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City of Vancouver web content

Series consists of the contents of web crawls of the City of Vancouver's official website ( and selected subdomains.

Crawled City of Vancouver web content is available via the Internet Archive's Archive-It service. Use the link below to access the collection and view crawled pages in the Wayback Machine.

Vancouver (B.C.)

City Council minutes

Series consists of the minutes of City Council meetings, the official record of the discussion and decision-making of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. The minutes are arranged chronologically by meeting and organized into bound volumes numbered 1 through 508. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated Council meetings, or in separate files in series 20 (Subject files) and series 62 (Operational subject files).

City Council in camera minutes

Series consists of minutes and annual indexes of "in camera" City Council meetings. (Indexes discontinued as of 1990.) Arranged chronologically. Series also includes supporting documents included as attached reports to the associated in camera meetings,

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Election campaign files

Series consists of candidate files, newsclippings, publications, election spending summaries, results and related correspondence, and social issue files related to the Party's formulation on municipal election strategy and election platforms.

City by-laws

Series consists of official signed and sealed by-laws passed by City Council, the legislation of the governing body of the City of Vancouver. Series is complete from incorporation in April 1886. Many by-laws include appendices (e.g. financial data, maps, etc.). Arranged chronologically (i.e. in number order).

Community photographs

Series consists of photographs taken by Yucho Chow Studio and contributed by families, organizations and individuals to the project Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow. Photographs were arranged by collector/curator Catherine Clement into eight thematic files: Associations, Children, Entertainers, Exteriors, Families, Portraits, Soldiers, Weddings.

Project files

Series consists of photographs taken during the installation, opening, and take-down of the exhibition "Chinatown Through a Wide Lens: The Hidden Photographs of Yucho Chow," held at the Chinese Cultural Centre, 555 Columbia Street, 2nd floor gallery; photographs from the launch of the book of the same title; media coverage of the exhibition; photographs and media coverage of the 2017 Chinatown History Windows project, funded by the City of Vancouver in recognition of Canada's 150th birthday and curated by Catherine Clement for the Chinese Canadian Military Museum; and digital reproduction of various Yucho Chow Studio logos.

Clement, Catherine

Event files

Series consists of records related to COPE’s events including conference, workshops, and forums. Series includes reports, correspondence, newsletters and publicity materials.

Executive administration and subject files

Series consists of subject files and records dealing with Branch administrative matters created and accumulated by various Executive members of the Vancouver Branch. The series documents relations between the Vancouver Branch and other UELAC Branches and the Dominion office as well as the evolution in the Vancouver Branch’s administration and various projects and initiatives of the Branch.

The series contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, notes, copies of published materials, newsletters and circulars from various UELAC Branches, and reports.

Subject files

Series consists of correspondence, media releases, news clippings, reports and articles on various political and social issues. Topics include education, election system, housing and history of COPE.

Meeting minutes

Series consists of presidents’ reports, annual financial statements, board meeting minutes, annual general meeting minutes, and standing committee meeting minutes created by the Party in the course of carrying out its administrative functions, election campaigns and event planning.

Personal records

Series consists of articles, documents and books documenting the history of Mary Brown and her family. Series also contains greeting cards related to May Brown’s 80th Birthday and to her retirement in 1986.

Membership records

This series consists of records generated in the course of administrating membership affairs.

The series includes attendance/roll call records, membership lists, indexed mailing lists, approved application lists (and awarded U.E. certificate numbers), and case files of membership applications and approvals.

Subject files

Series consists of subject files on a wide variety of topics pertaining to LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia, including art, immigration, censorship, gender identity, hate crimes, health services, law, religion, sexual entertainment, sports, and youth activism.


Series consists of publications, including community newspapers, newsletters, comics, zines, and activity guides, pertaining to LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.


Series consists of posters, prints and two drawings pertaining to events, health campaigns, activism, clubs, pageants, arts, theatre and dance organized by and for LGBTQ2+ communities in Vancouver and British Columbia.

Communications records and publications

Series consists of records and publications collected or produced by the UELAC/Vancouver Branch or one of its agents in the pursuit of their mission to make accessible and disseminate information about the Loyalists.

The series includes newsletters, including the Loyalist Gazette, a semi-annual magazine having Loyalist content of editorials, articles, history, U.E.L. genealogical enquiries from subscribers, news and pictures; and Loyalist Trails, a weekly newsletter. The series also includes pamphlets, event programmes and other related ephemera; transcriptions and drafts of speeches; and study guides.

Survey records

Series consists of observational data records accumulated for the annual Christmas Bird Count surveys conducted in various Lower Mainland locations as well as records of the Jericho Park Habitat Survey project.

Subject files

Series consists of correspondence, proposals, photographs, reports, notes, news clippings, scrapbooks, publications and other working papers relating to the different activities of the Vancouver Historical Society. Series covers the planning, promotion and progress of these activities. Series is classified into subject files by activities.

Records of Councillor Bruce Yorke

Series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports pertaining to Yorke’s work and interests as a City of Vancouver Councillor. Also included are records relating to the 1967 Fishermen’s Strike in Prince Rupert, the Vancouver Tenant’s Association, and records that document the advent of COPE.

Yorke, Bruce

Legal case files

Series consists of newsclippings, reports and articles collected by Rankin on various national and international cases of Political and social injustice issues. Topics include racial discrimination, socialist and communist movement, legal justice, and military conflicts.

Open Data catalogue

Series consists of datasets originally made available on the City of Vancouver's website via the Open Data Catalogue. Datasets are as they appeared on the Open Data Catalogue on the following dates: November 2010; October 2011; May 2012; January 2013; March 2013; May 2013; August 2013; November 2013; February 2014; May 2014; October 2014; April 2015; July 2015; October 2015; January 2016; April 2016; July 2016; October 2016; January 2017; May 2017.


Series consists of photographs of a wide range of UELAC organisational and social events.

