07: #79-20, #79-02, #79-42, #79-36, #78-26

Map cabinet 269 drawer 04 folder 08: #69-61, #70-72, #67-01, #73-86, #73-52, #73-47, #72-89, #72-37, #72-12, #72-62, #72-50, #75-41, #72-20

Map cabinet 268 drawer 07 folder 03: #80-49 Rivtow Straits Kent Avenue facility; #80-56 Gail and Warren Longpre residence, 4261 Cypress Crescent; #80-57 Victor Klassen residence, 6862 Yew Street; #82-38 Office building for Laurel Lands, 1045 Howe Street #83-02 C.P. Air Vancouver Operations Centre Test Cell facility; #83-09 John Saxton residence, 5781 Newton Wynd; #73-99 Thunderbird Neighbourhood Planning Project; #69-49 Eadie residence; #73-76 Fast residence, 5786 Marguerite Street; Justice Webb and vincent office, 6435 West Boulevard; Christ Church Cathedral

Map cabinet 268 drawer 07 ffolder 04: #78-54 Bob McKechnie residence, 3814 West 38th. Avenue; #79-08 University of British Columbia Gateway Park; #79-23 Hugh Dollar residence, 8225 Laburnum Street; #80-35 Commercial complex at 10th. Avenue and Discovery; #78-60 BCSLA 1978 exam; #85-19 Townhouses at 1st. and Larch Street; #85-40 Townhouses 2445 West 1st. Avenue; #79-46; #83-18 Keel residence, 5809 Granville Street; #83-23 Rothstein residence, 5769 Granville Street; #83-30 Sweeny residence, 6370 Wiltshire Street; #83-33 Association for the Mentally Handicapped offices; #84-20 Hensman residence, 6389 McCleery Street; #81-29 Ligtvoet residence; #84-31 Home for disabled people, 1759 East 47th. Avenue

Map cabinet 268 drawer 08 folder 06: #83-28, #83-27, #83-26, #83-10, #83-06, #84-33, #84-29, #84-28

Map cabinet 268 drawer 08 folder 07: #84-26, #84-21, #84-13, #84-11, #84-04, #84-03, 80-11, 83-31, 82-12, 80-138, 80-27, 80-32

Map cabinet 268 drawer 08 folder 08: #60-1 Pioneer Square; Christ Church Cathedral, 1962; #66-61 Traffic Islands, 6th. Avenue and Cambie Street; #67-51 Krivel residence; #67-52 Paga Development apartment project, West 45th. Avenue; #69-08 Bayshore Inn; #69-15 David Read residence; #70-04 B.J.A. Finnie residence; #70-16 Burrard Inlet crossing; #70-17 U.B.C. Botanical Gardens

Map cabinet 268 drawer 09 folder 01: #74-106 Apartment building for Major Development, 1715 11th. Avenue; #74-120 B.C.S.L.A. exam; #75-50 Robert Coleman residence, 1622 Avondale Crescent; #75-58 Biological Sciences Building, UBC; #75-67 Senior citizens' apartments, Venables and Renfrew Street; #75-85 William Joiner residence, 1834 West 34th. Avenue; #76-19 Floral Hall layout, Vandusen Gardens; #81-32; #81-66; #81-67; #81-32 American Rhododendron Society, Floral Hall, Vandeusen Gardens; #81-66 David Lloyd George Community Park, 8375 Cartier Street; #81-67 Salmar Developments, 1089 Richelieu Avenue; #78-40 Apartment at 1310 Cypress

Map cabinet 268 drawer 09 folder 03: #74-85 M. Mihalic and T. Sablic condominium, 2190 West 8th. Avenue; #76-80 Mariners Village townhouses, phase 2

