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Women and AIDS : A Human Rights Issue : Public Forum [panel]

Item is a video recording of a public forum sponsored by the Vancouver World AIDS Group, the Vancouver Health Department, and others, in honour of World AIDS Day in Vancouver, Saturday December 1, 1990. This year's theme 'Women and AIDS'. Opening address by Lezlie Wagman. Libby Davies reads a proclamation from the Mayor of Vancouver on World AIDS Day. The moderator is Rosemary Brown. Panelists include: Jane (Brazil, Institute of Religious Studies), Heather (Vancouver Persons with AIDS Society), Mary (Zambia, member of first HIV positive support group in Lusaka) and Laurie (Canada).

Eric's video

Item is a videocassette containing the program entitled Eric's Video. The video deals with discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS and discrimination based on sexuality. The video consists of a series of interviews with Rick Waynes, Dinetia Johnson, David, Kenna Fair, Carolyn, Zachery Longboy, Lucy Falkner and Judy Lynne. The interviews were conducted by Michael Andaluz and Peter Stebbings.
Funding and support for the video was provided by Vancouver Health Department, the Health Promotion Directorate Health Services Branch, Health and Welfare Canada through the National AIDS Education Contribution Program. The National Film Board provided facilities assistance.

Too close... for comfort

Item is a videocassette showing a dramatized story of a group of youth dealing with the subjects of sexuality, HIV/AIDS and discrimination. People appearing in acting roles include: Peter Stebbings, Stephen Fanning, Veena Sood, Matt Hill, Dinah Gaston, Michael Andaluz, Sasha [Moisenovitch], Barbara Jeanne Harrison, David Hooper, Jacques Lalonde and Catherine Lough. People appearing as themselves include: David Tuff, Zachary Longboy, Rick Waynes, Dinetia Johnson, Robin Blaser and David Farwell.
The video was presented by the Vancouver Health Department and funded by the Federal Centre for AIDS, Protection Branch, Health and Welfare Canada.

Follow Me

Item is a film showing a boy [Arnold Stride] talking to Fire Chief R.R. Jacks and witnessing two rescue drills.

Vancouver Jubilee

Item is a promotional film showing the Diamond Jubilee celebration events, a brief history of Vancouver and concludes with footage of Vancouver after 1945. The film shows historical photographs of Vancouver and focuses on various aspects of development in Vancouver including industry, media, communications, transportation, power plants, city planning, city governance, tourism and architecture.

The film was commissioned by the Vancouver Jubilee Publicity Committee and later sponsored by the British Columbia Electric Company Ltd.

Individuals involved in the creation of the film include: John Young (Director of Photography), L.E. Weekes (Cameraman), Maureen Balfe (Editor), Gordon Inglis and Margaret Jestley (Narrators), C. Fredenburgh (Lighting), L.M. Parry (Producer), William D. Dix (Director)

This film is a re-print made by the Vancouver Museum in the late 1970's for a program called "Vancouver's Heritage in Film".

Trans-Canada Films

Sky hawks [tape # 19]

Item is raw footage shot for a one hour television network documentary featuring Canada's Military parachute team, the Sky hawks. Pilot Captain Marc Roberts delivers various takes of an anti-drug message in both English and French. Includes footage of the Sky hawks team members interacting with the public, as well as several takes of a group anti-drug message delivered in both English and French, footage ends with team members sleeping on the airplane.
Original camera source tape 19.

50/up, MADtv

Item part is a variety of recorded programs on a videocassette. The first program, 50/up, contains a segment interviewing individuals about the difficulties in coming out as gay or lesbian when around 50 years of age. The segment includes comments from psychologist Richard Dopson. 50/up continues with a Health Tips segment with Dr. Sharfiq Qaadri about varicose veins. The remainder of the program and tape has been taped over with episode #214 of MADtv.

QHTV Evening News

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted television program called QHTV News. with actors playing the roles of the reporters and interviewees.

Pacific - Special Report on Immigration

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted television program called CCKK Special Report with actors playing the roles of Sylvia Schroeder, Heather McWhirter, Jerry McGinn, Simon Leung and John McDermoot.

Kingswood Master Tape

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows two scripted news broadcasts called CCKK Evening News and CCKK Morning News with actors playing Mayor-Elect Monahan, Phyllis Blackburn, Frank Fleimin and Sylvia Schroeder.

