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Zoning Secretary's public hearings files

Series consists of records documenting public hearings as special meetings of City Council, conducted to make determinations on re-zoning applications.

The records consist of Council zoning supporting documents, records created and accumulated by the Building Department's Zoning Secretary, who kept petitions, external correspondence, internal correspondence, and attachments (including plans) relating to City hearings on zoning matters until, until responsibility for re-zoning was transferred to the new Planning Department in 1952.

Vancouver (B.C.). Building Department

Zoning Board of Appeal minutes

Series consists of minutes of the meetings of the Board, individual notices of appeal, and the occasional annual report of the Board, all relating to Zoning By-law exception rulings (overruling decisions of city officials and bodies). The minutes record the Board's decisions on each appeal. The attached notices of appeal record the location of the property, name of appellant, his or her address, nature of the appeal, and the decision of the Board. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Board of Variance

Zoning and Development By-law amendment records

Series consists of records documenting proposed and initiated amendments to the main text, appendices and schedules of Vancouver's Zoning and Development By-law (No. 3575) and its predecessor Zoning By-law (no. 2516 ). The series does not contain by-law amendments relating to individual properties.

The series consists of inter-departmental and external correspondence; reports to Board of Administration, Council and Standing Committees; and intra-departmental memoranda documenting discussions re: the need for specific amendments, the wording of proposed amendments, and drafts of proposed amendments to the by-law.

The series also includes records documenting the creation and deletion of building lines. As of the passage of By-law no. 3575, this was accomplished by means of revisions to Appendix E of the by-law; before this, building lines were established by Planning Department policy.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

York House School collection

Collection consists of various publications produced at York House School for girls, including: York House Chronicle (yearbooks), 1938-1967; Yorkshire Pudding, (newsletters) ca. 1941-1965; the Greenhorn (student handbook), 1950, 1960, and 1961; house lists, 1838-1946, 1961; and other miscellaneous school publications.


Series consists of the records of the Club's activities kept by each president during his term of office. Materials in each volume typically consist of notices of luncheon meetings, biographies of speakers, head table lists, transcripts of addresses, and newspaper clippings.

Yachting Section records

Series consists of the minutes of executive meetings (1980-1984), correspondence (1982-1983), and photographs (1982-1985) of the Vancouver Rowing Club Yachting Section (formerly known as the Burrard Yacht Club).


Series consists of records documenting the personal and professional life of Jane Rittenhouse.

The series contains diaries, journals, and letters chronicling her life from the age of 14 in 1927 to the age of 86 in 1998. The diaries and journals run from 1927 to 1998 and are kept very nearly on a daily basis, with a gap (1944-1946), as military regulations restricted personal writings during the war.

The diaries contain personal thoughts and experiences and commentary on contemporary news and politics. The diaries contain extensive comments and summaries made in 1980 and again in the 1990s.

Writing files

Series consists of records Yee created in the course of his work as a writer of fiction and non-fiction. The records relating to his fiction work include outlines of plots and characters that he wrote before he began composing short stories and chapters; manuscript drafts and correspondence with editors and publishers; and reviews and book publicity materials. The records relating to Yee's non-fiction work include manuscript drafts and research materials as well as review and publicity materials.

World War I weapons manufacturing records

Series consists of records created and received by H. P. Archibald in his involvement with the production of arms for the British War Mission in the United States during the First World War. Records include correspondence, reports, notes, lists, drawings, and other records. Series also includes some records produced by Henry Bayfield in related activities.

Bayfield, Henry Arthur

Workmen's Compensation Board registers

Series consists of lists of civic employees who registered injuries with the Workmen's Compensation Board. Each entry indicates the name of the department, name of employee, claim number, cause and date of accident, amount of time off, and amount of compensation. The registers are unbound. Arranged in multi-year sets, therein by department, and therein chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Winifred Mabel Pierce journal

Series consists of a journal kept by Winifred Mabel Pierce detailing her daily activites and, to a lesser extent, the activities of Annie Louise, Kenneth and Theodore Taylor, and Caroline Little Pierce.

Pierce family, Osborne J.

William Stark, pioneer aviator, Vancouver

Series comprises material documenting the early history of aviation. Most of the material relates specifically to the first few years of Stark's career as aviator. Includes newsclippings, correspondence, and photographs as well as annotations of J.S. Matthews. Arrangement is chronological.

William Morris Society files

Series consists of correspondence, annual reports and pamphlets of the Wiliam Morris Society. The William Morris Society was founded in England and in 1982 a Vancouver chapter was organized.

