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J. S. Matthews' chronological files

Series consists of Archivist J. S. Matthews' incoming and outgoing correspondence, relating primarily to administrative matters, events at the Archives, and reference service. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City Archives operational subject files

Series consists of a selection of subject files relating to the Archives' operational functions: public information services, records management services to City departments, public relations activities (including special projects such as publications and exhibits), loans to other institutions, and conservation of the holdings. Arranged alphabetically into broad subject areas.

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

City owned buildings maintenance files

Series consists of minutes and correspondence relating to construction and maintenance of civic buildings. Arranged (more or less) alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Permits and Licenses Department

City owned buildings case files

Series consists of case files for civic buildings or office locations including health units and firehalls, but excluding lodges and residences, all relating to policy development, building design, construction, equipment and maintenance, ground maintenance and improvement, and to agreements, tenders and service contracts. Arranged in date groupings, i.e. 1965-1980, 1981-1983, 1984-1986, and 1987-1989, and therein unarranged. Each microfilm reel, however, is in filing number order (as listed in hardcopy inventory).

Vancouver (B.C.). Real Estate Services

Fire record journals

Series consists of a listing of fires, giving alarm box, date, time, location of fire, building type, owner, cause, amount of loss, and insurance. Records are arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Fire reports to the Chief of Fire Department

Series consists of reports of all fire alarms answered by Vancouver Fire Department firehalls. The reports record the date, time, and form of alarm, the location and probable cause of the fire, the personnel who responded, the equipment used, the duration of time worked, the distance travelled, and the damage sustained. The records are arranged chronologically by date of alarm.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Fire Chief's subject files

Series consists primarily of correspondence from the Office of the Fire Chief relating to the administrative activities of the office. The records are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Inhalator alarms journal

Series consists of the record of inhalator alarms, which relate to the rescue and safety function of the Fire Department. Recorded, in the form of a case by case chronology, are the source of alarm, the ill or injured individuals' names, addresses, diagnoses, treatments, and names of police and fire personnel attending. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Fire Department employee absentee journals

Series consists of registers giving details of absences of individual firemen. For entries between 1925 and 1950, the information is arranged chronologically. For entries between 1951 and 1961, the information is arranged alphabetically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Subdivision files

Series consists of case files on land and lots considered for subdivision approval. Each case file is represented by one microfiche. Arranged in legal description order with the following area or project files at the beginning: B.C. Place, Canada Harbour Place, False Creek, Fraserview, Gambier Island, Old Granville Townsite, Quebec/Columbia Connector, Marathon, Musqueam, Reclassification, and West Point Grey. Following this sequence there are thousands of case files on individual lots. District lot numbers represented are: D.L. 36, D.L. 36 & 51, D.L. 37, D.L. 47, D.L. 50, D.L. 51, D.L. 52, D.L. 128, D.L. 139, D.L. 140, D.L. 176, D.L. 181, D.L. 182, D.L. 183, D.L. 184, D.L. 185, D.L. 192, D.L. 194, D.L. 195, D.L. 196, D.L. 200, D.L. 200A, D.L. 237, D.L. 258, D.L. 258 & 329, D.L. 264A, D.L. 301, D.L. 302, D.L. 306 & 306Y, D.L. 307 & 317, D.L. 311, D.L. 311 & 322, D.L. 313, D.L. 314, D.L. 315, D.L. 316, D.L. 317, D.L. 318, D.L. 319, D.L. 320, D.L. 321, D.L. 322, D.L. 323, D.L. 325, D.L. 325A, D.L. 326A, D.L. 326B, D.L. 327, D.L. 328, D.L. 329, D.L. 330, D.L. 331, D.L. 332, D.L. 334, D.L. 335, D.L. 336, D.L. 337, D.L. 338, D.L. 339, D.L. 352, D.L. 373, D.L. 391, D.L. 393, D.L. 394, D.L. 472, D.L. 526, D.L. 448, D.L. 540, D.L. 541, D.L. 628, D.L. 629, D.L. 630, D.L. 631, D.L. 631-632, D.L. 632, D.L. 633, D.L. 634, D.L. 636, D.L. 637, D.L. 638, D.L. 639, D.L. 639-640, D.L. 642, D.L. 643, D.L. 644, D.L. 645, D.L. 646, D.L. 648, D.L. 649, D.L. 650, D.L. 651, D.L. 652, D.L. 653, D.L. 654, D.L. 655, D.L. 656, D.L. 657, D.L. 658, D.L. 659, D.L. 660, D.L. 661, D.L. 662, D.L. 663, D.L. 664, D.L. 666, D.L. 667, D.L. 668-670, D.L. 700, D.L. 702, D.L. 703, D.L. 704, D.L. 705, D.L. 706, D.L. 707, D.L. 708, D.L. 709, D.L. 710, D.L. 711, D.L. 712, D.L. 713, D.L. 714, D.L. 715, D.L. 716, D.L. 717, D.L. 719, D.L. 720, D.L. 721, D.L. 722, D.L. 723, D.L. 724, D.L. 725, D.L. 726, D.L. 727, D.L. 728, D.L. 729, D.L. 730, D.L. 731, D.L. 733, D.L. 734, D.L. 735, D.L. 737, D.L. 738, D.L. 739, D.L. 740, D.L. 741, D.L. 743, D.L. 744, D.L. 745, D.L. 746, D.L. 747, D.L. 748, D.L. 749, D.L. 750, D.L. 751, D.L. 752, D.L. 753, D.L. 754, D.L. 755, D.L. 756, D.L. 1216, D.L. 2027, D.L. 2037, D.L. 2100, D.L. 2850, D.L. 3610, D.L. 3657, D.L. 5967, D.L. 7145, and THSL.
The subdivision files have been accumulated since the 1950s in the Department's role as coordinator and approval authority of the land subdivision approval process as governed by the Land Registry Act and the Subdivision Control By-law. Council approval was required when particular engineering considerations were factors. Represented are all those properties considered for subdivision (including large scale subdivisions and air space subdivision), which were adjacent to a property considered for subdivision, which were considered for other legal adjustments (e.g. title changes, right of way changes, consolidation of parcels, creation of new roads), or which concerned the City's leases outside Vancouver. The records document the subdivision approval process which proceeded as follows: property owners submitted applications to subdivide to Planning, Planning coordinated the City's consideration of the application in consultation with Engineering and other offices as necessary, the subdivision approval officer made a decision (and referred individual cases to the City Engineer when Council approval was required), then Planning informed the applicant of the City's decision. Records include subdivision applications, internal and external correspondence of the Planning and Engineering Departments, plans prepared by Engineering and external individuals/companies for development purposes, leases, meeting notes, and associated Council documentation.