The photographs in the series depict UELAC Vancouver Branch events and members over an approximately forty-year period. Subjects depicted in the photographs include traditional Loyalist clothing as prepared and worn by members at UELAC events, and a variety of meetings of the Branch and UELAC.

Mayor's Office general correspondence

Series consists of operational subject files relating to public enquiries and policy matters. Series contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Arranged chronologically in annual sets and therein alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Consultancy project files

The series consists of project files created by Harold Kalman and Associates Ltd. (HKA) in the course of providing consultant advice to their clients. The content of the files varies considerably, depending on the nature of the work the client contracted HKA to perform. The degree to which individual projects are documented in the files also varies considerably. Individual files may include correspondence with the client and documents received from the client related to the project; internal communications among HKA staff about the project; notes, interviews, photographs, drawings, and other material created by HKA in the course of investigating and analyzing subjects relevant to the project’s goals; histories of the subject building or site, including histories written by HKA in the course of the work, as well as third-party histories acquired by HKA as part of their research; and drafts and final versions of recommendations, reports, and other project deliverables.

The series contains files for 464 distinct projects. HKA issued sequential project identifiers, formatted as ‘D###’, in the order that projects were undertaken. The project numbers have been appended to the file titles to facilitate grouping and sorting files in this series. Projects documented in this series are listed below. Project names are based on a job list included among the donated records. Project locations – provided in parentheses – were added to the list by the Archives. Locations have been categorized as:
‘Metro Vancouver’ = municipalities belonging to the Metro Vancouver Regional District
‘BC’ = sites in British Columbia not in Metro Vancouver
‘Canada’ = sites in Canada not in British Columbia
‘International’ = sites not in Canada

