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Properties Division registers, journals and cash books

Series consists of registers (insurance, tax sale properties, and title deeds), journals (tax sales and rentals, wartime housing), cash books (tax sales and rentals, mortgages and loans, corporation land sales, Better Housing Scheme), as well as soldiers' housing accounts, Better Housing scheme ledger account, tax sale properties (assessed values), and a ledger recording the sale of city lands.

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Tax sale land records

Series includes records pertaining to the sale of land for taxes, applications for the "work for taxes" scheme, a record of sales of city tax sale properties, and comparative statements and monthly sales for tax sale lands and city owned properties. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Grants in lieu of taxes applications

Series consists of City applications to higher levels of government to receive grants in exchange for property tax exemptions. Arranged by grant type.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Development project files

Series consists of files containing correspondence and other documentation pertaining to a variety of development projects, including Renfrew, Fraserview, wartime housing, Renfrew Heights, and land assembly projects. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Leases and rentals files

Series consists of records pertaining to the rental and leasing of City property. Included are lease and rental agreements (and related correspondence and reports) between the City and various individuals and organizations, pertaining to the Renfrew and Fraserview housing projects as well as False Creek. Arranged alphabetically by case file.

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Insurance data files

Series consists of files containing correspondence and other documentation (including photographs) pertaining to insurance for the city, e.g., content valuation reports, valuation records on civic buildings, Insurance Committee, and liability procedures.

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Property tax non-financial reports

Series consists of year-end calculation summaries and file balances relating to the collection of property taxes. Arranged by record type and therein chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Building permit registers

Series consists of two subseries: daily reports of building permits (Oct. 1941 - Dec. 1942, Jan.-Dec. 1947) and record/registers of building permits (1901-1904, 1909-1945). Records relate to applications to erect or alter buildings according to by-law requirements and fees charged for the permits by the City. The daily reports, the incomplete sequence, give essentially the same information as the record/registers - owner, architect, contractor, and details (e.g. "alteration to front") - except during the 1940s when the "daily reports" were slightly more detailed whereas the record/registers emphasized values. The A - Z record books for 1901-1911 are arranged by name of owner, while the books for 1912-1945 were kept in one long sequence by permit number (i.e. chronologically); 1912-1920 record books also contain indexes by name of owner.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

City Treasurer's correspondence

Series consists of interdepartmental correspondence and subject files pertaining to routine administrative matters as well as to the Treasurer's activities in receiving money paid to the City and maintaining a record of its financial transactions. Arranged in annual sets (date ranges filed by latest year represented) and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Workmen's Compensation Board registers

Series consists of lists of civic employees who registered injuries with the Workmen's Compensation Board. Each entry indicates the name of the department, name of employee, claim number, cause and date of accident, amount of time off, and amount of compensation. The registers are unbound. Arranged in multi-year sets, therein by department, and therein chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Building reports

Series consists of originals of "Building report for month of . . . ", relating to reporting numbers on permits issued and monetary values of the building or alterations authorized, according to zoning guidelines of the City. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Business license registers

