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Legal matters records

Subseries contains records related to the management and administration of VANOC's legal affairs, including management of contracts and agreements, administration, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights associated with the Olympics, legacy matters related to the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation and incorporation of VANOC, and litigation. Subseries also includes records related to the governance of VANOC, including the meetings of the Board of Directors and various sub-committees.

Business license case files

Subseries consists of letters of appeal, correspondence with the City Clerk, and relevant excerpts from Council "in camera" minutes, all relating to Council's "in camera" function as the appeal body to the business licensing decisions made by the License Inspector. Arranged alphabetically by name of appellant.

Bunton project records

Subseries consists of records from a research project conducted by Dr. Perter Bunton at the City of Vancouver Health Department. The research was intended to test the hypothesis "that children born out-of-wedlock have a poorer prognosis in terms of psychosocial development than children born to comparable mohters and raised in the context of a stable home." The project was a longitudinal survey to the age of 30 months of a cohort of illegitimate babies born in Vancouver between August 14 1972 and February 14 1973. Results were compared to a control group of babies born into two-parent families during the same time period.
Records include research proposals, correspondence, computer printouts of research data, subject case files, and final report.

Collected publications

Subseries consists of publications collected by H.P. Archibald in connection to his interests as an engineer. Included are: publications of the governments of British Columbia, Canada, and the United States; publications regarding specific engineering projects; journals relating to engineering, waterworks, and mining; and various magazines.

Edgar Bloomfield files and other material

Subseries consists of correspondence and research notes related to the life, career and estate of Edgar Bloomfield, as well as ledgers and journals generated during his career as a lawyer and investor in the Canadian Power Generating Machine Co. Ltd. Subseries also includes 3 sketchbooks by Edgar Bloomfield.

Bloomfield, Edgar


Subseries consists of 10 diaries that contain daily entries of Major Matthews' activities and thoughts. The bulk of the diaries were written between 1946 and 1969; one diary was written in 1931 and records the genesis of the archives in City Hall.

Fundraising records

Subseries consists of records dealing with raising funds for researching, writing, and publishing "The Story of Dunbar: Voices of a Vancouver Neighbourhood." Records include grant applications, correspondence and records of other fundraising activities such as bake sales.

Administration records

Subseries consists of correspondence, minutes, legal documents, records pertaining to insurance matters, and other records created through the administrative activities of the Vancouver Centennial Commission.
Subseries is arranged into one filing block: Administration - general.

Botanical specimen photographs

The subseries consists of photographs of a specific plant, either showing the whole plant or a close-up of a particular part or parts such as leaves or flowers. Some photographs show multiple plants of the same or closely related varietals or species. Photographs in the subseries were organized alphabetically according to the formal botanical name of the plant featured in the photograph.

Financial reports, budgets, and income tax records

Subseries consists of records arising from financial activities such as budgeting, tax return preparation, and other financial activities.
Subseries includes cash books, estimates, income tax records, financial statements, and other records.
Additional budgets and financial statements for years after 1971 can be found in Board of Trustee minutes, Executive Committee minutes, and President's and Director's records.

Housekeeping subject files

Subseries consists of files created or received by the Administration Division (file blocks 100-183), Finance Division (file blocks 300-471) and Personnel Division (file blocks 500-551). Some of the files include reports circulated at Board meetings.

Vancouver Park Board

Newspaper clippings

Subseries contains newspaper clippings which reflect Kennedy's interest in urban planning and in Vancouver's civic political scene.

Blocks 42/52 development

Subseries consists of correspondence and reports re the 1967 proposal by Eaton's and the Fairview Corporation to develop Blocks 42 and 52 in the downtown area. Arranged by subject and chronologically within each subject.

Aerial survey photographs

Subseries consists of 25 x 25cm b&w photographs, each showing a perpendicular view along the False Creek area of Vancouver. Printed by Lockwood Survey Corporation, Ltd., and Sierra Survey Corporation, Ltd.. Job number 73-126; items 69420-69463 (incomplete set). Likely used as an initial survey for the False Creek Development Project in the 1970s.

