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Tax sale land records

Series includes records pertaining to the sale of land for taxes, applications for the "work for taxes" scheme, a record of sales of city tax sale properties, and comparative statements and monthly sales for tax sale lands and city owned...

Vancouver (B.C.). Properties Division

Cancelled cheques

Series consists of 65 cheques signed by D. Oppenheimer, G. F. Baldwin, F. Cope, or R. A. Anderson. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Computer Services departmental correspondence

Series consists of correspondence and related documentation pertaining to the internal management of the Division as well as to the provision of computer services to civic departments, e.g., Engineering, Permits and Licences, Planning, Social Serv...

Vancouver (B.C.). Computer Services Division

Vancouver water service applications

Series includes, in addition to water applications, many installation orders, requisitions for meters, application and agreement forms, applications for supply service connection, and applications for fire service connection. More recent files co...

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Real property appraisal cards

Series consists of real property appraisal cards covering residences, farm dwellings, duplexes, row houses, and small apartments. Affixed to each card is a small black and white photograph of the property. Each card contains a detailed description...

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Director of Finance's departmental files

Series consists of correspondence relating to financial monitoring and decision-making concerning a broad range of the City's administrative and operational functions. Arranged alphabetically into the following broad categories: Administrat...

Vancouver (B.C.). Director of Finance

Scavenging accounts receivable register

Series comprises a record of garbage collection particulars for all properties. Indicated on the computer printouts are: name of owner, address, number of cans collected, and amount billed. Other information is the "mail code" (desig...

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Water service record cards

Series, microfilmed by the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board for its own use, shows the top section of the water service record cards only. The "record of fixtures" was not filmed. Used by the Archives as a source which provides acce...

Vancouver (B.C.). Revenue and Treasury Division

Sinking fund records

Series consists of year-end summaries of debt and investment accounts. 1938-1944 papers consist of year-end statements on topics such as "commutations", "debenture debt", "local improvements", "Greater Vancouver...

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Cemetery perpetual care journal

Series is record of amortization of debentures pertaining to cemetery funds 1934-1965. At back: Fund D Pension (1962-1973) and Over Age Pension Fund (1955-1961) sections document investment of employees' pension funds. Arranged chronologica...

Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division

Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission minutes

Series contains minutes beginning with the planning meeting of 18 July 1978. Minutes dated 1978-1983 are originals; those dated 1984-1985 are photocopies. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Advisory Commission

Bond correspondence

Series consists of a few selected files on early bonds (1925-1927) and the Baby Serial Bonds issued to finance City Hall. For more information on baby bonds see Council minutes and by-laws 2368 and 2378.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Accountant

Vancouver Economic Advisory Commission general files

Series contains files generated by the Economic Development Division in its role as secretariat to the Commission, containing subcommittee background material and minutes, reports prepared for and by the Commission and correspondence on topics dis...

Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Advisory Commission

Property tax appeal letters

Series consists of correspondence from individuals and agents who are appealing assessments on residential, commercial, and industrial property. The letters which initiated appeals heard by the Court of Revision contain, in some instances, descri...

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Building valuation cards for business and industrial structures

Series consists of forms which often provide data on foundation, basement, attic, chimneys, etc., as well as including (in most instances) information on owner, year built, valuation, etc. Occasionally sketches of plans and other details also incl...

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Accounting Division statistics cards

Series consists of 13 x 21 cm. 2-sided cards which list annual (occasionally monthly) figures for up to 40 year periods on topics, such as schools, assessments, construction, Five Year Plan, water, etc. These topics are indicated at the bottom of ...

Vancouver (B.C.). Accounting Division

Local improvements ledger

Series consists of a ledger containing final costs for street paving and street lamps, specifying location of work, cost to property owner and to City's By-law number.

Vancouver (B.C.). Assessment Division

Economic Development Office general files

Series consists of subject files selected for long-term evidential and informational value containing correspondence, reports, clippings, pamphlets, etc., which document business liaison, advisory, and information services activities, periodic adm...

Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Development Office

South Vancouver water service applications

Series consists of applications for water connection (1914-1928), as well as requisitions and installation orders for water metres, and applications for service renewals (ca. 1931-1961). Arranged by application number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

South Vancouver financial records

Series consists of an expenditure report on By-laws 1-5 (1914), a voucher record (1911- 1913), payroll (1918-1924), and disbursement warrants (1919-1920).

South Vancouver (B.C.). Board of School Trustees

Annual operating budget files

Series consists of microfilm copies of textual records documenting budgets, budget adjustments, and expenditure justification. Records are estimates, revised estimates, Manager's minutes and Council minutes (which are duplicates of other ser...

Vancouver (B.C.). Budgets and Research Division

South Vancouver Council standing committee minutes

Series consists of minutes of meetings of various committees including, but not restricted to, the Police Committee, Health Committee, Board of Works and Fire, Water and Light Committee. Arranged chronologically.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Municipal Council

South Vancouver deeds, mortgages and agreements records

Series consists of deeds, mortgages, agreements and related documentation pertaining to the sale of land, property, electrical energy and so on. Also included are a list of deeds and agreements and an alphabetical index to agreements. Arranged n...

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Clerk

South Vancouver property tax assessment rolls

Series consists of bound property tax assessment rolls. Rolls for the years 1893-1895 are bound in separate volumes. Rolls for the years 1913-1927 are bound into one volume.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Assessor

South Vancouver tax sales roll

Series consists of bound volumes of tax sales rolls for the years 1915-1928 and one tax sale book for the year 1898.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Collector

South Vancouver cashbooks and ledgers

Series consists of cashbooks, ledgers, and voucher records pertaining to, for example, soldier's housing, the sinking fund, and assets and liabilities.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Treasurer

South Vancouver by-laws

Series consists of by-laws for the years 1892-1928, along with alphabetical and chronological indexes. By-laws are arranged by by-law number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Municipal Council

Point Grey water service applications

Series consists of applications and installation orders relating to water service, usually installed just prior to building completion. Arranged by application number.

Point Grey (B.C.). Water Works Department

Point Grey tax sale registers

Series consists of tax sale registers for 1917-1928 (missing years are 1918 and 1927), the record of properties sold for non-payment of property taxes. Details included are location of property, name and address of registered owner, amount of tax...

Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department

J. Alexander Paton's subject files and news clippings

Series consists of records from the office of J. Alexander Paton who served as an alderman in 1924 and as Reeve from 1925-1927. Included are files pertaining to local improvements, amalgamation, wages and salaries, monthly reports, speeches and c...

Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Reeve

Point Grey Water Works Department water service ledger

Series consists of water service ledgers detailing, for each property, the date, owner, occupier, number of taps, date of account, and record of payments. Arranged chronologically and by district lot number.

South Vancouver (B.C.). Water Works Department

Point Grey Municipal Council minutes

Series consists of the official minutes of Council meetings which were maintained by the Clerk to the Municipal Council. Arranged chronologically.

Point Grey (B.C.). Municipal Council

Point Grey investment ledgers

Series consists of two registers of debentures (1909-1928, 1927-1961), a register of securities (1923-1928) and a register pertaining to the sinking fund (1924-1928).

Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department

Point Grey accounts ledgers

Series consists of a complete set of "general registers" for 1916-1928 containing general accounts, financial accounts, and ward accounts. Arranged chronologically by year.

Point Grey (B.C.). Finance and Assessment Department

Point Grey local improvements street files

Series consists of records pertaining to costs, financing and description of local improvement projects which were maintained by the Board of Works. Arranged alphabetically by name of street.

Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works

Point Grey Board of Works ledgers

Series consists of a Board of Works and General Administration Ledger (1928) and a ledger of security deposits for civic services (1922-1928). The Board of Works ledger sheets are unbound.

Point Grey (B.C.). Board of Works

Point Grey Engineering Department works correspondence

Series consists of correspondence pertaining to a variety of matters, including grading specifications, double tracking, street paving and widening projects, and subdivision plans. Arranged alphabetically and by subject.

Point Grey (B.C.). Office of the Municipal Engineer

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