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UTV News at Six

Item is a videotape containing a recording of a U News at Six broadcast about the 1993 Pride Festival. Reporter Kate Corcoran interviews Robb Atkinson about commemorating Malcolm Crane and attendees about their opinions of Pride and the festivities.

Prism Tape #1

Item is a videocassette containing eight episodes of Prism from 1990 to 1991. Prism, the gay and lesbian community affairs television program, was a production of the Pride Festival Association and West End Neighbourhood Television.

(00:00:00 – 00:29:15)
The June 1990 episode opens with footage from above the Lion’s Gate Bridge. The episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and he interviews Gary Penny and Vince Mannis from Vancouver’s Pride Festival Association, as well the co-chairs of the South Florida Pride Committee Mark Canterbury and Bob Vernacky from Ft. Lauderdale. Topics discussed include Pride organizing, events, attendance, community and conferences.

(00:29:16 - 01:00:21)
The August 1990 episode focuses on the topic of HIV and AIDS, the costs and available support systems, and discrimination. The episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and he interviews Kevin Robb (AIDS/HIV activist and lawyer), Brian Peel (Executive Director of AIDS Vancouver) and Jim McCabe (Insurance Salesman).

(01:00:22 -01:28:59)
This 1990 episode is hosted by Malcolm Crane and looks at the role of support groups in the Gay and Lesbian community in Vancouver. Crane interviews Peter Cook (Disabled Support Group) and Stan Weese (Pride Festival Association) about his use of support groups, specifically Gay Leisure Link and the Metropolitan Community Church.

(01:29:00 – 01:57:44)
This 1990 episode is focused on commerce and the power of the Gay and Lesbian dollar, and business boycotts. Robb Atkinson interviews Ken Walker and [Bet Cecil] about the protest at Joe’s Café. The second segment shows an interview by Garrett Campbell with Mary Brookes of the Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Centre. In the third segment David Berton interviews David Moorhouse, C.A. with the Greater Vancouver Business Association.

(01:57:45 – 02:24:38)
The November 1990 episode is hosted by Kathee Muzin and Malcolm Crane, and contains four segments. The first segment is an interview by Malcolm Crane with James Trenholme about police/gay relations. The second segment is a public service announcement by Karen Tulchinsky about International Lesbian Week. The third segment is about the idea of chosen family where Karen Tulchinsky, Mary Brookes and Mickey McCaffery are interviewed by Kathee Muzin. The episode concludes with a special program on sports by Garrett Campbell and includes interviews with Chris McPherson (English Bay Water Polo Club), Rob Radke (Vancouver’s Frontrunners), Helen Ward (Gay Volleyball Association), Janel Snell (English Bay Swim Club) and Larry Grieg (English Bay Soft Tip Dart League).

(02:24:39 – 02:52:44)
The December 1990 episode contains five segments centred around the theme of honoring the families of lesbians and gay men. The episode begins with a winter solstice message by Pat Hogan. The second segment is an interview with Gertrude and Stan Stevens (Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians) by Robb Atkinson. The third segment is a Christmas message from Prism by Wally Hargrave (Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church). In the fourth segment Kathee Muzin interviews terry Miles and John Crawford about parenting as gay men. The episode concludes with a special report by Garrett Campbell on gay and lesbian activities post Celebration 90’ and includes interviews with Willi Zwozdesky (Vancouver Men’s Chorus), Leik Towler (Squares Across the Border), Tom Graff (Vancouver’s Rainbow Marching Band) and David Reid (Lesbian and Gay Choir of Vancouver).

(02:52:45 – 03:22:06)
This 1991 episode is hosted by Kathee Muzin and Robb Atkinson and contains six segments. The first is an interview by Robb Atkinson with Floyd Sinclair and David [Uotmo] about social environments, sexuality and gay networks since the 1950’s. In the second segment is an interview with Earle Ingram (Prime Timers) by Kathee Muzin on being a single and mature gay man. In the next segment Floyd Sinclair and David [Uotmo] discuss coming out and gay life in the 90’s. Kathee Muzin interviews Elyssa Lay (Gazebo Connection Singles Group) in the fourth segment. A new film review segment is launched featuring Gerry Kowalenko, where he reviews the film “Longtime Companions”. The episode concludes with a Betty’s Cable Clip from the BLT Theatre Company showing “Preacher’s Anonymous”.