Map cabinet 268 drawer 09 folder 04: #76-41 Smart residence 6991 Angus; #76-26 Condominium for Decotiis Development, s.w. corner of Commercial Drive and East Georgia Street; #76-38 Greer residence, 1570 Wesst 32nd. Avenue; #76-58 George Killick residence, 6111 Adera Street; #76-72 Ad-Print Markings building, 1915 Stainsbury; #77-04 Trinity Baptist Church, 49th. Avenue and Granville Street; #77-53 Billings residence, 2044 Quilchena Place; #78-08 Canada Jet Centre, Sea Island International airport; #78-16 V.C.S. Credit Union, Joyce and Kingsway

Map cabinet 268 drawer 09: #72-10 Erkindale Apartments; #72-23 Chancellor Court, UEL

Map cabinet 268 drawer 09 folder 06: #72-26 Champlain Heights, minor walkways; #72-54 C.H. Shnier residence, 5 Sennok Crescent; #72-78 Gouldstone residence, 1858 Quilchena Crescent; #72-95 Fred Wyder residence, 2206 S.W. Marine Drive; #73-111 Granville Street project; #74-18 D. Devine residence, 1367 West 46th. Avenue; #74-29 Eleanor Haydock residence, 6057 Holland Street; #74-72 Eton Street Apartments; #74-73 Trinity Street Apartment

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 01: #73-125 apartment building, 2nd. Avenue and Maple Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 02: #73-33 G. Stead residence, 4055 S.W. Marine Drive; #73-49 E. Bjarnson residence, 1927 West 18th Avenue; #73-20 R. Cliff residence, 6263 Carnarvon; #73-70 Apartment building, 2330 Maple Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 03: #70-16 Georgia Viaduct extension; #73-118 R.J. Meek residence, 2751 Oxford Street; #73-131 S.M. Friedman residence, 4916 Chancellor Boulevard; #74-39 Shirley residence, 10 Semana Crescent; #74-69 Retail office and residential building, 3355 West Broadway; #74-16 C. Pryce residence, 1605 West 61st. Avenue (+ 847-A-03 fld 56)

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 04: #70-01 F.H. Dietrich residence, 1450 Acadia Road; #70-48 E.J. Eaton residence, 6389 Wiltshire; #66-36 Chas. Greene residence; #62-52 H.C. Greene residence; #62-32 H.C. Green residence; #71-60 R.I Yorsh residence, 1212 Laurier Street; #72-18 Workman's Compensation Board, 37th. Avenue and Heather Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 05: #70-02 Tait residence, 1290 The Crescent; #70-54 Westwood and Josephine apartments, 2100 block West 39th. Avenue; #70-59 R.G. Brodie residence, 1570 West 33rd. Avenue; #71-03 Senior citizens apartment for Kitsilano United Church; #71-28 Dorothy E. Paschal residence, 4261 Cypress Crescent; #71-30 R.J. Meek residence, 126 N. Skeena; #71-35 W.H. Puddiffot residence, 4803 Belmont Avenue; #71-55 a.C. Mitchell residence, 1757 West 41st. Avenue

Map cabinet 268 drawer 10 folder 06: #68-02 B.A. Gouldstone residence, 6490 Cedarhurst; #69-49 Desmond A. Eadie residence, 5530 McMaster Road, U.E.L.; #69-63 H.O. Murphy residence, 4770 West 2nd. Avenue; #69-78 Senior citizens housing, 1523 Marine Drive

Map cabinet 268 drawer 11 folder 02: #68-18 A. Lenec residence, 3393 Wests 18th. Avenue (+ 560-A-01 fld 17)

Map cabinet 268 drawer 11 folder 03: #67-56 K. Wimmer residence, 1475 West King Edward; #67-61 D. A. Freeman residence 5570 MacMaster; #68-69 Howard Isman residence, #7 Tamath; #69-05 Apartment building for Goran Holdings, 10th. Avenue and Alder Street; #69-11 Victoria Apartments, Belmont Avenue; #69-15 D. Read residence, 6011 Churchill Street; #69-24 St. Anselm Church, University Boulevard; #69-26 A. Girardi residence, Salish Drive, Musqueam Park

