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Vancouver (B.C.) Centennial celebrations
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Yokohama festival, joint concert in Stanley Park

Item is a videocassette containing a news presentation from Japanese television about a joint concert [in Stanley Park] with Japanese and Canadian youths leading up to the Yokohama Day celebration at Expo 86.

The broadcast begins with a newscaster introducing the piece, and cuts to performances of Japanese and Canadian musicians playing jazz and band music, followed by short interviews with English speakers reacting to the music and the cultural exchange. Next up is a fashion show with ‘Miss Yokohama’ and a mixture of Japanese and Western women in traditional Japanese clothing, followed by a group of Japanese women playing traditional music on Koto. Street scenes of the grounds are followed by a brief interview with [an unknown politician or organizer] (in English) and then interviews with Japanese youth on the grounds. The band from earlier then plays an evening show, followed by interviews with the young Japanese musicians and some of the audience members (in English). The spot concludes with night footage of the grounds.

Vancouver's birthday party

The feature is a presentation from BCTV’s News Hour (April 6, 1986) about the centennial birthday celebrations at Stanley Park. Presenter Irene Daniels discusses the celebration over footage of a variety of activities and events throughout the day. The feature begins with a one hundred gun salute, fireboats on the harbor, and a long section of the birthday fireworks. Next is footage of Mayor Michael Harcourt visiting the first baby born on April 6th, followed by footage of the parade, the concert at Brockton Point, and various celebratory park activities. The feature concludes with a speech by Governor General Jeanne Sauvé and the cutting of the Centennial cake by Sauvé and the mayor.

Vancouver you'll always look like home to me

Item is an audio recording consisting of three versions of the song "Vancouver You'll Always Look Like Home to Me." The first track is the song with full vocals, the second track is the same song with no lead vocals (but background vocals), and the third track has no vocals (instrumental). The first track begins at 1 min., 41 sec.

Vancouver on the move

Item is a videocassette containing a documentary about the city of Vancouver.

The main focus of the documentary as a whole is the social and cultural life in the city and the relationship between the people and their surroundings in 1986, the centenary year. The visual elements are a combination of historical photographs, hand drawn illustrations, historical moving image footage, and moving image footage shot by the filmmakers between 1985 and 1986. Music with a narrator speaking in the foreground accompanies the visuals.

The early history of Vancouver is told through stories about George Vancouver naming point Grey and Burrard channel and meeting First Nations people, John Deighton (“Gassy Jack”) opening his saloon, the first city council meeting, and the arrival of the first CPR train from Montreal and ship from Yokohama.

The discussion of modern life in Vancouver that makes up the bulk of the documentary is roughly divided into sections. The first section discusses modern commerce, including shipping, transportation, forestry, fishing, and tourism. The second section discusses cultural life, including the natural beauty of Stanley Park, street scenes in Chinatown, the expo grounds and the SkyTrain, street musicians, children playing at a water park, and a football game at BC Place.

The third section focuses on the immigrant experience and how a diversity of cultures enriches life in the city. This point is illustrated with scenes of new Canadians at a citizenship ceremony, Tai Chi in Queen Elizabeth Park and Chinese dragons in Chinatown, the Nitobe Memorial Garden and the Powell Street Festival, a Sikh Wedding and street scenes of Main Street in South Vancouver. It also explores the dark side of the immigrant experience, discussing the 1907 race riots, the Japanese internment camps, the Komagata Maru incident, and the struggle of First Nations peoples to recover and retain their cultural heritage.

The fourth section deals with Vancouverites' love of being outside, with footage of outdoor aerobics and other fitness activities, relaxing on the beach and ‘being seen’, outdoor cocktail parties and dining, a family picnic in the park, outdoor theatre, and sailing.

Okexnon Films Inc.

Vancouver live : Centennial highlights

Item is a videocassette containing twelve clips of ‘Centennial Highlights’, broadcast on VU13’s ‘Vancouver Live’. Each short segment is on a different subject and presented by a different presenter.

