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"G" Company Sixth Regiment, Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles Field Day

Group portrait showing (left to right): Back row: R.J. Bond, W. Baxter, W.R.H. Prescott, A.B. Cather, C. Prowse, W.J.S. Walker, W. Boulton, J. DeGraves, J.H. Watson, O. Morling, A.E. Austin Second row: C.B. Worsnop, A. Austin, J. Mayhood, L. Hornett, H.W. Turner, A.C. Forrest, J.W. Wright, R.F. Gibson, C.E. Netherby, J.S. Matthews, G.W. Melhuish Front row: W.J. Wells, P. Smith, W.G. Shearer, F.D. Brae, W.A. DeGraves, F.J. Shearer

[Group portrait] "C" Company - 6th D.C.O.R.

Men identified (left to right): Front row: Sgt. Hutchison, Sgt. Suffill, Sgt. Major H. Heritage, Sgt. Coffin, Capt. J.H. MacGill, Capt. J.S. Matthews, Lt. G.W. Melhuish, Sgt. W.H. Youhill, Sgt. S.T. Perry, Sgt. Mac, Corp. Bishop, J.E. B. Matthews. Photograph shows the Drill Hall, Beatty Street.

Vancouver Pipe Band

Group portrait showing (left to right): Back row: H. Mackenzie, Pipe Major, H.A. Urquart, J. Laurie, F.T. Oliphant, William Henry, J. Paul, Pipe Sergeant; Middle row: J.L. Wilson, N. Campbell, C. Wentworth Sarel, A. Laing, Robert T. Morton; Front row: A. Patterson, Master Frankie R. Stuart

Vancouver Legal Baseball Team

Group portrait showing left to right: (back row): C.K. Willson, F.R. Russell, J. Stetler, W.A. Gilmour; (middle row): A.E. Beck, E.C. Kenning, F.W. Tiffin, A.J. Kappele, E. Burchall, A.B. Pottinger; (front row): Harry Matheson (mascot)

Moonlight Lacrosse Club Junior Champions of British Columbia

Group studio portrait showing left to rifgt: (back row): T. Rankin, S. Peele, W. Cunningham, W. Eickhoff, H. Pittendrigh, J. Patterson; (middle row): C.D. Peele, J. Jackson, A.B. Mackenzie, H.L. Edmonds, J.T. Wilson, A. Eickhoff; (front row): J. Eickhoff, O. Cooper, A.W. Gray, W. McQuarrie

[Vancouver High School and College Rugby Team]

Group portrait showing left to right: (back row): Gardner Eldredge, Gifford Irwin, Billy McLeod, Ross Stone, James ("Clackus") Scott, Mr. Ed O'Callaghan, Mr. George E. Robinson, Ernie Murray, Lloyd Shannon, ; (second row): Fred Rolston, Eugene Ross, Fred Shearer, Mr. P. Woodward, Mr. T. Pattison, Mr. Jack Jenkinson, Frank Jackson, Kenneth Taylor, Goldie Anderson, John McDonald; (front row): Tommy DeWolf and Sam McLeod

[Terminal City Bicycle Club]

Group studio portrait showing left to right: (back row): William F. Finlay, Mr. McAlpine, Charles A. Ross, Mark Cusner; (middle row): Frank Little, George Haddon, Dan Martin; (front row): H. Jones and Richard Tossell

[Vancouver High School and College champion football club]

Group studio portrait showing left to right: (back row): T. Price, W. Logan, W. Donaldson, D. McTaggart, C. Watson, G. Wilson, H. McIntyre, H. Sweet; (middle row): E. O'Callaghan, W. Bajus, Principal Shaw, Mr. G.E. Robinson, E. DeBeck; (front row): W. Ellis, C. Galloway, N. Smith, R. Bennett, A. Yates, F. Brydone-Jack

[A class in front of Mount Pleasant School at 9th Avenue (Broadway) and Wesminster Road (Kingsway)]

