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Community photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by Yucho Chow Studio and contributed by families, organizations and individuals to the project Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow. Photographs were arranged by collector/curator Catherine Clement into eight thematic files: Associations, Children, Entertainers, Exteriors, Families, Portraits, Soldiers, Weddings.

City Council minutes

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings, the official record of the discussion and decision-making of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. The minutes are arranged chronologically by meeting and organized into bound volumes numbered 1 through 508. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated Council meetings, or in separate files in series 20 (Subject files) and series 62 (Operational subject files).

Personal records

Series consists of articles, documents and books documenting the history of Mary Brown and her family. Series also contains greeting cards related to May Brown’s 80th Birthday and to her retirement in 1986.

City by-laws

Series consists of official signed and sealed by-laws passed by City Council, the legislation of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. Many by-laws include appendices (e.g. financial data, maps, etc.). Arranged chronologically (i.e. in number order).

City Council in camera minutes

Series consists of minutes and annual indexes of "in camera" City Council meetings. (Indexes discontinued as of 1990.) Arranged chronologically. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated in camera meetings,

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Subject files

Series consists of subject files on a wide variety of topics pertaining to LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia, including art, immigration, censorship, gender identity, hate crimes, health services, law, religion, sexual entertainment, sports, and youth activism.


Series consists of publications, including community newspapers, newsletters, comics, zines, and activity guides, pertaining to LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.


Series consists of posters, prints and two drawings pertaining to events, health campaigns, activism, clubs, pageants, arts, theatre and dance organized by and for LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Survey records

Series consists of observational data records accumulated for the annual Christmas Bird Count surveys conducted in various Lower Mainland locations as well as records of the Jericho Park Habitat Survey project.

Subject files

Series consists of correspondence, proposals, photographs, reports, notes, news clippings, scrapbooks, publications and other working papers relating to the different activities of the Vancouver Historical Society. Series covers the planning, promotion and progress of these activities. Series is classified into subject files by activities.

Records of Councillor Bruce Yorke

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports pertaining to Yorke’s work and interests as a City of Vancouver Councillor. Also included are records relating to the 1967 Fishermen’s Strike in Prince Rupert, the Vancouver Tenant’s Association, and records that document the advent of COPE.

Yorke, Bruce

Open Data catalogue

Series consists of datasets originally made available on the City of Vancouver's website via the Open Data Catalogue. Datasets are as they appeared on the Open Data Catalogue on the following dates: November 2010; October 2011; May 2012; January 2013; March 2013; May 2013; August 2013; November 2013; February 2014; May 2014; October 2014; April 2015; July 2015; October 2015; January 2016; April 2016; July 2016; October 2016; January 2017; May 2017.

Meeting minutes

Series consists of presidents’ reports, annual financial statements, board meeting minutes, annual general meeting minutes, and standing committee meeting minutes created by the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association in the course of carrying out its administrative functions, facilities development and events planning. Series also includes the minutes of the Women's Auxiliary to the Marpole Community Association (1959-1964).

Administrative files

Series consists of reports, financial statements, budgets, president files, secretary files and membership lists created or received by the Vancouver International Folk Dancers in the course of carrying out its administrative functions and program planning.

Program and event files

Series consists of records related to the delivery of Marpole-Oakridge Community Association’s programs and events including recreational activities, workshops, festivals, future planning and renovation projects. Series includes reports, briefs, correspondence, newsletters, publications, program survey and publicity materials.


Series contains ca. 7500 photographs covering the following subjects: theatre, comedy, performance arts, dance, writers, artists, musicians, portraits, politicians, female impersonation, Stonewall Festival, HIV/AIDS, the Vancouver AIDS Memorial, political activism, Gay Games III, nightclubs, Vancouver Lesbian Connection, Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Community Centre, Vancouver Prime Timers, youth groups, leather community, First Nations, sports, Hiking Club, businesses, LGBTQ2+ community organizations, Vancouver Pride Festival and Victoria Pride Festival.

Marpole Residents Coalition records

Series consists of records created and received by the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association when the Association participated in Marpole Residents Coalition from 2012 to 2014. Marpole Residents Coalition was a group formed by Marpole Residents to voice their opinions on the City’s attempts to rezone Marpole in 2014. Series contains meeting minutes, petitions and information documents.

History files

Series consists of history notes, news clippings and scrapbooks documenting the main events and activities of the Western Art Circle.