Series consists of annual registers which record the payment made by individuals and companies for licenses to carry on a profession, trade, or small business venture in Vancouver. They document many of the types of work or jobs carried out in a given year. Beginning in 1928, a separate ("receipt") register was kept for "plates and badges" issued for certain business activities (taxis, peddlars, dog licenses, etc.), which are also included. The 1913-1939 registers are organized by profession, trade, or small business venture. As an example of the exhaustive numbers of types represented in a register, a list of 1930 types follows: auctioneers; advertising agents; auto financing; auto camps; auto washers; automobiles (dealers); auto dealers; auto garages; auto filling gas station; auto supply and repair; auto painters and body builders; auto parking stations; apartment houses; billiard and pool parlours; bowling alleys; beauty parlors; bakers; boot blacks; butchers; barbers; bicycle dealers; business offices; boat builders; blacksmiths; brokers; boot and shoe dealers; boot and shoe repairers; bath parlours, Turkish massage; baths (plain); bailiffs; candy, fruit and ice cream; contractors; cleaners and dyers; chimney sweeps; companies; collection agencies; detective agencies; delicatessen; druggists; dry goods; dressmakers; dance halls; dancing academies; dairy products; department stores; distilleries; electrical appliances; electricians; exhibits (arcades); film exchange; ferriers; fuel dealers; fish dealers; furniture; florists; foundries; grocers; green grocers; gents clothiers and furnishings; golf courses - miniature and indoor; hardware; hospitals; insurance agents; jewellers; junk dealers; kennels; lodging houses; laundries; livery stable; laundry offices; ladies wear; milk shops; millinery; music and musical instruments; music teachers; machinery dealers; machine shops; manufacturers; milk vendors; messenger services; miscellaneous licenses; office supplies; printers and publishers; painters and paperhangers; poulterers; photographers; plumbers; palmists; pawnbrokers and moneylenders; restaurants; real estate dealers; retail dealers; repair shops; second hand dealers; stevedores and shipyards; storage warehouses; sheet metal works; stenographers (public); schools; sign and show card writers; stationery and books; steamship agencies; saw filers; theatres; tea and coffee dealers; tobacconists; tailors; towing companies; undertakers; upholsterers; wholesale dealers; watch repairers; window cleaners. At the end there is also a section: "Refunds, Cancellations, and Suspensions". Individual entries indicate the name of the applicant, the address, in some instances, explanatory details, and the cost of the license. Arranged by year, and therein: 1886-1918 chronologically, and 1913-1939 alphabetically by type of business.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Relief redemption account ledgers

Series consists of typed listing of all relief vouchers redeemed at city businesses, including voucher number, date of statement, name of company, amount, and weekly totals. Arranged in voucher number order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Comptroller

City Accountant's cash books

Series consists of debit and credit journals which recorded "to cash" (accounts payable, e.g. engineering costs, health expenses, administrative expenses of boards and committees, and payroll), and "by cash" (accounts receivable, e.g. business license fees, water fees, Police Court fines, the poll tax, dog [license?] fees, cemetery fees, etc.). Dates not represented are 17 Feb. to 31 Dec. 1888 and 1 Jan. 1892 to 31 Mar. 1896 (i.e. these cash books must have gone missing). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Collections Branch files

Series consists of interdepartmental correspondence, monthly statements, and other related documentation pertaining to the collection of debts generated by the Collections Branch. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Building plans index

Series consists of computer printout pages with title "Micro-film file building plans", and no date. For individual addresses the information provided is "use" (e.g. hospital, commercial, etc.), the coordinate number, and the building permit number. Arranged alphabetically by street address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Business tax assessment cards

Series consists of cards showing taxes paid by businesses for each year, starting in 1975. A few groupings of cards relate to defunct businesses. Arranged alphabetically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

License Inspector's subject files

Series consists of subject files maintained by the office of the License Inspector. Subjects include: auctioneers and auction sales (1938-1957), B.C. Electric Railway (1961-1964), censorship (1962-1964), noise nuisance (1931-1959), and weights and measures (1932).

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

License Inspector's Office interdepartmental correspondence

Series consists of interdepartmental correspondence sent and received by the License Inspector's Office, pertaining to the issuing of licenses. Included are police reports on applicants for various types of licenses (e.g., club, janitor, home repairs). The correspondence and reports for the years 1919-1932 are arranged chronologically; correspondence and reports for the years 1939-1967 are arranged by department.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

License and Business Tax Office - received petitions

Series consists primarily of petitions from a full range of retail outlets supporting the proposed 6 day week (formerly 5 day), all dated 1954. Also included are two files of miscellaneous petitions dated 1939-1956. Arranged alphabetically by type of retail business (e.g. artists' supplies, beauty parlours, etc.).