Group portrait showing left to right: (front row): Willie Chase, Euilie Sherdahl, Nellie Sherdahl, Lily Allan, Anne Marstrand, Annie Baxter, Mr. Jamieson (Principal), Maggie Gray, Jennie Ravy, Clara Wood and Zella Ward; (second row): Frank Trimble, Ellen Black, Edith Mackinrot, May Bethune, Maude Mills, Isabelle Chase, Dollie Boult, Hilma Sherdahl, Jennie Paul, Nellie Drainie, Jessie McGuire, Annie Kilby, Susie Extense, Florence Arkle and R. Oscar Boult; (third row): Markie Buritt, Ethel Crookall, Matilda Baxter, Hilda Matthews, Mary Barton, Annie Hough, Gertie Alcock, Nellie Rombold, Ethel Whitely, Emilie Boult, Birdie Allen, Maggie Ross, Anna Burritt; (back row): Reggie Whitaker, Willie Hough, Ernie Hall, Robert Gosse, Robert Crawford, William Blair, Percy Thompson, Reggie Parker, Bert Goodmurphy, Herbert Goodmurphy, E. Gilbert Boult, Mark Bowyer and Fred McLean

[A class on the steps of Central School]

Group portrait showing Miss Buttimer, Clunny MacLean, Ross, Fred Ringle, Bob Matheson, Alan Halliday, Rissie Mellon, George Beverage, Billy Whitehead, Thomson Gill, McLeod, Ralph Scoullar, George Milne, Fred Olsen, Maggie Grant, Jean Bonner Mary McLeod, Maggie McPherson, Kathleen Beattie, Bella McKinnon, Etta Izen, Lottie Pease and others

[A class outside Strathcona School]

Group portrait showing Mr. G.H. Tom, principal and Bea Crowe, Aggie Stuart, Mabel Stewart, Blanche McDonald, Louise Cherry, May McDonald, Winnie Howay, Minnie Walden, Martha Vickers, Flo Fucha, Birdie McLean, Jane Evans, Miss Hogg, Miss Burnett, Harold Price, the Duclos brothers, Gilbert Vickers, Ernie Carver, Grant Ford, John McLean, Val Straube, Frank Parsons, Willie Harold Price, Stuart, Percy Woodward and others

King George High School Matric

Photograph shows left to right: (top row): Marguerite Sampson, Annie Henderson, Carol Helme, Hilda Binns, Marguerite Stinson, Virginia Eaton, Alice Bennett, Adeline Claman, Mildred Nellist, Margaret Andrews, Nancy Monks, Beth Tingley, Barbara Mandell, Agnes King; (second row): Lorna Brown, Dorothy Hillhouse, Elsie Davidson, Lillian McKenzie, Mr. T.H. Roberts, Edna Garner, Eleanor Nicholson, Sybil Bolt, Grace McNeillFlorence Williamson, Mr. A.B. Morrison, Freda MacArthur, Florence Henderson, Muriel Sinton, Gertrude Johnston; (third row): Gladys Brealey, Helen Selbie, Muriel Allen, Alix Binns, Helen Chambers, Mr. H.M. Robertson, Mr. J.R. Sandersdon, Mr. G.W. Clark, Mr. S.M. Moodie, Kathleen Clark, Minnie Lazarus, Evelyn Blain, Mollie Adam, Agnes Cressman; (fourth row): Elizabeth Dobbins, Dorothy Eyre, Winnie Green, Mary Cain, Mrs. E.B. Bell, Mr. D.B. Johnston, Mr. B.J. Wood, Mr. C.H.Cornum, Mary Higginbotham, Ruel Wonder, Maxine McSwayn, Ida Brealey; (fifth row): Fred Stone, Edwin Elliott, W. Murphy, Walter Patrick, John Williams, C. Pugsley, Maurice Freeman, King George High School, Ted Welsman, Jack Piters, James Case, G. Parker, Walter S. Owen, Wilfred Owen, Albert James; (sixth row): R.C. Robson, Allen Jones, James Sheasgreen, J.A. McMillan, F.H. Newitt, B. Williams, William Cornyn, L.W. Campbell, Dalton Allan, G.W. Ashworth, Willard O'Hara, C.B. Owen, John MacDonald, T. Tokunaga, (botton row): Chin Fat, Wong Poon, Harry Elliott, G. McPherson, Herbert D.King, Grant Wiswell, B. Wales, Bruse Macdonald, Jack Sills, H.B. Bonsall, J. Barton, Murray Rowan, M. Golley, Desmond Lawrence and A.H. Rutherford

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