D0001 National Gallery Exh. of Arch. Develop. (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0006 Adaptive Use of Indus. Bldgs: Symposium (Canada)
D0009 Adapting Redundant Bldg. Sect. of State (Canada)
D0017 Cumberland Twp Heritage Museum: Plan (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0018 Heritage Sensitive Rehab. Book: CMHC (Canada)
D0020 Arch. Documentation, Research Publication (Canada)
D0021 Walking Tour of Parliament Hill for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0022 Lahaise Evaluation: Humanities Research Council (Canada)
D0023 Medalta Potteries Exhibition, Jack Forbes (Canada : Medalta, Alta.)
D0024 Brick Project (Jack Forbes) (Canada)
D0025 Shaughnessy House [1923 Dorchester West, Montreal] (Canada : Montreal, Que.)
D0026 Haliburton Station (Canada : Haliburton, Ont.)
D0026A Haliburton Reception (Canada : Haliburton, Ont.)
D0028 Arnprior CP Stn., Arnprior & Dist. Hist. Society (Canada : Arnprior, Ont.)
D0029 Winfields Farm (Canada : North York, Ont.)
D0030 Coca-Cola Warehouse Study [340 Queen St., Ottawa] (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0031 Lorraine Devel. Corp. [Garth House] (Canada : Lorriane, Que.)
D0032 Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Arch. Guide to Ont. (Canada : Multiple sites)
D0033 Halton Hills Feasibility Study (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0034 Guilbault Devel. Ltd. Properties Report (Canada : Perth, Ont.)
D0035 Summit House, Perth, for W. Headon (Canada : Perth, Ont.)
D0036 Goderich Performing Arts Foundation, Ontario (Canada : Goderich, Ont.)
D0037 National Museums Grant Request Assessment (Canada)
D0038 Vancouver Parksite 19, City Planning Dept. (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0039 Guilbault Devel. Robert Street Prop. (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0040 National Museums Grant Request Assessment (Canada)
D0041 Heritage Canada: Poster (Canada)
D0042 Winnipeg Visual Art Centre, Ross Dobson (Canada : Winnipeg, Man.)
D0043 RRAP Policy Proposal, CMHC (Canada)
D0044 Windsor Essex County Courthouse (TAC Project) (Canada : Windsor, Ont.)
D0045 Medalta Potteries Exhibition, Jack Forbes (Canada : Medalta, Alta.)
D0046 Enersphere, Inc. 188 Stewart St, Press Release (International : Georgia, USA)
D0047 Mount Carmel House, St. Raphael's for Diocese (Canada : St. Raphael's, Ont.)
D0048 Chatham OMB Hearing, Heritage Canada (Canada : Chatham, Ont.)
D0049 National Museums Canada Assessments (Canada)
D0050 Geo. Brown Hose: Gardiner Collection (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0051 Wakefield Mill Study, for NCC (Canada : Wakefield, Que.)
D0052 BCBC Evaluation & Inventory of Hist. Bldgs (BC : Multiple sites)
D0054 Edmonton (Canada : Edmonton)
D0055 Gardiner Museum Planning Study (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0056 Cumberland Twp Heritage Museum, Advisory Work (Canada : Cumberland, Ont.)
D0057 Smiths Falls Bldg: Robin Ritchie (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0057A Smiths Falls Bldg: Renovation Phase (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0058 Rattenbury: Dina Lieberman (Canada)
D0059 Bankers Hall, Calgary: Walter Jamieson (Canada : Calgary)
D0060 110 Daly Ave, Robin Ritchie (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0061 Conservation Review Board Hearing, Renfrew LACAC (Canada : Renfrew, Ont.)
D0062 Wychwood Park HCD Study With Keith Wagland (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0063 Garth House [Lorainne, Que.] (Canada : Lorriane, Que.)
D0064 Conservation Review Board, Renfrew Ont. (McPhail & Perkins) (Canada : Renfrew, Ont.)
D0066 Calgary: Building Evaluation (Canada : Calgary)
D0068 Pine Emporium Facade Design, with E. Temprano (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0069 Taylor House [Deer Pass Farm House] (Canada : Pakenham, Ont.)
D0073 Abbotsford House: City of Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0074 Building Rehabilitation and Improvement Campaign Project (Canada : Ontario)
D0075 National Museums Canada Assessments (Canada)
D0076 Brockville (Canada : Brockville, Ont.)
D0077 Elgin/Winter Garden Theatre; for OHF, MC/REC (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0078 Westminster Church, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0079 Prince Rupert Inventory/Assessment of Structures, B.C (BC : Prince Rupert)
D0080 Gatineau Park Management Policy: NCC (Canada : Gatineau, Que.)
D0081 Hat Creek Ranch (BC : Cache Creek)
D0082 Peter and Catharine Whyte Foundation (Canada : Alberta)
D0083 Timbertown (Canada : Renfrew, Ont.)
D0084 Galt Museum (Sir Alexander): Lethbridge (Canada : Lethbridge)
D0085 Osgoode TWP Museum, Ontario (Canada)
D0086 National Museums Canada Evaluations (Canada)
D0087 Sensitive Rehab of Houses A/V/Production, for CMHC (Canada)
D0088 Vintage of Building Stock in Canada, W/Informetric DBR/NRC (Canada)
D0089 Victoria School Museum, Carleton Place & Beckwith Twp Hst.Soc (Canada : Victoria School Museum, Carleton Place)
D0090 Winnipeg Core Area Initiative (Canada : Winnipeg, Man.)
D0091 Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte (Canada : Almonte, Ont.)
D0091A Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte (Canada : Almonte, Ont.)
D0092 Victoria Island for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont. /Gatineau Que.)
D0094 Municipal Heritage Funds Conference (Canada : Ontario)
D0095 Carriageway/Martineau Hotel: Restoration (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0096 Fort Calgary (Canada)
D0097 St. Eugener School, Cranbrook (BC : Cranbrook)
D0098 Glebe Centre Inc. (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0099 Preservation Planning Course, for Heritage Canada Foundation (Canada)
D0100 Albion Hotel, for J. Freedman: History/Condition Report (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0100A Albion Hotel/Assaly Freedman Centre, Devel. Phase (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0101 Stern Porch Renovation [61 Guigues Ave, Ottawa Ont.] (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0103 RSCC, History/Arch. Sign., for National Gallery of Canada (Canada)
D0104 Signage Manual for Heritage Canada Foundation (Canada)
D0106 Lemieux Island Environmental Assessment for Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0107 St. Andrew's Church, Dawson City, Parks Canada (Canada : Dawson City, Yukon)
D0108 Review of Current Federal Heritage Activity, for Communication (Canada)
D0109 Heritage Conservation Strategies for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont. /Gatineau Que.)
D0110 Waverly St. No. [381?] (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0111 Wentworth Heritage Village (BC : Victoria)
D0112 Metis Communities Historic Bldg Techn., for Parks, Prairie Reg. (Canada : Saskatchewan)
D0113 Sandy Hill: City of Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0113A Sandy Hill, Streetscape Improvements for City of Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0114 St. Mary's Planning Study, with PBA (Canada : St. Mary's, Ont.)
D0115 Boulton-Brown Mill, CP, B. McNabb, for RSI (Canada : Carleton Place, Ont.)
D0132 Federal Building, Almonte, Rehab (Canada : Almonte, Ont.)