(03:22:07 – 03:51:29)
The April 1991 episode is hosted by Alan Segal and Robb Atkinson and opens with an interview with David Allison (Rainbow Garden Club) by Atkinson. Atkinson then interviews Tony Dukes (Executive Coordinator, Lesbian and Gay Youth Group). The third segment shows Alan Segal and Wayne Robert visiting the Gay and Lesbian Youth Group and interviewing members. The fourth segment is a film review of “Desert Hearts” by Gerry Kowalenko. The episode concludes with street interviews about government subsidies of HIV/AIDS treatments.

The technical director for all episodes is Gordon Inglis. The executive producer is Malcolm Crane. Prism Crew members include: Karen Bitz, Garrett Campbell, Joe Crowell, Eric Dunning, Tony Lindala, Sue McNaughton, Keith Paquette, Wayne Robert and Glynnis Waters.

The content concludes at 03:51:30

The Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society's Passing of The Legacy 1998

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of the 21st Annual=Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society's Passing of The Legacy 1998 at the Lotus Club. The title cards include the following information: 'Amazing Video Productions of Vancouver, B.C, Canada and Jim DeYoung present the following: The Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society's Passing of The Legacy 1998.' The video also shows the event poster with the text 'The 21st Annual Passing of a Legacy, an evening with Two-Spirited People. Featuring the legacy celebration of Chief XX Longclaws and Princess XX, Bear II.'

Contents index:
(3:05) MC's Rochelle Rhinestone and Wanda Fuca
(4:00) Alisha Kitten
(11:20) Knights of Malta and Rob Wallace
(26:00) Byron Longclaws and Holly Bear
(28:00) Princess [Whitefeather Georgina]
(33:45) Ricki Starlight/Starlight 2
(38:25) Wally
(44:00) Mistress Night, Kat
(48:30) Ron [Nester] [Bird]
(55:20) Kayla
(1:08:30) Peter Storm
(1:11:55) Laurie MacDonald (founder of Vancouver Native Cultural Society)
(1:20:50) Hazel de Pontiac
(1:24:45) Sarah Blanket
(1:29:50) John Taylor
(1:34:35) Chief Byron Longclaws
(1:40:30) Fancy Dance contest
(1:47:45) Holly Bear
(1:53:15) Flo [Flowing] (Jamie Lee Hamilton)
(1:58:40) Lyle
(2:03:35) Laura Middler
(2:06:55) Wanda Fuca
(2:12:45) Iris
(2:17:30) [Ivan Jimmy LaFleur]
(2:20:25) BeBe
(2:25:35) Marty
(2:30:05) Rochelle Benoit Rhinestone and Co.
(2:39:30) Al Houston
(2:47:55) Stella Starlight
(2:53:30) Brad Neil and Paige Turner
(3:02:50) Byron Longclaws and Holly Bear
(3:08:35) Fancy Dance contest (male candidates)
(3:16:00) Donna [Thomason]
(3:18:40) Jordan Newman
(3:25:00) Holly Bear
(3:36:20) Milan
(3:43:10) Vivian Von Brokenhymen
(3:48:10) Misty Rivers
(3:52:55) Lady Windsor
(3:56:40) Kristy Krunt
(4:00:15) Holly Bear
(4:05:25) Byron Longclaws
(4:14:10) Passing of Legacy

Dealing of the Deck

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Dealing of the Deck' at Celebrities Nightclub. The theme was 'house of cards' and the event was sponsored by the Dogwood Monarchist Society.

Contents index:
(2:15) Holly Bear (GVNCS) - song
(10:10) Byron Longclaws (GVNCS) - song
(15:00) BeBe (GVNCS) - song
(19:35) Darcy Dark - song
(23:15) Milan - song
(28:00) Tara Nova - song
(33:05) [Rory] Gordon - song
(39:10) Cheryl - song
(43:30) Jackie Valdez - song
(48:30) Paige Turner - song
(53:05) Moka Cream -song
(57:10) Claudia - song
(1:08:30) Myria Le Noir - MC
(1:09:20) Ms. Adrian, Sister C, D & R Clothing - dance routine and fashion show
(1:15:15) Poly Ester - song
(1:20:15) Ruby Stone - song
(1:25:35) Glenn and Diana Rose - song
(1:34:15) Imelda Mae Santos - song
(1:39:20) Wanda Wacko - song
(1:47:50) Myria Le Noir - song
(1:53:30) Judy Jive - song
(2:00:20) Richard [Boulier] - song
(2:05:25) Sumi Sashay

Coronation '96 : Virtual Reality : Meeting the Unknown

Item is a videocassette containing a recording of 'Virtual Reality: Meeting the Unknown', the 1996 Dogwood Monarchist Society Coronation Ball.