Map cabinet 268 drawer 11 folder 05: #65-49 apartment building for Gaylie Construction, 1340 West 12th. Avenue; #65-52 D.V. Bennet residence, 6389 Wiltshire; #65-59 J.M. O'Brien residence; #66-32 M. Mickelson residence, 1107 West 54th. Avenue; #66-33 M. Collins residence, 1461 Minto Crescent; #66-67 Mini-Park at Nicola and Georgia Street; #67-72 K.W. Dewar residence, 3115 Marine Drive

Map cabinet 268 drawer 11 folder 06: #64-57 Apartment building, 5614 Balsam Street; #64-58 Senior citizens home (Vancouver East Lions Club), 2212 Oxford Street; #64-59 Summit House apartment; #64-62 K. Dewar residence, 3070 West 49th. Avenue; #65-50 Ralph Spitzer residence, 1911 Knox Road; #65-54 Fred Wyder residence, 2178 West 51st. Avenue; #65-57 R. Schofer residence, 5992 Laurel Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 12 folder 02: #64-31 Pearson residence; #64-35 Apartment building at Yew Street for Westside Investments, 6001 Yew Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 12 folder 04: #64-37 Apartment building at [northeast corner] Gilford and Comox for Mr. Myers; #64-54 Apartment building at 39th. and Balsam Street; #64-55 Apartment building at 39th. and Balsam Street; #66-40 A.G. Helgason residence, West 49th. Avenue; #66-13 B.C. Research Council buidlings, U.E.L.; #67-14 City of Vancouver Works Yard, 45th. Avenue between Sherbrooke and Inverness Street; #67-25 W.H. Puddifoot, residence, 4803 Belmont

Map cabinet 268 drawer 12 folder 06: #64-11 Apartment building at 44th. and West boulevard

Map cabinet 268 drawer 13 folder 01: #64-7 Executive Towers Apartment, Vine Street; #64-14 Apartment building at 39th. and Balsam Street; #64-25 Roadberg's Apartment at 2121 West 44th. Avenue

Map cabinet 268 drawer 13 folder 02: #63-37 David Steele residence, 5889 Fremlin Street; #63-39 Savoy Towers Apartment for Golden and Auerbach, Larch near 41st. Avenue; #63-48 Postle residence, Collingwood Crescent; #64-4 Finning Tractor and Equipment, Great Northern Way; #64-5 R.S. Woodsworth residence, 6426 Montgomery Street

Map cabinet 268 drawer 13 folder 03: #63-16 Ian McNairn residence

Map cabinet 268 drawer 13 folder 06: #60-5 Arnold Cliff residence, 1438 West 32nd. Avenue

Map cabinet 493, drawer 07 folder 06: #80-06 apartment building for V.I.T. Estates Ltd., East 3rd. Avenue; #80-21 Tom Alexander residence, 4693 West 5th. Avenue; #80-26 LeCoeur Housing Co-op, 8210 Matheson Crescent Enclave 12; #80-61 Apartment building, 1600 Block East 3rd. Avenue; #81-24 D. Peachy residence, 4725 Connaught Drive

Map cabinet 493, drawer 07 folder 07: #74-05 Nelson Park; #81-33 Terry Smythe residence, 2356 West 22nd. Avenue; #81-60 Elworthy residence, 6742 Laburnum Street; #81-69 Le Coeur Co-op, 8210 Matheson Crescent; #82-04 David J. Billingsley, 4311 Angus Drive; #82-08 Pegg residence; #82-20 Begg residence, 6850 Carnarvan Street; #82-25 Hunter residence, 3350 Cedar Crescent; #82-29 Bingham residence, 1562 West 40th. Avenue; #82-44 Rogers residence, 4164 Pine Crescent; #83-25 M. Wolfe residence, 6424 Mackenzie Place; #83-29 Duplex, 3119 West 3rd. Avenue; #84-16 Lecky residence, 3974 West 29th. Avenue; #84-17 Seaton residence, 2124 West 48th. Avenue