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Business tax assessment roll

Series consists of the business tax assessment roll and supplemental assessment roll generated by the City Treasurer and Collector until 3 Dec. 1981, then by the Licenses and Business Tax Division. In 1985 by-law no. 4451 discontinued business tax assessment. Indicated are name of person occupying a business premises, the annual assessed rental value, and the type of business. The 1976 roll is missing. Arranged by year and therein by address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Building Inspector's subject files

Series consists of the subject files of the City Building Inspector, as head of the Building Department (until 1968), then as head of the Building Inspection Office within the Permits and Licenses Department (from 1969), relating to administrative matters, to building inspection (to ensure adherence to zoning regulations including for the public housing projects), and to plumbing inspection (according to regulations of the Plumbing By-law). The City Building Inspector worked closely with the Director of Planning and the Corporation Counsel, in maintaining zoning and inspection regulations. This group of officials also worked as part of the decision making bodies: the Technical Planning Board (of which the Director of Planning was the chair); in consultation with the Town Planning Commission (as merited); reporting to the City Council committee responsible (names varied, e.g. Building and Town Planning Committee, responsibilities taken over by Board of Administration in 1966), and, if a case proceeded further, to City Council in public hearing. All of these officials and bodies and the processes of their time are documented here. Some of the special projects files contain copies of plans and the low rental public housing files contain CMHC applications. Also included are some applications from property owners for Zoning and Development By-law amendments (1962-1965). Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

Business license records

Series consists of street ledgers, listing businesses by address (1923-1928), business and professional tax registers (1923-1938), an interim receipt ledger (1933-1934), a general receipt ledger (1936), receipt ledgers for plates and badges (1937-1941), a fuel dealer's (wood) register (1931), and a weights and measures record for bread and coal (1930- 1936).

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Building specifications

Series consists of building specifications for the following buildings: the dining pavilion and pure food building at Hastings Park (1929, 1931), the administration building at the airport (1930), the city dog pound (1929), Granville Mansions on Granville Street at Robson (n.d.), and the new Vancouver Opera House on Pender Street at Burrard (1915).

Vancouver (B.C.). Building Department

Business tax field sheets

Series consists of business tax field sheets which record the occupant's name, floor space occupied and the reported annual rent, as well as the class and rate of assessment and the computation of the assessed rental value. The business tax, which was calculated from the assessed rental value of the premises, was not levied in Vancouver until 1948 (By-law no. 3047). Arranged alphabetically by street names, east preceding west, with numerical avenues following all other streets.

Vancouver (B.C.). License and Business Tax Office

Planning Director's Lower Mainland Regional Planning Board files

Series consists of LMRPB files kept by Planning Department directors G. Sutton Brown, G.F. Fountain, and W.E. Graham (and their deputies) relating to their service as consultants to the Board. Records include correspondence, minutes, financial statements, and reports. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Records of Alderman May Brown

Series includes correspondence, speeches, posters, badges, pamphlets, memorabilia, and other material relating to Brown's various involvements: aldermanic duties from late 1980 to late 1986, T.E.A.M. organizational and campaign activities, and the 1984 Liberal Leadership Convention. Also included is a small amount of material relating to her husband's Park Board activities. Arranged by subject.

Brown, May

Records of Alderman Marguerite Ford

Series includes briefs, reports, notices, minutes, correspondence and subject files, which document her career in civic office and highlight her special interest in the rights of the disabled, local area planning, health care and women's issues. Arranged into two subseries: correspondence and subject files. The former are arranged chronologically and the latter alphabetically by file title and chronologically within each file.

Ford, Marguerite

Records of Alderman Brian Calder

Series consists of files covering various issues relating to town planning and social service programs. Arranged by subject and alphabetically by file title.

Calder, Brian K.

Records of Alderman Warnett Kennedy

Series consists of correspondence, articles, personal essays and newspaper clippings which reflect his interests in urban planning and in Vancouver's civic political scene. Also included are photographs, correspondence, notes and reviews related to Kennedy's books, Vancouver Tomorrow and Vancouver - Fight for it or Lose it. Arranged into three categories: personal files, subject files, and newspaper clipping; arranged alphabetically within each category.

Kennedy, Warnett

Records of Alderman Marianne Linnell

Series consists of correspondence, subject files and campaign materials. Subject files cover a variety of issues, most noticeably air pollution, housing, parking, and youth. Arranged into three categories: campaign material, correspondence and subject files. Subject files are arranged alphabetically by file title, and correspondence is arranged in a descending chronological order.

