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Quan - Gow Harry family - 1935

Collector/curator's description reads: “1935, Vancouver. Quan Gow Family. Back row: Mary (1921-1991); and Allen (1919-2001). Front row (left to right): Dick (1925-2020); Der Shee Quan Gow (1892-1963); Joe (1931-2010); Jean (1928-1965); Gow "Harry" Quan (1892-1969); and Ben (1923-1989). Back row: Dorothy; Allen Quan (1919-2001).”

Wah - Yip and Emma with children - c.1911

Collector/curator's description reads: “C. 1911, Vancouver. Photo of Wah Yip and his wife Emma (formerly known as Emma Haywood) and their two children, Mary (left) and Winnie. They are an example of an early and rare, mixed-race marriage. The couple married relatively late in life: Wah was 35 and Emma was 30 when they married in Vancouver in March, 1908. Wah was listed as born in Victoria and his occupation was listed as "store keeper". Emma had been born in Nashville, Tennessee and on the marriage certificate she is listed as a "widow." The identified their home as 102 East Pender St in Vancouver. Interestingly, the two witnesses to their marriage were not Chinese, but had the surnames Arnault and Barbour. This photo was found in the album owned by the Methodist Church.”

Council Meeting Minutes : July 5, 1966

Vol. 093, pp. 85 - 128

Personnel matters - supplementary - auto allowance - Training Academy staff --, p. 91, 113
Personnel matters - supplementary - American Institute of Planners Conference - Portland, Oregon, Director of Planning --, p. 91, 113
Personnel matters - supplementary - National Association of Coroners Seminar - Miami Beach, Florida, City Coroner --, p. 91, 114
Personnel matters - supplementary - B.C. Association of Assessors 17th Annual Conference - Kelowna, B.C. --, p. 91, 114
Personnel matters - supplementary - International Association of Auditorium Managers National Convention - Las Vegas, Nevada, Mr. I. Dobbin, Theatre Manager --, p. 91, 114
Personnel matters - supplementary - auto allowance - Superintendent, Yards Branch, Engineering Department --, p. 91, 115
Property matters - sundries - acquisition for Fleming Street widening, south of 26th Avenue - 4206, 4230 and 4238 Dumphries Street --, p. 91, 117-118
'Bloodless Bullfights' [license Inspector to consider this type of entertainment] --, p. 91-92
Downtown Redevelopment Committee: negotiations regarding Blocks 42 and 52 --, p. 92-94
Freedom of the City of Vancouver - Mr. Arnold Webster --, p. 94
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Health and Welfare, dated June 23, 1966 - recommendations - hospital matters [grants for construction] --, p. 94, 119
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Health and Welfare, dated June 23, 1966 - recommendations - hospital matters - St. Paul's Hospital [phase 2 of expansion programme] --, p. 94, 119
Delegations - Mr. C.B. Delbridge 2897 Point Grey Road [regarding Development Permit Application: 2893 Point Grey Road] --, p. 90
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Civic Government - civic recognition: B.C. Amateur Boxing Association and Vancouver Firefighters Athletic Club --, p. 95, 121
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Finance - Vancouver Y.W.C.A. Capital Fund - request for grant --, p.95, 127
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Civic Services - recommendation - directional signs on public street allowance: Boundary Road --, p. 95, 123
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Civic Development - Botanical Gardens - Old Shaughnessy Golf Course --, p. 95, 125
Botanical Gardens Association [request withdrawal of application made to Civic Development Committee June 23, 1966] --, p. 95
Unfinished business - development permit application: 2893 Point Grey Road --, p. 96
Unfinished business - management consultants: survey regarding staff of Outside Workers --, p. 96
Unfinished business - increased financial assistance Vancouver Traffic and Safety Council --, p. 97
Consideration of by-laws - by-law to amend Zoning and Development By-law (amendment to Zoning District Plan and amendment to text) [By-law No. 3575] --, p. 97-98
Motions - allocation of land for lane puposes - [2351 West 2nd Avenue] --, p. 98
Motions - allocation of land for highway purposes - [portion of D.L. 3610 - Kitsilano Indian Reserve] --, p. 98
Motions - closing and stopping up, portion of lane, east of Namaimo Street, north of 38th Avenue --, p. 99
Motions - release of Council Agenda on Fridays --, p. 99
Notice of motion - after hours telephone service --, p. 99