Wife Assault Coordination Project records

This series consists of minutes of the Wife Assault Coordination Project Steering Committee, minutes of the Spousal Assault Policy Review Committee, and copies of reports and newsletters addressing the issue of wife assault.

Vancouver Police Department. Wife Assault Coordination Project

Wholesale Merchants Bureau minutes

Series consists of minutes of the Wholesale Merchants Bureau of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Topics covered in the minutes include federal excise taxes, the cartage by-law, activities of other wholesale associations, disposal of surplus war merchandise, reinstatement of ex-service men and women in civilian employment, government controls, labour relations, etc. The minutes are arranged chronologically by date of meeting.

Western Plywood records

Series consists of records documenting BC Sugar's relationship with Western Plywood, in which BC Sugar was one of the principal investors.

The records primarily are financial statements and asociated financial records of Western Plywood and its subsidiaries. The series also includes audit records, tax records, reports and correspondence.

Wells Townsite Company records

Series consists of records arising from the activities of the Wells Townsite Company Limited, a company created by the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company (and later made a subsidiary of this company). The company was created in order to purchase, develop, and sell land for the town of Wells. Records consist of minutes of company meetings.

Wells Townsite Company

Weird Jobs series

Series consists of notes and research related to the proposed television series spin off of "Weird Homes" and "Weird Wheels:" "Weird Jobs." The series was not picked up.

Weird Homes series

Series consists of a copy of the Gemini Award presentation to Mike Collier, Nov. 6 1999 for TV series "Weird Homes" - Best Canadian Lifestyle series and related textual records.

Water works register of appropriations for roadwork

Series consists of a register listing all instances of roadwork, drainwork, etc. It is possible to determine the date of the work, the portion of a street for which work was completed, and the cost of the work by looking up a street name. The date sequence appears complete. Arranged alphabetically by street name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water works distributing journals

Series consists of accounting records of the Waterworks Dept., including administrative and operational expenses. 1929-1933 records are missing. After 1933 the record is called "Distributing Journal". Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works Department valve inventory

Series consists of a large valve inventory compiled for reference purposes. It contains 160 pages of descriptions and accompanying drawings of valves at cross streets and other city locations. Indicated are valve sizes, number of turns required to open or close a valve, exact locations, type of valve (e.g. vertical, gate, etc.), sizes of bypasses, and characteristics of valve chambers. Includes alphabetical street name contents list. This record may have been compiled shortly after the amalgamation of Vancouver, Point Grey, and South Vancouver. Arranged more or less in alphabetical order by associated street name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works Department plumbing record

Series consists of a record of plumbing work done on houses and buildings in the city, as well as existing plumbing fixtures at each location. Entries list the city lot number, street name, date, owner, number and type of fixtures at that location, the plumber's name, remarks, and cost. Arranged according to location by district lot number.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water Works Committee reports to Committee and Council

Series consists of reports of the City Engineer to the Water Works Committee, and reports of the Committee to Council (the 1910 volume contains only the former) kept by the City Engineer. The 1937-1940 volume consists of Board of Works reports on water matters, as the Board had taken over these responsibilities when the Waterworks Committee was abolished. Each bound volume has an index attached to the back cover. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Committee

Water Works Committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of the regular and special meetings of the Water Works Committee kept by the City Engineer. Included are Water Works Department reports, department requests for approval (and a record of the decision), Committee recommendations to Council, incoming correspondence from the public, copies of related by-laws, incoming correspondence from the public, copies of related by-laws, documentation of relations with contractors and employees, and with adjoining municipalities. Each bound volume has an index attached to the back cover. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Committee

Water supply development records

Series consists of maps, plans and profiles of the Vancouver water supply system and the area which supplies the system. Included are detailed technical drawings of pipes, joints and the mechanical systems. There are also a number of maps of the North Vancouver creeks which supply the water system. A third group are linen drawings of tenders, submitted for pipes and other materials in the system. Lastly, there are engineering profiles of the creeks involved in the system.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water service record cards

Series, microfilmed by the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board for its own use, shows the top section of the water service record cards only. The "record of fixtures" was not filmed. Used by the Archives as a source which provides access, by street address, to water application numbers (which are necessary to find water services records (MCR 26) and legal descriptions for properties (used for Property Tax records searches, etc.). Arranged alphabetically by streets, followed by numbered avenues east, then numbered avenues west.