00:00-01:47, Clip 1: ‘Intro - 100 yrs old’ (Presenter: Laurier LaPierre)
01:53-03:15, Clip 2: ‘Van Horne - Railway Terminus’ (Presenter: Douglas Miller)
03:16-04:46, Clip 3: ‘The Big Fire’ (Presenter: Bob Spence)
04:53-06:15, Clip 4: ‘9 O’Clock Gun’ (Presenter: Rick Forchuk)
06:18-07:37, Clip 5: ‘First City Council & City Hall’ (Presenter: David Kincaid)
07:39-09:13, Clip 6: ‘Joe Fortes’ (Presenter: Linden Soles)
09:19-11:05, Clip 7: ‘”Komagata Maru”’ (Presenter: Doriana Temolo)
11:08-12:30, Clip 8: ‘(Same as #2, different Host)’ (See Clip 2)
12:33-13:55, Clip 9: ‘Troops leave Vancouver to Fight’ (Presenter: Ted Friend)
13:56-15:33, Clip 10: ‘Orpheum Theatre’ (Presenter: Wayne Cox)
15:36-17:22, Clip 11: ‘Lions Gate Bridge’ (Presenter: Maria LeRose)
17:27-19:04, Clip 12: ‘Pier D burns’ (Presenter: Chris Hebb)

Clip 8 is the same as Clip 2, including the presenter, contrary to the supplied information in the clip title.


Vancouver centennial song

Item is a videocassette containing a feature from Vancouver television station BCTV’s News Hour (April 4, 1985) about the winning song in the Vancouver Centennial theme song contest: ‘The Vancouver Song’ or ‘Vancouver (you'll always look like home to me)’.

Presenter Clive Jackson discusses the song, contest, and recording over studio production footage of the recording of the song. The piece also includes an interview with Megan Metcalfe, the song’s composer, about how she came up with the song and an interview with Brian Tate (the producer) about what kind of song the contest committee was looking for. A large chunk of the finished song is then played over shots of Vancouver life and landmarks. The presenter then plays the track for a variety of people on the street in downtown Vancouver for their reactions.


Vancouver Centennial Commission sports program photographs [album]

File consists of photographs and some ephemeral material, such as pamphlets, invitations, and programs, relating to Centennial sports and recreational events that were arranged into a photograph album.
Includes photographs and ephemera relating to the following events:

  • [Tillicum dropping the puck at a hockey event with Canuck Stan Smyl and a Calgary Flame player] (2011-010.1582)
  • Provincial Girls Curling Championships, February 12-16 (2011-010.1583 to 2011-010.1584)
  • High School Provincial Tennis Table Championships, February 28-March 1 (2011-010.1585)
  • Centennial Skateboard Competition, March 31-April 3 (2011-010.1586 to 2011-010.1587)
  • Kerrisdale / Point Grey Pee Wee Ice Hockey Tournament, March 28-31 (2011-010.1588 to 2011-010.1590)
  • Western Division Synchronized Swimming Championship (2011-010.1591)
  • [The Blush is Beautiful Ski to Sea Relay Race, April 15] (2011-010.1592 to 2011-010.1593)
  • B.C. Masters Swimming Championship, April 19-20 (2011-010.1594)
  • Vancouver Oldtimers Ice Hockey Tournament, April 25-May 7 (2011-010.1595 to 2011-010.1596)
  • National Masters Badminton Championships, April 30 to May 3 (2011-010.1597)
  • Dive Canada International, May 2-4 (2011-010.1598 to 2011-010.1599)
  • Canada Squash Championships, May 1-6 (2011-010.1600)
  • Ethnic Communities Volleyball Tournament, May 5-June 11 (2011-010.1601 to 2011-010.1602)
  • Centennial Handicap, May 11 (2011-010.1603 to 2011-010.1605)
  • Centennial Rugby Festival, May 11-13 (2011-010.1606 to 2011-010.1607)
  • Canadian Weightlifting Championships, May 17-18 (2011-010.1608)
  • Run for Light, May 30 (2011-010.1609 to 2011-010.1610)
  • Okanagan Express Relay Race, June 6-8 (2011-010.1611 to 2011-010.1614)
  • Centennial Mixed Pairs Lawn Bowling Championship, June 10-August 26 (2011-010.1615 to 2011-010.1616)
  • Harry Jerome Track Classic, June 10 (2011-010.1617 to 2011-010.1618); Vancouver Centennial Women's Golf Tournament, June 12 (2011-010.1619 to 2011-010.1620)
  • Southlands Summer Show '86, June 20-22 (2011-010.1621 to 2011-010.1624)
  • Super Socco Youth Basketball Tournament, June 24 to 28 (2011-010.1625 to 2011-010.1627)
  • Vancouver Clay Court Tennis Championships, July 14-19 (2011-010.1628 to 2011-010.1630)
  • Centennial 'Best Ever' Field Hockey Tournament, July 19-20 (2011-010.1631 to 2011-010.1633)
  • BC Lions Centennial Salute, July 19 (2011-010.1634 to 2011-010.1636)
  • Canadians Centennial Night, July 22 (2011-010.1637 to 2011-010.1639)
  • West Indian Reunion, July 21-26 (2011-010.1640 to 2011-010.1642)
  • Sports Action program, July 23 to September 2 (2011-010.1643 to 2011-010.1645)
  • Vancouver Centennial Triathlon, July 26 (2011-010.1646 to 2011-010.1648)
  • Goldie Oldie Netball Festival, July 27-August 2 (2011-010.1649 to 2011-010.1651)
  • Canadian Slowpitch Championship for the Deaf, July 31- August 31 (2011-010.1652 to 2011-010.1654)
  • Bison Baseball Provincial Championship, August 1-4 (2011-010.1655)
  • International Practical Shooting Championships, August 2-9 (2011-010.1656)
  • National Horseshoe Pitching Championships, August 8-10 (2011-010.1657)
  • IYRU World Women's Sailing Championships, August 16-22 (2011-010.1658 to 2011-010.1659)
  • Canadian Lawnbowling Championships, August 17-22 (2011-010.1660)
  • National Women's Softball Championships, August 19-25 (2011-010.1661 to 2011-010.1663)
  • Centennial Slowpitch (DEL) Tournament, September 12-14 (2011-010.1664 to 2011-010.1666)
  • World Veterans Road Running Championships, October 4-5 (2011-010.1667 to 2011-010.1668)
  • Arts 20 Relay Race, October 23 (2011-010.1669 to 2011-010.1672)

Ephemeral items have been assigned item numbers 2011-010.1830 to 2011-010.1833.

Vancouver A.M. sign unveiling / Wake Up Awards

File consists of one black and white contact sheet with thirty-five images of the Vancouver A.M. sign unveiling ceremony (2011-010.2302), and forty colour prints of the Wake Up Awards Ceremony held at Hotel Georgia. Photographs include Mayor Michael Harcourt, Commission mascot Tillicum and his sister, and Expo mascot Expo Ernie.
Glen E. Erikson is the photographer for the contact sheet images; the photographer of the prints of the awards ceremony is unknown.

Vancouver : a year in motion

Item is a videocassette containing interviews of photographers involved in a Vancouver Centennial comemmoration project.

In anticipation of the centennial year, Tom Sutherland and Cindy Bellamy worked with over fifty photographers to put together a photographic portrait book of Vancouver called “Vancouver: A Year in Motion”, intended to capture the face of the city at teh Centennial. Producer/director Craig Sawchuk followed and interviewed eight of the photographers for a documentary about the project.

The documentary follows Heather Dean, an aerial photographer, in a helicopter over Vancouver showing aerial views of the city including popular landmarks such as Canada Place, the Science Centre, BC Place, and the harbor. Sterling Ward spends some time photographing the development of the Expo 86 sites, a roller coaster, and some of the sculpture installations. Al Harvey takes candid shots at the beach during the polar bear swim and celebration on the first day on 1986. Colin Savage discusses remote control photography and swims with a dolphin and beluga whale at the Vancouver Aquarium with trainer Doug Pemberton. Albert Chin photographs a traditional Chinese lion ceremony for the opening of a new restaurant in Chinatown. Derik Murray was the official photographer of the Vancouver Canucks and the documentary follows him to a hockey game (Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins). Greg Athens does a photo shoot on Grouse Mountain with professional freestyle skier [Darryl Bowie]. Lloyd Sutton spends time on Granville Island photographing the local scenery, shops, and a glass blowing lesson/studio.