Report of the Standing Committee of Council on Health and Welfare, dated June 23, 1966 - the Pilot Incorporated - request for grant --, p. 94, 120
Works and water matters - street and lane improvements [lane west Earles Street from Duke Street to lane south] --, p. 87, 101
Mayor's Progress Report - single men's hostel --, p. 96
Condolences: the late Police Constable L.W. Esau --, p. 85
Civic funeral: the late Constable L.W. Esau --, p. 85
Enquiries and other matters - Lost Lagoon [fountain is not operated on windy days] --, p. 85
Enquiries and other matters - hoarding - Harbour Park Development Project --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - alleged refusal of social assistance --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - Kitsilano Trestle [possible removal] --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - publication: "Through Lions Gate" [for presentation to visitors] --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - Council agenda [possibility of being prepared in advance] --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - duties and functions: Vancouver Parking Commission --, p. 86
Enquiries and other matters - ownership rights: False Creek --, p. 86
Finance matters - tender award report - [Contracts No. 29-66-3, 30-66-1] --, p. 90, 109
Communications and petitions - letters of appreciation: Master - Kaiwo Maru, Consulate General of Japan and Commanding Officer USS Richmond K. Turner --, p. 87
Works and water matters - closure of Templeton Drive between Broadway and 10th Avenue and portion of the lane south of Broadway east of Templeton Drive --, p. 87, 101-102
Licenses and claims matters - recommendation - accident on Connaught Bridge June 18, 1964 - Harold D. Payne Claim No. 5390 --, p. 88, 107
Finance matters - City of Vancouver: Financial Statement and Annual Report - 1965 --, p. 90, 108
Finance matters - Centennial Museum Project --, p. 90, 108
Finance matters - advertising space: The Columbian --, p. 90, 111
Finance matters - official representative of the City: "Miss Vancouver" --, p. 89, 110
Finance matters - local improvement costs --, p. 89, 110
Communications and petitions - Alderman Bell-Irving, leave of absence --, p. 87
Licenses and claims matters - recommendation - expropriation of City-owned lands by Canadian National Railway and proposed tunnel through a portion of the City --, p. 88, 107
Works and water matters - agreement for installation of water main under C.P.R. trackage on 57th Avenue between East and West Boulevard --, p. 87, 102
Building and planning matters - removal of liquor store 216 Carrall Street --, p. 88, 106
Building and planning matters - complaint regarding condition of properties: 1600 Block West 14th Avenue [Miss D.M. Andrew] --, p. 88, 106
Utilities and airport matters - Transportation Franchise Agreement --, p. 87, 104-105
Works and water matters - closing portion of 27th Avenue from Lillooet Street easterly --, p. 87, 103
Works and water matters - Napier Street end west of George Street in the D.L. 182 and the Montreal Trust Company --, p. 87, 102
Finance matters - acoustics: Council Chamber --, p. 88-89, 108-109

Ron Graham's

Item is a photograph showing performers and some audience members on the lawn of the former home of F. Ronald Graham at 6101 NW Marine, now known as Graham House belonging to Green College, UBC.

The 23rd annual King and Queen of Hearts ball : my haunted valentine : an evening of dead legends

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of "The 23rd Annual King & Queen of Hearts Ball, My Haunted Valentine: An Evening of Dead Legends."

Contents index:
(02:15) Vivian Von Brokenhymen and Robyn Graves - first set MCs
(06:25) Knights of Malta - flags
(07:00) Sharon - American national anthem
(09:30) Jeff - Canadian national anthem
(15:30) [Stuart B.] - song
(20:20) [Anastacia] - song
(24:10) Riley - song
(31:45) Vicki - song
(36:40) Martin Rudy- song
(43:40) Betty and Lulu - second set MCs
(49:45) [Hedy L'amour] - song
(56:20) Jeff - song
(1:01:05) Aliyah Ice - song
(1:06:25) Queen of Hearts XXI and Brad Atkins - song
(1:15:40) Larry Gordon - song
(1:25:00) Beverly X -song
(1:29:30) Jessica and Little Joe - Crystal Heart Award presentation
(1:32:50) Jaylene - song
(1:36:00) Bruce - song
(1:43:00) Carlotta Gurl and Mandy Kamp - third set MCs
(1:46:20) Rochelle Rhinestone - song
(1:51:10) Pussy Willow - song
(1:58:10) Milan - song
(2:03:20) Little Joe - song
(2:10:15) Little Joe - song
(2:14:50) Jessica - song

