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Carte reduite des parties septentrionales du globe, situees, entre l'Ansie et l' Amerique, pour fervir a l'histoire generale des voyages

Item is a map engraved by French cartographer M. Bellin showing eastern Asia and the northern part of North America, mainly Canada. Includes notes as to areas of the west coast of North America explored by the Russians in 1728 and 1741, the exploration of the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca in 1592 and 1603, as well as exploration on the east coast of Asia. Map also includes latitudes and longitudes, some place names, major bodies of water and indicates mountainous regions. Printed on the bottom of the map is "Tome XV" and "No. 4."

A map of the whole continent of America divided into North and South and West Indies

Item is a reproduction of a map which depicts North America, South America and the West Indies. An inset map on the lower left-hand corner shows Baffin Island and Hudson's Bay. The item also includes lists of islands and regions in the Americas belonging to each of Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the Dutch, as per the terms of the Treaty of Paris. The item also includes a list of nine relevant articles defined in the 1763 Paris treaty.

North America

Item is a map showing portions of North American, including New Mexico, Louisiana, and Canada territories; the United States; and Native American tribal areas. The United States is depicted as their pre-revolutionary status and no international boundary is shown between the United Stated and the Canadas.

Carta esferica de los reconocimientos hechos en 1782 en la costa n.o. de America para examinar la Entrada de Juan de Fuca, y la internacion de sus canales navegables

Map shows the discoveries made in 1792 on the north-west coast of North American by examining Juan de Fuca Strait and the corresponding navigable channels, prepared for Dionisio Galiano and Captain Valdes, naval captains of the Royal (Spanish) Fleet in the year 1795.

Carte particuliere de la cote du Nord-Ouest de l' Amerique reconnue par les fregates Francaises la Boussole et l'Astrolabe en 1786, 2e. feuille

Item is a map showing the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and Washington and Oregon states as surveyed by French explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup (Laperouse) in 1786, and the routes of his ships Astrolabe and Boussole. The map shows the Pacific coastline from Cap Rond (Tillamook Head) in Oregon at latitude 45 degrees and 40 minutes in the south to Baeie de Clonard (Beresford Bay, northwestern tip of Haida Gwaii) in British Columbia at latitude 54 degrees and 10 minutes in the north. Other major place names on the map include Nootka, Pointe Boisee, Baie St. Louis, Iles de Sartine, Mont Fleurieu, Cap Fleurieu, Cap Hector, Mont de la Touche, Baie de la Touche, and Baie de Clonard. Vancouver Island is shown as part of the mainland. Map includes latitudes and longtitudes as well as indication of elevations. Map is a plate from the "Atlas de Voyage de la Perouse".

Carte de la parte de la cote nord-ouest de l'Amerique : recconnue pendant les etes de 1792, 1793 and 1794, depuis 29D 54' de Latitude Nord et 244D 33' de Longitude Orientale, jusqu'au Cap Douglas par 58D 52' de Latitude et 207D 20' de Longitude, par le Ca

Map shows the Pacific Coast from Prince William Sound in the north though the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver Island, Port S. Francisco and Sn. Diego to Sn. Domingo in the south.

Vue de diverses parties de la côte nord-ouest d'Amérique

Item is a graphical plate from an atlas, showing views of Cape Scott, Scott Island, the entrance to Nootka Sound, Woody Point, the entrance to the Columbia River, and Point Barro de Arena. The item is a plate from a French reprinting of "A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and round the world..." by George Vancouver.

Vue de diverses parties de la côte nord-ouest d'Amérique

Item is a graphical plate from an atlas, showing views of Cape Mendocino, Cape Orford, Grenville Point, the entrance to the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the coastline south of Cape Flattery. The item is a plate from a French reprinting of "A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and round the world..." by George Vancouver.

Map of North America

Item is a map showing "Mr. Stuart's route through the United States, and Canada in 1828, 29 & 30" and "the boundary of the United States, both on the side of the British Possessions, & those in Mexico." The northern border of United States territory west of the Rocky Mountains is incorrectly noted at 54/40, to reflect American claims of the time.

British possessions in North America

Item is a map showing British territories and borders with Russian territories, the United States, and Mexico. Includes White population totals for Hudson Bay territory, Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Is., Prince Edward Is., and Newfoundland as well as white population for United States claimed territory, broken down by state.

Map showing the line of boundary between the United States and British possessions

Item is a map showing four proposed boundaries between the United States and British possessions in the Salish Sea region. The explanations of the lines read in part: "[1] Boundary line contemplated by the Treaty as shown by contemporaneous evidence; [2] Boundary line as claimed by the British Commissioner; [3] Boundary line proposed by the British Commissioner as a compromise ( . . . ); [4] Boundary line in accordance with the strict letter of the Treaty ( . . . ). Item also shows soundings, and the "track of steamers plying between Victoria and Fraser river since discovery of gold."

Map of a portion of British Columbia

Item is a map showing exploration routes by Lieutenant Palmer, R.E., May and June 1859; Lieutenant Mayne, R.N., May 1859; and Lieutenant Palmer, R.E., Sept. & Oct. 1859. The map also shows "practicable roads" in the southwestern portion of British Columbia. Annotations are colour added to the map to more easily distinguish the different routes depicted.

Map of the United States and territories together with Canada etc.

Item is a map showing the boundaries of U.S. territories and states and the southern portion of Canadian colonies of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada East, Canada West, as well as New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The map also shows cities and principal geographical features. Two inset maps show "Hampton Roads and Norfolk Harbour" and "Pensacola Bay" in greater detail.

British Columbia

Item is a re-published version of a geographical map originally published by the Colony of British Columbia, Office of Lands and Works. The map shows topography as hacheurs, and depicts fur trade trails and forts and physical features of the area which made up the Colony of British Columbia as of 1862.

British Columbia

Item is a modern photocopy of a map showing the southwest portion of British Columbia and the northwest part of Washington State. The map depicts settlements, geographical features, wagon roads, bridle paths and other man-made features. Prepared under the direction of Capt. Persona, R.E. by order of Col. R.C. Moody, R.E.

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