The documentary concludes with a scene of the photographers together going through the photos around a large table. The documentary is dedicated to Rick Hansen and concludes with footage of Hansen.

Sawchuk, Craig

Vancouver 100 - City of the Century [album]

File consists of 327 photographs and some ephemeral material, such as pamphlets, invitations, and programs, relating to Centennial events that were arranged into a photograph album.
Includes photographs and ephemera relating to the following events:

  • Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. 'Make Vancouver Sparkle,' February 26, 1986 (2011-010. 1255 to 2011-010.1276)
  • Vancouver AM Welcome to Vancouver sign unveiling, April 4, 1986, Oak and 71st Street and Chevron Stage On the Move (2011-010.1277 to 2011-010.1291)
  • Castle Vancouver Opening, Pacific Centre Plaza, April 4, 1986 and Vancouver Coeverden Society, KLM Airlines (2011-010.1292 to 2011-010.1310)
  • Arrival of the Governor General at the C.N. Rail Station, April 5, 1986 (2011-010.1311 to 2011-010.1320); Woodward s putting the birthday cake together, Stanley Park, April 5, 1986 (2011-010.1321 to 2011-010.1326)
  • Distinguished Pioneer Award ceremony, Hotel Vancouver, April 5, 1986 (2011-010.1327 to 2011-010.1339)
  • Happy Birthday Vancouver! April 6, 1986 (2011-010.1340 to 2011.010.1378)
  • 'Remembering Vancouver', April 6, 1986 - opening - 'Remembering Vancouver' display at Vancouver Museum (2011-010.1379 to 2011-010. 1384)
  • [An Historic Reconstruction for Voices of Vancouver's First City Council] (2011-010.1385 to 2011-010.1397; Reenactment program 2011-010.1827);
  • Vancouver Day, June 13th, 1986, celebrated at the Expo Site and in Gastown (2011-010.1398 to 2011-010.1405)
  • [Boat cruise] (2011-010.1406 to 2011-010.1423)
  • Canada Day Festival, Brockton Point, Stanley Park, July 1, 1986 (2011-010.1424 to 2011-010.1462)
  • [BC Lions Centennial Salute, July 19, 1986] (2011-010.1463 to 2011-010.1465)
  • [Event at the Arts, Sciences and Technology Centre] (2011-010.1466 to 2011-010.1487)
  • [Yokohama Day, August 23] (2011-010.1488 to 2011-010.1499)
  • Denman Mall, Feb. 1, 1986, The Mint Edition (2011-010.1500 to 2011-010.1504)
  • Chinese New Year, February 9, 1986 (2011-010.1505 to 2011-010.1514)
  • Tillicum s Birthday Party March 28, 1986, Visibly Shakin (2011-010.1515 to 2011-010.1526)
  • Sun Run, May 10, 1986 (2011-010.1527 to 2011-010.1528); Okanagan Express Relay Dinner, June 6, 1986 (2011-010.1529 to 2011-010.1530)
  • [Miscellaneous events] (2011-010.1531 to 2011-010.1581). Miscellaneous events photographs includes two photographs of the Centennial Handicap event (2011-010.1539 and 2011-010.1544) and one photograph of Tillicum's birthday party (2011-010.1581)

Ephemeral material was assigned item numbers 2011-010.1822 to 2011-010.1829.

VCC [slide binder] #5 : DD,EE,FF,GG,HH,[II,JJ,KK]

File consists of slides, originally arranged in slide sheets and a binder, depicting activities and events organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission. Includes slides relating to the following:

  • (DD) Chevron Stage at Arts Race (2011-010.1031 to 2011-010.1049)
  • (EE) Tillicum cartoons (2011-010.1050 to 2011-010.1062)
  • (FF) Logos, Centennial publications (2011-010.1063 to 2011-010.1075)
  • (GG) Sport Actions Program, YMCA (2011-010.1076 to 2011-010.1084)
  • (HH) Yokohama, [Re-enactment of first Council meeting] (2011-010.1085 to 2011-010.1134)
  • (II) Chevron Stage photos - various events (2011-010.1135 to 2011-010.1197)
  • (JJ) Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters visit City Hall, Jan. 1986 (2011-010.1198 to 2011-010.1220)
  • (KK) Federal Express display at Park Royal, Summer 1986 (2011-010.1221 to 2011-010.1254)

Individuals depicted in the slides include Mayor Michael Harcourt, various Vancouver City Council members, Vancouver Centennial Committee Chairman Michael Francis and Centennial Committee members.