Brock minutes and records of the committees

Series documents the founding of Brock House Society, the creation of bylaws and a Constitution. The Series also documents the operational and administrative functions of the Policy Committee, Programme Committee, Personnel Committee, Library and Archives Committee, Membership Committee, Long Term Planning Committee, House Committee, Social Committee, Care and Conservation, Community Outreach, Finance, House, Music, Program-Instructional, Program-Recreational, Property Management, Special Events, Volunteer Resources, and Food Services. The Annual General Meeting is also included in the Series.

Series consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, agendas, annual reports from committees, directories, memorandums, by-laws, resolutions for amendments, audited and unaudited financial records, policies and procedural guidelines for the internal operation of the Society, a constitution, and certificates.


Series consists of minutes of the British Columbia Historical Association Vancouver Section, predecessor of the Vancouver Historical Society, 1936-1956. Series also includes minutes of the Vancouver Historical Society, 1963-1970, 1972-2012. Series mainly covers the activities, management and leadership of the Society.

Exhibition and event files

Series consists of snow planning files, exhibition guidelines, publicity files and newsletters created by the Western Art Circle for organizing and promoting the association's exhibitions and other major events.

Administrative files

Series consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, financial statements and membership lists created or received by the Western Art Circle in the course of carrying out its administrative functions and event planning.

Reference files

Series consists of newsclippings, articles, study notes and reports related to sex workers’ right and support, life-skills, and job-searching techniques.

Debenture fixed interest charges ledgers

Series consists of records which document the City's financial planning regarding maturities and interest payments required for City-issued debt.

The volumes contain summary information about debt charges and maturities of the City's debt outstanding. Summaries include interest due by month, serial debentures outstanding by year, sinking fund debentures by year, general debentures, local improvement debentures, and water debentures.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

Administrative files

Series consists of meeting minutes, reports, procedure files and financial records created by the PEERS Vancouver Resource Society in the course of carrying out its administrative functions.

History files

Series consists of newsclippings, history documents, articles and photographs documenting the history of the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association and the Marpole community.

Operational files

Series consists of constitutions, correspondence, reports and membership lists relating to operational and administrative affairs of the Vancouver Historical Society, 1936-2010. These affairs include financial arrangements, membership affairs, publications subscriptions, mailing of newsletters, liaison with other historical associations and promotion of the Society's activities.

Rogers family ephemera

Series consists of textual materials collected by the BC Sugar Museum from the Rogers family but not used in museum displays at the time of donation.

The series includes some financial records and the Rogers' family bible.

Rogers family

Photograph albums

Series consists of photograph albums documenting the main events of the Western Art Circle. The main events include annual Christmas parties, art shows, activities and members' art works.

Program files

Series consist of guidelines, notes and worksheets from various programs provided by the PEERS Vancouver Resource Society. The programs provided courses and workshops on life-skills, job-searching techniques and interview skills.

Planning Department reference library

Series consists of material which made up the reference library created for and used by Planning Department staff in the course of their business. Records are primarily reports created by or on behalf of the Planning Department in relation to the full spectrum of the department's responsibilities. The series also includes reports and studies from other City departments, including Finance, Economic Development, Engineering, and Office of the City Clerk. The series also includes reports, studies, and brochures from outside bodies, including Metro Vancouver and its predecessors, the Vancouver Park Board, other cities, provincial government ministries, community groups, property developers and architects, and academics.

The series also contains a set of information binders, consisting of copies of reports, newspaper clippings, articles, brochures, and other published and unpublished material, collected by the Planning Library staff in the late 1980s to late 1990s. The binders are organized by either subject or neighbourhood/area.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Team Vancouver Athletics Society Board membership records

Series consists of records documenting Richard Dopson's activities as a member of the Board of the Team Vancouver Athletics Society (TVAS) and its predecessors. The TVAS was founded to facilitate participation of athletes in local, national, and international competitions; promotion of community spirit and a positive image of the lesbian and gay community; and provision of financial assistance to individuals and teams to participate in sporting events.

The Team Vancouver Athletics Society was incorporated under the Society Act November 17, 1989. The TVAS grew out of the Vancouver Olympic Committee that had been formed in 1982 to organise Team Vancouver's participation in the first Gay Games in San Francisco in 1982. This group later evolved into Team II, which organised Team Vancouver's participation in Gay Games II. Dopson was a founding member and principal organiser of these groups.