D0137 Lemieux Island Bridge, with Delcan (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0139 Riverest, Don McLean, Through MCC (Canada : L'Orignal, Ont.)
D0140 Perth Bia (Canada : Perth, Ont.)
D0141 Sparks Street Awards Submission: for PWC (Canada)
D0143 Tosta & Browning, San Francisco Heritage Plan Hearings (International : San Francisco, Calif., USA)
D0145 Guild Inn, with Marshall Macklin Monaghan, Scarborough, Ont. (Canada : Scarborough, Ont.)
D0146 Maplelawn Garden Design, for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0147 Infotent Visitor Building Design, for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0148 NRC Powerhouse, for PWC, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0151 Parl. Hill Retaining Wall, for PWC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0152 RSCC, Inventory/Recording, for NMC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0154 Wilbrod Photo Recording, No. 500 for L. Koffman Architects (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0158 Rideau Canal Museum Feas. Study, Smiths Falls, for RCM (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0159 NCC Outreach Program (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0160 Royal Canadian Mint, Consultation, for RCM (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0161 McDougall Mill Museum, Renfrew (Canada : Renfrew, Ont.)
D0170 East Block, 1910 Addition, Parl. Hill, for PWC, with M. Weaver (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0172 Cooper Street (No. 300), for McCaughey (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0175 Tudor Manor Vancouver, for N.A. Properties (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0175A Tudor Manor [1311 Beach Ave. Vancouver] (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0175B Tudor Manor [1311 Beach Ave. Vancouver] (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0176 Perthcore, Phase II (Canada : Perth, Ont.)
D0177 Waterworks, for NCC (Canada : Ontario)
D0178 Lemieux Island, Phase II, Bridge, for Delcan, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0180 Millcove, Westport, for Hemlock Holdings (J. Sigler/B. Briggs) (Canada : Westport, Ont.)
D0181 Carleton County Courthouse, for Rysvay & Rysvay (Canada : Woodstock, NB)
D0182 Fort MacLeod, for Preservation Society (Canada : Fort Macleod, Alta.)
D0184 Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, with M. Keffer (Canada : Mississippi Valley, Ont.)
D0187 Rideau Street Convent Chapel, Stage 3: Stabilization/Trial Assembly (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0187A Rideau Street Convent Chapel, Installation (Canada)
D0188 CMHC- Renovation Study, Position Paper (Canada)
D0189 Dunton Farmhouse, Eugene Boccia Holdings Ltd., Oshawa (Canada : Oshawa, Ont.)
D0196 Adapting The Asset Manag. Info. Sys. (Amis) for Hist. Assets (Canada)
D0200 North Bay Courthouse, for MCC (Canada : North Bay, Ont.)
D0201 Dawdy House, Gary Dawdy, King St., Kingston (Canada : Kingston, Ont.)
D0203 Vancouver Heritage Resource Inventory phase 2 Review for City (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0205 Mennonite Heritage Village Master Plan, with Lord Cult. (Canada : Steinbach, Man.)
D0208 Washburn Block, Stanroy, Facade Improvement, Smiths Falls (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0209 Jamaica's Historic Preservation Study, Unesco/IDB (International : Jamaica)
D0211 Pioneer Museum & Village, Grande Prairie, with T. Cowan (Canada : Grand Prairie, Alta)
D0215 Heritage House Retrofit, Smiths Falls (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0216 Vancouver Heritage Programme Foundation Study with L.Ryan (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0219 Fulford Place, Brockville, for OHF (Canada : Brockville, Ont.)
D0220 Dryden Museum Feas. Study, Ontario (Canada)
D0221 Port Hope HCD Study, with R. Stewart, L. Inglis (Canada : Port Hope, Ont.)
D0223 Pressed Metal Bldg, B. Arnott & Assoc., Toronto (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0225 Canadian Centre for Advanced Film Studies (Canada)
D0228 Ault Foods, Balderson (Canada : Balderson, Ont.)
D0230 NDP Headquarters, Metcalfe Street, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0232 Parl. Hill Interpretations for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0233 Canadian Greats (Federal Presents) for Sec. of State (Canada)
D0234 Smiths Falls Tourism Study with PKF (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0243 Doral House, Albert Street, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0249 Deloro Site, for OHF (Canada : Marmora, Ont.)
D0251 History Hall, NMC, Phase I (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0252 Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Austin, Man. with Lord Cult. (Canada : Austin, Man.)
D0254 B.C Heritage Trust Review (BC : Multiple sites)
D0256 Miramichi Shipbuilding Museum, with PKF (Canada : Miramichi, NB)
D0257 CPR Station, St. Jovite, Que., for G. Kelegher (Canada : St. Jovite, Que.)
D0261 Vancouver Bldg Study (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0262 Fort Steele Historic Park, MGMT/Develop. Plan (BC : Fort Steele)
D0272 History Hall, Phase II- Stage 1 (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0273 Ontario Inventory of Heritage Properties, for MCC (Canada)
D0275 Canlands Proposal, for Citicom/Perez (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0275A Canlands Proposal, for Citicom/Perez (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0276 Marra Develop., Niagara-on-the-Lake, for Lord Cult. (Canada : Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.)
D0282 Regina Civic Museum Study, for Lord Cult. (Canada : Regina, Sask.)
D0284 Pantages Theatre, Toronto, with Mesbur, Kofman (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0285 CPR Heritage Railway Station Study, for OHF (Canada : Ontario)
D0287 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, for IBI Group (Canada : Whitby, Ont.)
D0288 Lakeside Garden Redevelopment - Britannia Park, for Citicom (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0290 Fort Langley, B.C. (Metro Vancouver : Fort Langley)
D0295 Toronto History, for Perez Corp. (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0296 Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, Mass (International : Pittsfield, Mass.)
D0297 Gastown/Chinatown Study, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0298 Lower Fort Garry Agric. Complex with Lords, for CPS (Canada : Fort Garry, Man.)
D0300 199 Water Street, Vancouver, Bldg. Evaluation (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0302 Ottawa History, Lyon/Gloucester, Perez Corp/City Living (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0303 Whitehorse By-Law, Marc Denhez (Canada : Whitehorse)
D0305 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0311 Marine Building, Vancouver, Campeau (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0313 Surrey Museum, B.C. (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D0314 Cranbrook Railway Museum with Lord (BC : Cranbrook)
D0315 Cambridge Museum Feasibility Study, with Baird (Canada : Cambridge, Ont.)
D0318 Commemorations Study Phase II, for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0320 Shaughnessy Style Manual (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0321 Edmonton Building Evaluations (Canada : Edmonton)
