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Rowing Club, F[ootball] C[lub] 1921

Players are identified from L-R as: W. Ellis, M. Grimmett, O. Hess, J. Weld, A. Lord, D.G. Marshall (Vice Capt.), H. Sherwood, L.R. Thomas, D. Clark, C. Winch, J. Edards, A. Black, R.P. Woodward (Captain), L. Hunter, L. Annance, D. Muir, J. McDou...

Vancouver [Base]ball Club [Team Photograph] - 1921

Players are identified from L-R as: Brindze, Hilton, Emerson, Shader, Dorman, Rahac, Anderson, McNabb, Fein, Boezle, Sdoman, Hermsen, Gleason, Cullers, Reiley, Bruk, W. Purtell (Mgr.), Messner, M. Purtell, Wiggins, Greco, Butisbauch, Rapp, Wilson...

Vancouver Elks Football Team

Individuals are identified in image L-R as: J. Gow, A. Hazeldean, Roberts, Delcourt, Butchart, Cameron, Bennett, Drinkwater, McDonell, Delaney, Henkle, Sinclair, Howden and Duffy.

Vancouver Rep. Rugby Football Team. Nov. 4th 1922.

Individuals identified from L-R as: J.L. Gunn (Pres. V.R.U.), L.R. Thomas (Coach), M. Grimett (Capt.), W. Decker, J.H. P. Sburway, F.O. Bayliss, J. McQuold, C. Gardiner Johnson (Hon. Pres. V.R.U.), R.P. Woodward (Pres. B.C.R.U.), P. Marshall, D. ...

Varsity Miller Cup Rugby Team 1922

Individuals are identfied from L-R as: C. McLachlan, F. Penwill, R. Ramsey, C. Hooper, A. McVittie, P. Price, D. Hatch, C. Ternan, S. Morgan, H. Jones, H. Plummer, P. McLane, E. Gregg, W. Scott, H. Purdy, J. Underhill, F. Taylor.

Varsity Frosh Rugby Team 1922

Individuals are identified from L-R as: Gordon, w. Sparks, M. Hunter, Pattenger, M. Lange, G. Legat, C. Gustafson, P. Choate, E. Darts (Capt.), G. Parker, H. Hill, C. Gyles, Mckenzie, L. Barr, H. Denaher.

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