Map cabinet 493, drawer 07 folder 08: #78-19 Clark residence, 2705 West 30th. Avenue; #78-24 Frank Read residence; #78-39 Beulah and David Freeman residence, 3570 MacMaster; #72-18 Workman's Compensation Board emblem; #72-55 Point Grey Golf and Country Club, 3350 S.W. Marine Drive; #72-60 W.J. Ferguson residence, 6555 Adera Street; #72-84 Century Place, burrard Street; #73-26 Joe Boxer residence; #73-43 Trethewey residence; #73-49 E. Bjarnson residence, 1927 West 18th. Avenue; #73-72 Rivtow Straits Ltd. development; #73-76 Fast residence, 5786 Marguerite Street; #73-99 Thunderbird Neighbourhood planning project; #74-39 Shirley residence, 10 Semana Crescent; #77-23 Horticultural show, P.N.E.

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 03: #73-29 Chandre Enterprises apartment, 223, East 16th. Avenue; #73-51 Apartment, 5th. Avenue and Maple Street; #73-54 Bosa Brothers apartment, 8th. Avenue and Hamilton; #73-91 Apartment building, Haro and Nocola Street; #73-96 Martin Chess residence, 5012 Maple Street; #73-97 Apartment building, Pendrell Street; #73-99 Thunderbird Neighbourhood planning project; #72-12 Canadian Homes garden project; #73-09 McLean Park project, Union, Gore and Keefer Street; #79-06 Terry Faust residence, 2056 West 49th. Avenue; #79-11 Matheson residence, 4183 Musqueam Close; #79-38 Infill housing development, 958 Bute Street; #79-57 Kramer residence, 3087 Point Grey Road

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 04: Miscellaneous H.J. Webb sketches

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 05: #72-34 G. Eng residence, 6892 Cypress Street; #72-49 Nissan Automobile co.; #72-55 Point Grey Golf and Country Club, 3350 S.W. Marine Drive; #72-60 W.J. Ferguson residence, 6555 Adera Street; #72-84 Century Place, Burrard Street; #72-104 Apartment, Harwood Street; #72-109 Westport Developments multi-unit building, S.E. Marine Drive; #73-01 Margaz Enterprises apartment, 345 West 10th. Avenue; #73-02 Apartment at Cambridge and Templeton, corner of Cambridge and Templeton Street; #73-16 Badre residence, 2240 Marine Drive; #73-26 Joe Boxer; #73-39 Fitterman residence, 4810 Hudson Street

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 06: #73-09 Maclean Park project, Union, Gore and Keefer street; #77-01 Patrick Whittall residence, Beechwood Street; #77-23 P.N.E. Horticulture Forum building; #77-45 S.K. Lee residence, 1174 Wolfe Avenue

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 07: #75-01 Condominium, 8th. Avenue and Glen Street; #75-28 A.M. Hayes residence, 1925 S.W. Marine Drive; #75-56 Edward Allen residence, 2716 West 4th. Avenue

Map cabinet 493, drawer 08 folder 08: #76-36 J. Gold residence, 2145 S.W. Marine Drive

Map cabinet 497, drawer 01 folder 01: #72-31 Dawson Developments condominium, 1760 West 12th. Avenue; #73-44 Mount Saint Joseph Hospital; #73-72 Rivtow Straits Ltd. facility, Kent Avenue; #73-93 Apartment building, 2450 Cornwall; #76-59 Lear residence, 4826 Drummond Drive

Map cabinet 497, drawer 01 folder 02: #79-03 David Mindell residence, 6449 Cedarhurst

Map cabinet 497, drawer 01 folder 03: #77-57 P.N.E. winter works program; #78-21 G. Stubbs residence, 4830 Osler Street; #82-16 youville Residence Park project, 4950 Heather Street; #82-43 Terry Fox Plaza competition; #86-36 John Mackay, 2280 S.W. Marine Drive