The series includes the Team’s meeting agendas, minutes and reports, documents regarding its relationship with the larger gay and lesbian community in Vancouver, ephemera produced by Team Vancouver, newsletters, pamphlets and notices of events that were held in support of the Team.

VANOC central records

This series is one of the two main accumulations of VANOC’s core business records (the other being the digital records managed using Microsoft SharePoint 2007). The records document operational activities VANOC engaged in to prepare for and execute the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and administrative activities required to sustain VANOC as an organization. Records in this series relate to:

Communicating and managing relationships with the general public (including promotion and marketing of the Games), members of the Olympic Family (International Olympic/Paralympic Committees, National Olympic/Paralympic Committees, International Sporting Federations), Federal, Provincial, Municipal and First Nations governments, sponsors, broadcasters and media, and community groups and organizations;

Organizing sporting competitions (including related supporting services and logistics such as transportation, medical services and drug testing), ceremonies (opening, closing and medal presentations), and cultural events;

Preparing venues for competition and non-competition events, and athlete accommodations, including the design and construction of new venues where required;

Governance of VANOC and the management of its financial and legal affairs, employees and volunteers, and office space.

Records in this series are primarily unpublished analogue textual documents, publications, photographs, artistic drawings, and renderings of technical drawings, architectural designs and maps. Some digital records stored on optical media (CDs and DVDs) are present; these were interfiled among the received files. They have been physically separated from the records, but remain intellectually associated with the records through the relevant file descriptions. This series does not include the core accumulation of digital business records. These were managed using Microsoft SharePoint 2007, and did not use the same organization as the records in this series.

Records have been organized into the following subseries based on VANOC’s records classification system (RCS). The RCS was organized into 50 sections, each related to a major functional area. See individual subseries descriptions for detailed scope and content notes.

Administrative Records

01 General administrative records 02 Office facilities and property management records 03 Equipment and supplies records [no records received] 04 Financial administration records 05 Workforce [human resources] records 06 Legal matters records 07 [section does not exist]* 08 [section does not exist]
*09 [section does not exist]

Operational Records

10 Accommodations records 11 Accreditation records [no records received] 12 Culture and ceremonies records 13 Broadcasting media services records 14 Communications records 15 Games project management records 16 Games services records [no records received] 17 [section does not exist] 18 Look and creative services records 19 Marketing and sales records 20 General external relations records 21 VANOC partner relations records 22 Procurement and logistics records 23 Security services records 24 Sport competition records 25 Paralympic Games planning records 26 Sustainability, inclusivity and aboriginal participation records 27 Games technology and systems records 28 Ticketing records [no records received] 29 Games transportation records 30 Venue management records 31 Olympic Village venues records 32 Vancouver competition venues records 33 Non-competition venues records 34 Whistler competition venues records 35 Accessibility records 36 Post-Games legacies records 37 Torch relay records 38 Government services integration records [no records received] 39 Event services records [no records received] 40 Medical services and anti-doping services records 41 Venue development records 42 Venue overlay records 43 National Olympic Committee/National Paralympic Committee (NOC/NPC) services records
*44 Food and beverage services records [no records received]

/* no records received - indicates that the section existed in the RCS, but that no records from that section have been transferred to the Archives.

/** section does not exist - indicates that the RCS did not have a section with that number.

Administrative records series

Series contains the business records of Post Digital Works including correspondence, client information, quotes, inventory records, draft contracts, as well as other legal and financial records.

Research records

Series consists of the research material gathered for the purpose of writing "The Story of Dunbar: Voices of a Vancouver Neighbourhood." The series is divided into four subseries mimicking the organization used by the records creator; the History resources subseries, the Interview tapes subseries, the Interview worksheets and transcriptions subseries and the Photographs subseries.

Administrative records series

Series consists of records related to the administration of Tommy Tompkins Wildlife Films and includes account books, promotional material, stills, records directly related to the films, and legal affairs of the business.

Promotion and sales series

Series contains textual records related to the promotion and sale of the feature film "Urban Safari." Includes financial records, copies of correspondence with distributors, records related to promotion of the film and accompanying documents.

Collier, Michael J.

Bruna Dal Maso Brizzi memoir

The item is a personal memoir of Bruna (Bunny) Brizzi, and documents the experience of immigrating, settling, learning English, raising a family, and establishing commercial enterprises in Vancouver, as well as ties with Vancouver's Italian community.

Brizzi, Bruna Dal Maso

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