D0322 Delta Museum (Metro Vancouver : Delta)
D0327 Kootenay Heritage Tourism Study, B.C. (BC : Multiple sites)
D0328 The Forks Heritage Interp. Study, with Lord, for Forks Renewal (Canada : Winnipeg, Man.)
D0333 Chaudiere/Victoria Islands Study, with T. Brandt, for NCC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0336 Whyte Museum (Canada : Banff, Alta.)
D0345 Parliament Hill Landscape Conservation Strategy, for PWC (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0346 Medalta Potteries (Canada : Medalta, Alta.)
D0356 Vancouver Island Coast Heritage Resource Study, Her. Cons. Br. (BC)
D0360 Coastal Tourism Resource Inventory, B.C., with ARA (BC : Multiple sites)
D0363 CP Stations: Havelock, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place (Canada : Multiple sites)
D0368 Columbia Basin Interpretive Centre, B.C. (BC : Kimberley)
D0369 Lower Lonsdale Design Guidelines, B.C. (BC : North Vancouver)
D0370 Verstraete House, B.C. (BC)
D0373 Landsdowne Park, Horticulture. Bldg, with Bribin Brook Beynon (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0374 San Francisco Heritage: Richmond Survey (International : San Francisco, Calif., USA)
D0375 Edmonton Evaluations, for City, 1991 (Canada : Edmonton)
D0381 Varley Studio (Canada : Unionville, Ont.)
D0382 Bennett House (BC : Kelowna)
D0383 Cranbrook Railway Museum (BC : Cranbrook)
D0387 B.C. Railway Stations. (BC : Multiple sites)
D0388 West Coast Railway Museum (BC : Squamish)
D0390 R.B. McLean Lumber Nat. Hist. Site (BC : Port Alberni)
D0395 Hotel Georgia, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0399 Brittania Cannery & Shipyard (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0403 B.C. Heritage Stewardship Overall (BC : Multiple sites)
D0404 Heather Pavilion V.G.H. (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0405 Thurston House (Metro Vancouver : Burnaby)
D0409 St. Anne's Academy (BC : Victoria)
D0413 Cayman Islands (International : Cayman Islands)
D0418 Kelowna South Central (BC : Kelowna)
D0419 Presqu'ile Rewrite (Canada : Brighton, Ont.)
D0421 Canoe Museum (Canada : Peterborough, Ont.)
D0423 Evaluation for Establishing Construction District, Queen's (Canada : Kingston, Ont.)
D0424 North Vancouver. Inventory Update (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D0427 Chambers Project (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0428 Richardson Farms (BC : Surrey)
D0429 Management Board Secretariat [Government of Ontario] Cultural Heritage Inventory (Canada : Ontario)
D0431 Calgary Inventory Analysis (Canada : Calgary)
D0432 Design Guidelines, Bernard & Lawrence (BC : Kelowna)
D0434 Cheney Lowles Museum [typo: Cheney Cowles?] (International : Spokane, Wash., USA)
D0436 Fort Langley Nat. Hist. Site (BC : Fort Langley)
D0437 Coquitlam Performing Arts Centre (Metro Vancouver : Coquitlam)
D0440 Lower Mainland Resource Inventory (Metro Vancouver : Multiple sites)
D0441 Beaverdall Mine (BC : Beaverdell)
D0444 Caribou Kamloops (BC : Kamloops)
D0447 Queen's University Building Inventory (Canada : Kingston, Ont.)
D0450 Cultural Heritage Evaluation [Nelson Forest Region] (BC)
D0451 Confederation Birthplace Commemorative Area, Charlottetown (Canada : Charolttetown, PEI)
D0452 Smiths Falls Railway Museum (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0456 B.C. Railway Stations Inv. (BC : Multiple sites)
D0457 Trinidad & Tobago (International : Trinidad & Tobago)
D0458 Kamloops Forest Design (BC : Kamloops)
D0459 Hall Bldg Historical & Arch Analysis [789 W. Pender St] (BC : Vancouver)
D0460 Prince George Protected Area (BC : Prince George)
D0461 Tourism Res. Inventory Okanagan Thompson (BC)
D0462 Old Strathcona Historical Master Plan (Canada : Edmonton, Alta.)
D0463 C.H.R.I.S. Cultural Heritage Resource Inventory System (BC)
D0465 St. Ann's Academy (BC : Victoria)
D0470 Calgary Heritage Inventory & Evaluation (Canada : Calgary)
D0471 Experimental Farms Master Plan, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0473 Prince George Forest Region Map Production (BC : Prince George)
D0479 Stave Falls Powerhouse Redevelopment & Planning Design Study (BC : Mission)
D0480 Proposed changes to thematic outlines of B.C. Human Heritage (BC : Multiple sites)
D0481 Squamish Forest Mapping Project (BC : Squamish)
D0482 Killam House, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0483 Symbols of Democracy in the Caribbean (International)
D0485 The Arthur Richardson House, Surrey, BC (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D0491 St. Georges Church, Halifax (Canada : Halifax, NS)
D0492 South Cove, Richmond, B.C. (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0494 Hycroft (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0495 Kalum South Archaeological Potential Mapping (BC)
D0501 Northeast Tourism Development Strategy (BC)
D0506 Bulkley Valley Archaeological Potential Mapping (BC : Bulkley Valley)
D0507 City of Kelowna Heritage Management Plan (BC : Kelowna)
D0509 Pitt Meadows Community Church (Metro Vancouver : Pitt Meadows)
D0510 Nelson Park Site (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0511 Lower Mainland PAS for BC Parks (BC : Multiple sites)
D0512 Kalum Habitat Mapping (BC : Kalum Forest District)
D0513 Kalum North Archaeological Potential Mapping (BC : Kalum Forest District)
D0515 North Coast Forest Dist. Archaeologic Site/Potential Mapping (BC)
D0516 Jan Major Realty Bldg. History (Metro Vancouver : New Westminster)
D0518 Abbott House (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0525 Stanley Theater (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0530 Thomas Mural-Vancouver. Public Library (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0531 Prince George Railway/Forest Museum (BC : Prince George)
D0533 Britannia Charette (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0535 Roman Catholic School Board Properties (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0536 North Coast Forest District Mapping (BC)
D0537 Actual Developments, Whistler, B.C. (BC : Whistler)
D0543 Quesnel Forest District Digital Mapping (for Millenia Research) (BC : Quesnel)
D0545 Woodlands Evaluation Review (Metro Vancouver : Coquitlam)
D0547 East Memorial, Conservation Consultant (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0548 Station Reports for Six Stations in B.C. (BC : Multiple sites)
D0549 VIA Rail Shelters Across Canada (Canada : Multiple sites)
D0551 Tourism Vancouver. Convention Centre Selection (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0554 Clarence House, Getty Grant (International : Antigua)
D0561 Columbia Theater New Westminster (BC : New Westminster)
D0562 Dawson Historic Control Zone (Canada : Dawson City, Yukon)
D0563 Dawson Museum (for Locomotive) (Canada : Dawson City, Yukon)
D0564 White Horse Historic Zoning (Canada : Whitehorse, Yukon)
D0565 Barbados Heritage Tourism (International : Barbados)
D0566 Delta Heritage Strategy (Metro Vancouver : Delta)
D0567 Historic Engineering Landmarks Project (Canada)
D0568 Spinelli Design, Smiths Falls (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D0575 Sandbanks Bed & Breakfast Restoration (Canada : Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ont.)
D0577 Ruthven Park Management Plan (Canada : Cayuga, Ont.)