Map cabinet 497, drawer 01 folder 04: #70-67 Champlain Heights townhouses for Dawson Developments; #71-75 Allfor Developments apartment, 1480 Davie Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 01 folder 05: #68-38 Block Brothers apartment, 1281 Burnaby Street; #71-29 St. Vincent's Hospital, 749 West 33rd. Avenue; #74-105 Champlain Heights residence, Arlington Street; #75-84 B.S.C.L.A. 1975 exam; #75-88 Office building, 2028 and 2034 West 12th. Avenue; #75-89 Adanac cooperative housing project, Adanac and Cassiar Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 02 folder 04: #66-53 C. Jordon-Know residence, 6865 Balsam Street; #67-30 Block Brothers Realty Limited apartment, 1651 Harwood Street; #67-34 M. Feldstein residence, 782 West 52nd. Avenue; #67-51 Krivel residence, 6883 Hudson Street; #70-41 Sheet metal sculpture

Map cabinet 497, drawer 02 folder 05: #60-24 Shaughnessy Golf Club; #60-12 sonny Wosk residence, 54th. and Hudson Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 03 folder 02: #65-2 Block Brothers apartment, Nelson Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 03 folder 04: The Origins of Rhododendron species; #69-56 G.E. Clarke residence; #76-65 Champlain Heights Parkway system; #77-46 Champlain Heights

Map cabinet 497, drawer 03 folder 05: #80-64 UBC Library area; #80-43 Vancouver Vocational Institute expansion; #82-43 Terry Fox Plaza entry; #83-08 Westerleigh Estates and Camelot Court, 57th. Avenue and Marine Drive; #83-17 Habitat Villa, 2nd. Avenue and Wallace Street; #83-14 First and Yew apartments; #84-30 Church and residential development, 2095 West 43rd. Avenue; #85-42 Vandusen Gardens Canadian Heritage complex; #75-10 UBC Aquatic Centre

Map cabinet 497, drawer 03 folder 06: #76-81 Mariners Village townhouses, phase 3; #78-31 Empire Pool, UBC; #78-33 Agricultural Road, UBC

Map cabinet 497, drawer 04 folder 01: #75-07 Connaught Park ice rink; #75-08 Sunset Park ice rink, 404 East 51st. Avenue; #75-10 Aquatic Centre, UBC; #75-18 Camelot Court townhouse development; #75-68 False Creek development lot 1 and 2

Map cabinet 497, drawer 04 folder 03: #78-32 Mathematics Road, UBC

Map cabinet 497, drawer 04 folder 04: #76-42 City Yard development, Victoria Drive and Commissioner Street; #76-65 Champlain Heights Central Parkway system; #78-34 Biological Science parking lot, UBC

Map cabinet 497, drawer 04 folder 05: #77-46 Park Lane Champlain Heights for Community Builders Ltd.; #75-43 George Clark residence, 5950 N.W. Marine Drive

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 01: #77-51 H. Knutson residence, 2050 West 57th. Avenue; #73-43 E.A. Trethewey residence, 2815 Point Grey Road

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 02: #65-8 Bayshore Inn, Cardero Street; #71-78 Site 17, Champlain Heights, 49th. Avenue; #73-31 Faculty of Law, UBC; #74-42 T.A. Simons, 1158 West 54th. Avenue; #74-48 Condominiums at Kingsway and Jersey; #73-60 George Clark residence, 5784 Newton Wynd (+ 847-A-03 fld 57)

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 03: #60-34 Bayshore Inn, Cardero Street; #69-22 Georgia Viaduct replacement

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 04: #69-08 Bayshore Inn, Cardero Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 05: #69-56 George E. Clarke residence, 4899 Belmont Avenue; #71-46 G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