CBC scripts

Subseries consists of scripts submitted to CBC television and produced for their series "Lies from Lotusland". They are arranged alphabetically by the author's name.

General Meetings

Subseries contains records relating to in house meetings, as well as those of the Finance and Strategic Planning Committees. For records of Board of Directors meetings as well as meetings of Board Standing Committees, see Board Secretariat series.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, reports, work plans, minutes, and agendas.

Administrative records

Sub-series consists of records documenting the formation and administration of the Metropolitan Vancouver Athletic and Arts Association (MVAAA).

Records include policies, organizational charts, and financial information.

Ozama Sugar Plantation and Factory reports

Subseries consists of records documenting the day-to-day operations of the Ozama Sugar Plantation and Factory in the Dominican Republic.

The large majority of the records consist of the production and operations reports submitted to the BC Sugar head office in Vancouver on a regular basis. During the production seaon (approximately January to June each year) the reports were submitted weekly. At other times the reports were submitted every two or three weeks. The reports include general remarks on operations, comments and statistics on weather, equipment reports, labour productivity statistics, notes on sugar cane planting and harvesting, reports on the work of various units at the Factory, and cane processing production data.

The sub-series also includes records relating to the sale of Ozama, specifically preparation for the sale, including assessments of factory assets.


This subseries includes only one piece of correspondence, from Major J. S. Matthews to Woodside thanking him for a recent donation of Woodside's records.

City departments

Subseries consists of correspondence, memos and minutes pertaining to other City departments, both generated and received by the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chiefs.

[Social service grants data cards]

Subseries consists of information cards about organizations receiving grants. The information on the cards includes the name of the organization, its address and contact person, and a box containing recommended and issued grant amounts for several consecutive years. Arranged, in principle, according to 'the last year in which a grant was received', however, the principle does not prevail throughout the subseries.

Consultant's data forms with photographs

Subseries consists of records documenting the Second Shaughnessy and Third Shaughnessy photographic inventories conducted by students working for Robert G. Lemon Architects.

Records consist of data sheets which include information on the style, architect, date of construction, heritage classification, number of storeys, and accessory buildings for various properties, as well as a photograph. Photographs taken by Robert Lemon and assistants. The area documented is from King Edward Avenue to 41st Avenue between Maple Street and Oak Street.


Subseries consists of reports, articles, and correspondence relating to alleged communist activities. Arranged alphabetically by file title.

Facilities development files

Subseries consists of two albums of photographs documenting the restoration of Barclay Manor (1447 Barclay Street, formerly referred to as Park Site 19), a once gracious Edwardian residence turned rooming house. Also documented is the structural restoration of the neighbouring Weeks house (1459 Barclay Street). Some textual information is included in the albums.


Subseries consists of photographs of boxcars for 146 railway companies.

Arts program files

Subseries consists of correspondence, proposals, planning documents and other records pertaining to the incorporation of the arts into Centennial events and celebrations. Types of arts programs considered include visual art, poetry, dance, music, film, and theatre. Included among the proposals are unsolicited poetry, song lyrics and recorded songs pertaining to Vancouver.


Subseries contains records relating to public relations and communications support for LegaciesNow program initiatives and announcements.

Records include correspondence, reports, and brochures.

Bid Master Plan

Subseries contains records relating to the overall development of the bid proposal.

Records include correspondence, memorandums, presentations, promotional materials, questionnaires, IOC procedural guidelines, application updates, IOC briefing materials, letters of protest, a complete set of finalized technical plans, bid book drafts, a finished bid book, and ongoing work plans.

Annual general meeting minutes

Subseries consists of records arising from the annual general meetings of the Vancouver Museums and Planetarium Association.
Subseries includes minutes, notices, and agendas, as well as supplementary materials such as correspondence, memoranda, reports, motions, resolutions, notes, annual reports, and other records. Subseries also includes a guest book containing the names of those attending the annual general meetings, as well as other meetings.


Subseries consists of newspaper and magazine clippings of articles about James Blomfield and his works of art. Also includes a scrapbook showcasing Blomfield's illustrations for the Boston-based publication, "Christian Science Monitor".

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