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Accomodations and Villages - Whistler

Subseries contains records that detail BidCorp's efforts to accommodate Olympic athletes, personnel, and their families in the Whistler area during the Winter Games. Villages in this context refers to temporary housing for athletes and team o...

Accounts Payable

Subseries contains accounts payable records of individuals and organizations that provided services or goods to BidCorp. It also contains miscellaneous financial statements relating to BidCorp.Record include contracts, financial statements, memora...

Adjudication Committee

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the application for and dispursement of grant funds administered by the Community Arts Council. Records include applications, minutes, correspondence, photographs, reports, etc.

Administration records

Subseries consists of correspondence, minutes, legal documents, records pertaining to insurance matters, and other records created through the administrative activities of the Vancouver Centennial Commission.Subseries is arranged into one filing b...

Administrative files

Subseries consists of notes on banner themes and artists, correspondence, media kits, three reference albums of color photostats of photographs of the banners on city streets and reference slides of banners held in the Archives.

Administrative files

This subseries contains correspondence and subject files dealing with building maintenance personnel and supplies, agendas for weekly divisional meetings, and outward correspondence. Arranged chronologically.

Administrative records

Sub-series consists of records documenting the formation and administration of the Metropolitan Vancouver Athletic and Arts Association (MVAAA).Records include policies, organizational charts, and financial information.

Administrative records

Subseries consists of general administrative records created by the Director of the Vancouver Museum.Subseries includes correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, reports, lists, copies of wills, and other records.

Advertising and Awareness Campaign

Subseries contains records relating to BidCorp's local, regional, and national advertising campaigns. IOC guidelines prohibit international advertising, though BidCorp did conduct promotional activities as the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Sal...

Aerial survey photographs

Subseries consists of 25 x 25cm b&w photographs, each showing a perpendicular view along the False Creek area of Vancouver. Printed by Lockwood Survey Corporation, Ltd., and Sierra Survey Corporation, Ltd.. Job number 73-126; items 69420-69463...


Subseries consists of albums of photographs collected or created by Major James Skitt Matthews. The albums cover a variety of subjects including scenes of early Vancouver, street arches of Vancouver, the construction of the Birks Building, public...

Annual reports

The subseries consists of annual reports for the P.N.E. Reports include financial statements and reports from P.N.E. officials.

Arts program files

Subseries consists of correspondence, proposals, planning documents and other records pertaining to the incorporation of the arts into Centennial events and celebrations. Types of arts programs considered include visual art, poetry, dance, music, ...

Audiovisual material

Series consists of videocassettes with footage of or relating to Vancouver Centennial celebrations. Includes footage of Vancouver in 1986, and footage relating to the city's history, the Commission's plans for the Centennial, "The V...

Audit and Tax Advice

Subseries contains records relating to financial audits, as well as tax advice provided to BidCorp.Record types within the Subseries include: financial reports, financial statements, memorandums, correspondence, and tax returns.


Subseries consists of records related to the awarding of prizes, scholarships, donations, etc. which were administered in whole or in part by the Arts Council or which were received by the Council or its members.


Subseries consists of original banners designed for the Summer Street Banner Program and two banners for the 1997 APEC conference. There are gaps in the sets and in the years covered.

Bid Master Plan

Subseries contains records relating to the overall development of the bid proposal.Records include correspondence, memorandums, presentations, promotional materials, questionnaires, IOC procedural guidelines, application updates, IOC briefing mate...

Blocks 42/52 development

Subseries consists of correspondence and reports re the 1967 proposal by Eaton's and the Fairview Corporation to develop Blocks 42 and 52 in the downtown area. Arranged by subject and chronologically within each subject.

Board Committees

Subseries contains records of standing committees of the board, including the Audit and Finance Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Executive Committee, the International Relations Committee, the Nominating/Governance Committee, and the Strategic...

Board meeting minutes

Subseries consists of minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Vancouver Museum Association, as well as other records, such as agendas, memoranda, financial statements, and reports.

Board meeting supporting material

Subseries consists of records created in preparation for meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Vancouver Museum Association.Subseries includes agendas, financial statements, notes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and other records.

Board of Directors

Subseries contains records of the Board of Directors proper, not the Board's standings committees.Records include correspondence, memorandums, reports, agendas, minutes, plans, governance manuals, financial statements, and policies.

Board of Trustees minutes

Subseries consists of records arising from meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Vancouver Museums and Planetarium Association.Series includes minutes and agendas, as well as supplementary materials such as reports, financial statements, budget...

Botanical specimen photographs

The subseries consists of photographs of a specific plant, either showing the whole plant or a close-up of a particular part or parts such as leaves or flowers. Some photographs show multiple plants of the same or closely related varietals or spe...


Subseries consists of photographs of boxcars for 146 railway companies.

Briefs and reports

Subseries consists of briefs and reports prepared or collected by, or presented to the Community Arts Council regarding the planning, delivery and administration of Arts programs.

Bunton project records

Subseries consists of records from a research project conducted by Dr. Perter Bunton at the City of Vancouver Health Department. The research was intended to test the hypothesis "that children born out-of-wedlock have a poorer prognosis in te...

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