Map cabinet 497, drawer 05 folder 06: #69-34 J. Warnock residence, 1785 East 15th. avenue; #69-50 A. Wlton residence, 4705 Drummond Drive; #69-76 J. Farris residence, 1403 Angus Drive; #71-58 Champlain Mall [formerly Fraserview Mall], 54th. and Kerr Road (+847-A-03 fld 58); #71-19 Relocatable units, UBC (+847-A-03 fld 59)

Map cabinet 497, drawer 06 folder 03: #65-58 Lenec residence, 1010 West 38th. Avenue; #67-74 Paga Housing development, 54th and Killarney

Map cabinet 497, drawer 06 folder 04: #64-30 A[artment development for Block Brothers; #60-34 Trader Vic's and Bayshore Inn;

65-16 Apartment buildings for Westside Investments, 5410 and 5454 Balsam Street; #65-63 Rhododendron test garden at Musqueam Park; #66-61 Traffic Island, 6th. and Cambie Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 06 folder 06: #64-43 A. Gray residence, 54th. Avenue

Map cabinet 497, drawer 08 folder 01: #64-12 Unitarian Church, 49th. and Oak Street

Map cabinet 497, drawer 08 folder 03: #63-36 Simco Rentals Apartment building, 5960 Balsam Street; #63-45 Ford Motor Co. Parts Deport; #63-53 Vine Lodge Apartment, 6000 Vine Street; #63-55 R.J. McKee residence, 6425 Mackenzie Place

Map cabinet 497, drawer 08 folder 07: #76-46 A.B. Cliff residence, 2742 Point Grey Road

Folder 560-A-01 fld 06: K.C. Allen residence

Folder 560-A-01 fld 16: unidentified sketches; Douglas McK Brown residence; Dolphin Court Apartments; Clive Justice residence, 1966; C. Wilbanks; Coe residence

Map cabinet 322 drawer 05 folder 05: #85-04, #65-61 [Apartment pool development at 43rd. Avenue and Larch Street], #66-08 [Bayshore Inn addition, Cardero Street], #78-26, #79-24, #81-62, #69-83, #69-92, #69-30, #69-27, #70-58, #70-01, #70-71

Map cabinet 322, drawer 06 folder 06: #71-14, #70-72, #70-16, #73-126, #64-46, #69-65, #71-15, #64-48, #62-12, #71-34, #75-63

Map cabinet 322, drawer 06 folder 08: #69-55 M Greffard residence; #69-56 George Clark residence; #69-72 R.C. Grey residence; #69-76 J. Farris residence; #70-02 Tait residence; #70-08 R.H. Gourlay residence; #70-23 Melvin Za'jac residence; #70-61 Vancouver Civic Centre, Block 71; #70-63 V. Nordman residence

Map cabinet 322, drawer 08 folder 08: #63-15 C. Jordon Knox residence; #64-03 L.E. Lougheed residence; #64-34 A.L. Newhouse residence; #65-59 J.M. O'Brian residence; #67-02 S. Golden residence; #67-32 Wobick residence; #68-40 Milson residence; #68 J. Andrew residence; #68-67 T.B. Meeker residence; #68-69 Howard Isman residence; #69-13 Zlotnik residence; #69-24 St. Anselm Church; #69-49 Desmond A. Eadie residence; #69-50 A. Walton residence; #71-24 A. Charkow residence; #71-45 D.E. Pearson residence; #71-46 G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre; #71-51 Apartment building at 10th. Avenue and Burrard Street; #71-64 Runge residence; #74-111 W.J. froese residence; #75-43 George Clark residence, 5950 N.W. Marine Drive; #76-59 Lear residence

Map cabinet 322, drawer 08 folder 09: #73-117 Warren residence, 4185 Angus Drive; #74-29 Eleanor Haydock residence, 6057 Holland Street; Bayshore Inn; Kelsey residence; Samuda residence; T. Capozzi residence; A. Flowerdew residence; S. Golden residence; Vancouver Art Gallery; Mini Park at Georgia and Pender Streets; Thomson residence; #65-10 apartment for Mr. B. Marks, 1644 West 12th. Avenue; #67-12, #67-52 Garden apartments for Markovitch and Wang; #67-36 J. Crighton residence, 6985 Adera Street; 68-23 D.A. Freeman residence; #68-28 Garbage disposal receptacle; #69-02 L. Langley residence; #70-03 Gourley residence; #70-22 Winkler residence; #70-32 R. Martin and Laukkauen apartment, Halifax Street; #77-12 apartment building, 1331 Nelson Street