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Water rates journals

Series consists of an incomplete sequence of water payments (1892-1893, 1900, 1902, ca. 1905?, 1914-1920). The 1892-1893 record indicates the company name, the volume of water consumed, and the associated costs; the 1900 and 1902 volumes show the owner's name and payment record; the 1919 volume contains also plumbing details (e.g. no. of toilets). A separate volume contains properties which were deemed out of the ordinary and is complete for 1914-1920. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Water application record books

Series consists of a record of applications for water service, in chronological order by date of application. Entries are numbered consecutively and the applicant's name, address, and city lot number are recorded. The earlier volume was begun by the Vancouver Water Works Company, a private utility which supplied the city's water before the City took it over.

Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

War poster collection

Series consists of a collection of World War II posters created by various agencies of the Canadian, American and British governments. The posters were created to publish and disseminate public orders, encourage various war support activities such as purchase of war bonds, and promote security awareness among the public.

War Activities Committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of the War Activities Committee of the Vancouver Board of Trade and reflects the committee's aims of co-ordinating and speeding up British Columbia industry in regards to Canada's war efforts. Topics covered in the records include industrial training strategies for youth, Japanese shipping vessels, the fuller employment of west coast industries, and employment issues of longshoremen. The minutes include correspondence, blank federal government forms for employment application and registration, and a Canadian Manufacturers' form entitled, "Survey and Co-ordination of Canadian Industrial Production for War Purposes." The series is arranged chronologically by date of meeting.

Walter Warner collection

Series consists of a collection of official radio survey charts showing the weekly top tracks and albums in Vancouver. Collection includes charts from radio stations CKWX, 1959-1961, C-FUN, 1964-1967, and CKLG, 1964-1975. The collection is not entirely complete for each year.

Volunteers for Seniors subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence and minutes of meetings relating to various aspects of the program. Arranged alphabetically by subject within years.
An accrual to these records representing the years 1975-1977 consists of files for subjects beginning with V and W only; files begining with A-U were destroyed by the creating office prior to the transfer to the Archives.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Continuing Care Division

Visitors' books

Series consists of Kiwanis Club of Vancouver registers of visitors to weekly Kiwanis Club luncheons. Attached to the register pages are program announcement letters, The Bugle, and newsclippings. Arranged chronologically.

Visit of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh

Series consists of material documenting the 1951 visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to Vancouver. Includes news clippings, photographs, correspondence, and copies of minutes of the city's Entertainment, Reception, and Security Committees. Materials were assembled and pasted into a volume by J.S. Matthews.

Villages and Operations

Series contains files of the Villages and Operations (VO) administrative unit. Following IOC guidelines, the unit developed profiles of all the operational and support services required to host the Games. The final profiles were included the Bid Book submitted by BidCorp to the IOC. The unit developed operating plans concerning social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and harmonised these plans with BidCorp's overall strategic goals.

The series is further divided into eight subseries: Accommodations and Villages Greater Vancouver, Accommodations and Villages Whistler, Environment and Sustainability, Host Broadcasting Plan, Technology Plan, Transportation Plan General, Transportation Plan Greater Vancouver, and Transportation Plan Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

Vice-President’s office records

Series consists of records that were identified as being in the custody of the BC Sugar Vice-President's office at the time that they were removed by the staff of the BC Sugar Museum. The records primarily document the oversight of BC Sugar's subsidiary companies. The records may have been retained by various Vice-Presidents from previous roles.

The records include correspondence, harvest and production reports, agricultural production reports, and reference material.

The British Columbia Sugar Refining Company, Limited

Vessel assessments

Series consists of forms indicating fees charged to various shipping companies by the Shipping Federation of British Columbia. Forms indicate the ship's name, owner, and cargo, the dates of loading and/or discharging, and the fees charged.

Ship Owners' Association of British Columbia

Vera Charlesworth school records

Series consists of school records of Vera Charlesworth attending John Norquay Annex elementary and King Edward High School including report cards, singing performances and music certificates, graduation certificates and three high school year books.

Vencedor and Lady Van

Like the preceding series, Minnekhada, the Vencedor and Lady Van are separated because they function also as places, social activities, and sports, and represent Eric Hamber more on a personal than professional level. They are also well documented photographically. The Vencedor in its hey-day included as guests everyone from friends and sea-cadets to British royalty. Eric W. Hamber was a commodore of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (1931-36) and held the trophy for the most hospitable ship. The Lady Van was a class R racing sloop which competed in internally regattas and won the Isherwood and Lipton racing cups (1930-35).

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