Amazing Video Productions

Sheet G : Trafalgar Street to Granville Street and Sixteenth Avenue to Nanton Avenue

Item is a section showing the area from Trafalgar Street to Granville Street and Sixteenth Avenue to Nanton Avenue. Includes streets and roads; blocks, lots and legal descriptions; and parks, schools, railway lines and golf courses.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Prism #3

Item is a videocassette containing four episodes of the television news program Prism from 1991 and 1992.

The first episode of Prism is from 1992 (00:00-29:39). Prism reports on location at the Second Annual Stonewall Pride Festival at Sunset Beach and the 5th Annual Two-Spirited Gathering held in Goldbridge, BC. Ian Pringle is interviewed about Outrights: Second Pan-Canadian Conference on Lesbian & Gay Rights held in downtown Vancouver in 1992. Spokesmen for the Primetimers and Squares Across the Border are interviewed. John Elderidge of the Community Safety Program is interviewed regarding violence against gay men. Malcolm Crane of the Pride Community Foundation is interviewed. A Constable of the Vancouver City Police is interviewed.

The second episode of Prism is from 1991 (29:46-55:33). Individuals at the Stonewall Festival in Nelson Park and the vice-chair of the Gay and Lesbian Centre are interviewed about Stonewall history and diversity. The Cowbells and a jeweler are interviewed at the Stonewall festival. Doug Sanders discusses Vancouver in 1969. "Sybil" [Sybel] Thrasher is filmed performing and an Out and About club member is interviewed.

In the third PRISM episode, filmmaker Lorna Bochsman is interviewed about her work. Malcolm Crane of the Pride Community Foundation is interviewed about the history of the Vancouver Pride festival. Gerry Kowalenko reviews two films, Poison and Paris is Burning.

The fourth PRISM episode begins and ends with footage of the Vancouver Pride Parade. It features an interview with Rick Waynes for the Persons with Aids Society about Walk for AIDS.

Steve Rosell, special asst. to Robert Andras, 1970-1972 [interview]

Item part is a recording of Steve Rosell, who served as special assistant to Canadian politician Robert Andras from 1970 to 1972, as he responds to written questions about the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association, urban planning, policies, and the surrounding politics. The opening of the tape contains clips from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (Clark Gesner); Steve Rosell begins addressing questions at the 6 min., 25 sec. mark as classical music plays in the background. After Rosell finishes with the questions, the song "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" (Simon & Garfunkel) plays. From the 37 min., 57 sec. mark to the end of the tape is silent.

B.D. Hovel acoustic set - June 22, 1975

Item part is an audio recording of a portion of a live concert by Brain Damage at The Hovel in Edmonton (Alta.). The recording is of an acoustic set including electric, acoustic, and a capella instrumentation. The song list includes Rivers of Babylon (The Melodians), Superstar, Ridgerunner, Talk to Yourself, and Moon Reflects the Sun. Applause, song commentary, and stage banter are also audible. From 35:45, the songs Party of Special Things to Do, Same Old Blues, and Observatory Crest from Captain Beefheart's "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" is recorded. Ends abruptly at end of tape.

Brain Damage

V.R.B. dead or alive?

Item is a Channel 10 documentary about the Vancouver Resources Board (VRB) and Bill 65, which would abolish the VRB. The intention of the program is to save the VRB. David Schrek, regional manager of the VRB, describes the board's services, as well as tho

Aerial photo, vertical, Marpole and junction of Fraser River, Bridgeport

Item is a photograph of Marpole and northern Richmond, looking north. The area photographed centres on the fork of the Fraser River at Sea Island, and runs from W 67th Avenue to Cambie Rd., and from the western most tip of Richmond Island to the west tip of Mitchell Island. Includes the Marpole Bridge and both Oak Street and Moray bridges under construction.

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