The Hastings Institute : The Kingswood Experience: Managing Diversity

Item is a videotape narrated by Judy Rogers (Executive Director, Hastings Institute) about the Kingswood training program. The tape features participants of the program Joy Morton (BC Hydro), Ray Hudson (CBC Radio), Ingrid Pipke (Justice Institute of B.C.), Brian Neal (Ministry of Attorney General), Colin Crisp (City of Victoria), Ardath Paxton Mann (Ministry of Economic Development, Small Business and Trade) and Eric Wong (Hastings Institute), Ken Dobell (City of Vancouver).

Around Vancouver

Item is a film containing home movie footage filmed by Allan Crocker. The film shows Stanley Park including the Stanley Park zoo, birds and the Dining Pavilion; Coal Harbour; the Lion's Gate Bridge; Queen Elizabeth Park; a trip to [Caribou?]; an airport; and Christmas celebrations at the Crocker residence, 7347 West Boulevard.

Tennis club

Item is a film containing home movie footage filmed by Allan Crocker. The film shows people playing tennis at Jericho Tennis Club, the exterior features and the view from Jericho Tennis Club. The film also shows Estelle Crocker leaving a retail store and driving a car.

'Stelle - office and home - Joe

Item is a film containing home movie footage filmed by Allan Crocker. The film shows Estelle Crocker at their residence at 7347 West Boulevard, driving in Vancouver, the 2600 block of Granville Street, building construction, the interior and exterior of Dr. Farquhar's office where Estelle Crocker worked as a medical office assistance, the interior of the residence and Joe the family dog.

Pacific Ombus - Attitudes Towards Immigration

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted television program called Ombus with Frank Fleming with actors playing Frank Fleming, Alderman Douglas and members of the public.

Kingswood - Monahan's Report

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted news broadcast called CCKK Election Night Special Bulletin with an actors playing the roles of Mike Monahan, Frank Fleming, Valerie Coleson and Sylvia Schroeder.

Kingswood - Wed a.m.

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted news broadcast called CCKK Morning News with actors playing reporter Sylvia Schroeder and Alderman Bevin.

Kingswood - Election Night Results

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted news broadcast called CCKK Evening News with actors playing Mayor-Elect Monahan and reporters Phyllis Blackburn and Sylvia Schroeder.

Kingswood - Wed. Noon Editorial

Item is a videocassette containing Kingswood training material. The tape shows a scripted news broadcast called CCKK Noon Edition with an actor playing reporter Sylvia Schroeder.

Going to Kingswood

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the CBC show "Monitor" hosted by Christina Pochmursky. This episode of Monitor shows a Kingswood training session and contains interviews with creators and participants.


Item is a promotional film for the British Properties Limited, Capilano Estates containing title cards. The film shows the properties including houses, the golf course, the tool house, the club house and surrounding landscape. The film also shows the clearing of land by British Properties.

1991 - Year of the sheep (ram), Chinese New Year - Parade, Vancouver, B.C.

Item is an amateur home movie of the 1991 Chinese New Year’s parade in Vancouver. It includes footage of the parade from East Pender Street outside the Chinese Cultural Centre and from Keefer Street just outside the entrance to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens. Also included is footage of vendors and tables inside the Chinese Cultural Centre, scenes of families inside the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens, primarily inside the main pavilion, a view of the water and railings, and through the moon doorway.

The parade footage contains a variety of traditional Chinese elements, such as lion dancers, Chinese dragons, firecrackers, flags, dancing, music, and costumes. Some of the identifiable groups in the parade are: Cheerleaders from Steveston Secondary School, Children from J. W. Sexsmith Elementary School, Dancers from Strathcona Chinese Dance Co., the Freddy Fudd[pucker] band, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Canada, St. John’s Ambulance Cadets, Tibet Lama Kung-Fu, and the Western Canada Chinese Martial Arts Association.

[Boundary] Bay - [Tsawwassen] Ferry - Gee How Oak Tin Assn - Nature Bridge of Yoho Park - Lake [Louise] - Rogers Pass - Can Alpine Aqua

Item is a film containing footage of the Chin family collecting driftwood at the beach, views from aboard the ferry and of the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, a gathering of the Gee How Oak Tin association in the Chin Wing Chun building, exterior shots of storefronts on the 500 block of Main street, vacation footage in Yoho Park, Lake Louise and Roger's Pass and scenes in the Alpine Aqua canning factory.