D0578 3765 Albert Street, Burnaby (Dan Marien Construction) (Metro Vancouver : Burnaby)
D0579 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver. (Proscenium/Vancouver. Civic Theatres) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0583 Kelowna Heritage Register (BC : Kelowna)
D0584 Royal Theatre (BC : Victoria)
D0586 Fraser Fort George Regional Museum Study (BC : Prince George)
D0590 Callaway Gardens, Atlanta Georgia (with Adrich/Pears Assoc Ltd.) (International : Atlanta, Ga., USA)
D0592 BC Moving Image & Sound Archive Feasibility Study (BC)
D0594 Lundy's Lane Battlefield Site Management Plan (Canada : Niagara Falls, Ont.)
D0596 Illustrated History of the Hotel Georgia, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0604 Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC (BC : Victoria)
D0606 Archaeological Assessment, Qualex Estates, Burnaby BC (Metro Vancouver : Burnaby)
D0610 Sullivan Mine Interpretation Centre (BC : Kimberley)
D0612 Conservation of 3 Historic Cabins, Rainbow Heritage Park, Whistler BC (BC : Whistler)
D0617 Falmouth, Jamaica (International : Jamaica)
D0621 Orpheum Theatre Architectural Management Plan (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0622 Whistler Creekside Development for Intrawest (BC : Whistler)
D0626 Mound Farm Building Assessment, Surrey Parks Department (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D0627 99 Alexander Street, Vancouver Feasibility Study (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0629 Homes by Design TV Series (Canada)
D0632 MICMAC Heritage Garden (Canada : New Brunswick)
D0634 Emerald Forest History and Inventory, Whistler BC (BC : Whistler)
D0635 Imperial Cannery Stevenston: Building Study (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0640 Britannia Shipyard Structural Assess (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0644 Conservation Plan for Upper Canada Village (Canada)
D0651 History of the National Energy Board (Canada)
D0657 Firehall Arts Centre Colour Analysis, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0658 Standard Life Buildings, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0659 Fort St. James Management Plan (BC : Fort St. James)
D0666 Moving Image and Sound Association of BC - Business Plan (BC)
D0671 Homes by Design IV (Canada)
D0673 906-10 Main St. Vancouver for Ed Lewin (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0680 Rideau Hall Multimedia Theatre (with Globalmic) (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0682 Lower Lonsdale Communicy Facilities Study (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D0685 Hostelling International, Whistler BC (BC : Whistler)
D0689 Surrey Heritage Management Plan (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D0695 Pasma 2-Argentine Mining Cultural IA (International : Argentina)
D0696 Vancouver City Council Chamber Consultation (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0697 Hamber House, Vancouver for Western Pacific Development (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0698 Royal Theatre Rehabilitation, Victoria for Lamont Management & Proscenium Architecture (BC : Victoria)
D0708 BC Heritage Trust (BC)
D0709 National Energy Board (NEB) History - Editing (Canada)
D0713 Kelowna Cultural District Strategy (BC : Kelowna)
D0719 City of Vancouver Collections Policy Review (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0720 1022 Davie Street, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0729 Stave Falls Visitor Centre, BC Hydro (BC : Mission)
D0731 Snohomish Planning & Design Review (International : Snohomish, Wash., USA)
D0732 1550 Angus Drive, House History, Vancouver for Angus Family (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0736 Ottawa Botanic Garden, Ottawa (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0741 Captain Vancouver Tall Ship Society, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0756 World Bank Conference in Beijing (International : Beijing)
D0761 Vancouver Police Centennial Museum Plan (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0764 Qingdao, China (International : Qingdao, China)
D0765 Koo-s Garage, Strathcona Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0767 West Coast Railway Association Workshop (BC : Squamish)
D0775 Kootenay School of the Arts Enterprise Centre, Nelson BC (BC : Nelson)
D0776 Huangdao (Qingdao) Civic Plaza (International : Qingdao, China)
D0783 YVR: Scoping of Research Materials for Douglas & McIntyre (Metro Vancouver : Richmond (YVR))
D0787 Kelowna Downtown Streetscape Design (PFS) (BC : Kelowna)
D0789 Mountain Museum Ashford, Washington (with Bob Bailey) (International : Ashford, Wash., USA)
D0790 Mt. Whistler Lodge, Condition Assess.for Brook Development Planning (BC : Whistler)
D0791 Alberta Architectural Assessments (Canada : Alberta)
D0792 Thornton Park Upgrade with Jonathan Losee (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0794 Research on Houses - Saturday Night (Metro Vancouver)
D0798 Lanark Children's Aid Society (CAS) Strategic Plan (Canada : Lanark County, Ont.)
D0798 Stave Falls Book for BC Hydro (BC : Mission)
D0803 Workshop for Hong Kong Development Commission (International : Hong Kong, China)
D0806 Cultural Resource Management Policy Review for Parks Canada (Canada : Multiple sites)
D0813 City of North Vancouver Council Workshop (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D0820 Medaltal Potteries Interpretive Plan (Canada : Medicine Hat, Alta)
D0821 National Inventory of Existing Cultural Infrastructure for Dept. of Canadian Heritage, with KPMG (Canada)
D0822 Thompson-Nicola Tourism Study, Kamloops, BC (BC : Kamloops)
D0831 Marine Discovery Centre Interpretation - Hamilton (Canada : Hamilton, Ont.)
D0835 Moose Factory Fur Trader Village Project (Canada : Cochrane, Ont.)
D0836 Devleopment Plan for Shao Hao Mausoleum (International : Jining, China)
D0839 Zhongshan Road Neighbourhood Energy Efficiency - Qingdao, China (International : Qingdao, China)
D0843 Ioco Townsite Heritage Conservation Area - Port Moody, BC (Metro Vancouver : Port Moody)
D0844 Town of Perth - Eric Cosens (Canada : Perth, Ont.)
D0845 Victoria Heritage Plan - City of Victoria, BC (BC : Victoria)
D0848 Richmond Arts Strategy - Richmond, BC (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0854 Mackenzie King Estate (Canada : Chelsea, Que.)
D0856 Qingdao: Pingdu Road Rehabilitation (International : Quingdao, China)
D0857 Nelson Arts Economic Impact Study (BC : Nelson)
D0859 Ottawa Energy Inc. - Chaudiere Falls (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0862 City of Vancouver: Mountainview Cemetery (with Eric Lees & Assoc.) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0868 Nanaimo Museum (BC : Nanaimo)
D0869 Blue House, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (International : Hong Kong, China)
D0871 Rossdale Historical Land Use Study (Edmonton) (Canada : Edmonton)
D0875 Okanagan Cultural Corridor Marketing Plan (BC)
D0876 Craigdarroch Castle (BC : Victoria)
D0877 Sikh Temple CIS, Abbotsford (Parks Canada Calgary) (BC : Abbotsford)
D0882 Interpretive Signs - Kanaka Creek Regional Park (Maple Ridge) (Metro Vancouver : Maple Ridge)