Linnell, Marianne

Overall Planning Division data project printouts

Series consists of computer printouts of primarily business license, development permit and building permit data, relating to the preparation of analyses of building characteristics and business, development, and land use activities. Printouts used as source material for articles in the Quarterly Review (PDS 29) and for the Vancouver Coreplan. Arranged alphabetically by printout title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Strata title conversion files

Series consists of correspondence and plans relating to development permit applications. Arranged alphabetically by street address.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Planning Department photographs

Series contains a large accrual of photographs produced by and for the Planning Dept. which require further appraisal, series analysis, and description. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Records of Alderman Michael Harcourt

Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, minutes and reports on social and planning programmes, covering the period 1973-1979 while Harcourt was serving as an Alderman on City Council. These papers document his involvement with community groups and other civic affairs. Arranged by subject.

Harcourt, Michael Franklin

Records of Alderman Vankatachala Pendakur

Series includes correspondence, reports, memos, briefs, notices of meetings and minutes of meetings relating to Pendakur's career as alderman. Many files highlight his special areas of interest including the waterfront, transportation, False Creek, Gastown, human rights and the P.N.E. Arranged into two categories: subject files and miscellaneous files. The former are arranged alphabetically, the latter, by record form.

Pendakur, Venkatachala Setty

Records of Alderman Edward Sweeney

Series consists of correspondence, reports, briefs and minutes related to Sweeney's activities on special committees of Council. Arranged into five categories: personal files, standing committee papers, special committee papers, Committee of the Whole papers, and subject files. Arranged alphabetically within each category.

Sweeney, Charles Edward

Records of Alderman Frank Woodside

Series consists of correspondence, subject files, and other material. The subject files deal with the Hastings Townsite annexation, site investigations for the Vancouver Airport, and city improvements effected through the Bridges and Railway Committee and other Council committees. Arranged into four categories: subject files, correspondence, invitations, and ephemera.

Woodside, Frank Everett

Records of Alderman Geoffrey Massey

Series includes correspondence, notes, reports, draft by-laws, minutes and briefs related to Massey's interests in urban design and city planning, as well as to his general responsibilities as an alderman. Series arranged into five categories: general correspondence, special committees, Committee of the Whole, Council appointments/liaison, and subject files. Arranged alphabetically within each category, except for the correspondence, which follows a chronological order.

Massey, Geoffery

Records of Alderman J. Alexander Paton

Series consists of several subject files dealing with issues such as amalgamation, transit and health, as well as city finances and planning. Also includes material from the period when Paton was Reeve of the Corporation of Point Grey. Arranged alphabetically by file title.

Paton, James Alexander

Records of Alderman Harry Rankin

Series consists of correspondence, briefs, and reports regarding two issues. The first is the 1972 proposal to demolish Christ Church Cathedral and re-develop the property. The second is the 1967 proposal by Eaton's and the Fairview Corporation, to develop blocks 42 and 52 in the downtown area. Arranged by subject, and chronologically within each subject.

Rankin, Harry

Personnel Services survey files

Series consists of a variety of records (e.g. completed survey questionnaires, tables of figure comparisons, etc.) relating to issues such as salary, benefits, and job classification comparisons between jurisdictions or sectors, and comparisons of other aspects such as working conditions, executive compensation, organizational structure, honoraria, indemnities, and allowances, all carried out and kept by the Compensation and Benefits unit. Survey authors include the City of Vancouver and a variety of outside consultants and organizations. Arranged in annual sets and therein alphabetically by survey author.

Vancouver (B.C.). Human Resource Services

Records of Alderman Sandra Wilking

Series consists of correspondence and subject files which document her involvement with various concerns, specifically multiculturalism, race relations, Chinatown area development, taxes and transit. Correspondence is arranged chronologically and subject files are arranged alphabetically.

Wilking, Sandra

J. S. Matthews' chronological files

Series consists of Archivist J. S. Matthews' incoming and outgoing correspondence, relating primarily to administrative matters, events at the Archives, and reference service. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

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