Expo 86 North American consumer television campaign

Item is a video which consists of eight commercials advertising Expo '86 in Vancouver to different target markets: English Canada, French Canada, British Columbia, and the United States. The commercials include shots of Canada Place, the geodesic dome of Expo Centre (now Science World), the Skytrain, Kitsilano Beach, the Empress Hotel (Victoria, B.C.), SS Princess Marguerite II, and the Premier of British Columbia Bill Bennett.

Mrs. G.

Item is a family film from the 1930's. Film includes footage showing the Cherniavsky family (Elspeth, Jan and children) in a yard (possibly at 3637 Angus Drive), on family trips to a rural area (possibly Bowen Island). There are shots showing dogs, swimming, time spent at an amusement park, a group clearing land and children playing.

1965 - Demolition of House 3738 Pine Cresc.

Item is a family film from between 1965 and 1966. Film includes footage showing the demolition of a house at 3738 Pine Crescent, Cherniavsky family trips to Bowen Island, Whistler, Brentwood Bay, Butchart Gardens and Grattan's Ranch in Lone Butte B.C.

P.A. Cherniavsky 1964

Item is a family film from 1964. Film includes footage showing the Cherniavsky family (Peter, Ann, Alix, Pippa, Tessa and Jan) in the yard at their home at 6688 Marguerite Street, Easter and Jan's fifth birthday celebrations at Cowan's Point on Bowen Island including swimming and boating. The film ends with footage of a whaling expedition in Port Hardy, showing aerial views of the wharf, ocean and beach, harpooning a whale and men processing the whale on a pier.

Easter at Ozama

Item is a family film shot between 1953 and 1954. Footage was mostly shot at Ozama in the Dominican Republic and includes many shots of Alix Cherniavsky as a baby with her parents Peter and Ann Cherniavsky. Also shown are Ozama locals singing and playing, people swimming and a Christmas party.

Peter and Ann Wedding 1952

Item is a family film shot between 1952 and 1953. Footage includes the wedding party and guests of Ann and Peter Cherniavsky arriving and mingling outside of the church, Peter and Ann Cherniavsky picnicking and site seeing, and baby portraits being taken of Alix Cherniavsky (daughter of Peter and Ann). Also shown is a trip to Ozama, Dominican Republic including swimming scenes at the beach and pool, a Christmas party and locals singing, dancing and fishing.

Pacific Great Eastern Railway - 1949

Item is a film showing the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Titles at the beginning note that this train travels through the Cariboo, and central and northern British Columbia. Most of the film shows scenery from a moving train, likely travel ling down the B.C. coast. Towards the end of the film, the train arrives at its final destination, Howe Sound. The camera operator boards a ferry which travels west along the Burrard Inlet to Vancouver’s harbor. There are shots of the Lions Gate Bridge, and the Vancouver skyline.

Central Park

Item is a film showing the Central Park Interurban line, and of the city from aboard the interurban. Notable scenes include parts of downtown Vancouver, Hastings Street and what appears to be the line along Vanness Avenue, now the Expo skytrain line. Street signs, buildings, houses, signboards and greenery are shown.

Fairview Belt Line

Item is a film showing footage of and from aboard the Fairview Belt Interurban line. Streetcars, automobiles, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians are shown. Areas include: Granville Street, Broadway, Main Street, Hastings Street, the Connaught Bridge, and Broadway from Granville to Main. Businesses, street signs, billboards and business signs are shown throughout.

The Yip Sang story

Item is a videocassette copy of an episode of the community television series, "Beyond the Lions Gate". Historical photographs, primarily from the City of Vancouver Archives, are interspersed with interviews of family members, two grandsons and one granddaughter-in-law of Yip Sang.

Gary Payne Communications


Film shows children playing in front of a suburban house, adults around the house sitting and mowing the lawn. After a very dark section around 01:45 the film goes on to show a family exploring a wooded area and playing with a front-end loader in a parking lot and a couple of brief scenes of cows.

Gabriel, Margaret (nee Kruger)

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