VCC [slide binder] #4 : T,U,V,W,X,AA,CC

File consists of slides, originally arranged in slide sheets and a binder, depicting activities and events organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission. Includes slides relating to the following:

  • (T) Vancouver's 99th birthday (2011-010.839 to 2011-010.878, 2011-010.917 to 2011-010.933)
  • (U) Tillicum and kids photo session (2011-010.879 to 2011-010.897)
  • (V) Xmas [Christmas] tree at Art Gallery, Centennial Flag at night (2011-010.898 to 2011-010.916
  • (W) Polar Bear Swim at English Bay (2011-010.934 to 2011-010.973)
  • (X) Celebration of the haggis (2011-010.974 to 2011-010.993)
  • (AA) Tillicum at Chevron Gas Station (2011-010.994 to 2011-010.1025)
  • (CC) [Centennial flag at Vanier Park] (2011-010.1026 to 2011-010.1030)

Individuals depicted in the slides include Mayor Michael Harcourt, Pat Carney, Grace McCarthy, Toni Onley, Vancouver Centennial Committee Chairman Michael Francis and Centennial Committee members.

VCC [slide binder] #3 : Canada Day '86

File consists of slide, originally arranged in slide sheets and a binder, depicting Canada Day activities organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission for July 1, 1986. Individuals depicted in the photographs include Michael Harcourt, Pat Carney, Grace McCarthy, Harry Rankin, and Gordon Campbell.

VCC [slide binder] #2 : K,L,M,N,P,Q,R

File consists of slides, originally arranged in slide sheets and a binder, depicting activities and events organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission. Includes slides relating to the following: (K) April 6th (2011-010.561 to 2011-010.727); (L) Vancouver AM sign unveiling (2011-010.728 to 2011-010.743); (M) Fools parade (2011-010.744 to 2011-010.762); (N) Tillicum's birthday party (2011-010.763 to 2011-010.770); (P) Chinese New Year (2011-010.771 to 2011-010.801); (Q) Tillicum at Lougheed Mall (2011-010.802 to 2011-010.820); and (R) Tony Onley at Agency Press (2011-010.821 to 2011-010.838). April 6th events and activities depicted include the arrival of Governor General Jeanne Sauve at the train station; the birthday celebration at Brockton Point, Stanley Park, including the cutting of the birthday cake; re-dedication of the fountain at Lost Lagoon; fireworks; and a formal dinner.
Individuals depicted in the slides include Mayor Michael Harcourt, Governor General Jeanne Sauve, Toni Onley, Vancouver Centennial Committee Chairman Michael Francis and Centennial Committee members.

VCC [slide binder] #1 : A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J

File consists of slides, originally arranged in slide sheets in a binder, depicting Centennial activities and events organized by the Vancouver Centennial Commission. Includes slides relating to the following: (A) Tillicum at City Hall, miscellaneous Centennial banners (2011-010.367 to 2011-010.406); (B) Tillicum with Mayor Harcourt and Centennial Committee (2011-010.407 to 2011-010.426); (C) Tillicum at PNE / B.C. Place Stadium (2011-010.427 to 2011-010.460); (D) Mac's promotion, Tillicum Mobile [Chevron Ottermobile] (2011-010.461 to 2011-010.470); (E) Tillicum and Centennial baby, April 6th baby (2011-010.471 to 2011-010.489); (F) Boy Scouts making Vancouver sparkle (2011-010.490 to 2011-010.498); (G) Landing of the Ford Taurus, media event (2011-010.499 to 2011-010.412); (H) Boys and Girls Club Making Vancouver Sparkle (2011-010.513 to 2011-010.531); (I) Lighting of the Lions Gate Bridge, [Centennial banners] (2011-010.532 to 2011-010.540); and (J) Centennial Handicap, Exhibition Park, Chevron Burnaby Centre Stage (2011-010.541 to 2011-010.560). Individuals depicted in the slides include Michael Harcourt and Centennial Committee members.

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