Map cabinet 322, drawer 08 folder 10: #78-45 Royal Arch Masonic Home, Champlain Heights; Graham residence; G.D. Muirhead residence; #65-15 Delbridge residence; #67-50 Marshall M. Soule residence; #68-23 D.A. Freeman residence, 5570 MacMaster; #69-42 W.F. Wood residence; #66-60 Justice Webb and Vincent Office, 6435 West Boulevard (+497-03-05)

Map cabinet 322, drawer 08 folder 11: #75-21 Inland cement Industries Vancouver plant

Map cabinet 322, drawer 09 folder 01: #71-72 B.C. Tel?; #70-33 UBC Buchanan Building extension; #75-11 Scheme for street planting; #78-58 York House School; #84-23 Wolfe Chevrolet Oldsmobile, 1475 Boundary Road; David N. Ker office, 3-8431 Granville Street

Map cabinet 322, drawer 09 folder 02: #68-10 Ronald Cliff residence, 6263 Carnarvon Street; #68-46 B.C. Forest Products Laboratory, UBC; #69-36 J. Thomson residence, 6177 Collingwood Place; #69-42 W.F. J. Wood residence, West 36th. Avenue; #70-12 Lino Pignat residence, 2341 Wall Street; #64-13 Bayshore Inn, Cardero Street

Map cabinet 322, drawer 09 folder 03: #64-66 Automatic car wash building, 21 block West Broadway; B.C.M.L.A., 1964?; #64-68 R.I Yorsh residence, Laurier and Selkirk Street; #65-12 Trader Vic's and Bayshore Inn; #65-20 M.W. Young residence, 3989 Pine Crescent; #65-48 H.B. Young residence, 1340 West 54th. Avenue; #66-69 H.T.A. Exhibit P.N.E.; #67-53 H.A. Simons residence, 6590 Marine Crescent; #68-23 D. A. Freeman residence, 5570 MacMaster; #68-22 McDonald's Drive In, Manitoba Street and S.W. Marine Drive; #68-39 Apartment building at 4600 block West 10th. Avenue

Map cabinet 322, drawer 09 folder 04: #64-26 Apartment at Beach and Pacific for Mr. Roadberg; #64-29 Harry S. Stonehill residence, 5383 Granville Street; #64-52 Silhouette apartments roof garden, 2050 Nelson Street; #67-49 D. Devine residence, 2966 West 32nd. Avenue

Map cabinet 324, drawer 01 folder 01" "old sketches" and "titled sketches"

Justice & Webb Landscape Architects

Subject files

Series consists of correspondence, printed materials, notes, sketches, and samples relating to the preparation of sculptural works.

Personal records

Series consists of records relating to the life of Imredy. Includes personal correspondence, genealogical information and financial records.


  • AM1371-S3
  • Series
  • [ca. 1944], 1973, 1978, 1982, [1993]-1994
  • Part of Elek Imredy fonds

Series contains miscellaneous items including paintings, poster, award and book jacket in the Imredy fonds.


Series consists of correspondence with acquaintances, associations, institutions, and organizations.


Series consists of pen, ink and charcoal sketches and drawings, some of which relate to commissioned sculptural work.

Project files

Series consists of records relating to commissions for sculptural works. These include correspondence, notes, sketches, drawings, and photographs.

Pacific Press newspaper clippings

Series consists of microfiche copies of Sun and Province news clippings files created by the Vancouver Sun and Province libraries. The files were created as subject-based reference material for staff.