Vancouver (B.C.). Planning Department

Fire Department stores Branch subject files

Series consists of purchase requisitions, delivery slips, equipment specifications, and tender copies and related correspondence received by Stores Branch of the Administrative Division for supplies and services. Arrangement alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Fire and Rescue Services

Housing and Properties Department housekeeping and project files

Series contains a selection of files created by the managers of the Housing and Properties Department, and its predecessors, the Civic Buildings Department, the Properties Division and the Lands and Rentals Office. Most are housekeeping files, but also included are general Vancouver property development issues, and special projects which were related to the City's property holdings. Arranged alphabetically by file title.

Vancouver (B.C.). Real Estate Services

City Engineer's subject files

Series consists of records relating to a wide variety of subjects which concerned the Office of the City Engineer, inluding infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewer systems and harbour facilities); administrative and personnel matters; industry, especially energy and resource industries; and False Creek, especially the False Creek Development Survey of the early 1950s. Series also contains correspondence with City Departments and officials.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Engineer

Transportation Planning Engineer Expo 86 files

Series consists of correspondence, informal reports, City reports, consultants' reports, notes to file, minutes of the Transportation Working Group and the Expo Traffic Operations Group, and architectural drawings of sites, relating to transportation and traffic planning activities of committees of Provincial, Expo, and City officials for Expo 86. Textual records arranged chronologically; oversize maps and architectural drawings are a separate chronological sequence.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Development permit files

Series consists of Development Permit applications, plans, correspondence and other related documents pertaining to property development of social service facilities or large building projects which include a social housing component. Included are "community amenity contribution" agreements with developers of large projects who have agreed to a social housing or related aspect to their development as part of the permit negotiation process. Address or subject files arranged chronologically, according to the latest date represented in a given file.

Vancouver (B.C.). Social Planning Department

Rental Accommodation Grievance Board master correspondence files

Files contains incoming correspondence and the office's replies thereto relating to requests for information and advisory services to landslords and tenants. Arranged alphabetically by correspondents' names within folders labelled A through Z, and within each file, chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Rental Accommodation Grievance Board

Rental Accommodation Grievance Board appeal files

Series contains grievance case files relating to complaints of either the tenant or the landlord in the rental relationship, the majority grievances of tenants. Records include completed applications for filing a grievance and the official signed judgement of the Board. Arranged by appeal number and followed by tenant and landlord name card index set.