D0884 Copp House (Vancouver) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0885 Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0890 Central Police HQ, Hong Kong (International : Hong Kong, China)
D0891 Toronto Archeological Master Plan (Canada : Toronto, Ont.)
D0893 Providence Health Care (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0896 Mission House, Gastown (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0901 511 Union Street (Vancouver) Statement of Significance (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0902 Copp House (Vancouver) Statement of Significance (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0904 Beacon Hill (Victoria) (BC : Victoria)
D0907 Church of the Holy Cross CIS (BC : Skookumchuck)
D0908 Lynn Valley Archives, North Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D0909 Dessau Soprin Conservation Guidelines (International)
D0910 Chinatown Statement of Significance, Vancouver BC (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0912 Hong Kong Univeristy External Examiner (International : Hong Kong, China)
D0913 Shanghai Cultural Development Strategy (International : Shanghai, China)
D0914 Kelowna Statements of Significance (BC : Kelowna)
D0915 Rossdale Road Closure - Walterdale Bridge Resource Impact Assessment (Canada : Edmonton, Alta.)
D0916 Gulf Islands Structural Histories (BC : Gulf Islands)
D0917 South East False Creek Heritage Services (for VA Architecture) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0919 Rossdale Report Production (Canada : Edomonton, Alta.)
D0920 Victoria Landing Heritage Component (Canada : Métis Crossing, Smoky Lake, Alta.)
D0922 Terra Nova Structural History (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0923 Canadian War Museum Photo Research (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0924 The Roslyn (Van.) for Stanley Dee & Assoc. (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0925 St. Ann's Academy Writing (BC : Victoria)
D0926 917 West Pender Stone Cleaning Spec. (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0928 Residential School (Albert Bay, BC) with Peterson & Galloway (BC : Alert Bay)
D0932 5 West Pender Street (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0933 Ottawa Library Arts & Heritage Centre (Canada : Ottawa, Ont.)
D0935 Rossdale Memorial (Edmonton) (Canada : Edmonton)
D0938 Copp House [4755 Belmont Ave] - Emergency Repairs (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0945 Victoria Place, Hong Kong - Preparation of Proposal (for Oval Partnerships) (International : Hong Kong, China)
D0946 Fromme Building, North Vancouver (for Grant Gillies) (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D0950 Seaforth Armoury (with Colborne Architectural Group Pacific) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0951 Historical Profile of Lower North Saskatchewan (Canada : Saskathewan)
D0953 Nanaimo Museum Programming (BC : Nanaimo)
D0955 Parsons House [2640 River Rd.]- Emergency Stabilization (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0956 Quesnel Heritage Strategic Plan (BC : Quesnel)
D0957 ORC Cultural Heritage Consultant - Queen's Park Complex (Canada : Kingston, Ont.)
D0958 Vancouver Statement of Significance (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0959 Woodwards Building Development Statement of Significance (Vancouver) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0961 Lumbermen's Building (Vancouver) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0962 Crane Building [540 Beatty St. Vancouver] (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0963 RAVCO Peer Review (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver and Richmond)
D0964 Provincial Capital Commission (Canada : Ottawa, Ont. /Gatineau Que.)
D0965 Namgis House: Natural Historic Site, Application D (BC : Alert Bay)
D0966 522 Beatty St. (Van) CHIPIF Application (for Salient Developments) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0968 Abbotsford Sikh Temple Interpretation (BC : Abbotsford)
D0979 Heritage Canada Foundation Stewartdship Policy (Canada : Multiple sites)
D0980 Heritage Assessment (for Vancouver School Board) (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0981 Kelowna Building Assessment (BC : Kelowna)
D0982 136 West Hastings (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D0988 Jensen House, Terra Nova (Richmond) (Metro Vancouver : Richmond)
D0992A E&N Roundhouse Site (Victoria, BC)
D0999 Southeast False Creek / SEFC Infrastructure with Stantec (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1001 West Vancouver Strategic Plan (Metro Vancouver : West Vancouver)
D1002 BC Interior Forestry Museum (Revelstoke) (BC : Revelstoke)
D1004 Heritage Review - KGV School (Prince George) (BC : Prince George)
D1005 West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy Implementation (Metro Vancouver : West Vancouver)
D1006 Burnaby Museum Master Plan (Metro Vancouver : Burnaby)
D1008 Kelowna Statements of Significance (BC : Kelowna)
D1009 Sovereign General Insurance - Kits House (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1012 Craigdarroch Castle - Landscape (BC : Victoria)
D1013 Area Statements of Significance for SEFC Private Lands (Canada : Smith Falls, Ont.)
D1015 MMK Exhibition for McGill University (Canada : Montreal, Que.)
D1019 Surrey Statements of Significance (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D1021 Campbell River Heritage & Cultural Strategic Plan (BC : Campbell River)
D1022 Surrey - Granview Heights (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D1023 Parks Canada Standing Offer (Canada)
D1028 RCMP Fairmont Bldg. (Vancouver) for CSA Building Services (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1030 Revelstoke Cultural Strategy (BC : Revelstoke)
D1041 Mile O Park - Dawson Creek (BC : Dawson Creek)
D1042 Celtic Shipyards - Interpretive Signage (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1042A Celtic Shipyard: Interpretive Panel #7 (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1043 The Manse - Uxbridge, Ontario (Canada : Uxbridge, Ont.)
D1074 Gateway Program: South Fraser Perimeter Road (Metro Vancouver : Surrey)
D1138 Pedder Building (Hong Kong, China)
D1141 Gatineau Park (Canada : Ottawa, Ont. /Gatineau Que.)
D1143 Xi'an: Urban reconstruction and protection of Muslim heritage (International : Xi'An, China)
D1145 1925 W 16 Ave Statement of Significance, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1146 Calvin Kruk Centre, Dawson Creek (BC : Dawson Creek)
D1147 Kinsol Trestle, Engineering Design (BC : Cowichan Valley)
D1154 Chengdu Development, China (International : Chengdu, China)
D1201 Temple Emmanuel, Victoria BC (BC : Victoria)
D1203 Casa Mia, 1929 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1205 Oxford History of the British Empire - Archaeology and Urbanism in the British Empire
D1206 Amherst Island Wind Energy Project (Canada : Loyalist Township, Ont.)
D1207 Vancouver Heritage Action Plan (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1208 Carcross Heritage Management Plan (Canada : Carcross, Yukon)
D1209 Context Travel - Vancouver walking tours (Metro Vancouver : Vancouver)
D1210 Ferryland project (Canada : Nova Scotia)
D1211 Blue Cabin (Metro Vancouver : North Vancouver)
D1212 St. Peter and St. Paul, Esquimault (BC : Esquimault)

