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Return Victorious!

Item is a film showing the North Vancouver School Band welcomed back to Vancouver after having won the Canadian National Exhibition band championship. Band members are greeted at the CPR station by family members. North Vancouver Mayor William Angus, and school board Chairman Robert S. Thorpe speak. The band travels in a procession of cars across Lion's Gate Bridge and through North Vancouver to a school auditorium. Various shots of cameramen filming the event throughout. Individuals involved include: Doug McKay (camera operator), Lew Weekes (camera operator), Ronald Wood (Director). Produced by Astra Productions.

Personal - [Br--?] 1925 - Vancouver 1926 - Prince George - Prince Rupert

Item is an amateur film beginning with footage of a man playing with dogs; wild horses running; Margaret Magoffin driving a car; Sam Magoffin, Margaret and various people and dogs standing on the front stairs of a house; and Sam and three men exiting the S.S. Magoffin & Co. Railway Contractors Tie Department building (possibly in Prince George).

The film also includes footage of Prince Rupert, B.C., including the Prince Rupert Hotel and Sam and Margaret Magoffin on Sixth Avenue with several of the downtown buildings in the background. Also included is footage taken along the waterfront and from aboard the S.S. Prince Rupert, as well as views of the city taken from a high vantage point. Buildings shown in this footage include the fire hall and elevator.

Also contained in the film is footage of a parade in Vancouver taken from a bird’s eye viewpoint. The parade includes footage of mounties on horses, sailors, a pipe band, clowns, animals, and many floats, including floats for Point Grey, the City of Vancouver, the Loyal Order of Moose, Burns Shamrock Brand Products, Vancouver Ice Cream, and a stampede. The film also includes several minutes of footage of a rodeo at Hastings Park, including bronco and bull riding and chuckwagon racing activities. The film also shows Sam and Margaret with other people in front of the Court House and having a picnic on Grouse Mountain. Also included is footage of a military parade by Victory Square, a military review, and a medals ceremony; Mayor L.D. Taylor is shown in attendance at this event.

Minnekhada Ranch

Item is an amateur film documenting Mrs. E. W. Hamber with 8 guests horseback riding over obstacle course in the forest of the Hamber Minnekhada ranch in Coquitlam. Some of the guests posing full front on camera alongside Mrs. Hamber are Garleigh and Marjorie Greenwood, and Mayor L. B. Taylor. The film also shows footage of various farm animals, such as foals in a corral, sheep and fowl.

City Council 1933

Group portrait. Men identified (left to right): Standing: A.C. Cowan, W. Deptford, W. Loat, J.J. McRae, A.G. Harvey, J. H. Shinnick, L.D. McDonald, W.W. Smith. Sitting: H.J. DeGraves, R.N. Fraser, Louis D. Taylor, Myor, J.W. Twiss, G.C. Miller.

Various dignitaries aboard the H.M.C.S. "Rainbow"

Photograph shows W.F. Findlay (reporter), Reverend Father Clinton, Colonel C.A. Worsnop, Colonel J. Duff Stuart, Major Boultbee, His Worship L.D. Taylor (Mayor), Captain Charles Selater, Captain H.D. Hulme, Alderman J.S. Crowe, and the Mayor's secretary.

Board of Works Committee Vancouver, B.C.

Photograph shows the following individuals; back row: Ald. S.C. Elliott, F.P. Rogers, F.L. Fellowes, S.J. Montgomery, Mayor L.D. Taylor, Ald. J.D. Byrne; front row: Ald. C.N. James, F.E. Woodside, S. J.Crowe, C.W. Enright, and Joseph Hoskin.

[Archery at Jericho Beach]

Photograph is a group portrait showing a number of men and women at an archery event at Jericho Beach. Individuals identified are: Mayor L.D. Taylor, eighth from the right and Alderman E.W. Dean in centre of group.

City officials on the steps of City Hall

Item is a photograph showing the ceremony for the HMCS Discovery reserve unit awarded the Freedom of the City honour with Mayor Art Phillips (front left), City Clerk Doug Little (centre), naval officer Commander Jack Thornton (front right) as well as Chief Constable John Fisk and Alderman Harry Rankin (back).

Pender Guy Program No. 73

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 73. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy Card Catalog: "1. Pender Guy Jingle 2. Standardize Introduction 3.Music: Robert Lee 4. Captain Vancouver/Cook Skit 5. Interview: Peter Wing (First Chinese Mayor in Kamloops) - his life experiences 6. Music 7. Poem (Asian American) by Marilynn Mah 'The New Asian Poet' 8. Mid-break 9. Music 10. Poem by Paul Steven Lim 'The Relationship in the Making Inside Restaurant Breaking' 11.Jingle Contest 12. Community News."

Pender Guy Program No. 59

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 59. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy Card Catalog: "1. Pender Guy Jingle 2. Introduction of Program 3. Music [Samuel Hui] 4. Interview with Peter Wing - first native Canadian born to hold the office of Mayor in a large city in North America 5. Mid-break 6. New Time change 6. Jingle Contest 7. Asian American Poem 8. Music - Shannon Gunn 9. Preview items 10. Social Issues 11. Community News." The Label on the reel contains the following information: "Master Program (for August 31, 1977), Becky Lum Executive producer."

Pender Guy Program No. 222

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 222. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy card catalog: "1. Lion Dance introduction 2. Introduction - Harcourt's win 3. Interview - Mayor Harcourt 4. Interview extro 5. Mid-break 6. Introduction: Multiculturalism - Jim Flemming (Ministry of State) 7. Interview - Jim Flemming 8. What's happening 9. Extro."

Pender Guy Program No. 220

Item is an audio reel containing a recording of Pender Guy Program No. 220. Program contents transcribed from the Pender Guy card catalog: "1. Introduction and line-up 2. What's happening 3. Vancouver Civic Election: Telephone interview with Mayor Harcourt, Frank Helton, David Ningrimme, Jack Volrich, Mardin Slotic (all candidates) 4. Conclusion of this interview."

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