Marketing and publicity

Series consists of programs, posters, handbills, newspaper clippings, press releases, announcements, ballots, and advertisements. Also included are publicity and marketing reports, correspondence, budgets, advertisement sales, and marketing design.

Photographs of Council meetings and special events

Series consists of selected photographs and negatives which relate to Council presentations and internal City events. Events photographed include: Council presentations to retirees, Civic Merit awards, Freedom of the City, Citizen Peace awards, 25 years service awards, Inaugural Council, Mayor and Council photographs, visiting dignitaries, Engineering retirement parties, plaque honoring employees who gave their lives at work presentation, Tree Canada Foundation presentation, International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination, Civic recognitions and civic awards. Engineering staff Jack Bell, Roger Kwan, Barb Stetski, and Jeannette Black served as City photographers and attended these events at the request of the City Clerk or department managers. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Event files

Series consists of records related to the delivery of the Vancouver Los Angeles Sister City Society’s events including visits, tours, workshops, and projects. Series includes reports, correspondence, newsletters and publicity materials.

Administrative files

Series consists of constitution, board meeting minutes, reports, financial statements and cash ledger created or received by the Vancouver Los Angeles Sister City Society in the course of carrying out its administrative functions and events planning.

Correspondence files

Series consists of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence relating to the events and activities organized by the Vancouver Los Angeles Sister City Society. Records also include accompanying materials such as reports, brochures, and other records.


Series consists of member's handbooks (final version and draft copies), the club's constitution and by-laws, and biographical data regarding Mrs. Marjorie Grace Holland, the club's founder. Arranged in no apparent order.


Series consists of records documenting various projects to build or renovate Club facilities, such as the clubhouse, boat launch, and boat sheds.

Hendry family

This series is comprised of photographs of John, Adaline, and Aldyen Hendry, including John Hendry's mother, Margaret. The images primarily concentrate between the years 1900-1912, from the time Aldyen was crowned May Queen in 1901 to her presentation at Court in 1911, and her subsequent marriage to Eric W. Hamber in 1912. Photographs of the family residence on Burnaby Street and their mausoleum at Mountain View Cemetery are in this series, as well as a continental tour. The textual records in this series include marriage certificates, news clippings, and other material.


Series consists of photographs produced for the P.N.E. and a small number collected by its staff. Photographs document both the Pacific National Exhibition and other events that took place at the Hastings Park site.

Photographs of the fair depict the full range of activities, including: displays, competitions and shows, ceremonies, the annual parade in downtown Vancouver, as well as a wide range of photographs of the Hastings Park site and the interiors and exteriors of various buildings. Some photographs were made by PNE staff as a means of making copies of other types of records, such as architectural drawings and graphic materials such as posters and advertisements, and were kept by staff as part of their photograph collection.

Photographs not related to the fair depict: the military occupation of the grounds, and the use of the grounds as a holding centre for Japanese and Japanese-Canadian internees during Work War II; activities at the Exhibition Park racecourse located at Hastings Park; and various conventions, fairs, entertainment shows and other events staged at the site outside of the fair.

The photographers and/or studios responsible for taking the photos in this series include: Dominion Photo, Gordon Photos, Steffens-Colmer, Leonard Frank Photos, Art Jones, Art Ray,, W. Bennett, Patton's Studio, Graphic Industries Limited, Hodges Photo, George Allen Aerial Photos, Jack Lindsey Photos, Bob Tipple, Ice Capades Incorporated, and William Bros. Photographers

City by-laws

Series consists of official signed and sealed by-laws passed by City Council, the legislation of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. Many by-laws include appendices (e.g. financial data, maps, etc.). Arranged chronologically (i.e. in number order).

Larry Wong collection

Series consists of correspondence, newsclippings, reports and petitions documenting the effort of the World War II Chinese Veterans (mainly members of the Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada Pacific Unit 280) of urging the civic, provincial and federal government to give Canadian Chinese the right to vote.

Wong, Larry

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