Harold Kalman and Associates, Ltd.

Operational files

Series consists of constitutions, correspondence, reports and membership lists relating to operational and administrative affairs of the Vancouver Historical Society. These affairs include financial arrangements, membership affairs, publications subscriptions, mailing of newsletters, liaison with other historical associations and promotion of the Society's activities.

Administrative files

Series consists of reports, financial statements, budgets, president files, secretary files and membership lists created or received by the Vancouver International Folk Dancers in the course of carrying out its administrative functions and program planning.

Meeting minutes

Series consists of presidents’ reports, annual financial statements, board meeting minutes, annual general meeting minutes, and standing committee meeting minutes created by the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association in the course of carrying out its administrative functions, facilities development and events planning. Series also includes the minutes of the Women's Auxiliary to the Marpole Community Association (1959-1964).

Program and event files

Series consists of records related to the delivery of Marpole-Oakridge Community Association’s programs and events including recreational activities, workshops, festivals, future planning and renovation projects. Series includes reports, briefs, correspondence, newsletters, publications, program survey and publicity materials.


Series contains ca. 7500 photographs covering the following subjects: theatre, comedy, performance arts, dance, writers, artists, musicians, portraits, politicians, female impersonation, Stonewall Festival, HIV/AIDS, the Vancouver AIDS Memorial, political activism, Gay Games III, nightclubs, Vancouver Lesbian Connection, Vancouver Gay and Lesbian Community Centre, Vancouver Prime Timers, youth groups, leather community, First Nations, sports, Hiking Club, businesses, LGBTQ2+ community organizations, Vancouver Pride Festival and Victoria Pride Festival.

Marpole Residents Coalition records

Series consists of records created and received by the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association when the Association participated in Marpole Residents Coalition from 2012 to 2014. Marpole Residents Coalition was a group formed by Marpole Residents to voice their opinions on the City’s attempts to rezone Marpole in 2014. Series contains meeting minutes, petitions and information documents.

City Council video recordings

Series consists of video recordings (.wmv files) of Regular Council meetings, Special Council meetings, Standing Committee meetings, and Public Hearings previously posted on

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

History files

Series consists of history notes, news clippings and scrapbooks documenting the main events and activities of the Western Art Circle.

Minutes and associated records

Series documents the daily activities, policy debates, operational concerns, planning, and initiatives of the UELAC over this period.

The records consist of minutes, agendas, reports, correspondence, and associated records created in the course of administering and holding UELAC Annual General Meetings (including reports from Public Relations, Convention, By-laws, Membership, Finance, Project, Young Loyalist, and Publications standing committees), UELAC Dominion Council Meetings, Finance Meetings, Genealogists’ Meetings, and UELAC Vancouver Branch (Executive) Meetings.

As some members of the Vancouver Branch also were involved in meetings of the national association, records documenting both local branch activities and Vancouver representation in national association activities are often intermingled within files.

Brock minutes and records of the committees

Series documents the founding of Brock House Society, the creation of bylaws and a Constitution. The Series also documents the operational and administrative functions of the Policy Committee, Programme Committee, Personnel Committee, Library and Archives Committee, Membership Committee, Long Term Planning Committee, House Committee, Social Committee, Care and Conservation, Community Outreach, Finance, House, Music, Program-Instructional, Program-Recreational, Property Management, Special Events, Volunteer Resources, and Food Services. The Annual General Meeting is also included in the Series.

Series consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, agendas, annual reports from committees, directories, memorandums, by-laws, resolutions for amendments, audited and unaudited financial records, policies and procedural guidelines for the internal operation of the Society, a constitution, and certificates.


Series consists of minutes of the British Columbia Historical Association Vancouver Section, predecessor of the Vancouver Historical Society, 1936-1956. Series also includes minutes of the Vancouver Historical Society, 1963-1970, 1972-2012. Series mainly covers the activities, management and leadership of the Society.

Administrative files

Series consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, financial statements and membership lists created or received by the Western Art Circle in the course of carrying out its administrative functions and event planning.

Exhibition and event files

Series consists of snow planning files, exhibition guidelines, publicity files and newsletters created by the Western Art Circle for organizing and promoting the association's exhibitions and other major events.

Reference files

Series consists of newsclippings, articles, study notes and reports related to sex workers’ right and support, life-skills, and job-searching techniques.

Debenture fixed interest charges ledgers

Series consists of records which document the City's financial planning regarding maturities and interest payments required for City-issued debt.

The volumes contain summary information about debt charges and maturities of the City's debt outstanding. Summaries include interest due by month, serial debentures outstanding by year, sinking fund debentures by year, general debentures, local improvement debentures, and water debentures.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Treasurer

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