Contents index:
(00:00) ted northe and Charity - Set 1 Emcees
(01:50) Knights of Malta flag presentation
(02:30) Vancouver Men's Chorus - national anthem
(07:40) Dogwood Court introduced
(13:45) Doug Hall - song
(25:50) Missy [LaMoo] - Saskatchewan court - song
(34:45) GVNCS [Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society]
(49:00) Glenn and Diana Rose - song
(53:35) Jim Stevenson, NDP candidate - speech
(57:30) Vancouver Leather Alliance
(59:05) Wanda Fuca - song
(1:17:40) Donni Hamilton - song
(1:21:40) JD Rene - song
(1:30:10) Mama Karen and [Marilyn Oh] - Set 2 Emcees
(1:34:05) ted northe - song
(1:52:15) Edmonton, Alberta - song/dance
(2:09:00) Christopher Peterson - song
(2:19:20) The Widow Lennie - song
(2:24:00) Judy Jive - song
(2:28:00) Beverley Lake - song
(2:33:45) [Coco] Empress of Olympia - song
(2:46:50) Empress II and Jackie from Reno - Set 3 Emcees
(2:49:40) Charity St. Peters - song
(2:54:45) Myria Le Noir - song
(3:16:20) San Francisco, Mary [Tie Me] Moore - song
(3:36:) [Silky Smooth] - song
(3:43:20) Empress Washington - song
(3:59:45) Maria - song
(4:04:50) Crema - song
(4:13:00) Judy Jive - song
(4:21:10) Doug Hall - announces awards
(4:39:00) Gordon Newman- Set 4 Emcee
(4:39:40) Doug Hall De Vander Vogue - song
(4:42:40) Darshun Hall - song
(4:49:25) Tara Nova - song
(4:57:40) Jack [Rockenfella], Court of Everett, Washington - song
(5:02:25) Justine - song
(5:08:40) Poly Ester - song
(5:14:00) Justine Tyme - song
(5:25:40) Doug Hall De Vander Vogue - song
(5:50:50) Crowning of Crema and Judy Jive

(01:50) Knights of Malta flag presentation

Leather Werx grand opening fashion show

Part is a recording of the Leather Werx grand opening fashion show at Leather Werx, sponsored by Western Canada Leather Pride.

Contents index:
(2:00) Wayne Duquette (?) (co-owner of Leather Werx)
(3:00) Simon (co-owner of Leather Werx)
(4:15) Fashion show - leather jackets
(11:40) dresses/skirts (rubber, vinyl)
(14:20) pants/shorts, vests, chaps, bodices, jocks, accessories
(40:10) Wayne - thanks sponsors (Tapestry Vintage Clothing), thanks models and crew, thanks Aaron and Gus

Community Forum on Safety

Item is an audiocassette containing a recording of a panel discussion and community forum on safety and hate motivated violence following the murder of Aaron Webster. Panelists include Constable Steve [?], Inspector Dave Jones, Barbara Findlay, Donna Wilson and Jim Deva. The discussion is followed by questions and comments from audience members including Robert Kaiser (Joan-E), Carl. Tim [McClout], Paul [Traik], Pat Tucker, Richard Bell, Michael Cowan, Chief Constable Terry Blythe, Ally [Grant], and Joe Ramirez.


Item is a videocassette containing a compilation program entitled Odd-Gals-Out. The video begins with colour bars (30sec), then moves into opening credits, followed by the edited program. The credits show the text: "Reel People Video Productions presents Sandra E. Fellner and Sharon Jacobs; Odd-Gals-Out; written by Sandra E. Fellner and Sharon Jacobs; produced by Linda Hancock; music by Linday Kidder; directed by Lisa King; and sound mix by Mary [at] Video In." The video is a compilation tape showing Sandra E. Fellner and Sharon Jacobs in both various live comedy performances and on location video shoots.

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