Vancouver (B.C.). Rental Accommodation Grievance Board

Airport Board's correspondence

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence relating to requests received from the private and public sectors on matters in which the Board was authorized to grant permission, e.g. site, buildings, insurance, etc. Attached items include plans. Files also contain cross-reference sheets pointing to correspondence filed in series 523, Operational subject files. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Interim Advisory Museum Board working files

Series consists of working files kept by the secretary of the Board, or by the Office of the City Clerk on behalf of the Board, relating to the Board's advisory role to Council on the new museum (originally called the Centennial Museum). Arranged according to Office of the City Clerk filing order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Interim Advisory Museum Board

Economic Development Office company files

Series consists of correspondence, brochures, and clippings relating to the Manager's activities as private sector advocate (with e.g. building permit applications), as business sector information officer for the City, and as one of the City's representatives in economic planning processes. Arranged alphabetically by name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Economic Development Office

Rental Accommodation Grievance Board operational subject files

Series constitutes the working files kept by Board members relating to liaison with Council and City offices, other municipalities, and rental organizations, to the filing of reference material related to Board decision-making, to support services for tenants, and to administrative matters such as reporting and office matters, and other related activities. Records include correspondence, reports, published material, forms, etc. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Rental Accommodation Grievance Board

Airport Board operational subject files

Series consists of subject files relating to airport administration (land, site, buildings, personnel, access routes and public transportation, liaison with airline companies, public bodies, related professional organizations, and financial matters). Records include correspondence, copies of leases and other documents, airport by-laws, reports, plans, a few photographs, etc.). Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Elections - oaths of office

Series consists of oaths of office (originals) relating to the City Clerk's function as oaths commissioner and recordkeeper. Arranged alphabetically by position represented.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Mayor G.G. McGeer's investigation transcripts and reports

Series contains Mayor McGeer's copies of transcripts and reports relating to investigations of fraud, conflict of interest, and poor management within the City bureaucracy in various administrative units. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the Mayor

Transcripts of Governmental Review Commission proceedings

Series consists of original typed transcripts of Hearings no. 1-12 and 17-18 (which include handwritten corrections), relating to the expertise and opinions of a full range of community and individual represention on the question of electoral reform and consideration of the ward system. Arranged in hearing number order, i.e. chronologically by date of hearing.

Vancouver (B.C.). Governmental Review Commission

Airport Board ledgers

Series consists of ledgers related to the Vancouver Airport's accounts receivable and accounts payable functions. Documented, for example, are payors and amounts of all airport fees.

Vancouver (B.C.). Airport Board

Long Term Care manuals

Series consists of four policy and procedure manuals of the Long Term Care Program comprising B.C. Ministry of Health directives and departmental memoranda.

Vancouver (B.C.). Health Continuing Care Division

Governmental Review Commission hearings exhibits

Series contains files on Hearings no. 1 through 20, including hearing agendas (which include lists of speakers and exhibits for each hearing) and associated exhibits (which consist of briefs, letters, articles, excerpts from reports, electoral procedure examples from other jurisdictions, etc.). Arranged by hearing number, i.e. chronologically by date of hearing.

Vancouver (B.C.). Governmental Review Commission

Elections - warrants to fill vacancies

Series consists of one file containing warrants (originals signed and sealed) issued by the Mayor and Clerk to the Returning Officer calling for by-elections to fill mid-term vacancies on Council, the Park Board, and the School Board, according to the requirements of the Vancouver Incorporation Act (later called the Vancouver Charter). File also contains a 3-page letter from Alderman Tom Alsbury explaining the reasons for his resignation (14 Oct. 1958). Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Clerk

Street ends files

Series consists of a variety of legal or survey files containing records relating to property title at street ends, i.e. any street that ends at a waterfront. These waterfront files contain information on sales, leases, dedications, sub-divisions, easements, rights-of-way, encroachments, areaways, etc. The records have a legal, fiscal, and historical significance respecting other levels of government, railways, and the public. (This series was discontinued in 1974 and replaced by "Legal/Survey Files", not yet held by the Archives). Arranged alphabetically by street name.

Vancouver (B.C.). Surveys Branch

Engineering Department old policy files

Series consists of about 300 subject files documenting policy development over a long period. Arranged in policy number order.

Vancouver (B.C.). Engineering Services

Social housing policy files

Series consists of subject files relating to planning activities for housing low income residents of Vancouver. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Vancouver (B.C.). Social Planning Department

City Manager's operational files

Series consists of records which document strategy development among appointed and elected officials on matters which came before City Council (including some originals which had been addressed to department heads). Although predominant dates are 1968-1976, these are the issues before the City from the time of the establishment of the City Manager position (which coincides with a broad functional organization of the filing system, mid-1970s on). Arranged generally by broad functional area (i.e. by department).

Vancouver (B.C.). Office of the City Manager

Market Commissioner's administrative files

Series consists of the Market Commissioner's files relating to the position's reporting to relevant standing committees. Records include inward and outward correspondence, reports to standing committees, and other documents relating to policy and practice research and implementation, as well as public relations efforts. Arranged chronologically.

Vancouver (B.C.). Market Commissioner

City Archives' correspondence files

Series consists of the Archives' housekeeping and operational files generated during the period when Robert D. Watt (1971-1972 ) and R. Lynn Ogden (1973-1975) served as City Archivists. Included are sequences of general correspondence (arranged alphabetically), departmental correspondence (arranged alphabetically), and collections correspondence (for 1971-1972 only).

Vancouver (B.C.). Archives

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